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>lots of Android manufacturers are trying to be like Apple in both the hardware in software department

Why won’t Apple make Android devices? Do they NOT want more money? They’d make the copycat companies bankrupt.
They would lose money, people would stop buying iPhones.
>Android on a tiny 4" screen
No, thanks.
because it is just a minimal design that apple says WE DID IT FIRST LOL
its like rap, black people are like WE DID IT FIRST HARDY HARR

does not fucking matter haha
y tho
normal people need ios
autistic virgins are ok with their weird devices
Android is not a good operating system.
I don't care if iOS is just as bad, that doesn't excuse it.
Android is the worst thing that have happened to personal computers.
Google is the worst thing that have ever happened to humanity.
While Android is nice and customizable, doesn't make the underlying core less cancerous.

I don't understand how people put up with Java.

Unfortunately both mobile OSes have become quite bloated, but iOS still being viable in the long term as opposed to Android, despite the market share. Licensing Android to manufactures is probably going to cause more grievance amongst companies in the future.
I would legit buy an iphone if they ran android

since i think lollipop android has moved to art so java isn't even bad since it isn't run in a virtual machine
Unironically tgis
>home button
>software home button
I unironically want this
because Android is botnetted trash
Android's actually really shitty.
me too

thats why I have an iPhone SE (yes its on iOS but its the only last 4" high tier phone)
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ART is Java you fucking tit

>ART is written to run multiple virtual machines on low-memory devices by executing DEX files, a bytecode format designed specially for Android that’s optimized for minimal memory footprint. It makes the UI feel more responsive. That’s all from my side. For more details on ART and Dalvik you can go through official Android document.

Educate yourself before you spew your stupid bullshit: https://source.android.com/devices/tech/dalvik/
Apple and Android phone designs have been converging for years into the monstrosities they are today. Let's not.

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