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/g/uys, I’ve been up and down. Used to use all-google stuff before i learnt about all the privacy related issues and started to think about it years ago.
Since then, Ive tried going full paranoid back and forth, but there have always been some tradeoffs. How do you protect your privacy and maybe anonymity without severe usability and practical disadvantages?

On my pc, it was easy to kill chrome and google services with combination of firefox and online services like maps and dictionary with the good local tools from my country (mapy.cz). I set up all the about:config stuff from privacytools.io, added the basic addons etc. but there it stops.

I dont want to install uMatrix, because I dont want to fiddle with every site i visit so I can clearly consume its content. Same goes for browser storage - I understand what it means to keep the data on the pc, but logging into services again everytime i open the browser is impractical to the point when i feel almost stupid for its sake (password manager is not a solution).

Same goes for my phone - If i disable geolocation, im safe and i generally agree that its better not to broadcast my localtion to any app that might log it, but what is the tradeoff here? When im in my city at the train station, i really appriciate that my phone can automatically use my location so when i open the public transport schedule app, it can already set the departure stop. This is important because i can decide whether or not i catch a train in 10 seconds and in a rush city, this matters.

So how do you balance all the cool neet tinfoin that we all agree with with everyday practical life?
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Quite similar here.
Still trying to kill the last google service (4chan) and trying to move on to an non-google alternative.
Don't use a smartphone as daily driver and keep the thing off when I am not on the road, but do have one purely for keeping offline maps and simple applications. The smartphone doesn't have a SIM.
And only connects to networks outside my home.
Along with a custom ROM I ported and modified.

This works alright for me, if I can be honest, being an /out/ist and not having to struggle with battery life is actually alot comfier.

Use XMPP as IM. And have a bunch of people I enjoy talking too.

For the rest, have a good eye on OPSEC, could still be improved but it does the job.

I still would recommend you download uMatrix and mess with the about:config some more.
Also, use a fork of Firefox over the Mozilla one. (See, Waterfox, Icecat, Palemoon even)
And the most important one, don't use Wangblows©.
Only use a handful of services with a loginwall, and use different passwords; if not different identity for that shit.
Even better, use randomly generated passwords or make a deterministic password generator and feed it simple passwords.
Avoid services who require a mobile number at all cost.
thanks for the insight.
How do you deal with non-technical members of family or in general, people you want to keep the online contact with?
Do you try to convince them that their facebook/whatsapp/viber is not respecting your aproach to privacy or you sacrifice some of it for the sake of them?
Slowly injecting some privacy talk into a discussion when services like that are mentioned.
And when they seem concerned once you mentioned it, suggest to install a app that doesn't really 'spy' on users.
But allow them to still use the other service.
The tricky part it trying to make the suggestion fluid and not forced. Just let them do it at their pace.
> oh no Google is collecting data on me like millions of other persons
Don't sweat it anon, it really shouldn't matter. All you are is another statistic, people freak out way too much over data collection. What in particular scares you about this? I quite like going to a random page to find targeted ads that I might be interested in. I really don't think google will care specifically about your data over millions of other people; they use it to make money. To build a database of human browsing. Not to personally attack you.

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