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>Dear Mr. Krzanich
>Dear Mr. Krzanich
>Dear Mr. Krzanich

>deep inside one of the Intel chips. This was a complete surprise. I don't mind, of course, and was not expecting any kind of payment since that is not required. There isn't even any suggestion in the license that it would be appreciated
>would have been nice is that after the project had been finished and the chip deployed, that someone from Intel would have told me, just as a courtesy, that MINIX was now probably the most widely used operating system in the world
>reaffirms my view that the Berkeley license provides the maximum amount of freedom to potential users

>Added later:
>Many people (including me) don't like the idea of an all-powerful management engine in there at all (since it is a possible security hole and a dangerous idea in the first place), but that is Intel's business decision
>I certainly hope Intel did thorough security hardening and testing before deploying the chip
>I would like to state that when Intel contacted me, they didn't say what they were working on. If I had suspected they might be building a spy engine, I certainly wouldn't have cooperated. I think creating George Orwell's 1984 is an extremely bad idea, even if Orwell was off by about 30 years. People should have complete control over their own computers, not Intel and not the government.
INB4: """""(((Y AIN'T U BUYIN' OUR SHIT ANYMORE, GOY!?)))"""""
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What's the best lesson learned concerning this?

Don't trust americans? (duh)
Don't trust Intel? (fuck)
Don't trust BSD lincence? (fuck GPL tho)
Or should we don't trust Mr. Tanenbaum, who's maybe just trying to save his ass with the coordinated help of Intel multibillion dollar marketing budget?
Should we start using Minix? ("can't beat 'em? join 'em")
Are we holding it wrong?
Should we embrace the Googlel for their efforts to destroy Minix ecosystems?

Really makes me wonder.
>Don't trust Intel? (fuck)
The absolute current state of Intbeciles, lel.
wow, what else is new?
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