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A weekend is a great moment to check if your backups are being made as intended, and that you can restore them too. All storage always eventually fails, and you have to protect yourself from it. Take some time out of your weekend to make sure you have backups of everything that's important to you, and verify that you can restore those backups.

If possible make multiple backups in multiple forms and on multiple mediums. Don't be caught off guard by the inevitable failure of your storage.

Good luck.
Thanks maki, I'll look into it.

I just have multiple computers and data synced via Dropbox, OneNnote, and Exchange between them. My data is unkillable, always up to date and maintenance takes no effort.

Worst case is that one account (which no one knows even the names and emails of) gets hacked, replaced with dick pics, and then synced on one device. In this case i still would have the cached backup from the other devices.
I've never backed up anything. Every time one of my hard drives dies, I just go into a deep state of depression for a day or two.
Never done a backup in my whole life.
I backed everything up a few days ago.
also if you use other people's hard drives to back your shit up you're retarded and deserve whatever happens to your data.
P.S. Maki is shit.
this is the cheapest method, would reccomend.

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