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What are the top 3 books every graphic designer should read?
File: 1417773251210.jpg (130 KB, 1000x1000)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

>top 3
>posts 6

People are completely retarded in 2017
top 3 of those?
How can I make that visual illusion?
why does that triggers you? does 3 more books in an image really make a difference? i guess i just didn't want to expend too much time writing out the books names
hard to say id say it depends on the things you like doing, the things you already know and what exactly you want to do.
but usually these are recommended
>Design of Everyday Things
>Making and Breaking the Grid
>Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works
and personally id recommend Megg's History of Graphic Design as well.
wat? those are physical books not sure what you're talking about but if you google 'book mockup's you'll find real life pics of books as psd's where you can place your book cover image on top.

Yes because when people say name the top three books they want to know which ones you found most important. Anyone can list 10 books lmao...
The black triangles reading TYPE ADDICT-ED.
>How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul
Tons of practical, no-bullshit advice.
>Elements of Typographic Style
Buy this one. Then buy a highlighter and some sticky notes. Reference this book often.
>Grid Systems/Raster Systeme
Get it used, because a new copy is 60 bucks and half of it is just duplicated in fucking German. But it's the bible on creating a grid.
Oh, and regardless of any post that may come to mention it, Logo Design Love is irredeemable shit. It's a meme book, and you should be kicked in the cunt if you bother even scanning the table of contents.
gud thread
File: Screenshot_2.png (78 KB, 584x745)
78 KB
>Elements of Typographic Style
must have bible
>grid systems by brockmann,
when you learn how to git gud with the grid, learn how to break it.
>>grid systems by brockmann
File: forget.jpg (62 KB, 630x473)
62 KB
Graphic Design Made Difficult - Bob Gill

Ways of Seeing - John Berger

Geometry of Design - Kimberly Elam
>Graphic Design Made Difficult
no torrent?
no digital version?
no audio?
what am I supposed to get the version printed on paper? People use that stuff to clean their ass
sorry kid, life doesn't owe you shit.
File: IMG_0367.jpg (297 KB, 1200x1200)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
fuck knows, here are some i've read or at least skimmed through


for starters i'd focus on history, typographic grid and type design focused ones, but i don't think 3 books alone will suffice
1) Mein Kampf
2) The myth of the 20th century
3) The Lightning and the Sun
Mein Kampf
the great gatsby
>Accusing other of Autism
he said it because you're choice of books was autistic, and also have pretty much nothing to do with the topic
SIEGE, by James Mason. inb4, no problem. rahowa will come.
guys, im looking a literature book.pdf theory about symbols and icons so i can think better my logo designs
im looking for*** sorry
try david airey logo design love its on libgen.io it explain a lot of things that other books don't.

there's also a few collection of symbols you can find them on amazon searching for logo symbols.
this vid is also helpful
File: htct_cover.jpg (45 KB, 460x540)
45 KB
making and breaking the grid feels really dated whenever i read it, other (and ironically mostly older) grid books i would rec:

grid systems by josef muller brockmann
(best all round)

the typographic grid by hans rudolf bosshard
(not for the feint of heart -- very technical examples of synthesis of baseline grids used within columns/rows)

the designer and the grid by lucienne roberts
(you can pick this up cheap i haven't read this one but all of her books are great, a practising ((alive)) designer)
please don't buy this book over elements of typograhic style
the same 20 'how to' books will always be posted in response.

i think we should be reading more essays:

- emigre (magazine)

- scratching the surface podcast

- modes of criticism (currently three books)

- michael bierut's books
- parting it out by ian lynman
- volume: writings on graphic design, music, art, and culture by kenneth fitzgerald

- eyemagazine.com (others exist but are usually mediocre to trash tier)
File: 1483328309679.jpg (74 KB, 600x600)
74 KB
but do they have pretty pictures?
patrician /gd/ core:
- typography: micro+macro by willi kunz
- what is a designer by norman potter
- a primer of visual literacy by donis a. dondis
how can you be a graphic designer and think this way
Just from eyeballing it, none of the squares are actually split diagonally down the middle. The non-letter squares have majority white splits, and the letter squares have majority black splits. From far away you just see the faint outline of the letters without it being too obvious the splits are uneven.

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