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So whats everyones favorite cartoon style ive seem this floating around and idk what i think about it
I like animation with detail
Or any type of draeing witj detail but i realize that thats hard to do
So whats everyones favorite simple cartoon style
Adventure time is mine
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I like to call this the sans undertale style
>smiley face is made of a circle and an oval
>same style
for god's sake, just get educated, read some preston blair or something
sjw basedboy slutever style
File: pilot-brothers.jpg (97 KB, 640x480)
97 KB
crudely-drawn russian cartoons. why does everything has to look like adobe flash nowadays?


Armenian animation has something similar


what are these kinda backgrounds called?
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vector landscapes probably
show something prettier or shut your thot mouth
this takes a while to get to the images
can you speed it up at all?
and while you're at it, can you search for flat landscapes as well? thanks anon =]
File: .png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG

File: CRIT-01.png (37 KB, 1600x1600)
37 KB
previous thread reached bump limit

old: >>338330
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File: ocean manilla 3.jpg (63 KB, 519x519)
63 KB
this is what I'd do with the same objective
File: ocean manilla 5.jpg (35 KB, 519x519)
35 KB
another example, playing on idea of "sound waves = ocean waves" to tie the concept together
File: logo.jpg (44 KB, 595x605)
44 KB
Made this logo years ago for a app that works sort of like a shop. Is bad, but my boss like it. What arguments can i use to convince him to change it?
Thank you for your feedback, it means a lot. I get what you are saying now about the stylization being consistent throughout the cover. I was wondering about that when I put the waves in the background. I like your idea of having the envelope on the bottom opening up to the ocean. I might have to do a spin on that. So thank you anon.
no problem. your work looks interesting. I suggest you read some books from the sticky.
in short, try to integrate everything as much as possible, and make the meaning of every single element clear. this way the design will feel like a whole and become much more powerful.

File: descarga.png (7 KB, 230x219)
7 KB
i was trying to become an illustrator and artist but it seems so hopeless to make a living with it, graphic design is almost impossible too? im already getting a degree in graphic design too and i want to kill myself
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Your problem is you have lost your soul. Art became about making a living, not having fun. Even if you have to work a normal job and do art in your spare time, it’s still spirit work. Stop worrying so much about needing to make a living from it and paradoxically you just might.

Consider antidepressants.
Make a portfolio exclusively showcasing your UI design. DO NOT put any of your illustrations in there, this is a very specific job field so you might lose out to other applicants that focuses purely on UI.

Second, create an interactive mockup of your UI readily and functioning in your mobile device, its great during interviews. The tools to build these are fairly easy to use.
>stop worrying so much about needing to make a living
must feel good living in a communist utopia


Sorry my indolent faggot friend but i’m a real artist. I tough it out and do the work whether I get paid or not instead of crying like OP and insist the world owes me a living for being a hack
don't kill yourself - listen to raw hip hop


File: power stance.jpg (8 KB, 270x261)
8 KB
What's a good light free movie editing/clipping SW? Did my stuff a decade ago in virtualdub, but surely there've been successors?
openshot and shotcut

File: mirko borsche.jpg (124 KB, 595x849)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
What's up /gd/,

I am looking for some advice:

I am a design student in America, and I am going to intern at a small German place this summer.

The place is kinda well-known, but it's less of a design studio and teeters more towards being an art collective. I could not really find anything else, and these fuckers are not even paying me.

Moreover, they want me to do dumb shit like buy groceries and cook for them twice a week, make tea and do dishes at the end of the day, etc. I am willing to do it, provided they actually teach me something or I can make some good projects for it. So I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to not totally be turned into their slave/errand boy and push them towards giving me work that's actually interesting? They seem like they lack humor so far and generally do not fuck around at all.

Pic related - cover by Mirko Borsche, a contemporary German design OG
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why no freelance? that way you actually earn decent money
Hey guys, I'm based in Düsseldorf aswell, have studied industrial design at ABK Stuttgart for two years, passed the Eignungsprüfung for graphic design at HS Düsseldorf this year.
How tough is to find employment if you're not from Yale/London/Den Haag? Anything tips for making it through graduation? Am I fucked if I intern anywhere alse than Hort/Borsche/ect? Should I pursue a Master eventually? Should I scale down my artistic ambitions when looking for an employer?
I'd be happy to meet up or at least get in touch with you guys because I really want to do this but I'm already 25 and I'm anxious of fucking up my life up. Pls respond
Btw sorry for hijacking the thread, OP
Thats right but I'm not good at selling things.. I hate communicating with mosts clients. I hate the paperwork, the tax bullshit and all that.
I also had a little client base and growing it didn't work as great as I hoped it would..

I want to gain more experience where I am right now and actually establish my own agency when I feel experienced enough to handle more situations and find people that enjoy the things I hate to do but that are neccessary for a media design company

>Am I fucked if I intern anywhere alse than Hort/Borsche/ect?

nah man.. but whatever you do, work on your portfolio as hard as you can. Always create and try to do better

>How tough is to find employment if you're not from Yale/London/Den Haag
depends on where you want to work and what you want to earn.. Be prepared to earn shit in the first 1-2 years. My first year of actual full time agency work got me 33k€. Thats barely enough to live in düsseldorf, not much of saving and enjoying.. got better after that year thl but some freinds of mine still earn quite bad here

>Should I pursue a Master eventually?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Nothing of value will ever be produced by a place that pays nothing. Sub wages perhaps, but nothing?

