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I use Linux exclusively on all my devices except my main desktop, I mostly use Linux but have to boot into windows to play most games. I alocate 50 GBs of my fairly limited ssd (250GB) to Linux, with a shared 1TB data drive for both, meaning I do not have much ssd space for games. Switching operating systems is a pain, but I really do like Linux.

Convince me to not just say fuck it and run exclusively wangblows on my desktop.
Stop playing games winbabby
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>50 GB for a Linux partition
fuck it and run exclusively wangblows on your desktop.

Who gives a shit. Just ssh into a linux server if you wanna linux.
windows has the worst font rendering out of all modern OS

thats pretty much it.

at the very least use win10 enterprise
Shit, boot up from a live-USB
Sure. Just no need to waste SSD on a fucking gaming computer to get a linux boner on 4chan.
That shit can run on a fucking toaster.
Just run a VM
You need the resources for games, but not linux, so keep running Windows as the host, and run VMs for Linux, or whatever.
>meaning I do not have much ssd space for games

Delete linux on all of your devices. Don't look back.
OP here. nvr I just deleted it.
Listen, and listen well, you little piece of shit and everyone else who does this, this isn't a tech related rant, or even an anti-game rant.
The word 'game' is a substantive, you will IMMEDIATELY stop using it as a verb, go back to elementary school before posting on the internet, have I made myself clear you analphabet spoiled faggot?
Anyways, what type of games do you play? If it's emulated games or games from the early to mid 2000s, then a virtual machine and emulators will solve your problem. If not, then do what >>64110645 says and look into I think it's called PCI Passthrough.

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