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File: 15478790.gif (1.29 MB, 270x480)
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Also shemale/traps thread bonus points for stories with trannies!
File: 17438172.gif (1.64 MB, 294x233)
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1.64 MB GIF
>be 21
>group of friends is big, people from university plus other people i talk to
>one of them is trans, 29yro
>looks above average, dark skinned, not black though. looked weird but not enough to think that was a trans
>start browsing sissy threads
>want to try it out but too much of a pussy to try anything internet-related (might lead to some unfortunate encounters)
>get the tranny's phone number and some information thanks to group discussions on the phone and social media
>try to ask her out without other people finding out
>get invited to her house
by the way, since there is only 1 other person in this story, if i say his/her i'm talking about the tranny, we all know its faggotry anyway so its just for comprehension sake
>play dumb and pretend i don't know she is a trans
>surprisingly friendly conversation, almost forgot i went there purely for sex
>sees through my act though, asks me why i'm pretending i don't know she is a trans
>a bit frozen but i try to keep pretending
>tells me that she knows i'm there to suck his dick
>takes my hand and puts it on the cock
>i stroke it while the trans kisses me
>horny as fuck in this moment
>go down on it and start licking it from bottom to top
>laughs and says she didn't even need to ask
>tells me how whenever a man wants to see her they allways play the same game and that she just wanted to get to the point
>keep going until he cums inside my mouth
>get hit with that wave of regret, wonder if she was clean or not, wonder if she is going to tell my friends, wonder a lot of shit that could go wrong now
>rest of the night is akward
>go back home
>>get hit with that wave of regret, wonder if she was clean or not, wonder if she is going to tell my friends, wonder a lot of shit that could go wrong now

At that point you were supposed to punch him and call him a faggot
There is a difference between fucking a tranny and actually sucking one off.

>>10443933 is a total homo
The story isn't mine, but i'm dying to try "new experiences" hehe
>be 18
>in thailand (yeah....)
>only ever had sex once
>average looking
>rarely had girls show interest in me
>suddenly get a lot of female attention because thailand
>most of them hookers
>some are just sluts
>don't want to end up with gold-digger
>enjoy the attention but never do anything
>except one night
>get really drunk in club
>flirt with really hot half-thai half-british girl
>doesn't seem like gold digger
>has rich parents
>start making out with her
>keep getting more drunk
>she disappears
>slightly less hot chick starts grinding on me
>obvious slut
>start making out
>other girl comes back
>looks really disappointed
>whatever, keep making out with slut
>asks me to go to my place
>my place is too far away to walk
>way too drunk to drive
>suggest hotel room
>go to hotel
>make out in bed
>slide hand down
>she stops me


FUCK, VAMOS!!! \;^;/
File: 1350371456341.gif (488 KB, 500x281)
488 KB
488 KB GIF
My first experience

>19, /fit/
>horny af
>on tagged.com before they fucked up the site
>start talking with this gorgeous 22 year old Brazilian trans
>looks like pic related
>Name's Bruna Meirelles
>exchange numbers
>she says she's purely top
>I say I'm vers, even though I've never had cock, just toys off Chinese eBay
>asks if I'm a virgin
>say no
>she says good, I don't want inexperience
>says she fucks hard
>asks if I can get coke
>I said yeah, knowing I'd have to get back into contact with this one douche who thinks he's Al Capone cause he deals bags in the pub
>bought a bag and 2 viagras


>me: what's wrong?
>her: there's something you need to know
>hesitantly pulls out her dick
>never had a thing for trannies
>I can't do this
>she looks sad
>asks me if she can at least suck me off
>I guess
>starts sucking like a pro
>deepthroats all the way and plays with by balls with her tongue
>gives me rim-job
>sloppy as fuck
>get really into it
>fuck it
>do you have a condom?
>she squats on my dick bareback
>dick is so wet from her spit and my precum
>slips in like nothing even though tight as fuck
>she moans in the girliest way imaginable
>bops up and down
>her tiny hard dick slaps agains my stomach
>her pre-cum flings around
>guess I'm gay now
>come within like two minutes
>most intense orgasm ever
>jerk her off
>cuddle and fall asleep
>next morning she's gone
>so is the money in my wallet, 20$ maybe