File: EPT.jpg (167 KB, 2389x1000)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Can someone please tell me which font is this?
try at the font identifier sites like whatfontis and whatthefont

File: 1472214627349.jpg (106 KB, 1334x750)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Is there a big mega or torrent or repository of just images with transparency? Like shitloads of them for any possible purpose?

Or even ones in various styles. Anything like this.
like what? also for requests go to >>>/wsr/

Doesn't really matter specifically. I'm more looking for sheer quantity. I'm planning to make visual novels using public domain clipart and I need transparent images for, presumably, all kindsa shit.

File: cooltext.png (199 KB, 1166x333)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
How do I recreate this effect?
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don't expect any better from weebs who like Love Live
By making two threads about it.
just duplicate text into different colours
Yea this, fuck with some glow and blur and noise etc. look up tutorials for vapor wave aesthetics it’s not hard
stfu faggot love live is good shit

File: glued_.jpg (493 KB, 2048x1027)
493 KB
493 KB JPG
I need glued paper and walls textures for make a poster

File: red.jpg (137 KB, 1500x776)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
Can someone best guess the font used in this sign. I have to edit a series of these for a brochure and am struggling to find a close enough match. Thanks in advance.
bebas neue bold
File: 4L_c2ATXACp.jpg (228 KB, 2048x1536)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Cervo Maybe?
Looks to be this but with a slightly thickened 'M' and amended 'S'.

Lol, filthy casual.
Looks a little bit like futura but I’m probably wayy off.

I used to draw a lot as a kid, but that's the only time I ever got close to visual arts, and it happened on a shitty piece of paper and cheap pencils.
Now I'd really like to draw shits like pic related, but I don't know shit about digital drawing, what to use and do. What software do I use to digitize irl art (like tracing my own shit) effectively, or even do it from scratch on the computer? Are tablets necessary?
Most digital artists end up having their own unique process. I would suggest you to look for a few different illustration online video courses to get you started while learning from an expert, try at sites like lynda.com, digital tutors, skillshare, etc. (either pay or pirate) they will teach you basic things that others at youtube don't (although watch youtube tutorials for specific things).

Also first learn about raster vs vector and check out the ups and downs of different software packages there should be a few videos on youtube, from there pick the software you want, depending if you want to pay/pirate or use a free alternative theres of what you think could be more comfortable for you.

for vector one of these - adobe illustrator, inkscape, coreldraw, or affinity
for raster adobe photoshop or gimp

The process for illustration is usually like this; you draw the sketch on paper (once you're more comfortable you can sketch digitally if you want) then either scan the image or take a good pic with your phone then on photoshop you can either do all the "inking", cleaning or lineart (learn about non destructive workflow) and if you done it right you can bring it to adobe illustrator to vectorize it or depending of your style do it all on photoshop.

After a while you can more or less see what comes to you more naturally to you and developt your own process.

Also check out different illustration process videos on youtube and try to take note about their way of doing things (learning shortcuts is a must and check out useful plugins like lazy nazumi or astute graphics).


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
So it works like trying to make music? Everyone wants to rip you off and you'll end up having to pay for grossly overpriced courses, software and hardware?
>having to pay
what's a torrent?
You can't torrent hardware though, and as a musician I know that those are overpriced just as much as softwares. You find yourself having to pay 1000 dollars for a cheap piece of plastic with a primitive ass circuit a 90 years old man with a soviet soldering iron can make
not him but what the heck are you on about? you don't need powerful hardware for 2D graphics. everyone uses cracked Adobe tools and they're enough for most stuff. Krita is free even. if you plan to draw illustration, you can get a tablet, but this is more of /ic/ territory than /gd/. but I doubt it's gonna be expensive anyway, expensive ones are for pros who make a living from their ebin skills.

What does /gd/ this of this style?
55 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh wow how convenient, skipping over the arguments. Read >>342169 again.
>Still, show me something better.
Again, I don't have to prove anything to you, since you don't read the arguments and don't make yours. And I'll repeat it just for you: commercial success doesn't necessarily mean that something is "good" in design sense. Especially when your auditory is children. You jump to this fallacy over and over again and haven't made a single valid point so far.
So, who knows an easy way to make said style, so we can all enjoy some easy basic bitches of clients?
Just look and copy. I've been creating something in this style for the past week and I know literally 0 about illustration. It's illustration made easy because it's just shapes and colors.
File: numale square art.png (20 KB, 900x1150)
20 KB
enable grid, snap everything to it. profit
It can get frustrating looking at it for a long time, but it seems to attract plebs, it's "professional graphic design" for those who think new CalArts-tier Cartoon Network shows look great

File: krita.png (1.78 MB, 1919x1052)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
My nephew is pretty awesome at drawing/painting in pencil/pen, really talented kid.

He wants to get into graphic design and I was thinking of buying him a stylus/tablet (or whatever it's called these days) so he can get it set up with Krita or whatever else is currently cool.

Any recommendations?
I heard wacom cintiqs were the shit but they're like 700$
As the anon above said, cintiqs are amazing but pretty expensive. The jump from paper to digital isn't as easy and smooth as one would expect so maybe you should start with something more affordable (unless you shit money or something). I've been using my trusty Intuos3 for almost 10 years and it still does it's job.
/ic/ might be more helpful though, you can usually find something at >>>/ic/tablet
intous touch and pen small like 60$ it good
Get the kid a XP-pen Artist Display 16pro. It's affordable, has good drawing feel to it and is more intuitive to use than drawing tablet.

File: tiger ok 3.jpg (94 KB, 586x439)
94 KB
>Captcha has street signs
>shows German sign with DIN font
DIN is a nice font, but Google Captcha is another nail in the coffin for the web.
true. I guess 4chan has no other choice though

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