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The only reason why I didn't switched to Linux is that i need a DJ Software called Traktor. Can I run it on wine and still use my Controller and stuff?
only one way to know for sure
That's maybe a dumb question and we have a thread for it. But, could I install the program on a live version when I give enough space on the stick I'm using it for?
iirc the live filesystem is in the RAM so it depends on your computer instead.
Such a software using peripherals would probably need some tweaks and research to get to a working state in Wine anyway so don't put too much hope in your first try, the live system might not be enough.
Why do you need Linux? Software development? Try Linux subsystem for Windows.
did Kojima really say that?
it's full of bugs
I spent like two hours yesterday trying to debug my code, only to discover aio_read doesn't work on WSL
I use a windows partition for my music stuff and Linux for everything else. Nothing wrong with reasonable compromise.
getting it to run is probably possible but getting a reasonable latency might be hard
Mixxx is a somewhat okay DJ software with neat and sometimes better features than traktor.
Effects are kinda shit but maybe if you know Ur way around you can design some yourself or use some VST via JACK or someshit. At least that's what I think what may be feasible.
I sometimes use it with my old Faderfox DJ2 and it's a different feel that I appreciate.
Mixxx is pretty solid and responsive software, they released an update not so long ago, but imho it still needs a lot of work.
May need external devices(pedal boards, analog hardware etc) and a mixer to use quality effects.
Give it a try, it's free

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