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File: THE DARK SIDE OF THE SUN.jpg (427 KB, 1417x1417)
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427 KB JPG
I did it completely differently to everyone else :#
>white over yellow


File: 1471089683621.gif (359 KB, 400x300)
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359 KB GIF
I thought studying gd in a college was the ultimate meme, but I'm looking at job listings and many of them ask for a degree in graphic design or similar in the requirements.

I thought common sense would dictate that a better portfolio would always trump a worse portfolio, degree or not degree. But maybe that's not really the case.

Anyone has experience applying for jobs as a designer without a degree? Do you show your amazing past designs and they disregard your lack of formal education? Or they really do care about having finishe a gd college?
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fairly easy to get 120k a year if you design in NYC or San Francisco mate.

Anon's a total faggot, but he could be telling the truth
>tfw I'm learning approximately 700% more by myself than what they teach us in college

There is nothing that can ruin my day so bad as a class which treats me like I'm mentally challenged. Nobody needs 2 full hours to learn how masks in Photoshop work or how to cut and paste a face from one person to another, even if they are complete beginners, wtf. Did any of you had introductory classes like those? To hell with it...
Sadly, as a student soon to be graduating, I know many peers in my class who have a portfolio with work that has nothing to do with graphic design. I have one friend who's portfolio is filled with drawings, collages of shit, and pictures taken from her phone from the mac computer. Yet, my friend wants to be hired for graphic design. It's painful to see people with shit and unrelated portfolios and think they can score a job
Student that's about to graduate soon here. Is it really that easy to make that much out there?

I do motion design
Yea, If you can get hired at a good firm in an ultra-competitive market. The cost of life somewhat offsets the salary though

im having trouble removing the white bg from this pic help me out please :D
read the op >>>/wsr/

File: STILLBORN.jpg (742 KB, 2126x1591)
742 KB
742 KB JPG

File: help.png (300 KB, 600x343)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
How does one go about creating a logo or brand for a beverage business?

I'm currently working on leaving my job to start one and other than the formulation and business plan I'm completely stuck on this. Can anyone lead me to the right direction?

Thank you so much.
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Honestly, I'd probably just put it in Helvetica or something basic. You don't want outward appearances to influence peoples' reactions, gotta keep that shit scientific
File: test.png (10 KB, 493x483)
10 KB
Absolutely I'm just going to do something like this.

The formulation is what I need to see reactions for.
File: test2.png (11 KB, 497x491)
11 KB
slight edit, would you say this is serviceable?
I think I like the first one more.

Might wanna make the heart a more vibrant shade of pink, I dunno how well that's gonna show when it prints.
Thank you so much, now the hardest part for me is the web development aspect.

File: camp.jpg (528 KB, 2400x1200)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
What does /gd/ think of Keith Haring? I've heard a lot of opinions both ways on his work, but I'd like to see the thoughts of an organized grouping of actual artists and designers.

Additionally what is your opinion on this simplified adolescent style in general, it is appearing on the rise and with how easy it is to produce it's appearing everywhere.
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I never said it wasn't good I'm just saying that the frequency of the broken down style is appearing a lot more from what I can tell, I am just wondering what graphic designers think of it.
not gd
>>>/ic/ for art
>of an organized grouping of actual artists and designers.

But then you went to /gd/ instead
Since these autists are refusing to do much more than REEE, I'll chime in.

Haring's style is appealing to me, personally, because he nails that simple illustrative style without his forms looking geometric and manufactured. The tiny flaws in the angles, weight, and radii of his strokes deliver a handmade quality to his work, wherein similar work in which an emphasis on geometric consistency takes priority over expression can come off as mechanically produced and lifeless. The creative fields are heavily saturated with people who can produce this style, but the reliance on software as a shortcut and worship at the altar of cleanliness makes old school craftsmen like Haring stand out.
As far as it being "on the rise", I'm not sure that's what's happening. In some markets where the demand is high enough, there might be a few notable contemporary examples that have definitely inspired copycat work by other entities. But instead of your assertion that its experiencing some kind of broad resurgence, I think it's more accurate to say that this style is simply finding appeal in new markets as it becomes tired and expected in others. For example, after wearing out its welcome in fabric design in the 90s, it saw new life in brands trying to appeal to children (think early 00s Happy Meal branding), and then a brief entry into counter cultural fields like skateboarding and punk scenes. It's not that it's suddenly catching on, it's just migrating into industries that are within your personal sphere of awareness.

File: IMG_20171009_235128.jpg (39 KB, 600x849)
39 KB
Hey, how can I get the circular gradient effect on this image ? Is it possible with Illustrator ?
set the gradient to radial and play with the sliders/angle

You can get this effect done on photoshop way easier.
But yeah, as >>322522 said, it's easier in PS. Heck, GIMP has conical/angle gradient
Thanks !

File: Play it Loud poster.jpg (1.13 MB, 1280x1703)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
What's up, /gd/?

