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File: gaga komunjara 1.png (251 KB, 5313x6836)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Taking logo design requests for 0000000000$
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File: b_1_q_0_p_0.jpg.png (17 KB, 1024x563)
17 KB
Taking 11 figures for a single logo design, you must have some industry clout there.

Did this back in '72, still just a beginner learning AI and browsing 4Changs, what do you think?
That's nice, can we see other versions? Maybe a different font or colors, and I don't like that B.
Please make a logo for an organisation thats responsible for improving railways technologically and ecologically.
File: We're Not Worthy.gif (4.6 MB, 640x356)
4.6 MB
4.6 MB GIF
>Did this back in '72

>Paul Rand?

>> pic related
based 4.6 megabyte reddit/imgur-tier reaction gif

File: 151867979432.png (116 KB, 241x262)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
How can I make this effect in photoshop?

Lens flare tool/filter
15yo dank meme instagram page discord admin thread

File: Screenshot_1.png (7 KB, 367x343)
7 KB
Wazzap guys,

Do you know how to transfer drawing from iPad app "Adobe Draw" to laptop "Adobe IIlustrator"it to be editable. I tried really hard but here is the problem what I face in (see image)
I hate this kind of 2x lines. I want it to be 1 line and editable.
(I upload drawing from Adobe draw to creative cloud and then download it to my laptop.)
tell me what i'm not doing correctly
teenager thread

Can Anyone ID these books?
I thought someone in the community might know and we can all learn from them.
>bottom left
>3rd down
>Introducing: Visual Identities for Small Businesses


Hi Guys,

Im a second-year design student; and I am now having to decide on a pathway/major for my design degree. I've narrowed it down to UX/UI pathway or Branding and Advertising. I know where i want to be as an end goal - an art director so I am wanting to know what would be good for me considering this. My worries about UX/UI is that it will be solely focused around digital/web design which I am more keen to focus on strategy, management, deeper meaning design etc. Is UX more than the popular belief of web/app design?

I also study a Business degree majoring in marketing concurrently with the design degree so will UX be good to pair with this? or more advertising and branding.
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So fucking helpful. Thank you, guys!

I actually do have a big interest in the strategic and science behind design processes. And knowing UX is not solely focused on digital platforms I am thinking of going ahead with UX,

Because I see myself as not just another design operator making logos, brand packages for clients. The common misconception of what branding is has clouded the industries job of a brand designer where I am from.

Ux feels a lot more advanced and involved with guiding the clients through strategy and process. I feel in the near future the lines between brand strategist and UX designer will merge, Its been happening with various specialist areas in design and I think this is due because of universal design principles coming into play more frequently with technology and cultural shifts allowing for more open-ended and globalized communication.
Hey there

It seems the position you may be looking for is a Service Designer, (Human Centered Design Practitioner.) Check out IDEO as an entry to this type of design practice. Most major western companies are looking to build capabilities in this area. Good luck!
explain what service designers actually do? its hard to find info on it
It's a another one of those roles that hide behind intentionally vague attributes. Basically designers trying to scam you. Nothing different than a UX design with some minor bells and whistles here there. Or just call it a meme at this point.

Ah I see, Is there such thing as a designer role that looks at universal design principles? So essentially looking at accessibility in design - particularly with branding? Or is that sort of an integrated role of a brand. refer to the image attached at the top, Air bnb's logo flexibility who are the people involved with managing the brands adaptive and coherent qualities for universal principles

manager/director/specialist etc

How can I replicate the "uneven" look of old text on digital?
Like, toning down the "perfect" look of digital text to make it look old (or printed from a plate) without blurring it?
warp tool and textures
you could write your text along paths
File: IM Fell.jpg (108 KB, 660x364)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>Good solid advice there
And choose an appropiate typeface, I'd would pick the IM Fell family, because it's level of detail to kerning and hinting, the variety of weights and it's autenticity from the source material.

Oradano Mincho's Latin range is also nice for this king of thing.


How can I make slight adjustments to my designs without the curvature tool adding curvy as fuck likes that take forever to get straight again?

File: Thingplacelogo-03.png (232 KB, 4144x4484)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
What do you think about this?
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Oh, nice! I can see that.

What do you think of the purple color on the mock ups vs just the logo?

lol odd comparison, is it cause triangle?
pink triangle makes it seem like it has unintended gay symbolism going on. which i don't think is what is being aimed it here.
Kinda cool, but also kinda bland
too much contrast
better. nice af
I agree, I like the purple color a lot more. Not sure why I changed it :p


Hmm not sure I agree with you but thanks for that note.

File: greenpubes.jpg (52 KB, 181x181)
52 KB
New job tomorrow. How do I learn Adobe InDesign in under an hour?
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It’s pretty simple. In fact you can learn the bulk in 30 minutes. Just look at it as upgraded Microsoft Word.
basic indesign usage is ez, definitley able to pick up the basics in half an hour if you have illustrator experience.
This, can confirm it works.

