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What's the one thing that made you a good designer?
I'm talking about money in the bank, clients or employers wanting to hire you.

I'm stuck in tutorial mode and can't get my designs to look solid.
Don’t act dumb
doing diverse projects targeted for different types of audiences.
For me:
>Already being good at drawing and artistic composition.
>Experience and plenty of practice - if you do a lot of work you'll always improve and learn new things plus build upon your internal design library in your head. Do hypothetical projects if you need to.
>Lots of reading to understand my field of design
> Familiarising myself with guidelines & requirements, making sure I follow good methodology and process.
>Lots of research and looking at what other people have done past & present for inspiration. Try copying works that inspire you without following a tutorial to learn.
>Having good mentors.
how to git gud at flat design anon

Rip stuff off.

Unless you're going into the art bullshit side of it where you just turn out paint spattered logs and call it design, just learn how to use other peoples work to better your own. Don't try and pull raw creativity from thin air, it's impossible 99.9% of the time, and you'll get left behind by everyone else who are all ripping each other off.
learning how to draw
well that's fucking bullshit
>weee I rip stuff off people because iIm a brainlet
>but others do it too so it's fine!
Steal like an artist he means.
Rip from different sources.
A good attitude. That will take you further than anything else.
If I were to drop some ancient scroll type of esoteric /gd/ shit, it would be the following:

1. Separate your work from your ego.
2. Choose function before form. Choose form before novelty.
3. Develop processes in all that you do. Refine what fails, adhere to what succeeds.
4. There is no work that hands can do which yours cannot do.
Routine, follow your goddam routine.

I keep falling for the "it's just a quick design" and
skip my routine. Take your time and follow your routine- we all have one.
Who ever said i was good

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