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File: 1383066255353.jpg (51 KB, 500x667)
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Where do you go for your daily "I'm gonna get shit done" inspiration?
The gym.
Impressing my superiors to get that promotion boi!!

File: 1.jpg (120 KB, 1023x681)
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120 KB JPG
Teach me how to do this.
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he's purposely enigmatic and mysterious to develop an illusion that he's some kind of grandest king nigger because he has like 8k subscribers and a couple thousand twitter followers. i dislike how ingenuine of a person he is and the only thing he's good for is plugins, if you're following him for any other reason you're probably a cuck.
Giving away a bank job for a graphic designer. My fucking sides. I actually laughed out loud, man.
>he's purposely enigmatic and mysterious to develop an illusion-
What the fuck kind of tinfoil hat is this lol
Stick with being a banker man a subjective trade like graphic design isn't something to confidentially take on unless you 100% certain you'll be banking in more than you are as banker. Keep banking and do graphic shit on the side. The security you have now is hard as fuck to come by these days.

I followed him because he made eldorito and stayed for the plugins. You're absolutely fucking delusional though with this "hes mysterious, therefore a faggot" shit. It's called having a life.
don't help anyone, its a sekrit club - the post

File: image.jpg (2.07 MB, 1200x1200)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
Could someone give me pointers on how I would recreate this album in photoshop? Specifically

>Metal ball
>The lines
>the line transition as it gets closer to metal ball
>The liquidy spaghetti look some lines have around ball
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Pretty sure that'd be very time consuming. The cover looks hand drawn, maybe with help of 3d/live reference but still. See https://creators.vice.com/en_uk/article/yp5nkm/exclusive-tame-impala-currents-album-artwork-robert-beatty

*I CAN'T see an easy way to do this.
>make lines
>place a circle somewhere
>use liquify tool on lines
>mask lines that are supposed to be behind ball

This is literally some highschool-tier stuff that you should be able to reason out just by looking at it. Come on faggot, use your head.
perspective + liquify
you aren't funny.

how do you make stuff like this on illustrator?
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You could do the last one _maybe_ with bitmap brushes and but it's not worth it. Trying to do the others with AI isn't worth it at all. Sure you could do grungy shapes and exclude intersections on a larger shape but come on.
Getting your hands dirty is necessary. >>321873 is right
Don't listen to these people. It can be done. Search for vector brushes, [anything] + brush + illustrator. Photoshop too: http://www.canadiannaturephotographer.com/painting.html
why are you asking questions about things which are not graphic design on a graphic design board, genius
yours are questions for >>>/ic/
you will never find as detailed Illustrator brushes as the ones in the last image, and photoshop brushes are 1-bit anyway so getting the multicolored mess (with or without blending modes) is impossible in photoshop

File: 1483485925736.png (42 KB, 399x322)
42 KB
>the red stands for the blood of those who fought for freedom
>the black stands for anarchy and individuality
File: 1484439462674.jpg (15 KB, 324x324)
15 KB
>the 4 leaf clover stands for 4chan.org and it's mascot pepe le frog

File: 15c.gif (252 KB, 838x650)
252 KB
252 KB GIF

File: mmmm.png (105 KB, 236x213)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
any of you guys know how i can make this into a black , transparent vector?
do i just draw it myself or can photoshop trace it for me
use pdn and increase tolerance and enable anatilising and shift click
File: png.png (51 KB, 944x852)
51 KB
thanks so much. how'd ya do this
I work in gimp so I used "select by color tool"
Set the value range threshold to around 50%
Once you get the selection you can vectorize it
The downside is that it's a bit rounded in the edges
trace it with the pen tool it you want it to be perfect

can somebody help me identify this font used? Guessing its handmade, but maybe im overlooking something.
Super Retro M54. It's free for non-commercial use.
Use font identification services next time
thanks m8, didnt work out for me sadly.
literally the first result on fontsquirrel

File: 7a914EHUI.jpg (345 KB, 1920x1080)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
so i have a question and i think this is the only place that comes somewhat close to what i need to know:

a friend asked my to design a HUD for his indiegame and i kinda never did something like this so i wanted to ask what pixelmeasurments should a skillslot at the bottom of the screen have have so that the symbols are still easy to recognize but not too large?

