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Based pajeet using Acme.
What's your excuse for not using Acme?
Name collision with cert management daemon. Also that font, can I change it?
>Also that font, can I change it?
if you're using the plan9port version, you need to have fontsrv first to be able to use antialiased ttf fonts (otherwise Acme can only use fonts in the plan9 *.fon format)

Acme uses one proportional font and one monospace font. You can switch between them by running the 'Font' command inside Acme.
The default proportional and monospace font can be changed by starting Acme with the -f and/or the -F option.
You can also get a specific font within Acme by providing the name of the font to the 'Font' command.
>What's your excuse for not using Acme?
I don't need it.
yeah I'm not clicking that shit nigga.
no pajeets are based, even if they one day stop writing hello world in java and get some plumbing in their home.
>have to keep pointer in window you want to type on

into the trash
Because sam(1) exists.
>he doesn't know how to use a mouse effectively
it's like you want your workflow to be inefficient
Because vim
>your cursor switches into a shitty looking one when you hover
>a text editor which exclusively relies on keyboard shortcuts

Dumb windows user. Window activation on mouse hover is a good thing.

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