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I am currently employed as a banker, however, as far as I'm concerned, my passion is graphic design.

Should I quit my lackluster job and pursue my interests in graphic design?

This was an unpaid piece I did for a Counter Strike team. 'Divide and Conquer' in Latin; a.k.a 'Divide et Impera'.

They were a Finish team, took inspiration from the Finish coat of arms' colour pallet (red and yellow).

The red-yellow split symbolises the 'divide'; the Crown symbolises the 'conquer'.
How old are you?

Are you financially stable enough to support yourself for a few months?

Will you regret working in a bank for the rest of your life? Or is it a decent job?

Do you think that asking strangers on a Cantonese juggling forum is the right decision, considering how this choice will impact the rest of your life?
Finnish* please.
If dubs, you quit your good paying bank job to pursue a career in design.
Get fucked OP
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Imagine when in the future people ask you what drove you to quit your day job and start designing, and you tell them it was because a secure tripcode user in a cambodian tap-dancing forum got repeating digits at the end of his post identification number.
You are welcome OP, have fun with your new life.

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