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Happy 14th Birthday, 4chan!

Everything you can animate in AE you can do better and faster in C4D so why do people animate in AE?

I see AE as a compositing tool, adding finishing touches, elevate the art, color grade etc.. but animating?

What am I missing?
Same reason why people draw logos in photoshop
AEfag here
C4D is a 3D powerhouse but Ae is better and more flexible if you are working in 2D motion graphics.

But you are right when it comes to 3d animation. The correct workflow is to work on c4d and then import that to Ae (which luckily you can) and composite it there.

>the right tool for the right job
>there's no magic spork
>Everything you can animate in AE you can do better and faster in C4D

This is what C4D Shills actually believe.
Wow didn't know that autism can get this concentrated
>not mastering the entire adobe suite
>not using industry standard 3d packages as well (max, maya, c4d)
when you say more flexible do you have a specific example?
you like endless twirling when using shape layers?
show me one thing you can do in AE that you can't do in C4D?
>you like endless twirling when using shape layers?
what the fuck are you even talking about?

Here are my 2 cents, you know your way around c4d, tried doing something on ae and failed so you decided that c4d is better and that there's no need to know ae.
>exhibit A: you are complaining about shape layers
Have you ever heard someone complain about Ps shapes? No and it's not cause they are good but because no one with more than 2cms of forehead would use them in the first place.

>when you say more flexible do you have a specific example?
being able to write scripts and expressions

If you feel comfortable making 2d motion graphics in c4d, to each it's own.
You can hammer a nail with a wrench, it works.
File: dup5it0j.png (444 KB, 1171x682)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
>not mastering the entire adobe suite
to be fair, it's pretty bloated
>green: you must know this shit. they are the best programs for their purpose and are the industry standard
>orange: this are more like tools to use the suit, you don't really have to learn anything
>everything else: It isn't that these are bad but there are better options out there.

>you like endless twirling when using shape layers?
what is pre-composing?
can u repost that screenshot but without all the circles and shit you drew on it
Because they're fucked in the head?
Nigga what the fuck

Please, fucking please, tell me what is the industry standard for photography? I've worked with top photographers and they *all* use Light Room.

Please tell me you just overlooked it because you know fuckall about photography..
not my screenshot, just grabbed it from google.
reverse img search should throw some results

>Please tell me you just overlooked it
it is the industry standard for still /p/
I'm used to the moving ones and adjusting raw settings in DaVinci Resolve or RedCineX-Pro
my bad
Splines are more flexible than shape layers

The only advantage AE has is that it's cheaper and part of a whole suite that you'll need to do your job.

oh you've never used shape layers professionally?

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