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File: head.png (48 KB, 373x393)
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How do I stop drawing fat fucking lines? (Pic related)
Don't use a fat fucking brush
I guess I didn't explain very well, whenever I draw i default to drawing over a particular area several times to get a shape i find good but it ends up with huge ass lines.
Read Adobe Photoshop's fairly straightforward documentation (if you're using that particular software) on brush settings located in 'Brush panel' paying attention what each setting does, before asking these basic questions on an online messageboard. There's tons of shit you can adjust and you should probably put in effort to wrap your head around and try out all of them if you're really dedicated to practice drawing using a graphics tablet.
Oh ok.
Well it all comes down to controlling your lines, try to make longer strokes and rather than drawing on top of previous lines, ctrl+z/erase and redo the line until you get the shape you want.
My issue is in my method as apposed to the brush size also I'm using Krita if that changes anything.
I've heard good things about Krita as a painting & drawing app, but haven't used it myself. I assumed you used Photoshop because it's still the most common digital painting software with shitload of documentation and tutorials. I assume Krita brush settings and inner workings are not that different from Ps, but unfortunately can't help you with it. Good luck tho.
Thanks. I'm incredibly new to digital drawing so I'm not used to any software, should I use PS or Krita?
In practical sense in this case I'd use whatever everyone else is using, since there are more tutorials and assets available for it, in this case Ps, but if you grow accustomed to Krita there's nothing wrong with that, people use this shit for professional work and on surface level for digital painting it doesn't seem to be that different from using Ps. I'd personally stick with Ps since digital drawing is just a part of what I'm doing, but maybe you should learn both. Depends on your needs.

Besides afaik Krita is FOSS (Free (Libre) Sofware) so when you're using it you're not a whore to a proprietary developer like Adobe, but that's more of an ethical thing. Install Gentoo praise Richard Neckbeardo Stallman.
stop fucking brushing your lines then, don't draw with chicken scratchy lines.
I find myself not being able to draw decent shapes with longer lines, this is just eliminated through practise correct?
Exactly. Feel free to consult /ic/ on this, look how Glenn Vilppu draws. Draw with movements of your entire arm, even the small things, try even moving your palm joints as little as possible (that's usually advised), basically not moving your palms and fingers at all (unless it's tiny details where it may be necessary or practical) while persistently holding the pen the way you're supposed to. Steady, confident arm movement. That comes with practice.
Alright thanks this might be a little difficult since I also move my mouse with my wrist not my arm.
Then just use a pencil and paper. Just a block of regular copy paper and some pencils with various densities, adapt to using them. Maybe cheaper end sketchbooks with more decent paper and larger sheets. It's really not worth attempting to do actual drawing with a mouse (it can be OK for photo retouching and mspaint tier chickenscratches, nothing beyond that). Get at least some cheap Wacom Bamboo tablet or some decent chinkshit that comes with a digitizer pen if you're going to draw using a computer. Draw with a fuckin pen(cil) my man.
No no no I already have a drawing tablet i meant that I'm in the habit of moving my wrist instead of my arm because of the way I use my mouse.
Well, good then. Having a graphics tablet is convenient because you have that infinite digital canvas (ammount of paper) and pens/brushes. But regarding drawing on paper.. if you want to really gitgud you'll HAVE to draw from real life as in methodically analyzing and observing actual 3D space and objects (including neked human womens) so you'll end up having a sketchbook or something anyway.

Unless you have some really fancy 2000$ touchscreen tablet computer device with digitizer you can carry around, but even then nothing digital currently can fully replace tactile feedback of a real pen or a brush. Consider even practicing oil or acrylic painting in future.
FOSS is'nt a FSF approved term, please use FLOSS instead.
Stallman doesn't approve Gentoo because it contains non free software.
Thanks for the correction, I'll try to use it in future, but somewhat knowledgeable people are used to the FOSS as a 'brand' name instead so 'FLOSS' mite be confusing in some contexts. (Just like the 'GNU/Linux' arguably technically correct naming is pure autisme for most people).

I know that Stallman doesn't approve Gentoo, I was just being cheeky.

Install one of these https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.html
Use the pencil tool and a mask
this thread is the summation of /gd/

idiots who can't do anything whatsoever even the most basic of tasks
Maybe you should make your art just work with thick lines? I like the look of the pic in your OP.

Draw a thin like and if its shit delete it and start again.

or, draw your shitty sketchy lines everywhere "to find the shape" but then draw a clean "master line" on another layer.
Layers, bruh.

Start drawing on a layer, as scratchy and freeform as needed to get the basic shape. Take the opacity down to just barely visible, through another layer on top, and trace over it. Repeat as needed until your form and contours are flawless.
Additionally, set your opacity and flow on your brush down low so you have more control. Oh and zoom the fuck in when you need to.
File: 1505753619014.png (1.25 MB, 1024x2444)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
What you are doing is called chicken scratching and is a common mistake for beginners that start learning how to draw.

Pic related should help. Its not the best one but the one that i found the fastest.

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