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I need a bigass tablet for reading music on the piano, that 18-inches samsung would be ideal but I'm poor. What should I get? I'd also prefer it to not run on windows.
take a big sheet of paper and write it there, you spoiled millennial
The Samsung Galaxy View is already dirt fucking cheap compared to other tablets.

Most other tablets will be 9" or smaller, and similar priced. Anything 12" or larger is going to be more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy View anyway.

It's $400 for an 18" tablet, that's a fucking bargain.
Yeah, I agree, but 18'' would also be kind of an overkill, I think, since I don't really need to have two pages at a time.
I just wanted to know if there was any smaller and cheaper alternatives to that.
No, not particularly unless you want chink-shit windows tablets.

And since you said no windows, that rules those out.
What a bitch piece to read
Just get a touchscreen monitor and hook it up to a laptop or something?
Get a laptop
It's not that hard, though.

I don't have a laptop, though.

Can get a shitty cheap monitor+laptop for less than 400 bucks? I'm not worried about specs.

I haven't bought a piece of hardware for several years now, I have no idea.

There's no space for a laptop on my piano.

ifive mini 4s? I'd like to try Synthesia with a tablet like that, it shows sheet music too.


>buy cheapest chink phone that supports one of those nifty mini hdmi outs through the usb
>connect to goodwill/craigslist/ebay monitor
>read your music
or you know read actual fucking sheet music like pianists have been doing for fucking centuries you fucking loon
get a 2-in-1 laptop
It isn't hard. But I suck at reading music. I never trained that particular skill.
upright piano?
>just read on paper, fagget
Sometimes I want music that I can only get on the internet and I have no printer.
Also, getting nice printed editions of music sheet can be very expensive.

But thank, /g/, you are being pretty helpful.

A shitty digital one, actually.
>digital piano
I weep for you, anon

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