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>foreign Samsung G7 edge finally gets it screen cracked
>only thing different is duel sim
>geek squad scared shitless enough to not even take the phone from my hand

Guess I'll just kill myself and send it to some spic who breaks the lcd on purpose just to milk my already fucked budget.
Different models could use completely different screens, even if the only difference is the length of the screen connector.
If they open it up and thats the case, they're liable for it, so they don't touch it.
they can't let me pay extra so they can buy it though?

Now I have to find the part myself or eventually stick a glass splinter in my fingers.
It's still a liability issue, they only work on US models because the people at geeksquad are fucking idiots.
Just bring it to a third party repair shop, they usually do a better job anyways because they actually rely on their shop for income, instead of it being some braindead teenager watching a video tutorial.
but that's all those third parties mostly are

but I get you
Geek Squad doesn't repair any phones, they have to send you a replacement one. They only do this if you have Geek Squad Protection on it. Source, was Agent before getting development job

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