I was really scared that I had contracted something but I was lucky. Needless to say I'm into shemales now.
So am I still waiting / For this world to stop hating / Can't find a good reason / Can't find hope to believe in
File: 1475811230151.webm (3.9 MB, 262x480)
3.9 MB
>we schedule to meet at a trendy bar
>I arrive early, Jack and coke
>she arrives

Holy fuck anons, she looked better than most playboy models. 5'10, Bronze skin, small waist, round ass in torn jeans, black one piece top showing amazing cleavage. Face like an amazonian barbie.

>we do the fake air kisses that slavs and south Americans do
>she gets some fancy drink
>says I look really cute and young, cause 19, 5'7 and eternal boy face
>she says "wow, so muscly" in her accent, grabbing my arm and rubbing my chest
>we talk for a while, finish our drinks and she suggests we leave
>she has an apartment like 5 min away in city centre
>once elevator closes she grabs me, pushes against the mirror, grabs my cock
>kisses me and whispers "you be good boy now, OK? Do everything I tell you? Mmmmhmmm?"
>I mumble out "y-yes" nervously
>she giggles and elevator arrives

File: tron.webm (2.94 MB, 1280x720)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
this thread is cool
You're making up a story and you know it.
Make it up faster come on...
could've fucked in the arse, instead you gave a blowjob...

You are the faggot in this story
File: ts need Sauce.webm (3.76 MB, 320x240)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB WEBM

Look her up on Facebook, Bruna Meirelles, if you don't believe me. If this was /b/ or /fit/ I'd post caps.

She does escorting now.

Few hot Asian/Brazilian trans girls dating normal guys. But I'll get to that part later.

>we get to her apartment
>kissing passionately
>tells me to stop
>"get naked hehe"
>I just undress in front of her while she just watches and pours drinks
>rock hard immediately
>"mmmmmmh wow, nice body"
>asks if I got the coke
>" with my cigs, in my trousers "
>I give it to her, she does a bit
>sees the pills, "viagra?"
>"yeh" I reply
>I do a bit of coke off a coin, we swallow the viagras
>tells me to get down and "suck my cock beetsh"
>grab a couch pillow for my knees, wrestle the jeans off, pull one piece to the side
>a semi hard, brown cock bounces out of its tucked nest
>I start sucking, immediately getting the whole thing in, while she watches moans and sips her drink
>she's getting hard real quick, coke buzz is peaking
>I'm throating a about 7x6 Brown cock, tears rolling down my eyes
>she's holding my hair one hand and drink in other
>"ah, no teeth baby, k? "
>I mumble" glork-kay" with a cock in my mouth
>open wider, and cover my teeth with lips

File: 13640276.gif (1.99 MB, 401x432)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
File: Aubrey kate.gif (1.82 MB, 335x600)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF
>one Night, horny and drunk as fuck
>Gran my dad's car and went red zone looking for tranny
>Spend a while picking wich one
> Not much money
> Find one cheap, little talk in the car
> give him the money and Take him too buy some coke to another tranny
> Look for some dark placer ti fyck the tranny
> Start Kissing and grabing historia Dick Under his lingerie
> His cock is bigger than mine
> Both get really haré
> He sucks me a little bit
> Igual gran a condom and try todo put it in my Dick
> He says i cantidad fuck him un the ass because ir hurts
> I put the condom on historia Dick and start yo sucking him off
> Ftw
> Horny as fuck
> I sit on his cock, and start to rinde him real hard
> I want him to fuck me doogiestyle
> When i stand up, he already carne
> No more condoms
> He sucks me off until i cum while driving
Deberías desactivar el corrector para escribir en inglén broh jajajajajajaja

