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guys is it true that design makes you think more than do? (and not because im lazy) if so i think ive finally found my vocation be honest please
>makes you think more than do
Isn't that true about most office work though? I mean, for every hour a programmer spends working on a piece of code he will probably write code for about 15 minutes. So in that sense it is more thinking about the structure and seeing how it will integrate with and impact other aspects of your code.

Same with graphic design, you need to think whatever you are supposed to create through before you execute the idea. Though GD is probably more about a stream of consciousness than pure thinking about a problem. You sketch out whatever your brain can come up with and pick whatever is best for the end goal.
>think more than do

There's a lot of psychology involved in graphic design.
it will depend on lots of things, if you work for a company or an agency with an art director then you will have very little control on the thought process.

File: images.jpg (30 KB, 470x313)
30 KB
Hi /gd/

Tired of every thing and posting here, want to have suggestions on how to make things better/ what could I have done better.

So hi. This anon is from a third world country and works at an MNC as a user experience designer. The MNC is the one that showed off Tiger Woods and bragged about performance. Anon makes only 9000$ a year, even after post-graduation. In anon's country, working for less than 11-12 hours a day can mean losing your job.

So after 16 months of mind numbing uninspired work making everything from shitty corporate ppts to outright stealing application designs. Today anon is sitting and shitting and wondering why after a four year graduation in Fashion Communication and a two year post-graduation in Communication Design, alongside works and internship worth a good few years, is his value so low?

What does /gd/ think of anon?
We can't say anything without seeing your work.

File: 1523959467489.jpg (101 KB, 800x600)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
rebranding thread
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nah, that's too '70s. could pass today though, falling under the trend of "simplifying 'till it's barely recognizable"
I think without the gradient, it becomes too flat, so that there is no longer a sense of distance between the square and the type. The literal gap is gone.
File: 50a083d7e93d8.jpg (80 KB, 771x678)
80 KB
>Overpaying for planned obsolescence phones and rock mice
Really liked the one of Visa
Google - about the same
Android - much better
Logitech - not needed, but looks more professional
Facebook - improvement
Premier League - unnecessary and looks slightly worse
Lenovo, unneeded; looks more 'modern' but also more basic
Spotify - better but still shit, they can improve those curves in the circle
airbnb - better
Discovery - better, good accent on the D
AOL - trying too hard to be 'modern'; loss of brand identity
msnbc - better but same as above
verizon - better but same as above
99designs - boring
mastercard - too basic, looks unprofessional

Redesigning my logo for my graphic design stuff. Here are some mockups I've made. not 100% happy with any specific one but like the direction its going in.

Inspiration is a mix of the TSM logo and The Celtic Shield Knot.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.
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Logo is not just about art and design, often times boring is better.

The main objective is to make the brand memorable, so first of all i wouldn't go with these colors, which we all associate with google. Also i don't see how the celtic cross is in any way relevant here.
You should consider the logo with only one color.

The first try is nice, but if you print it white on black, it now look like shit.
I like your colors anon
I would agree with above. I think you're trying to hard to encorporate your company initials into the logo. I like the left justified text stack from your op. Could enclose that text in a set of semi circles like a kind of rotated rainbow shape? Either way I would definitely try make something a bit simpler.


Also sorry anon, your designs aren't great. Just go back to the drawing board and start a different direction with this.

How to achieve this from a black and white drawing?
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or convert to grayscale
convert to duotone and set red and black as the tones
saturation, colorize
File: alpha.png (85 KB, 280x280)
85 KB
duplicate this layer then "SCREEN" to brighten up the gray to white.
Color Fill Layer > Multiply

I'm on my first year of Graphic Design and our teacher sent us a project where we have to draw an artist of his choice and the font must have some artistic thing attached to this artist (it could be his period, his paintings, or some big feature from the paintor)


I was thinking of this type of font.
Anyone know the name or how to type JAWLENSKY like this?
I'm open to suggestions
just find a similar font and go to adobe illustrator type the text and expand the shapes, modify the vector points, alignment and kerning to your liking.

is probably this one by koch from 1923

File: killer app.png (38 KB, 619x453)
38 KB
No idea if this is the place to ask but those thingies that appear around the cursor while using the tools on Autocad disappeared. I have no idea what they are called so I'm panicking.
Anyone knows how to fix that?
I've never used AutoCAD in my life but I remember losing my mind years ago when Photoshop's brush cursor changed from a circle to a cross and it took me a while to figure out that I had CapsLock on. Maybe that fixes it, I have no idea of what you are talking about but there are a couple of architecture fags here that will surely know better, just be patient.
This happens to me all the time but if you go around the properties you can find something I think it's just called the cross or something and you can pick whatever number you want to make it the size you wish

File: ANALysis.jpg (461 KB, 1224x551)
461 KB
461 KB JPG
I have no idea what to really call it but when I google it I get nonsense about graphs etc.

