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Pinnacle is the trading and investment platform that will become your primary point of access to the growing world of crypto, CFD, stocks, futures, and options investment. Pinnacle will be a full featured investment multiplex with truly automated trading features for beginners, and the very best trading tools for professionals. This platform will revolutionize trading cryptocurrency and world markets. Every single person can become a successful trader as long as they use the right tools and choose the trading style that fits their strengths and weaknesses.
Website: https://pinnacle-brilliance.com/
White paper: https://pinnacle-brilliance.com/assets/files/Pinnacle_Brilliance_White_Paper_Final.pdf
Pinnacle will allow traders to perform all trading tasks on one single platform. There are some websites and applications that will do some of the things that Pinnacle will do, but traders always end up having to login to multiple sites to get all of the functionality that they need. Pinnacle will be THE ONE application that traders need to perform all aspects of trading.

● Access to every major trading exchange from the single Pinnacle platform and ability to execute all trading functions within the platform (PC, Mac, Android and iOS). Pinnacle users will be able to add and control all trading functions on all crypto exchanges plus many CFD, forex, commodities, stocks, and futures exchanges. Pinnacle will also allow users to set many different orders for trade execution on their chosen exchanges. Many exchanges don’t even have trailing stop loss orders. Pinnacle will solve that problem and allow for “uniform” trading options between all exchanges.

● Fully automated arbitrage trading within and between all exchanges.
Users will be able to “set and forget” this module to perform arbitrage trades on individual exchanges, or many exchanges at once. Pinnacle will also allow users to place arbitrage trades between separate exchanges. This module will operate as an automated trading bot, performing all functions from start to completion. This includes transferring coins between exchanges prior to the actual arbitrage trade. It can also be set to alert traders and allow them to execute the trading opportunities manually.
● Copy/follow professional traders as they place trades across multiple platforms simultaneously (with multi-month performance based qualification system and automated commissions).
Users will be able to copy pro traders while they trade across multiple exchanges simultaneously. This will include non-crypto exchanges that allow stock, bonds, and futures trading. Pinnacle will automatically execute the exact same trade for each user and deduct trading commission in BRIL. Pinnacle will track traders over the course of their history and provide a non-biased certification rating that users can refer to and know what to expect when copying.

● YamaCat Trading Course For Beginners to learn all skills necessary to be a competent trader in real time. YamaCat will interactively lead beginners through basics and intermediate skills to help them become profitable traders. Users can follow the step by step instructional course, or use YamaCat any time they want to make a trade. It will assist users to know whether they should or should not get into their chosen market. This feature will be very helpful for all traders who want a second opinion before they place a trade.

● Extensive charting app for all exchanges with advanced AI trade pattern recognition/identification, automated trade execution, and trade setup alerts for professionals. This module will actively search your charts for technical analysis market patterns in both standard form and candlestick patterns. When a pattern is found, the chart will highlight the pattern and include projected price movements to plan your trades. This will be a visual drawing on the chart along with an alert box with information about the pattern and what tends to happen when it appears. Pinnacle will allow users to set this module to automatically execute trades on its own based on trading patterns, or display the patterns for traders to manually execute their trades.
● Pinnacle proprietary trading strategy signals (80%+ accuracy) with programmable execution for any exchange and any market. Pinnacle will allow users to include proprietary trading strategies developed by Roman over the course of 30 years. They are based on time and price action and have a very high rate of accuracy. Over the years, many users have told me that these systems seem like magic. I have posted basic time movement predictions for BTC as a demonstration on my twitter feed for the past 3.25 years. These systems will be available for in the Traders Market for monthly subscriptions.

● Encrypted group messaging and monetized communications feature for professionals to offer trade recommendation subscriptions (trading strategies/tips, group based training, etc.). Users can set up private chat rooms to share their ideas with other traders. Pros can offer subscription based services using this module, and receive payment in BRIL. Messages can include charts and drawings to illustrate their trading recommendations. Pros can set up automated messages to be sent to their subscribers, or can create private subscription based chat rooms for their members. There will also be public chat rooms for those that want a lively discussion while trading the markets.

● Specialized Pinnacle automated trading systems geared toward 1:1 trading of crypto and stocks with exceptionally low risk and consistently high rates of return. This is an easy one to understand. 1:1 trading is the most safe way to consistently make profit in the markets. It may not make a large return as when using leverage, but traders who prefer to reduce stress can use this module and relax, knowing that they are making consistent profit. Users can choose their preferred markets, set trading parameters, and turn on this module to enjoy low stress trading every day. We think different people excel in different trading environments.
● Traders Market for users to buy and sell their own tools, indicators, bots, subscriptions, and private group memberships. Users will have access to a market where they can purchase any number of trading tools and subscriptions that will increase their trading performance. Users can use the strategy and bot builder module to create their own tools and then sell them to other users. Pros can offer their subscription trading recommendations and private group memberships as well. We will continue to expand the store to allow for users to sell accounting services, retirement planning, and even tax preparation.

Why is BRILLIANCE (BRIL) worth purchasing and what can we expect to see on trading exchanges?

Brilliance (BRIL) is an Stellar based token that will perform a multitude of utility functions within the Pinnacle Investment Platform. BRIL will be the backbone of Pinnacle. Brilliance has quick 3.5 second block times so that users will experience blazing fast execution for trades and arbitrage. Brilliance will be the token that acts as a high speed vehicle to initiate and complete core transactions within the Pinnacle platform.
All major features within the Pinnacle platform will require that users hold a balance of BRIL to meet requirements for transactions, fees, commissions, bonuses, subscriptions, and purchase of other users services/tools in the Pinnacle Traders Market.
After launch, Pinnacle users may purchase or sell the Brilliance utility tokens from any major crypto trading exchange. The requirement for BRIL tokens to be held and used for Pinnacle services will ensure a consistent increase in value and price of these tokens. We will be constantly working to expand Pinnacle and acquire accounts with major banks and trading firms to further boost BRIL value on a consistent basis. BRIL has a huge potential for the public to accumulate and hold into the future.

ICO Presale on January 15th to Jan 30th, 2018.
ICO sale date on January 31st to February 25th, 2018.

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