what the fuck is happening here
Eliminate the ending of every word you do not understand c:
there needs to be more 'straight' trap porn i swear to god

brief story, met a trap online locally and I picked her up in my car and we drove to a nice quiet spot I knew, ended up having the best head ever and every once in a while we do car meets, shes very petit but with a real plump arse
File: Abigail.webm (2.81 MB, 640x352)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB WEBM
>pulls back my hair, says "wait, OK?"
>"OK" I reply, knowing that I just sucked cock, enjoyed it and can never return to being my former self, knowing of what was about to come
>comes out of the bathroom, hair down, red stockings on brown skin and a cock that wiggles when she walks
>says come
>we go up the spiral staircase to her bedroom, cause her apartment was built vertically not horizontally.
>on her bedside table I notice condims, tissues, lube and some toys
>opens drawer and hands me a plug
>spits on it, says "put een, k?"
>I get on my knees and start sucking again, pop goes in the plug
>we do a bump of coke each
>she points to bed and says "go hier"
>I get on her bed in doggy position, knowing I'm about to cross the threshold from unfucked to fucked
>feel cold and wet lube drip onto my ass
>hear her shuffling about, puts into the condom, she pulls out the plug
>I feel something warm and hard push up against my ass
>my reaction is to recoil, she says "no, staaaay" as she slowly goes a little deeper
>the burning hurt but the pressure felt great
>she starts thrusting and burning somewhat subsides
>she goes a little deeper and faster with the thrusts and runs her nails up my back with one hand while gripping my hips with the other
>she's fucking quite hard at this point
>it hurts again but feels great too
>I say "slow down, slow down a bit"
>she doesn't listen, chuckles
>I move down an inch to ease the pain, she follows, thrusting
>keep going until I'm prone
>her hard fake tits pressed against my back, moaning onto my ear "ayy, delicia" "gestosa"
>can't escape, so try to relax and enjoy it
>feels great
File: XXL_SHML.webm (3.4 MB, 641x360)
3.4 MB

>she quickly gets off, jumps on top of me
> I turn around to see a big brown cocks being jerk ed onto my face
>she cums a thick mess of jizz all over my face with little to no warning
>left eye is burning but I feel so turned on I clean it up with my fingers into my mouth
>she points to the bed and says "hayy, look"
>little wet patch with white cum under where my cock was when she was on top
>I came purely from anal and didn't even know it

We showered, both still hard from viagra, I ate her ass and attempted to fuck, she refused. She fucked me some more, felt a lot better this time but not as nearly intense. Showered again. Got dressed, chatted a bit with drinks, called me a taxi.

Sat in the taxi contemplating life and what I've done, felt unclean and shameful. But loved it at the same time and was eager for more.

Later we still txt, she says she's looking for a bf to marry, needs EU visa. Says she'd pay for wedding, free honeymoon to Brazil and could arrange girls to fuck me there, any age.

I freak out a bit and we stop talking.

Had 2 more trans after her, another Brazilian and a French Canadian, great times.
I have a few stories with tranny prostitutes. I'll start with the first one at 21, in amsterdam.

> In amsterdam with a few friends
> Smoking weed, doing coke etc.
> after quite a night out, my friends leave earlier to get some food.
> I walk through red light later, and notice blue lights.
> didn't know the difference at the time, stopped and looked inside
> A _hot_ lady waves at me, and heads to the door
> Asks if I want something special, a royal treatment
> Real bimbo look to her, big lips and huge tits. South american (arent they all?) and a tight whory dress
> I tell her sure, and and what prize
> "well that depends on what you want, sweety"
> I ask if she does anal, and she starts laughing
> pulls up dress, reveals huge semi hard cock
> "Of course i do anal, baby. Do you?" she laughs
> I've been semi curious for shemales for a while, jerkin to trannies and such, and have tried dildos (and large vegetables) many times
> I enter, and she immediately turns into a dominant hardcore tranny

... cont?
>I want him to fuck me doogiestyle
Heck yeah man.

Keep going.

