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Is dog shit battery life on Linux a myth nowadays, or is battery life still dog piss?
If you have shit hardware (aka cheapest consumer trash from the likes of consumer HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Asus/Acer) expect shit battery life.

My chinkpads regularly get more juice o ganoo than they do on Currysoft Windaloo.
That's with tld installed ofcourse, which you should on a laptop really
It's not perfect. GPU drivers are crap no matter if proprietary or free, the only ones that don't are Intel HD. As a kernel, Linux is capable of excellent battery life, but there are some configurations that are not shipped by default and you can't set up them in any DE's power manager. Powertop and tlp can do that with ease, but it seems inconvenient. SSD has lower power use over HDDs, that also helps.
>SSD has lower power use over HDDs, that also helps.
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it's probably improved but on x86 the root problem hasn't been fixed (eg manufacturers giving a shit)

if battery life was a problem then android phones would have a big problem now wouldn't they?

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