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File: solus_logo1.png (32 KB, 512x512)
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my first experience with linux was with slackware. of course i experimented a shit tone with other distros back then but i always stuck closely to slackware

wanted more up to date packages after i started really getting into media production

tried several rolling release distros (gentoo, arch, antiX) and only really liked arch. gentoo was a mindfuck and although SLIGHTLY faster than other bistros i spent more time trying to figure out what the fuck was going on than actually doing shit

stayed with slackware for about 2 more years then heard about a distro called "solus"

checked it out and i instantly creamed myself.

-rolling release
-systemd (fuck off it's gotten better)
-core components aren't as bloated as debian based distros
-isn't a mindfuck to use
-great package manager (i still like pacman a bit more)
-no bragging rights like gentoo

seriously, check it out
fuck off kevin
>ever a pro
Come back when it has something even remotely comparable to conf.d, got rid of the legacy init scripts altogether, stopped the clusterfuck of having both service and systemctl for managing services and when systemctl displays whats going on when starting and stopping a service instead of sitting there quietly while writing 1000 lines per second into the journal.
Waiting for Solus 4 2bh
why do you post ads about this distro everyone hates

you seriously can't afford a vpn and have to backdoor other dumb chan users? lol
There is no cuda support.
Solus is the best newbie distro
I still don't know if I'd recommend it to newbs over Ubuntu just because everyone knows Ubuntu.
But it is objectively superior to Ubuntu.
That said, for advanced users, Arch, Gentoo, or NixOS are superior.
File: ubuntu-unity.jpg (208 KB, 1200x801)
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208 KB JPG
>objectively superior to Ubuntu
- worse package manager (it's hard to be worse than APT but they did it)
- less packages
- almost no documentation
>for advanced users, Arch, Gentoo, or NixOS are superior.
Who is this advanced user? And why is an experimental system like NixOS or a time consuming one like Gentoo is better for him?
All shit distros, no wonder solus feels good in comparison.
> distros for beginners
> distros for advanced users
This meme dichotomy needs to stop. Seriously. You don't have to be a genius to install Arch or even Gentoo nowadays. "Simple" systems like Ubuntu are good for both beginners and advanced users and there's nothing that Arch or Gentoo lets you do that you can't do on Ubuntu, Debian or other "simple" OS. The only difference is between good, supported, useful distros and edgy, pretentious,shitty ones.
wtf anon


Funny, that's exactly the reason why I chose slackware in the first place.

It's not about "systemd getting better", it's about systemd being security (it's actually more and more problems), it's about systemd growing liek a literal cancer and eating up more and more parts of "linux", it's about ingraining itself deeper and deeper so it's getting harder and top avoid it and leaving you no freedom of choice. It's about major distros not giving a shit about their userbase.

Basically SystemD is a forced meme that was never funny.

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