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How do we know we don't have some coprocessor on the motherboard or GPU which can take over the PC? Will we act surprised when it inevitable spills we had backdoors in all our ssds all this time?
because architectures
surely they an spare some SI to embed a backdoor into whatever ic to monitor a data bus or bypass the actual cpu or whatever
You still have to interface it somehow. If it's secret it's still no magic. I cannot see how a backdoored SSD could communicate to the outside world without being detected.
>How do we know we don't have
We do. Common knowledge.
the same way intel me does? it does not need to be undetectable if no one bothers to look for it. Putting spying circuits on MBs could make as much sense or even more than backdooring cpus only
You can spy all you want but it's useless until you can get your data out.
Nothing is stopping it from talking to the outside world if the motherboard is one system that includes the NIC.
Why should it talk constantly though? You just won't find out until it's too late. The next person might know better, but you still loose.
>You just won't find out until it's too late.

Yes, that will be to late but the backdoor is then discovered which is very, very undesirable.
literally tired of this

are you a moron, go read the department of defense trusted software guidelines

it will make perfect sense to you afterwards
everyone is aware of ime and it does not matter one bit
Well, the problem with Intel's backdoor is that there is no alternative since AMD is backdoored as well and no other manufacturer offers similar price/performance.

If a brand backdoors their mobo's then it's trivial for consumers to switch to another brand.
I don't think it is much of a coincidence all relevant cpus are backdoored and would expect the same regarding other devices.


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