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File: 1436209730758.jpg (35 KB, 500x500)
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What is your computer and software set up?

I want to buy a new computer
I mostly just use indesign and illustrator
>Macbook Pro 2016 2.7ghz and 16GB memory - not quite as fast as I'd like it to be when using After Effects (rendering), but it's decent enough. Laptop is ideal for me as I'm a contractor.
>25 inch Dell Ultrasharp monitor
>Intuos Pro
>Adobe CC subscription for Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign and Typekit.
>Bunch of various prototyping and online tools
2014 macbook 13"

needing a fast computer is a bit of a meme when most of the time you're waiting for your brain to load rather than your computer
27in iMac
15in Macbook Pro
28in Samsung monitor for the MacBook Pro
Epson scanner
Epson color printer
HP b+w laser printer
File: meanwhile in russia.jpg (68 KB, 640x476)
68 KB

no apple shit.
i go with windows. Desktop. 64 RAM. 2,7 Ghz. 2 Tr. SSDs.
3d programs
wacom tablet(sorry)
Samsung ISP monitor. (want to replace with dell not decided yet. i would like the ultrawide flat isp one. but not sure)
i dont print at workplace. it is poison for your lungs. we have good printshop next to my place. it is good to take a walk and relax a bit.
>no apple shit.
VMware PC
why the fuck don't you just use figma then
anything by Apple
'''''designers''''' who use w*ndows need to an hero
Plus a 21" LG Display
Ps, Ai, Br, Id
>needing a fast computer is a bit of a meme when most of the time you're waiting for your brain to load rather than your computer

i really want to believe this, but my 2012 macbook pro is starting to shit the bed every time i open photoshop :(
edgy but dumb

>needing a fast computer is a bit of a meme when most of the time you're waiting for your brain to load rather than your computer
This is true for webdesign/vector graphics/text but it's pretty dumb if we are talking video/3d/big rastered plotters

amd fx8350
amd radeon r9 290x
4x8gb Corsair vengeance ram
1x Samsung 256gb SSD
5x WD Blue 3tb HHD
2x FullHD Viewsonic monitor
Wacom intuos 3
HP Scanjet g2710
and a Philips 695 stereo with big spealers for audio output
>This is true for webdesign/vector graphics/text but it's pretty dumb if we are talking video/3d/big rastered plotters
this is /gd/ after all
7 years old samsung laptop i got for free being a retard.
>i5 2450M, 2.5ghz
>8gb ram
> a shitty hans g monitor
>external hard drive to store work on

>illustrator, photoshop, indesign, premiere

>lx7 cam
>wacom bamboo i hardly ever use
> fuck loads of different paper, pens and sketchbooks

i get by alright
don't you get overheating issues?
Is there preferable graphics cards for indesign and adobe xd? Thats what i want to start using better
The Adobe Suite doesn't really benefit much from a high-end gpu. It uses the gpu but spending lots of money on one won't make a big difference.
Premiere and AfterEffects are the ones that use the most out of the gpu and still, you won't be using it for a lot other than previewing video to have a slightly more fluid workflow.
GPU rendering is buggy as hell and not a lot faster.
However, if you still want to pursue a gpu for working, you shouldn't care about memory, clockspeed, bitrate, etc, the only thing that matters for gpu rendering is the raw number of CUDA cores, which makes a good workstation gpu pretty bad for gaming and specialized rendering gpus/racks are expensive as hell.
>source: I can boot Doom (2017) with maxed graphics, still render with CPU-only
Really? I use 2013 MBP, almost the most basic config (spent an extra just for more RAM). Never had any issues with it. But then again my usage is not that heavy.
granted i make relatively large files most of the time, but for some reason photoshop slows me down heavily
Intel Core i7-7700 Processor ( 8M Cache , 3.6GHz )
Windows 10 Pro 64
16GB DDR4 2400 UDIMM
NVIDIA Geforce GT730 2GB DDR5 64bit DP Low Profile
1TB Hard Drive, 7200 RPM, 3.5", SATA3
256 GB Solid State Drive M.2 NVMe

As Configured$1,658.00
Item Discount-$165.80
Your Price$1,492.20

(canadian dollars btw) and it is lenovo desktop
HP EliteBook
Not usually, since i mainly use it to model, i don't do any rendering. I'd say that the adobe programs are equal in heating my laptop up. I place it on a desk with a book propping it up to increase airflow and air-dust it every couple of months. Its never been an issue.
File: 1488825715184.gif (889 KB, 240x160)
889 KB
889 KB GIF
okay anons I need your help. I have money to burn before I graduate uni and I need to upgrade my tech before I hit the workforce.

I currently have a 2012 13in MBP that does the job but I know inevitably it's gonna kick the bucket. I'm stuck between 3 decisions:
>keep the laptop and make it a personal, then buy a newer/better laptop strictly for work
>keep the laptop as is for work/personal then invest in a home desktop for more power
>keep the laptop to use for work/personal & buy a tablet (probably an IpP) to use for work as well

opinions? mac/dell doesn't matter to me, ive just used macs longer. I use mostly photoshop, indesign, illustrator, etc.
Is a drawing tablet a good investment? I have only used a mouse so far and I don't know if it would increase my design quality or not. any recommendations for a tablet then?

my setup:
Windows 10 home edtion
i5-4670K at 3.4 ghz
Nvidia 6800
samsung 256 GB SSD
8 GB 1600 RAM
1 TB harddrive.
adobe stuff.
yes it is especially good for retouching images on photoshop and a 'must have' for anything illustration, i recommend wacom intuos pro small or medium, but any wacom will serve you well.
pick a wacom tablet they're cheap af, desktop vs laptop it depends of you
It doesn't matter what your computer is, you're still a shit designer even with the most expensive macbook
Win 7
Intel i7 Gen 3
NVIDIA GTX 650 GPU (shitty I know but it works)
Mechanical backlit keyboard
13 Button gaming mouse
2x 1920*1080 monitors
>Over 3TB memory b/c I am Jack Sparrow
Windows 10 Pro
28" Surface Studio
6th Gen Intel Core i7
Additional large ASUS HDMI monitor to view email, web and MS office programs while I design with my Surface touch screen.
Complete version Adobe Creative Suite - all programs included
Newest Surface Pens
New Surface Mouse
Epson Workforce WF7620 all-in-one large format printer, scanner and fax

Travel Setup:
Surface Pro 4 -
Intel Core i7
1 TB storage
Surface travel arc mouse (newest edition)
Newest Surface pens.

Fuck Apple and Fuck Wacom. Total garbage. Had top of the line products and computers by them, and the switch to PC has been beautiful and perfect.

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