She got a name I could look up next time I'm in the 'Dam?
> She tells me to pay up.
> I ask how much
> How much you got?
> about 250 euros.
> she takes my wallet, and empties it.
> "here, a gift for you. You need it baby". She hands me a small bag of coke, and a bottle of poppers
> "Are you a virgin?"
> I was, so I told her to be gentle,
> "I will try babe, but i can not promise" she giggles. "Now, lay down on!"
>I lay down on my back. She starts undressing me, kissing me all over as she proceeds. I have a massive boner by now, and she strokes it gently.
> "You want me to suck?"
> "Y-yes please!" i tell her
> "If you want me to suck you, you must suck me first baby"
> She sits on top of me, and i stare straight at her huge cock. It's rock hard, and a lot bigger than my own. I open wide, and she starts of gentle. I lick the tip, and it's absolutely amazing. Like nothing i've ever done before.
> All of a sudden, she starts getting a bit rougher. She thrusts her cock way down my throat, really face fucking me. I gag, but I love it.
> After facefucking me for a few minutes, she tells me to sit up.
> I obige her command, and she picks up the bag of coke and makes a pretty little strip on a mirror next to the bed. She hands me a straw, and i get on all four to snort it off the mirror laying on the bed.
> she gets behind me, and starts licking my asshole.
> Instantly get even more horny, and a bit stressed to be honest
> She starts fingering a bit. Easily at first, with a fingertip. Then a full finger, then two.
> The coke starts working, and I'm getting really energized and worked up. I'm still wet from her spit, but all of a sudden i feel a cold sensation on my asshole
> She squirts a lot of lube on my asshole.
> "Are you ready baby? This will hurt. Dont push. Relax baby".
> She tries to push it in, but my body is just not letting it in. It hurts like a motherfucker, and i've never done this before.
> She reach for the bottle of poppers and flicks the lid off.
> "here baby. When i say, take a deep smell of this"

I dont have a name for you, sorry. But she was at the very end of bloedstraat (i think thats what its called), and she was there both in 2013 and 2015. Seemed like a regular. Smokin hot, dark hair, typical latina bimbo look. Leather dress with netting both times.
Going to need a source on this one lads and also, i was dating a transexual for 2 years, went very well. ended on good terms too.
I know the type well.

Must've been something special to do that to a straight guy.

London backpage is crawling with them.

I keep seeing these gorgeous trans girls, 10x better than the butchered tit "porn stars" and keep thinking, "man, I should start a site where I gopro fuck them, like CastingCouch".

