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I have a big procrastination problem. I study to become a software engineer but if i keep it up like this it's not going to end well. This week i had a test in C and it was a blunder. When i was studying i just kept getting distracted by youtube/4chan/whatever. It has to stop. I also daydream a lot and have trouble paying attention in classes. I come in and pay attention, then i get bored for a minute, check my phone/daydream, and then i lose track of the class.

I see most of you guys have CS Majors. How did you make it? How did you deal with procrastination? Especially when most work is on the pc...it's hard.
bump once
Gotta learn self discipline.

I'm sort of in the same boat though with out the added pressure of grades.

I find once you do finally just force yourself to sit and start the task, it gets easier. Sometimes I just set my home page to a simple html document to remind me not to go to youtube or whatever. It's stopped me plenty of times when I instinctively want to check social media or youtube when really I should be looking up something for my own project or working.

It's not fucking easy though bro, I'm being honest. You have to really work at it, but you can help trick your brain too.

Like if you do a good bit of study ( say an hour) or complete part of your assignment, reward yourself a little. Whether it's 20 minutes of 4chan or a youtube video. And after the reward, promise yourself after you complete a little more or study for one more hour, you'll reward yourself again.

It tricks your brain into being more focused, by reducing your workload into smaller parts and pretty much giving your own brain a bit of carrot and stick. It works.
Are you self taught? Damn that must be hard

I used pomodoro technique before (25 min work 5 min pause), i should pick it up again.

And yes it's fucking hard. Turns out my uni has psychologists for this shit. I hope they can help me out.

Seriously, it's all about the environment.

You need to get outside to get some fresh air and work at some place without internet.

Dowload everything you need beforehand and then go to a silent place where you can work.

It's all about habits, if you can get into some working routine.

Also don't force it. have a schedule with working times and don't overdo it, start slowly.
What about the programming classes like Java/C? I have a laptop and a desktop pc, i can't stand using the laptop for programming (it's slow, works on a Intel Core M) so i kind of need my desktop pc but that gives me the distraction of the internet and so on... Plus i need the internet to look for solutions or to ask for the solution on Facebook

But yes i should go to the library or something for the non-programming classes.
I used to use my second boot partition as a work environment with 0 distractions. No proper went browser no games. But you can't really force yourself I agree with

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