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is this the most autist distro of them all?
also autist distro thread
How is that distro autistic? Is it because its logo looks like a womb?
no, because you have to write your own scm file to install it instead of just make an installer or just provide a rootfs then I can just configure that by my own
Oh no it's way easier to install than Gentoo, whatever shall we do.
gentoo was easier and more logical to install
Why i should use yet another linlulz distro #20372 that doesn't even have installer in 2018. If you want to be edgy, just install Gentoo and you will get nice pink logo as bonus so people can see you are actually a faggot.
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i love lesbian!!
cute tomato!

I personally didn't think so really. I guess it depends on if you feel comfortable with Scheme or not. I found Gentoo's installation to be horribly annoying, whereas GuixSD was really fun, and being able to see scheme used in such a large and cool project was really interesting and fun for me.

If the project matures a bit more it would make for a very nice OS.
OP never told you to use it.
very good point
NixOS and GuixSD are as far from "yet another linlulz distro #20372" as you can get while still being a Linux distro. They are genuinely innovative experiments in purely function package management and system configuration.
You mean NixOS is truly innovative and the GNU/PoS is a blatant copy and attempt to steal even more credit from actual developers?

Also, guixsd is NOT a Linux distribution. It's a PM(guix)distribution.
>You mean NixOS is truly innovative
NixOS is obviously the more innovative of the two and without it GuixSD wouldn't even exist, but GuixSD also has merit. It innovates by using replacing shell scripts, the Nix language and even init with Guile code. IMO the use of shell scripts on top of its own language is Nix's (the package manager's) most major flaw.
>guixsd is NOT a Linux distribution. It's a PM(guix)distribution.
It's an OS. They themselves call it a "distribution of the GNU operating system".

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