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what's a better linux distro?
void or alpine, /g/?
Depends on your needs, I know alpine is good for servers.
Linux is the only one you need the rest is just bloat
desktop use
Don't be a cuck and embrace gahnoo
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they both suck
Alpine sucks for desktop (bosybox and ash are against humanity), but rocks for server. Also pioneered musl while Void was just following. Community repos probly beat Void. On desktop there isn't CPU frequency scaling turned on, afaik you need to recompile kernel to get that.
Basically this. Alpine is mostly a gimmick, though it can be a useful gimmick in certain use cases.

Void is somewhat similar, but "we're not using systemd" is a much, much smaller gimmick than "we're not using any GNU coreutils". It's also independent AND not very big, which means that it does some stuff differently to what literally every guide online will tell you, so some people call it a meme because of this. But that's also true for Alpine, and the only reason people don't call Alpine a meme is because unlike Void it's meant to be niche and those who want to use it already know that.

So for desktop use Void is pretty great. Also fantastic on laptops where you don't want to use a source-based distribution like gentoo or source mage.

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