>be me, 3 years ago, faggot in high school
>editorial board fugged up
>started asking people to join because batch
in charge didn't do shit because they were dumb
>tasked to make pages and compile everything in indesign
>wtf is indesign.indd
>did what anon mentioned
>got chief editor position after magazine got published

You can make shit work in InDesign really easily if you are used to other Adobe suite software, where it gets kinda complex is the templating and defaulting styles. If you use it a lot you can learn that in time though.
This goes with most jobs too, in general. Don't be afraid to look things up on how to do your job, it's far fuck better than just being a retard who doesn't even do that.

File: fiverr-swindler.png (400 KB, 497x320)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
I've asked this guy on Fiverr to illustrate a super hero for me, based on a personal picture that I gave him. Total costs: 40 Euro.

This was his portfolio so i thought it would be okay to give him the opportunity:


Attached is what I got.

Fucking swindler, Fucking Fiverr
Hahaha at this point make it yourself
People who use fiverr should be holocausted
>Fiverr based in Israel and headquartered at Tel Aviv,[2]
Well shit.. I didnt know.. geuss i'm on a list now..
add that to the list you're already on just from being on 4chan

File: bcQmzuv.png (241 KB, 990x1980)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Hey /gd/, first time lurker/poster here.

Any thoughts on using any of these potential logos for a nonprofit I'm about to start-up with a childhood friend of mine?

We're both fresh out of graduate school (unrelated fields) but are taking time off from academia to pursue private ventures. We both had our shares of personal and mental health related hangups, which have played a major role in our decision to step away.

Put very briefly, the purpose of the organization is to raise money to start a major scholarship for Canadian scientists and researchers looking to launch careers in mental health sciences. In Canada, there's a serious funding gap where government grants are mostly issued to scholars applying to do work where the big money is at, such as breast cancer and diabetes. This is great, but it means private donors need to step in to fill the gap. That's where we want to make our mark.

The abbreviated name is "Stratas" and it will appeal mostly to millennials, young Canadians, and other academics. We want a youthful, modern image that appeals to people like us, rather than the stuffy and burueaucratic look of most other nonprofits and NGOs.

Any feedback is most welcome. Thanks so much.
3 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

Damn, thanks dude. I appreciate the help. As you can probably tell, this (gd) is all very new to us.
Maroon or green, OP
File: 20180217_105136.jpg (46 KB, 419x643)
46 KB
if the mountains have such symbolic importance why are the triangles and not the actual rockies
File: stratas.png (44 KB, 1580x426)
44 KB
ideas of >>333353 executed on software better than MS Paint. I just did Monochrome because i feel it's the most neutral and efficient.

Font: Swiss 721

Like patterns, textures, anything that can be used for photo edits?
I'll add some more when I look in my work comp
File: 14664852181397911.jpg (192 KB, 564x1504)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
on youtube search for "editing packs" they used to upload tons of great stuff in a single rar

Oups my bad, did not read the whole thing.

i like subtlepatterns

Which car manufacturer has the best website? What makes a good car website?

They all seem so clunky to me. I guess Porsche's is alright. I know there is a lot of information to convey, but, are there any examples of really stellar jobs at doing so?
AMG's is kinda okay, but then again it really doesn't say anything about the vehicles.

Hey /gd/, you're my last resort
Does anyone know what this particular "fragmentation" effect tecnically called? I can't seem to find any tutorial for it, and I'm in dire need of it. Is is some sort of pixel sorting?

All I want to know is what it is called and/or what tools to use on photoshop to recreate it

this is a particular effect the artist witchoria uses in some of her photos, and it's mesmerizing
14 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
i had a quick look before, it would take about 3 to 4 hours to do something similar manually, but i think it looks stupid to be honest
>it would take about 3 to 4 hours
what? you literally take a normal pic with the subject and background, then take a pic with only the background, put one on top of another. Then you can erase the subject without having to "reconstruct" the background m8
The fact you said erase and not mask shows me you are an idiot, and I was talking about doing the shards manually, you know that thing where you don't use a magic button or a script to do it for you
>the virgin mask vs the chad erase
Give real advice /gf/ plz

File: dalsii4.png (378 KB, 4961x4961)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
Hey i'm a young "artist" and i wanted to know if someone could help me with the logo.I tried to recreate a brutal metal logo with the name: Dalsy.
What could i do to improve the logo?
if someone wants to hear my new song i can send the link but i'm waiting to make a videoclip until it's oficialy in the cloud :D
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The name Dalsy is fucking dumb for a metal band.

So whatever the logo is, the end result will suck.

Change it to something cool like Darkthrone, Necropolis, Hellhammer, Satanic Warmaster, etc.
flip the stroke and the fill so that the edges are the only thing showing, lower the opacity to like 10% and then print it out and trace it to give it consistent edges. then scan that back in and live trace it.
File: 1484536181628.jpg (136 KB, 599x879)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Maybe the dalsy name is more fitting like this stand-out one
Make it more legible
Make the a and l seperate

What kind of stupid name is dalsy.

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