by skillslots i mean like in pic related
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With graphic design, always follow this rule:

>When in doubt, copy something that already works
that would require me to know how to dig into any games gamefiles and actually know where i can find their hudstuff
... or look at a screenshot
your job as a ux designer is literally to prototype shit like this and run testing until it works
we can't do it for you without doing your whole job plus an entire extra job of extracting the actual requirements from you one question at a time, you're going to have to put on your big boy pants.
of course but i was hoping there was i quick answer to be had online before i go and have to do measurment on screencaps
First, why not let the user adjust the height? Screen sizes may vary.
Second, are the slots supposed to be clicked with a mouse?
Third, are the icons already drawn? IMO what's more important is to make good icons. I really like when designers do basic symbols with color codes.

Where are you from, where is your business registered and do you pay taxes?

Why is this shit so complicated?
Why are you asking me? I'm not part of Nomad!

Everything you can animate in AE you can do better and faster in C4D so why do people animate in AE?

I see AE as a compositing tool, adding finishing touches, elevate the art, color grade etc.. but animating?

What am I missing?
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can u repost that screenshot but without all the circles and shit you drew on it
Because they're fucked in the head?
Nigga what the fuck

Please, fucking please, tell me what is the industry standard for photography? I've worked with top photographers and they *all* use Light Room.

Please tell me you just overlooked it because you know fuckall about photography..
not my screenshot, just grabbed it from google.
reverse img search should throw some results

>Please tell me you just overlooked it
it is the industry standard for still /p/
I'm used to the moving ones and adjusting raw settings in DaVinci Resolve or RedCineX-Pro
my bad
Splines are more flexible than shape layers

The only advantage AE has is that it's cheaper and part of a whole suite that you'll need to do your job.

oh you've never used shape layers professionally?

File: Papyrus - SNL.jpg (33 KB, 1024x535)
33 KB
Ryan Gosling freaks out over Avatar’s Papyrus font.

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File: IMG_1668.png (214 KB, 400x300)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
I've been hearing that tired complaint since the 90s, do something better. With YouTube you have the whole world as an audience if you actually have any talent. But you don't, you just bitch on the internet.
I think the recorded skits are good (SNL Digital Short) but the live stuff is bad.
I'm sorry I disapprove of your favorite show, I shouldn't have said anything negative about it.
heh its funny but yeah its just this elitism idea of fonts being bad and should never be used
you have to admit it works for what its for and thats all /gd/ is meant to do
It's a joke that the mass crowd meme'd it out of its proportion.

File: 1507443051113s.jpg (4 KB, 166x250)
4 KB
found this on /g/, how ever its relevant to graphics as well https://boards.4chan.org/g/thread/62805266/
It's ok but I've seen similar stock filter is PS and GIMP
They can in theory be used for this pretty bokeh effect, but they're really only a novelty

File: 1466566189967.jpg (103 KB, 900x600)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
wtf loading mp4 to exit USE to work like the other day but now its not and I have been working on this. I have changed it to mov and that did not work. I am trying HB now and seeing what that does...anyone have any idea?
Ok, handbrake is working for now but that will be annoying step before I can do any editing....so looks like it maybe a codec issue? mmm
Sounds like a quicktime related problem, a QTserver problem actually (unless you are not on windows).
>clearing media and disk caché
>uninstalling and making a clean install of quicktime

Don't install codec packs
Don't re-encode your whole footage, you will lose time and quality

File: Believe.png (461 KB, 506x506)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
what could i do better.
That took me only 30 minutes.
(It's pretty cool, what is it for?) I think the background behind the type is still too busy. Lower the contrast a lot in that zone before applying that "reverse color" filter. And use a wwaaaaaay bolder version of the japanese type (because right now the result is too flat. Some components must shout, while others whisper). Then make the top and bottom margin of your filter stripe the same.
...if you do so you may even be able to write with the same purple blue than we can found in the picture below. It would be better than that black...
>>321710 What font do you recommend for japanese text? Oh yeah also, I think it could be use as a good profile picture.
use a thicker font for the japanese letters,and i think the font for ''believe'' is a little off. Also japanese letters and 'believe'' has to be in the center

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