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What chair does /g/ use at their work space? My chair broke and I need something decent that will support and not fuck with my back, but also something that is not autistic like pic related.
>not fuck with my back
use standing/walking desk\
Ikea Markus
I keep wondering about dxracer style chairs. Are they just a meme or are they at least comfortable?
There's a class of chair called a "24 hour chair". They are usually designed for work environments where they will be occupied all day with multiple people working different shifts (like a security monitor, hospital receptionist, etc).

Considering some people here shitpost, game, and code in front of their computers for 18 hours a day, they are a good option.
I bought a dxracer like in OPs pic for 200€. They're pretty comfortable and my back pain has gotten a lot better too. I would say they're worth their price.
People told me I should get some professional chair for close to 1000€ but I don't have that kind of money.

Ive seen the style of these Racer/Gaming chairs blow up. But what is the benefit? is it just comfort? what about the design makes it better for you?
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Well, I don't really care about the style. I find it pretty childish to be honest but the good amazon ratings sold me.
The one thing that really separates them from chairs for half the price is probably the build quality and customization. I had a normal office chair before and most things were fixed. The cushion made my ass hurt after some hours, the arm leans were not right, etc.
No I can change the arm lean hight, change the back and neck cushion height and it's built really well. After half a year nothing makes annoying sounds and the rolls roll as good as on the first day.
You also have to a be a fan of "full" back leans. I prefer them over models with a separate thing for your back and head.
You are worth to birth my manbabies. Lots of good ideas and equipment out there.

My power recliner with car seat shall have pods, soon.

> I sleep on a big bed with my wife
> Oh...
Steelcase leap

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