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Hey guys, quick question about RAM frequency and XMP profiles

I have 16gb of GSkill 1866 DDR3 ram. On my bios it shows the correct name and frequency but then on DRAM STATUS area it says 1333mhz just like how it shows in the picture. I have checked on CPU Z and it shows the correct amount, 933mhz doubled in dual channel is 1866. Which one is right? Everyone says to enable the XMP profile and I do but it still says 1333mhz on the DRAM status.

What should I change?
Return it. I once bought a 2GB video card from newegg and they sent me a 1GB card inside the 2GB ones original box
Thats not how it works...
either resit them in case you put them in a bad configuration (very unlikely since you are knowledgeable enough to browse your bios)

or check motherboard and cpu compatibility with this type and frequency of rams

Also, check your processor clock (not multiplier)

Ram frequency is related to it (have tested it myself although I cannot remember the source to point you to). As you change the clock speed the ram frequency can also change and thus this could be an issue of your motherboard or cpu bottlenecking the ram.

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