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File: Retro_sneak_peek_-01.jpg (368 KB, 1400x600)
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>not customizable
>dual-core processor

fucking D R O P P E D

They should just add retro branding to modern releases.

>TFW never get original colourway on my Carbon X1
I hate this faggot
still complains about the most petty shit.
No the keyboard layouts are never as big of a deal as he makes it sound.
"Waahhh the home and end keys aren't at the top right, its totally unusable!"
what a fucking joke
lo and behold, it's not even an issue with the retro, yet he complains anyways
not a fan of the retro either
but obviously the price is marked up because its a "special edition" anniversary model
You retards realize it's COLLECTOR EDITION right? Stop bitching about price.

There are special zippos that go for $50 or more
And regular zippos go for $5.

>People tell Lenovo that their new models suck
>Lenovo makes a series of surveys where people told them exactly what they want
>Lenovo creates a single overpriced model with shit specs hoping that that would make the complaints stop

Nobody wanted a collector's edition laptop, just a good laptop.
File: PEDRO.png (4 KB, 110x36)
4 KB
Yea, its ridiculously priced for what you get. One of the biggest wants was a decent screen and they give their customers and followers this shit?
Why is it so difficult to make:
> quad core i7
> 1050ti or higher
> same build quality as the X1 Carbon
> RAM, HDD and CPU upgradeable
> 14-15 inch 16:10 or 3:2 IPS or OLED (non touch)
> as thin as the XPS 15
> lots of ports
I don’t even care about the meme keyboard, just make a real modern high end Thinkpad, lots of people would drop more than 2 grand on it.
Thinkpad enthusiasts do not buy new Thinkpads, so this product seems destined for failure.
This. You can't even coreboot this fucker
>X1 Carbon
Can't handle the heat from a cpu and gpu like that
>CPU upgradable
Has any intel laptop in the last 5-6 years had this? Is it even possible anymore.

Sounds like you might like the Thinkpad P51. Closest to what you asked for.
>1050ti or higher
iGPU is more than enough or at least make it an option for the stupid /v/tards

>as thin as the XPS 15
>with a fucking quad core
fuck off with this homosexual muh thin shit, give it the t420 9-cell battery with adequate or better than adequate cooling for the processor
>collectors edition tool
Would you pay extra for a LIMITED EDITION allen wrench?

Vanity is killing technology
>5-6 years
Haswell was where the upgradeable laptop cpus died. A haswell quad core is a fucking beast though so it'll be relevant for a while.

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