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What was your Windows 98 build back in the day?
I7 7700k, Titan xp, 32GB RAM.

Needed to hit 60fps in Doom and Totala.
I used NT like a real man
498 MHz Intel Celeron (PIII-like)
9.2 GiB hard disk
Some integrated GPU that ran Half Life pretty well

This was an HP Pavilion 6630 I had back around 2000 or so. It was a good machine. Upgraded it to 256MB and put XP on it and it ran perfectly fine.
>windows 98

The Tualatin 1400-S PIIIs didn't even come out until well into the XP era, neither did the V4-4500.
pentium 133 mmx
80 mb ram
2 gb hdd
maybe an ati rage pro 8mb
24x cdrom drive

Shit was comfy.
The Voodoo4 4500 came out a year before XP in October 2000.
K6-2 450mhz
128mb of RAM
4gb hard drive
GeForce MX440
cdrom and floppy
family machine in 2000 was the first to get 98
DELL Optiplex GX110
667MHz Pentium III
128MB PC-133 SDRAM
10GB hdd
16MB i810 graphics (... and no AGP slot)
CD-ROM drive (... not a writer)
it ran everything well for a couple years, but the lack of AGP slot meant it really couldn't keep up with games past ~2002, i got a GeForce 2MX 32M PCI, which extended it's life a bit longer
i rode 95 out until XP. it was
>32mb ram
>1.4 gb hard drive
>33.6kbps internal winmodem
>233 mhz Pentium with MMX technology
>16x cd rom

iirc the 233mhz Pentium MMX was the last Pentium before Pentium 2. I could play Duke3D maxed to the tits but Quake was a fucking slideshow
i owned a 266MHz Pentium MMX at one point
wikipedia lists a 300MHz version as well
i just remember how disenfranchised i was it was top of the line when my parents bought it and in the blink of an eye all the games required a P2. still had lots of fun with it and used it forever, it's been a long time i know it had to have lasted til at least 2004 because i totally played online poker on that thing after Moneymaker won. i began to earn money and i ordered a refurbished Latitude D600 off of ebay with it and the thing wouldn't boot the next day, it knew it was being replaced
things moves a lot faster back then
Shit, the earliest dates I saw were all 2k1.
Pentium 3 500mhz
128mb ram
ATI rage pro turbo
Voodoo 2
6gb quantum fireball
speaking of, when did you guys finally stop using 98?
i used 98 up to 2004, when i got a dvd drive and finally needed to be able to store >4GB files
Intel Pentium II, 266 MHz;
64 MB RAM;
4.3 GB Samsung SpinPoint HDD;
3dfx Voodoo Rush (PCI) replaced by an ATI 3D Rage Pro (AGP) replaced by a Matrox G450;
Panasonic CD-ROM (R: 24x) replaced by a Creative Blaster CD-RW (W: 2x, RW: 2x, R: 24x).
pentium 2 400
32 mb ram
intel i740
4 gb hard drive

used this till the 2003 or so
Forgot to mention the glorious Yamaha OPL3-SAx sound card.
Pentium 3 500Mhz
128Mb RAM
ATi Rage 3D something
4Gb Quantum fireball
Later added an LG CD burner

It was pretty nice considering I got it for almost free from a company that was throwing stuff away, when at the time PCs in the trash were 486s and lower.

I've been using Linux since `95, silly winfags.
Pentium III 500 MHz
64 MB of RAM
S3 Savage3D (shit card to be honest)
Around 8 GB of HDD

It was very expensive, mainly because the DVD.

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