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Hey friends /fit/izen here.So I've got a pretty good idea for a website, it's super niche and I doubt it's going to make any kind of money, that's not really the focus but I assume this is going to cost something.

Tldr I have about 3gigs of files I want to distribute, of firmware I used to develop and modify in middle school. Individually they range 10-50mb a piece.

Going to have to include guides and etc as it's not straight forward unless you were doing it in its heyday. The bulk of which is defunct and lost to closed websites however I have the entirety of the modifications archived.

My question to you is whom to use to host?
I'm thinking torrents+website+maybe some crypto donation if anyone cares enough. This is decade old tech so again I'm thinking maybe like 20 hits a day at best for visitors
It's hard to give you advice right now given the situation.
Server costs are probably going to go up big time
You should be fine, but I don't want to tell you that something that will be five dollars a month and it jumps to ten or whatever next month.
Hello fellow /fit/izen. Most of these /g/uise are fags and won't help you, but I will help a fellow swole bro. If you're looking at that low of traffic, AWS has free tier for 1 year. I'd sign up for that and if it takes off, its infinitely scalable. Sign up here: https://aws.amazon.com/free/ You want EC2. It can be a bit daunting to get it setup at first - but it should host your website/torrents just fine. Since you're doing torrents, just keep your computer on and seeding at all times and you don't have pay for cloud storage. Easy peasy. Keep on liftin my brother in iron!
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Thanks man seriously. Looked like I have some reading to do, I've only done some minor WordPress stuff for friends but I like what I see so far. I've got a couple spare computers that could seed around the clock The files themselves are legally grey but we'll cross that bridge when we get there etc. That seems like a great avenue though

Happy lifting comrade, thank you very much
Host the site on NeoCities. Upload the files and source code to a 3rd-party (mega, github/gitlab, etc.)
Tbh want to avoid the github/ripway/megaupload, the hardware manufacturer is still highly revalent. I know they themselves wouldn't care but I'm sure 3rd party file hosting sites would get insecure about it anyways due to the legalese wording shit. Basically I just want to avoid having to reupload to twenty different sites
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I see, then torrents are the way to go. Never have to care about it getting deleted.
Ok if you are a fitizen you fucking understand the concept of traning for gains.

You need to train every day on javascript and your gains are being able to make a website

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