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So now that Intel have had 30%+ of their performance wiped clean from every single processor they've ever released in the past 15 or so years, Ryzen is going to stomp 2018, isn't it? Are Intel likely to face legal action over this?
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Intel chips built in the future will surely address the bug, but this slap in the face will never be forgotten. I wouldn't be surprised if Intel and AMD swap places in the market.
Thank goodness this happened after Ryzen, otherwise AMD would have just sat back and laughed for another 5 years.
The whole ordeal has been blown out of proportion. This will only effect a very small minority of users, and we are working closely with software engineers to ensure that where it is necessary to make performance adjustments, the influence of the changes will be almost unmeasurable.
It doesn't matter if it was blown to the high heavens. The CEO is acting like it's a big deal, ergo the investors and consumers will also act like it's a big deal.

The CEO is acting like it's a big deal because the media outlets picked up on it. That's it.
Thank god I went with the Threadripper instead of the i9 shit
Intel likely put the bug in there on purpose to support foreign espionage. I would expect the government to prosecute them for this. Trump right now is a patsy for the Chinese, which is a big problem.
>because the media outlets picked up on it
rule number one of media relations
the media is always wrong
never let them take control of the facts

Yeah sure let's just come up with our own facts after we take down the communications network that provides them to us. Great plan.

the media is a lot more than "i dislike these news sources". The media is infrastructure.
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whats worse:

1.7% or 30%?
Terrible bait is terrible

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