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in recent years why there is an increase at population of SJW, faggots, and LGBTQWERTYASD people in the software development scene. They are trying to start fight in public github projects over a retarded variable names because they want it to be genderless and shit. Do they even really code something? I realized that those people began appearing after Javascript became popular and they participate events of big companies such google, microsoft etc.

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you know why
Victim status is a currency these days and every single person with a social media account is helping this narrative.
If you are on a social media site, you are helping feeding the troll.
If you think SJW's are a problem, then disconnect from all these sites and go back to direct communication.
All of these posts were made by bots.
Has anyone bothered to quantify how large a "movement" this is?
We've all seen the occasional GitHub issue asking for master/slave terminology to be removed, but is there much evidence it's a phenomenon beyond what could be created by one angry person and a couple news outlets stupid enough to give them attention?
In 10 years from now our entire industry is ridden with sexless beings typing code of conducts, all thanks to big companies trying to implement programming curriculums in high schools.
of course they don't code, it's the same in every field, they only destroy
They are the future not only of CS but also of the world itself, get over yourself /pol/ and wait until arrests based on internet history are fully legal
trannies deserve to die
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sage and hide

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