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Well, more or less my dream job/my parents idea of my dream job.. but anyway, I'll be starting full time in 'computers.' Getting drunk tonight because that's what I do best.

How many anons have/had a job in technology that they were content with?
What's your salary and how old are you?
Nice anon
How'd you do it?
Working in a tech repair shop in a rural town with a fiercely loyal customer base. Will be buying the business within the next 12 months.
blue collar pleb kys
Damn I always heard those kinds of places stop being viable several years ago
What makes it so profitable?

Fuck off. Repairing PCs is the only way to get the first year's experience you need to get hired anywhere else.
sucking dicks for 200k a month

yahoo pls hire me

Yes I am a girl(Male)
>dream job
Stay cucked wagie.
>I got my dream job

Just wait until you're let go for the sake of diversity or some woman decides she doesn't like you and complains to HR. That "dream job" will be short lived

If this is you

>tech repair shop in a rural town
>fiercely loyal customer base
>Will be buying the business within the next 12 months

I'm sure there's a reason it's being sold and it will go under adn you'll have to close down shop with in 6 months of purchase yet you'll be stuck with what ever debt.

May as well buy a gun to kill yourself when everything goes under
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Gratz anon

>got my dream job as a fatigue and damage tolerance engineer right out of college
>two years later, I'm bored and looking for a job in another field
Why can't I just be happy
I was content with the startup I worked at, they were actually very successful. So successful that they got bought out by <insert-old monolithic-tech-company> and things started immediately going downhill. Can't win.

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