I mean say there's a car driving, the frame freezes, grid sort of comes up and lines pointing out key features appear - a Police show does it where they highlight a person and have like 'name, height, favourite movie' etc. and I can't think of its name off the top of my head

Crappy rushed photo to try help you get the gist of what I'm saying
I believe is called Photogrammetry.
there's tons of especialized software mostly used by trained professionals in different ares, on them you import different photos or videos and then specify the height of an object like a sign post andthen you drag lines in a perspective grid to determine the height of any object in the image some will do it automatically some will require lots of adjustments. you can google "photogrammetry software" or "photogrammetry police" to get some names also check images as well.
and for the graphs in TV they're called UX dropdowns (user interface design) usually made by a team of designers or studio.
You can do that with after effects look out “call out titles after effects tutorial” on YouTube, make a variation of that
You can do that with after effects, look out “call out titles after effects tutorial” on YouTube, make a variation of that

File: inspection.jpg (481 KB, 1080x768)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
How do I make pictures look like pic related? Do I need a special app or something or what?
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This has 2 things: scanlines and chromatic aberration.
For the latter, you just need to displace the independent color channels a little (normally it's RGB but your pic is CMYK channels).
If video, there's an Ae plug-in called Twitch that has pretty much this as a preset called Bad Distortion.
fuck Australian shitposter detected
I think the app glitchr does stuff like this.
File: living large.jpg (1.98 MB, 1920x1080)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
I use photoshop
You can do this with after effects pretty easily, and export it out as a super dope gif

Feather the Venetian blinds effect on a solid and set that layer as a track matte for your image

Then you can offset different layers of the different color channels, maybe animate those

Scale those layers sequentially, duplicate and mask the original photo to make some cool parallax thing, you could do a lot in there

So whats everyones favorite cartoon style ive seem this floating around and idk what i think about it
I like animation with detail
Or any type of draeing witj detail but i realize that thats hard to do
So whats everyones favorite simple cartoon style
Adventure time is mine
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I like to call this the sans undertale style
>smiley face is made of a circle and an oval
>same style
for god's sake, just get educated, read some preston blair or something
sjw basedboy slutever style
File: pilot-brothers.jpg (97 KB, 640x480)
97 KB
crudely-drawn russian cartoons. why does everything has to look like adobe flash nowadays?


Armenian animation has something similar


what are these kinda backgrounds called?
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vector landscapes probably
show something prettier or shut your thot mouth
this takes a while to get to the images
can you speed it up at all?
and while you're at it, can you search for flat landscapes as well? thanks anon =]
File: .png (2.78 MB, 1920x1080)
2.78 MB
2.78 MB PNG

File: descarga.png (7 KB, 230x219)
7 KB
i was trying to become an illustrator and artist but it seems so hopeless to make a living with it, graphic design is almost impossible too? im already getting a degree in graphic design too and i want to kill myself
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Your problem is you have lost your soul. Art became about making a living, not having fun. Even if you have to work a normal job and do art in your spare time, it’s still spirit work. Stop worrying so much about needing to make a living from it and paradoxically you just might.

Consider antidepressants.
Make a portfolio exclusively showcasing your UI design. DO NOT put any of your illustrations in there, this is a very specific job field so you might lose out to other applicants that focuses purely on UI.

Second, create an interactive mockup of your UI readily and functioning in your mobile device, its great during interviews. The tools to build these are fairly easy to use.
>stop worrying so much about needing to make a living
must feel good living in a communist utopia


Sorry my indolent faggot friend but i’m a real artist. I tough it out and do the work whether I get paid or not instead of crying like OP and insist the world owes me a living for being a hack
don't kill yourself - listen to raw hip hop


File: power stance.jpg (8 KB, 270x261)
8 KB
What's a good light free movie editing/clipping SW? Did my stuff a decade ago in virtualdub, but surely there've been successors?
openshot and shotcut

File: mirko borsche.jpg (124 KB, 595x849)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
What's up /gd/,

I am looking for some advice:

I am a design student in America, and I am going to intern at a small German place this summer.

The place is kinda well-known, but it's less of a design studio and teeters more towards being an art collective. I could not really find anything else, and these fuckers are not even paying me.

Moreover, they want me to do dumb shit like buy groceries and cook for them twice a week, make tea and do dishes at the end of the day, etc. I am willing to do it, provided they actually teach me something or I can make some good projects for it. So I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to not totally be turned into their slave/errand boy and push them towards giving me work that's actually interesting? They seem like they lack humor so far and generally do not fuck around at all.

Pic related - cover by Mirko Borsche, a contemporary German design OG
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why no freelance? that way you actually earn decent money
Hey guys, I'm based in Düsseldorf aswell, have studied industrial design at ABK Stuttgart for two years, passed the Eignungsprüfung for graphic design at HS Düsseldorf this year.
How tough is to find employment if you're not from Yale/London/Den Haag? Anything tips for making it through graduation? Am I fucked if I intern anywhere alse than Hort/Borsche/ect? Should I pursue a Master eventually? Should I scale down my artistic ambitions when looking for an employer?
I'd be happy to meet up or at least get in touch with you guys because I really want to do this but I'm already 25 and I'm anxious of fucking up my life up. Pls respond
Btw sorry for hijacking the thread, OP
Thats right but I'm not good at selling things.. I hate communicating with mosts clients. I hate the paperwork, the tax bullshit and all that.
I also had a little client base and growing it didn't work as great as I hoped it would..

I want to gain more experience where I am right now and actually establish my own agency when I feel experienced enough to handle more situations and find people that enjoy the things I hate to do but that are neccessary for a media design company

>Am I fucked if I intern anywhere alse than Hort/Borsche/ect?

nah man.. but whatever you do, work on your portfolio as hard as you can. Always create and try to do better

>How tough is to find employment if you're not from Yale/London/Den Haag
depends on where you want to work and what you want to earn.. Be prepared to earn shit in the first 1-2 years. My first year of actual full time agency work got me 33k€. Thats barely enough to live in düsseldorf, not much of saving and enjoying.. got better after that year thl but some freinds of mine still earn quite bad here

>Should I pursue a Master eventually?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Nothing of value will ever be produced by a place that pays nothing. Sub wages perhaps, but nothing?

File: EPT.jpg (167 KB, 2389x1000)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Can someone please tell me which font is this?
try at the font identifier sites like whatfontis and whatthefont

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