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File: NBN highest speed.png (307 KB, 711x426)
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T-Thanks NBN
Thanks Optus
File: Tony-Abbott.jpg (40 KB, 740x457)
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You want better speeds? Sign up to Foxtel Cable™.

No one needs more than 25/1Mbs, and lets have competition at the infrastructure level!

She'll be right, m8.
Don't post your speedtests here thanks
Please tell me you're on the shit 12mbps tier.

I have Telstra HFC on my street but I can't get it because NBN just rolled out on my area.

I.. I'll get reasonable speeds of I opt for a 100mbps tier, right?
just don't live in a 3rd world country. LOL!
HFC, 100Mb/s plan. I get upwards of 10MB/s real download speed at night and about 8MB/s at peak times, so it's pretty accurate. I'd say just get a 50Mb/s plan if you're a typical user and it's significantly cheaper though.
File: BuNle4M.png (175 KB, 300x393)
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>mfw stable 50/3 MB/s for 10 euros
File: 1508907745007.jpg (425 KB, 840x1120)
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this isn't Abbott's fault, it's Turnbulls.
When Abbott won Turnbull said he convinced him to not scrap the project and instead do FTTN.
Problem is that this is actually a worse scenario.
They have spent almost as much money as FTTP would have cost and speeds are WORSE for a lot of people because of congestion.
There is no infrastructure competition, all ISPs are forced to use NBN infrastructure so working infrastructure is being removed by law.
There are people who have literally had their fibre removed from their houses and replaced with copper, I kid you not.

We would have been better with literally nothing, if all the workers left their tools on the street and just fucked off, if every part of the project was completely scrapped at least people would have been able to keep their internet as it was and the money would have been saved to spend on literally anything else.

Oh and they did mention how you can pay for fibre if you want it, but it's a trick.
If you look into doing this yourself you need to pay $600 for them to evaluate whether they can do it.
Then they give you the price of construction which can be a huge amount.
This is because even if your node is right outside your house the nodes aren't equpped to actually be modular like that, so they may need to run the fiber from much further away.
The actual cost not including evaluation can be $20-150k for a single property and according to the senate only 53 Australians in the entire country (probably businesses) have done this.
It would have cost $4k per property under labours plans, and FTTN is costing $2.5-3k per property as it is now.

You shouldn't be mad because "b-but I want muh netflix and JAVs", you should be mad because there was so much waste for worse than nothing and they have the gall to try and deceive us with bullshit like this pretending we can just upgrade.
>There are people who have literally had their fibre removed from their houses and replaced with copper, I kid you not.

Source? I've worked at an ISP for 5 years and spend a lot of time keeping up to date with the NBN rollout across Australia and haven't heard of this. The rest of what you have written is pretty much spot on though.
I remember reading it in an article, I don't have a source but the guy was obviously pissed.
I get there can be one offs, like I read another article more recently where a guy was without any broadband for 6 months because they kept evaluating it and then giving up.
people here are retarded enough to think its better, australia is a weird country
hence why i hopped the pond to NZ, i make less money and things can be worse in some places, but at least i dont have to worry about everything being an australian brings
And they throw in the Muslim ghettos for free.
There are no muslim ghettos in my town.
There is no mosque in my town.
I was quoted $300,000 for FTTP. I shit thee not
File: 1507137747779.gif (1.94 MB, 189x189)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
jesus anon.
I would have demanded my 600 bucks back for that, that's not an evaluation it's a fucking joke.
It would be cheaper to build a new house at the fucking exchange.
For 1/10th of that cost you could hire contractors to run a dedicated fiber drop several kilometers.
You sure they didn't accidentally add a zero? $30k while expensive would at least be in the realm of possibility.
best decision ever.. i knew i shouldn't fall for the optus trap
Paying 20€ per month for pic related.
Feels good living in poor country.
It's not too bad in rich countries assuming you've got money.

$70/ month
File: 1506410018126.jpg (64 KB, 387x436)
64 KB
>leaving Australia for work after living here my whole life
>everyone expects me to get really homesick
>realize there's literally nothing I'll miss
you are not overseas yet right? also where in Aus you from?
>you are not overseas yet right
no, leaving in January.
I could be wrong, I may miss a brand of biscuits I like or something.
I'm from Melbourne but originally rural NSW.
how do people even get 1 ping

are you the server
thats why you wont miss Aus

where you going?
Just means the server they're testing to is hosted extremely close to his ISPs data center. Sometimes even the same facility.
>For 1/10th of that cost you could hire contractors to run a dedicated fiber drop several kilometers.
In Australia? Not a chance.
File: 20171111_1357.jpg (243 KB, 1152x2328)
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243 KB JPG
> mfw 100/40 plan
My Republic need to be executed.
I used to have the actual DOCSIS 3.0 HFC with Telstra. Now that the NBN is in my area they can all use this HFC for the final leg (not copper).

With that in mind will I get the 116mbps throughput I was getting with cable? Or is the bottleneck at the node now?
>they can all use this HFC for the final leg (not copper).
HFC is copper mate, just better than DSL type tech.
>kill me
>living next to the node.png
File: 1492771675880.png (41 KB, 799x276)
41 KB
Paying for 25/5, so this puts us within the margin of acceptable service.

Fastest we could get is about 60/40 as per length of copper
Actually it turns out that areas that already have an active fibre service like Telstra Velocity won't be getting NBN as they are classed as aquatically served.
tfw entire town has FTTP, and has had it since 2009~2010
>he lives in such a shithole not even refugees want to live there
top kek
same, installed back in 2007-2009. Now we've got another ISP installing fiber and offering 2gbps service.

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