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is there a legitimate reason for anybody to use python in 2017?

its interpreters have terrible error reporting and it uses excessive amounts of memory

seriously what does it offer that c++ doesn't?

same goes for C, why would anyone use it when c++ exists and does everything it can plus plus more
Many layers of bait. Congrats
I'll give you terrible error reporting and raise you:
C++ is too low level, not abstract enough.
but it offers most high-level language features in a low-level environment.

ah yes, in a world where programmers (especially paid ones) can be too lazy to comment their code, we need even more abstraction, dont we?
>but it offers most high-level language features in a low-level environment.
Did you mean Ada?
>is there a legitimate reason for anybody to use python in 2017?
>its interpreters have terrible error reporting and it uses excessive amounts of memory
python's error reporting seems pretty good and i haven't ever been popped out to the interpreter's implementation causing or reporting errors. that must be frustrating for someone who's really confused though.

as for memory consumption, yeah python's not especially light, but it's not really suitable for high performance, resource-intensive computing. like you wouldn't ask a medical doctor to engineer a rocket to mars, nor would you be comfortable with a rocket scientist performing surgery on you.

>seriously what does it offer that c++ doesn't?
to the extent that i understand your question: extremely quick turnaround from idea=>basic implementation

>same goes for C, why would anyone use it when c++ exists and does everything it can plus plus more
this question is more confusing than the last one.

you should go take an introductory programming language class. not an introductory programming class, but a class about programming languages. if your instructor doesn't communicate the value of numerous languages addressing different domains and use cases, i'd be surprised. it might also help you get out of the ghetto of being a very strongly opinionated novice.

good luck with your programming education! it's bound to be a fun ride :)
ur an faget
its for faggots who can'T code and just hack together programms
The problem is that python isnt a rocket scientist being asked to perform surgery. Hes a fucking nurse and hes overweight too.

The room has to be cleared of all people and objects before he can make an advanced surgery, because he might go a bit too far into something's personal space and interfering with other things in the hospital.
lol okay

you've spent a lot of time coming up with a really elaborate metaphor so i wanted to give you something to read before i said lol okay. lol, okay.

seriously buddy, this kind of zealotry is genuinely insane. think about whether 10 years from now you're going to be embarrassed being this strongly opinionated about the existence and use of a programming language in general terms.

if you want to have a tantrum about python or any other language being used in the wrong scenarios (like for highly resource-intensive computing tasks), i'm happy to get on board to some extent. but this broad-brushed "i hate ____" kinda stuff just makes you look like a first-year CS student who overheard someone he respected saying one critical thing about python and taking it to an extreme. it reads as extremely naive.
>Hes a fucking nurse
>shitting on nurses
probably a more complex job than you do
yeah don't get sucked into the red herring of whether nurses do more complex work than some anon on the internet with the benefit of a nebulous job that expands and contracts in complexity as he sees fit to describe it on the internet. in 20 minutes you'll be arguing over whether LVNs are "real" nurses and in 40 minutes you'll be looking at this thread wondering if you're retarded or if he's actually an amazing troll. and the answer is neither; it was just a series of unfortunate mistakes.
File: Glesgorv.jpg (14 KB, 367x292)
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Python may refer to:
Contents [hide]
1 Snakes
2 Ancient Greece
3 Media and entertainment
4 Computing
5 Engineering
5.1 Roller coasters
5.2 Vehicles
5.3 Weaponry
6 See also
Pythonidae, a family of nonvenomous snakes found in Africa, Asia, and Australia known as pythons
Python (genus), of nonvenomous Pythonidae found in Africa and Asia
Ancient Greece[edit]
Python (mythology), a serpent, the earth-dragon of Delphi
Python of Aenus (4th-century BCE), student of Plato
Python (painter), (ca. 360-320 BCE) vase painter in Poseidonia
Python of Byzantium, orator, diplomat of Philip II of Macedon
Python of Catana, poet who accompanied Alexander the Great
Media and entertainment[edit]
Python (film), a 1999 horror film by Richard Clabaugh
Pythons 2 (or Python II), the 2002 second sequel, after New Alcatraz (2002)
Monty Python (also known as The Pythons), a British comedy group
Python (Monty) Pictures Limited, incorporated in 1973, a company owned by the troupe's surviving members
Python (programming language)
CPython, the reference implementation of the Python programming language
Python, a native code compiler for CMU Common Lisp
Python, the internal project name for the PERQ 3 computer workstation
>is there a legitimate reason for anybody to use python in 2017?
you may want to click the archive button, this exact thread exists hundreds of times.
happy new year anon.

also can you even into advanced computer simulation? 300 lines of python can now be an effective AI if you feed it the right data.
cost of good, efficient, reliable low-level code in c,c++,rust outweighs its benefit over cheap, reliable high-level code in most cases.

Most stuff I've seen people do is rest services with a db behind it, and some form of (web-)client.

You don't need a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
i'll feed you the right data ;)

Try using c++ for data science and let me know how it works out.
scripting if you don't know bash webscraping if you don't know javascript or if you're a dabbling noob and want to try as many stuff as possible since you can basically import everything
It offers no compile time.
C++ biggest flaw / strength is that you have to compile it
Probably the dumbest post I've seen in 4chan. People will fall for the bait though, so congrats.
works fine.
Just use eigen
C++ is cancer
C > C++ in every way
don't even argue with rust, we all know it's the best
A better question is why use Python when you can use Lisp?
>"I am stuck in the 90s and have never heard about C++11": The post
Ffs, why do they need so many versions?
Nice b8
>low quality shitposting about Python
High quality shitposting about Python goes like this:
>slower than Ruby and can't be made much faster with a JIT compiler
>worse start up times than Powershell
>worse embedded API than Perl
>worse sandboxing than JVM and Perl
>libraries written by beginners for beginners and it shows, everything is full of opaque globals n shit
>worse separation between compilation (to bytecode) and execution than JS
>mistaking avoiding premature optimization with sane architecture
>mistaking explicit programming with spilling interpreter guts into scripts
thanks Guido
C is trash and useless on top
no >GIL preventing sane concurrency?
Python is not a useless language
Its a scripting language, thats why its used now

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