Keep going with your story anon.
> She starts teasing my asshole again with her cock.
> "Now smell it"
> I take a deep sniff from the bottle, and turns kinda dizzy. Like my head spins, and feel light headed. At the same time, apparently i loosen up, and she smashes her dick inside. I'm taken by surprise, and jump towards the head of the bed.
> "Nooo. Easy, baby. It's ok. You're good!"
> She grabs a hold of my hips, and starts moving. First slowly, then more rapidly.
> It hurts like a motherfucker, but I'm loving every second.
> She fucks like an absolute pro (well, i guess she can be considered a pro, considering she fucks for a living)
> after a good 10 minutes of fucking me intensely, she pulls out. I must've been gaping wide, cause she then spits in my asshole, and i can feel it dripping in.
> She moves over to my face, and ask me to clean it.
> No skid marks, only the smell of my own ass.
> I suck it like theres no tomorrow. Taking it all the way down, almost fucking my own face kinda.
> She tips me over so im laid on my back, with my ass at the end of the bed
> She puts my legs on her shoulders, and thrusts her dick inside.
> I'm still solid as a diamond, and she starts tugging my cock to her own, vigurous rythm.
> I'm starting to feel the rush coming
> while im fondling her big, hard, silicone bimbo tits, she starts pulling my hair and talking dirty to me.
> She jerks me off while she pulls my hair, telling me to "Come big for me, baby. Come big, baby"
> I absolutely explode all over my stomach and face. Probably the biggest load I've blown to this day, and also the most intense orgasm I've ever had.
> I'm buzzing, but my cock is now sore and sensitive. But that doesn't stop her. She still tugging it hard, like there's no tomorrow.
> I start wimpering, it's getting increasingly difficult to handle the pain with the orgasm out of the way
> She starts moaning heavily. "Baby, I'm exploding. I'm coming, baby"
... cont
How'd you meet?
Her ethnicity?
More of a model/porn look or tiny trap?
Top or bottom?
Smaller or bigger cock?
Your friends and family, did they know?
> She pulls her monster out of my ass, and sits on top of my, pointing her cock in my face.
> She grabs my hand and puts it on her cock, instructing me to jerk her off
> It takes a few seconds, but then all of a sudden, she explodes all over my face. After the first massive explosing, she sticks her cock into my mouth, and it just keeps exploding.
> i feel the salty cum fill my mouth. To this day, I can't say i like the taste or texture of cum, but this experience is way up there with the most turn on things I've ever done.
> She cums for at least a good 15 seconds, with a massive load.
> When done, she literally falls down to my right, next to me on the bed.
> My mouth is still full of cum, and I don't know what to do, and starts semi gagging.
> She notice, and starts laughing and giggling. "Here, baby." She hands me a towel. "Spit it out"
> I'm slightly embarrased, but hey, That was intense and awesome, so I don't really care. I'm also high off of coke, weed and alcohol, so that might also play a part in not caring so much.
> She lays next to me, with her head on my chest, stroking my belly and slightly teasing my cock to check if its still alive
> We talk for quite a while while just cuddling this way
> She told me I did good, and that she loves first timers. She takes pride in providing a good experience, and tells me she thinks most of her clients are straight, curious guys preferring women, but are also just kinky motherfuckers.
> She was from columbia, and apparently had a college degree in business.
> mfw realizing she's perfected her own business model perfectly, and i fell for her marketing tricks. Well done, slum university of colombia.
> After a while, we clean up in the shower together, she still caressing me, stroking me, and kissing me.
> I get dressed, and head towards the door. She stops me, and gives me a big, long french kiss.
> She grabs my hand, and puts it on her still semi hard cock (viagra is a miracle, huh?).
... cont
> She whispers in my ear "Don't forget me, baby. This night was special. I hope you had a good time".
> I pull her head closer to mine, and gives her a french kiss back. I turn around, and head out the door, into the night.
> As I'm leaving, she leans out and says with a sensual, sexy voice "Just don't forget me, baby".
> Went to a coffee shop, smoked a fat blunt, and thaught about the amazing experience I'd just experienced. With a massive smile on my face.

Well, I haven't forgotten about her. Actually, I came back to visit her one and a half years later.
And a few other trannies. I was hooked. Still am. And happily married to a lovely girl, now pregnant with out first.

Will tell you more if you're interested, but thats for another time :-)

Hope you enjoyed my story! And i can assure you it's real and true. Believe it or not. But that's what (not a lot of) money can buy you in Sin City, Europe.
I'm going to manchester in a week, and I'm seriously contemplating buying one from birchplace or backpage. But how is the ligislation in england? Can i get in legal trouble?

There are some smokin' ones around, that's for sure!

I also want to go to London on a day trip just to have a chance to meet Sasha Hevyn (If you don't know her, google her.) Amazing body, VERY cute and girly face, and an enroumous and very pretty cock that seems to beg for my tounge and ass. Might be a bit expensive for a quick punt though.

Excellent story anon, very relatable to my own. >>10444162

Were the other trans also escorts? Ethnicities? Best/worst experiences?
>Later we still txt, she says she's looking for a bf to marry, needs EU visa. Says she'd pay for wedding, free honeymoon to Brazil and could arrange girls to fuck me there, any age.

