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hey faggots, help an anon out.

yesterday, i turned on my PC but after a second it just shut down instantly, and would not turn back on. today i had some free time so i took it apart, trying to find what's causing the issue. after taking everything down from the mobo, i started adding things back together. everything went fine untill i reached the gpu. pc would not start. tried all the slots on the mobo. my question is : are we talking about a short inside the gpu that triggered the psu's protection? is this something easily fixable, since the GPU is still in warranty, and i really don't want to get inside it's guts, since i lack the tech skills. what would have happened if the pc would have started normaly? would everything just go RIP? you guys run into shit like this? any help is appreciated
i also tried with a different PSU, thinking my old one would have just ripped, but after assembling the system back together using my previous GPU, everything is working as normal. i just dont fucking get it, how can shit like this happen all of a sudden?
Have you tried unplugging it and plugging back in?
There's a good chance it can be your PSU too especially if it's getting older/is some shady brand.
Happens to a lot of people, they think their motherboard or GPU is suddenly crapping out but it's usually the power supply.

i made sure to buy a decent quality one, and from what i was told i went with a Super Flower Leadex Gold @650W.

i was just curious if other people encountered stuff like this.


you can go kys my man
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If everthing else works besides the graphics card, then yes its your graphics card.
Take that with a grain of salt when I say its you GPU, because I just replaced a power supply that was fine with a GTX 950, but tried to replace it with a 780ti and it fucking fried the card. I was happy that I deduced the power supply was the problem.
In my situation, my PC worked until I started to play a game and then the GPU would ramp full speed and cut out. Turned out it was hurting the card.
In your case it sounds like there's just a electric short in the GPU questioned. Hope you find the solution. Also don't ever take a peek in the "guts" of a graphics card, it voids the hell out of the warranty. We are tech fags, not electricians.
I just performed some game tests, and of course, from the obvious performance drop, everything is normal. Monitored temps, checked BIOS, system is runing just fine. My question, lads, was if you think as well that there is a short inside the GPU that is preventing the PSU from booting up. Any idea how easy/hard something like that to fix? I feel like slapping myself since i bought the cards just last year in December, and shit like this should not happen. Factory lottery, i guess?
Sorry anon, didn't read your entire post. So it's your assumption as well. I wonder if i should just tell the shop faggots about the fact that i think it's a short, or just tell them that i have no idea about tech stuff. Im paranoid of them making out scenarios about voiding the warranty. I took pictures of the pins, slots, and serial number as well, since some people told me that some shops have the shady custom of replacing your card with another one that had issues and shit like that.

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