I'm studying a bit of the aesthetic and branding from 90s video game and popular culture- specifically the Play it Loud! campaign that Nintendo ran. I'm curious to hear the thoughts of posters and the steps I should take if I want to replicate some of the design ideas from this era of pop-culture. (Fonts, color schemes, etc.)
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that hurt my eyes
I think I read somewhere Nintendo hired a guy from Butthole Surfers for this campaign
In any case, this ad is exemplary of generic edgy '90s style that was influenced by Raygun magazine and psychopath/mental/punk vibes prevalent in pop culture at the time (see acts like Nirvana and Marylin Manson). Except here it was tinged with Nickelodeon neon colors, because Nintendo.
Frankly, it was a pretty weird mess, because Nintendo tried to appear "edgy" and "cool" while their products were obviously family friendly and aimed at kids.
File: 90S TYPE.jpg (51 KB, 400x711)
51 KB
here's an example of what it might use
add generous amounts of photo tricks like fisheye, matrix-style tinted lenses, etc. and torn paper effect of course
almost forgot, also check the blur font and unfocused photos. jumpy text too
The design concept is pretty basic for some of the play it loud ads some of the better ones include the color heads ones if I can find I'll attach it. In your examples specifically it is a basic collection screen shots logos of the games typically based on the in game title and concept art included in manuals or distribution materials. The fonts not including game titles are crayon design in an attempt to appeal to the age demographic of the content (game magazine or store) and then the large "play it loud" slogan with its 90s grunge spin on punk aesthetics popularized at the time. The slogan itself didn't have a cohesive style to it but rather was just trying to attach to the energy of the zeitgeist.
Again it wasn't super focused or directed but wanted to appeal and connect to the radical extreme enegery of late 80s 90s grunge permutation of the punk concept
see above, while the product is specifically brought to the forefront its more busy than it is effective. It was to keep a kinetic cartoon like appeal to your attention. This one is better though about its call to action "look at and buy our product they are available to accessorizing" there is less emphasis on the capabilities of the product and more emphasis on the look to be achieved. It's almost like a vogue ad.

The color heads does the same i feel

File: how-to-make-emailer.jpg (663 KB, 1920x1023)
663 KB
663 KB JPG
/gd/ i got this project to make emailers.

As i'm making/ designing mailer in Ps. how can i add link .

Is there any software where i can open the design and insert transparent link over button ( design in ps)?
This will help me a lot gd.
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David Archie?
Your design will be incredibly inconvenient to convert to a properly working email on all devices.
i can change the design, but how can i add link?

Slice it up, then assign the links to the slices in the html it spits out, or in mailchimp or whatever.

Christ, you people are the ones convincing clients that you're worth undercutting freelancers for. Begging for help on 4chan.
go back to b/
gd=/=shittylinking to design

File: IMG_3435.png (145 KB, 2048x2048)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Anyone knows some books/resources about motion graphics or kinetic typography?
Help would be really appreciated

kinda feel like this should be the cover of a playstation one game.

Can we get a thread of useful links and what they do?

Palette making: http://paletton.com
Various glitchy effects: http://getmosh.io/
Symbols: http://fontawesome.io/

File: 1507045720920.jpg (70 KB, 1200x849)
70 KB
>let's discard legitimately good designs because of arbitrary rules
>literally every other submission is garbage


File: .png (71 KB, 400x431)
71 KB
fuck Tyson, this shit is rigged
Pretty birdy!
I love the illustration for this. My only problem with it is the first enlarged version of the cockatoo is that there are too many colors incorporated on top of the crest. I like my logos nice and simple.
better than the furry chink design
B-b-but how are we going to represent all of our suite in one logo? …
Hope this guy doesn't win.
He already did mascots for Krita and KDE

Hey /gd/
I've been drawing logos (Aphex Twin, Playstation) using rulers and a compass. They've turned out fine so far, but Apple's has been a bitch to crack.

After a few failed attempts, I've got this:
1. Start with a golden rectangle, as most of these logos use aureal measurements.
2. Draw a golden spiral inside it
3. Get some of the anchors/curves revealed by it, and some of the others (like the bottom three that are next to each other)

Any resources or help would be greatly appreciated.

If I can figure this one out I might do 4chan's next, or a resource page with the mechanical drawing principles behind them that might be useful for graphic design students.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Those are bad rules and don't really work in the real world. Literal 9gag tier crap.
What the fuck are you talking about? Golden measures are vital in graphic design, you ignorant cunt. Look at any prolific logo and find out by yourself.
It is not a vital at all. Using it is just fucking piss and has no realistic usage. You can basically fit anything into the golden ratio if you convince yourself enough. Hell, my dick is in a golden ratio.

Fucking christ, don't call others ignorant when it is yourself who is one. Jesus, you actually believe that those designers thought about the golden ratio? Read up more about it, your splerg.

"Vital in graphic design" lmao, holy shit you're stupid.
I still can't believe that by forcing a golden ratio into anything makes the golde ratio a tool or a "universal composition rule". You must be the most arrogant piece of shit I have met. Christ. Get your head out of your own ass.
When will people stop posting this fucking meme image?

File: Batman-Slapping-Robin.jpg (27 KB, 400x387)
27 KB
For the webdevelopers here:
How do I insert live text in comics using html, css, java, svg... to make resizeable, selectable, searchable, localizeable?

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