Sounds like a opportunity presented only in movies. Should have taken the offer or put it on hold considering the pros she was throwing at you.
Thank you, I got inspired to share after reading yours :-)

All of my trans experiences have been with escorts, yes. As I'm in a very happy relationship, I don't really want to be involved in dating or casually meeting one. But I've fucked 10 different escorts though. 6 in amsterdam, 4 in Bangkok. Very different experiences, but all except for one was very good.

The best experience was probably the one described in my story. Another good one was a smoking hot asian chick in bangkok in a brother. Quite i big cock surprisingly, and versatile. Excellent domme, and such a girl when submissive. Will greentext the story later, if it's of interest :-)
Also had a great experience with a blonde bimbo slav girl. Taller than me (and I'm 6 feet!), with massive tits and a medium sized cock.

Worst experience was probably with another latina. Horrible boob job (which she did well to hide under her dress) and a dick that wouldn't get hard. She didn't speak a word of english, and kept asking for money while using the international hand signals. In a rush, and reeked of tobacco and drugs. Didn't even finish before leaving.

How about you? Have you been with many? Best/worst etc? Any experience from manchester/london?
Not Englishbrah, but went to Liverpool to visit my with her boyfriend, went straight to London after since Erika Schinaider was touring.

As for the legislation, you're just 2 adults, paying money for hanging out, whatever happens, happens.

Never thought of the law before but txt back and forth, get confirmation.

Remember if you bring a camera to record, it's porn not prostitution.
do you want to fuck a guy in manchester instead? hmu farewellto4rms at gmail dot com
Ah, man! How was Erika? And how is the pornstar experience in general? Been with any other famous T-girls? Soooo jealous.
Haha, sorry mate. Unless you're a bimbo boyslut with huge silicone tits ;-)
>> How much you got?
>> about 250 euros.
>> she takes my wallet, and empties it.

What the fuck! No way you should be paying 250 euros.
>>asks if I can get coke
is pepsi ok?
It all came a little quick for a horny kid living with his parents.

Too much stuff on my mind, especially after that night. She needed a quick answer too since her visa was running out. She married some bald dude and escorts to this day.

Now, in my mid 20s, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Live it up with a rich escort trans, get her the citizenship she wants and divorce on happy terms.
As mentioned, first time! And i gotta say, it was well worth it.

Never paid above 120 after this though, so you might say i got ripped off. But the experience was well worth the 250, I'll tell you that. Never regretted it :-)
>French kissing
>GF experience/cuddles
>trans cums

You must be slavic/German national.

All these things cost extra, in UK/Ireland this would be well in the excess of €500.

She was probably feeling nice towards a first timer and wanted to provide and experience.

True, The first time is probably the most exciting/best time with a trans girl. Probably the guilt, shame and fulfilment afterwards is what makes it so memorable.

Do green text the Asian story.

Erika was very elegant, classy and charming.
Feminine voice, hot accent. Smooth skin, but had this peach fuzz on her ass and legs which annoyed me so I used my electric body shaver to get every inch when showering before round 2. Had her for over 2 hours, lots of coke, viagra and baby oil. The stiff and awkward pornos she was in cannot compare to the chemistry we had going on between us.

Bianka Nascimento and Ariadny Oliver tour once every few months so might hit either one up.

Worst one was this skinny Latina, B cup natural tits, which I'm not a fan of. Stayed semi hard, couldn't top well. I was rock hard so we switched, she was grinding on my cock on top. All was well went to switch, she lets out wet diarrhea all over my cock and stomach. I mop up myself with paper towels and sprint for shower.

