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jesus christ intel is so fucked:
>Zen based cpus are putting extreme pressure on intel on all fronts
>A disastrous security flaw that has been baked into all of thier cpus for the last decade has been discovered.
>A massive 30% performance penalty to work around it.
>Ryzen was already within less than 10% ipc when at the same clocks with coffee lake
>Ryzen refresh on a mature node will give high clocks and minor improvements, while at the same time intel will have a lead block shackled to their ankle in the form of the security patch
WEW 2018 is already starting off to a great year!
Intel will probably fix it in the new architecture though

the benchmarks will show massive gains relative to the older cpu with patch

the shilling continues
The issue is that the processors we see today are the results of decisions and work made years ago. Since this flaw was discovered this week it will be very difficult to get a hardware fix so soon. There is also an additional problem of limited resources and time tables. If they pull engineers and r&d to solve this problem that will be staff not working on performance improvements and other features. Either way Intel loses.
>Since this flaw was discovered this week
more like leaked
>Since this flaw was discovered this week
more like a month back judging by the CEO selling his stock
They knew months ago and people were selling their stock and running. They should get done for insider trading,
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Intelets on suicide watch
this meme is godlike

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