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>Find microphones in my extension cords
>Try to take photo of a small cat (or something else urgent in your daily life).
>"The smartphone camera is already in use"
location service still running even though i closed every app
>put tape over camera
>people on Omegle still watch me masturbate anyway
File: 1504969822304.jpg (60 KB, 693x663)
60 KB
>browse the web on phone when sitting on the couch
>hear the distinctive camera zoom sound randomly
File: 1506714460029.jpg (50 KB, 408x439)
50 KB
>hear a faint voice
>look at my phone's rear camera
>hear "oh shit"
>zoom moves back
>stop hearing the voice
>browsing 4chan
>not allowed to access, our server thinks you are a bot

>computer and mouse stable on norm table
>mouse on screen starts moving on its own

>PRISM in general

I have bore witness to the dread of tartarus.
File: meowsers.jpg (12 KB, 318x313)
12 KB
>walk into store
>phone asks you to rate your vist
Th..thanks google
>phone takes photo on boot
I think that's what I'm hearing alongside the vibration
>mom found the botnet bag
Actually kind of curious, where would be a good place to hide a camera or mic in someone's house?
This. Asking for friend.
Mics in lamps
Cameras on smoke detector
>Check email.
>"Someone tried to access your account from an unrecognized device"
>IP from China.

What you want to do is get into their crawlspace, right? And you take some hand tools with you -- electric tools are too loud and increase your chance of being noticed. So you find a few likely places according to the floorplan, drill a hole large enough to fit the mic and just deep enough not to penetrate into the actual floor, take the mics and configure them to record however you want them to, and stick them waaaaaaaay up inside your butthole.
an asshole
File: wojack.png (17 KB, 882x758)
17 KB
>Grandma found the key logger while auditing the source code.
File: 1370854392543.jpg (147 KB, 1600x1112)
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147 KB JPG
File: 1423944670105.jpg (62 KB, 500x608)
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>close tor
>hear police sirens in the distance
>seed several hundred GBs without a VPN
>the phone rings
File: image.jpg (11 KB, 226x166)
11 KB

Forgot image

>t. mobile user
wear a wire
File: ML-SCREW_M.JPG_5.jpg (36 KB, 600x600)
36 KB
>ask expert in data collection and marketing if adnauseam or blockers actually do much
>Not really unless the team which makes countermeasures are sick or on vacation
>A lot of the fake traffic is just filtered out and doesnt really affect data collection
>hearing a zip zap when you are falling asleep
inside the smart mirror
>No one has uploaded photos of this store yet! Be the first to post one!
>implying they would use sirens
If you're getting vanned they'll have no sirens or lights and show up at 4am
>Find extensions cords in my microphone.
>current year
>not removing your location antennae

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