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hi /g/

so I bought an unmanaged switch (NETGEAR GS108). However it drops the LAN connection for 0.5s once every 10 minutes. Thought it might be some problem with my homebrew router but I just plugged it into the WAN and I still have the same problem.

Is it just defective?
read recent amazon-reviews.
most recent revisions of it are just crap.
return and git something gud.
oh o-ok
any recommendations?
Check if there's a firmware update available. If not, return it and by a used but good switch.
I've got some GS108v3 and v4 and they've been doing just fine for some time. My v3 has been in daily use for years.
What version do you have?
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>mummy hopped the private VLAN
it's unmanaged so I cant update firmware right?


Just called netgear support and apparently I have to call prosafe support, support gave me a US number, no way I'm calling that (I'm in the EU).
found your problem
Only the managed E-versions have firmware updates.
Tried different ports and/or cables?
I can tell you for certain that dropping connections sure as shit ain't a feature or a design flaw. It's either a defective switch or non-switch related issues.
Shouldn't be a cable issue, when I run the same cables through my old ASUS router I have no problems at all. Actually I haven't tried all the ports, I'll go do that now, thanks!
I've got this switch for years and it still works good, you may have an hardware problem.
I got this switch just a few days ago.
I don't have this issue. Maybe contact your seller for a replacement?

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