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I've just realized, that I need some sort of home server, network drive to be more precise.

And I don't know which hardware should I use:
>1. Pre-made solution.
It is easy to set up, but it costs much and no customization of software
>2. Junkyard computer
Buy second-hand Mac Mini or a laptop and new 1TB 5400rpm 2.5" hard drive
>3. Buy new PC parts and build one
Buy some sort of Intel NUC, and connect SATA to it somehow.
>4. Raspberry Pi
Well, honestly, I do not want to touch it. It doesn't have SATA of any sort, some USB-dongle will be needed...
>5. Media PC for TV
I also want a media-PC for our TV, so we can watch shit on TV, and why it can't be a server?

I am not quite sure what software should I use. I am planning to use Ubunty or Debian running SAMBA (because all family but me uses Windows)...
And I guess, I don't need an Core i7 meme for this sort of PC, any Pentium or Celeron should work, right?
any ideas?
Need only 2TB at the moment
They sell them on Amazon. You could get a 2TB for about 500 bux.
You’ve kind of left it all open ended anon. Any one of those would work depending on your other criteria. Help me/you narrow it down a bit. Do you want future expandability? Then desktop or rack mount with bays. Do you have to pay for power? Is power expensive? Then NUC or Mac mini. Do you want this to last? Then avoid external drives in enclosures.
Most importantly what is your budget? If your comfy with Linux I would go for an old desktop. CPU/ram depends on what you’re doing? Just serving files via samba anything will work. If you plan to run Plex and transcode you’ll need something decent - a sandy bridge i5 or better.
500$... Muh
Even buying new laptop with SATA and installing big drive for much porno is cheaper.
And I need local NAS, local fileserver...
> Do you want future expandability?
I an not quite sure, but building one will do it... But for now 2TB is more that enough.
>have to pay for power?
Yep, power is expensive, so 50W shitbox would be nice.
>Do you want this to last? Then avoid external drives in enclosures.
Okay. I will try avoid them
Pi USB interface is limited to 10/100mbit
>Most importantly what is your budget?
Less is better, but
>If you plan to run Plex and transcode you’ll need something decent - a sandy bridge i5 or better.
I am not planning... By the way, WTF is it? Some sort of streaming thing?
>get old pc
>put debian on it
>enable sshd
>set up samba share
>mount samba share on whichever computer(s) need it
>install plex if you want to watch shit on your tv
Okay. How old should I go?
Whatever the fuck you can find really. As long as it's got a gigabit Ethernet port and supports sata drives it'll be fine as a low-end NAS. If you plan on using plex a lot and doing transcoding with it there may be some minimum hardware requirements to consider. Otherwise, samba requires fuckall power.

buy 2 tb drive
plug it into the NAS port on your router.


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