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File: rgrtbrtnrtnrmn.jpg (96 KB, 842x1191)
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I have to design a poster for a Sofar Sounds event this month. You're basically given absolute creative freedom, you just need to place the 3 artists that are playing, date, and time.

I just started messing around with this idea and wanted to have some feedback on it.

The idea is that there are 3 different posters, one for each artist's name. For obvious reasons, I've replaced the band names with a lorem ipsum, but you get the idea.

Guayaquil's Sofar logo has a teal accent, hence the use of the color on the pantone card.
File: OU7T-u8X.png (18 KB, 500x500)
18 KB
This is the logo
meh, too much fonts going on, i like the idea tho, and the colors work ok
I think it’s only meaningful to designers
Remove the 326 C. It has no function on a music poster. Other than that I like the Swiss design style of it.

Haha gayoquil
is that grafik? nice
i mean it looks good but only people who know pantone will get it
That's the color code for the teal.

It's Apple's typeface, San Francisco. Plenty of "artsy" people at these events, so they'll probably get it
There's literally only one typeface here...
File: Working-Sofar.jpg (93 KB, 842x1191)
93 KB
Here's a different idea I tried as well, not any concept behind this, just a poster.

Pretty rough draft anyways. Thoughts?
extremely generic and uninspired

both fonts are god awful. reduce the spacing in between objects and make them less clunky

the picture is eh but the idea has been done 100 times before and better, i think the problem is the picture is too spacious
I thought you were talking about the poster. I didn't do that logo, I don't like it either.
>That's the color code for the teal.
I know that of course, but it has no function or place in the design. Might as well list cities where the pigment is sourced.

It will just confuse most people. The best you can hope for is that people don't notice it. And when you have a feature where everyone hopes people don't notice because it will just confuse them then you have a shit design
I like this... But it's bad as design. What is it describing? Is someone going to land on the moon on the 29th of October? Is Sofar a band? Where is the concert? On the moon? Why 0->026? Is that the address?

Your client will realize that all other designers they hired got a lot more people to the show than you did.
Not really.

I don't have to communicate anything, like I said, total freedom. Sofar is the organization, concert location is secret, that's the whole point. The 0026 is sort of an issue number, I can improve that.

People sign up to come to this shit, like 500 each month, they get randomly picked and maybe 80 come tops. I don't need to draw people in, just make something that looks nice.
Oh... That makes stuff differently. I would still be explicit about what it's about and made it clear that it's some sort of concert with a secret location.
Because the client likely wants to waste money because it's "cool", but in the back of their head they REALLY are doing it because they want more people to apply.
Forgot to specify. Everything Sofar does is voluntary work, and I'm part of Guayaquil's crew.

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