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File: Void_Linux_logo.svg.png (11 KB, 250x206)
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what's the best non systemd distro?
is it pic related?
preferably one that can be booted from a USB drive
File: 1488921317935.png (1.55 MB, 1077x1415)
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1.55 MB PNG
>Gentoo is the best
>Void comes after gentoo
Gentoo is the best. They made their own init system and it's actually good.
i heard it's hard to set up and breaks frequently
is this true?
>hard to set up
Kinda. If you don't have any weird hardware (Macbook, Dell XPS with RAID NVME, Realtek USB WiFi Adapter) you should be fine just following the official installation handbook, though. Don't get scared of how long it is, there's a lot of detailed explanations and optional things (e.g. using LILO instead of GRUB).
>breaks frequently
Nah, it's extremely stable. I've had some minor issues occasionally, but that's because I'm on the testing branch.
Can anyone in this thread even explain why systemd is bad?
Void is great, gentoo even better if you know you thing about reading the wikis.
it's fucking huge
and it's written by a dumb cunt who makes bugs for a living therefore it's a huge chance there's a vulnerability waiting to happen
>it's a huge chance there's a vulnerability waiting to happen
I remember it happening 3 time now. Maybe more.

Also, You can always try BSD.
i can't boot openbsd on a flash drive
File: xfce!.jpg (430 KB, 1024x768)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
no GNU bloat
musl for greater speed
only has 25 packages by itself
just so fast
apk is fast and pretty cool (better than void's IMO)

The "main" problem is Poettering. He has one of the worst images in the FOSS community and his attitude sucks, as you can see if you read some of those links.

But you can with FreeBSD/TrueOS/GhostBSD and others
isn't runit init supposed to be times faster than openRC?

but muh security, i want openbsd
one day i'll get a seperate hard drive and boot it from there.
>but muh security

Try all options. Find the one that suits you the most.
it's still fast. plus runit mayvebeen more complex, but i've never thought about it
Artix Linux is doing pretty well too AFAIK.
File: 1509927251125.jpg (41 KB, 500x373)
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Gentoo. All memes aside it's honestly a great distro if you can survive the installation
I've attempted it a couple of times and always seem to fuck up something so when it boots it almost immediately kernel panics
Trisquel is the best. 100% free software, 0 bloat, no hassle. There's a reason if Richard Stallman is using it.
not enough security for my tastes
You're being paranoic
I have personny never installed gentoo successfully in virtual box. The installation is 10 times harder than arch linux because you need to compile everything with settings that i don't understand and the wiki is not really helpful with that. So i stick to void linux, it's easy and the installation is not retarded.
File: 1509250769610.png (511 KB, 836x964)
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511 KB PNG
For me, I tried installing X11 and the virtualbox guest utils, but for some reason the x11 packages had a conflict with something in the virtualbox stuff, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get the fucker to work.
Also, x11 in general refused to work. SDDM and bspwm did not load.

Am brainlet.
Try MX Linux if you are not an autist.
>MX Linux
MX stands for mexico?

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