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I'm making a digital creative process journal for my photography course as opposed to a written it sketchbook.

I'm working on the layout but am totally new to graphic design and InDesign.

I've done quite a bit of research but can still see how amateur it looks, can anyone advise or direct me to places to learn?

Pic related, its a double page of what I've done today.
you need to simplify your grid
it's not perfect but it's better than nothing
One thing I'd say is, unless specified, use a different font. Go find some nice modern font pack. You can find some decent free ones at fontsquirrel, 1001 fonts, maybe dafont. Again nothing crazy modern but nice and clean. Also check out behance and look around to see if theres any journals that you might be able to use as a rough guide
>making a grid and not even using it
These are fantastic, thanks so much!
I've been looking at a lot of fonts on Typekit and in the font threads here, but ended up with Helvetica, maybe tot my detriment. I'll look at using something else, thanks.

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