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Is unRAID any good?
No, why the fuck would you want to pay for a """professional""" RAID solution that doesn't even checksum your files
tell me more
yeah, linustechtips loves it. remember to use an ssd as a cache drive.
Competent RAID solutions checksum the data on your drives so they can detect data corruption during a scrub, a read or a write. They'll automatically restore correct data from parity information.

unRAID doesn't checksum.
If you want good RAID then use ZFS, or for good RAID emulation SnapRAID. Both are free and extremely capable.

unRAID is only going to protect you from disk failures. It does absolutely nothing for silent data corruption and might as well be garbage given the fact that you have to pay for it whereas you don't for ZFS, btrfs or SnapRAID. If you want unRAID's garbage then that sort of limited functionality is also available for free with mdadm.
LTT is a fucking moron. No-one intelligent would ever put their business' lifeline in unRAID's hands.
and yet he does...
ZFS is easy to fuck up. See all the horror stories on /r/datahoarder.
>LTT is a fucking moron.
Hmm, I wonder why that is.

Just because people are retarded doesn't mean ZFS is bad. ZFS is great and those people would lose data anyway.

Please link me a thread though, I want to see.
well, what should I do instead of unraid?
Use SnapRAID or ZFS. Or go full YOLO and use btrfs.
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The webpage explains that it's an OS that literally everyone should be using, with no downsides, but fails to explain what it fucking does. This looks distinctly like a meme op
>fucking 404
are you kidding
Should I wait for 7nm cpu's?
Im gonna put it with few nvme drives
File: chovy_sleepy_studier.png (702 KB, 1271x968)
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Maybe by the time 7nm releases NVMe will take a drop in price
Unless you have the SSDs already, in which case what the fuck ya doing fampai

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