Starts apologising, gives back money, says this never happens and practically begs I don't put a negative review.
>Be 19, have a crush on a chick I've been talking to for a while
>After classes I get dinner, then I decide I want to see her so I text her
>We talk about how the moon looks really big that night, almost like the biggest structure in the city
>Ask her if she wants to go outside to check it out and just chill
>she says yes
>shower and put on clothes as fast as I can
>Ride the subway for 45 minutes just to get there, don't know what to expect
>I meet her near a metro station at walking distance from her place, we're both happy to see each other. She's wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, she was probably comfy and just got out like that
>We walk holding hands for almost an hour, sit on a bench almost hugging. I feel excited, and my palms are getting sweaty at this point
>We're close to her place, and she invites me to join her there, think to myself this is it
>We're finally there, we waste no time and get to her room up the stairs
>we make out hard, I fondle her tits and her ass for a few minutes while she sits on my laps and rubs herself on me
>She tells me to get out and wait for her to call me, I can't be any hornier, benis can cut diamonds at this point
>I go back downstairs and go through her kitchen, I'm hungry af
>Open a bag of cheetos, get a ton on my fingers but it's fine, I can wash it away easily, or so I thought
>She finally calls me, so I rush upstairs and get to her room
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everbody walk the dinosaur
holy shit someone saved my story
great story, 250€ is very high, but as said there >>10444998 you had a good extra experience (french kiss, coke, gfe and cum

Would have loved to be there.
why dont you guys have sex with who you like and not give a shit about what other people think? You dont even have to be open about what you like with everybody else. Stupid to torment yourself about it though
>be short, skinny, and fem looking
>straight but kinda curious
>get bored with regular porn and move into traps and sissyification
>strong desire to be the woman in porn
>at work browsing a trap thread on my phone
>coworker (semi-fit/bearfag) sees
>a..anon you like traps too?
>cool. do you crossdress?
>that's a shame because I think you'd look cute
>develop crush on him
>decide to go full trap and buy girl clothes and makeup
>few weeks later after perfecting things, I text coworker of me in trap mode
>he send me a pic of his dick
>OMG I need it inside of me NOW
>drive over to his place
>he wants to record it
>I agree because I want a copy to jerk off to when I feel like it
>bit awkward at first since first time doing anal
>feels good by also feels like ass will explode
>I take a shower
>okay, thanks for the dick but I have to run
>coworker stops me
>you should stay the weekend a..anon so we can fug some more
>no thanks, I got shit to do
>anon, it would be a shame if your family and friends saw video of you dressed up as a girl getting reamed
>fuck off, you don't know my family or friends
>he starts rattling off my mom's phone number
>w..what, how?
>he took my phone when I was in the shower and unlocked it (I have a simple swipe combo to unlock which he's seen me do)
>no one knows I crossdress and don't want to come out
>come on sissy, isn't it your fantasy to the dominated like this?
>i..i guess
>spend the rest of the weekend dressed up as girl, doing chores, and servicing him
>did that for a few weekends and started to get all stockholm syndromey

1 of 2
>contemplated doing it for longest time
>ends up being the bottom and getting nothing out of it but a mouth of cum

actually, that's probably what you wanted...

>go over one weekend
>hmmmm, what's this other car doing in the driveway
>go in and coworker is chatting with this 45 year old chubby dude
>there she is, isn't she pretty
>coworker grabs me, spins me around and lifts up my skirt
>old man gives coworker a wad of cash
>what's going on?
>anon, you're a slut and we're going to put your slut ass to work
>considering whether to go through it or not
>old dude grabs my ass
>scream that I'm no whore and I don't care if he outs me, I'm done with this shit
>walk out
>call in on Monday to work saying I quit
>coworker never outted me and tried to get back with me but I never spoke to him again

I almost stayed with him and I kindof hate myself for being that weak, but it was such a turn on how he made me girl and used me as his toy. Hell, I have precum leaking out right now just typing this.
cant fap to this tho.
Yeah sounded fake at first but now it's just kinda sad
Do you have any photo of you crossdressed?
File deleted.


You gay nigga
You are pretty cute! :3
Have more?
What's the name from the girl on the video?
File: yes2.gif (138 KB, 521x652)
138 KB
138 KB GIF

I fucked a trans chick everyday for a month when I was 20. She had already gone through the reassignment surgery by the time we lived together for a month, so I just fucked boy pussy all day. Only got to play with his now-mutilated cock once when we were like 16. Too lazy to greentext. Ask me anything.
wow realy cute there
didnt expect to see this kind of over-cutness in 4 chan xD
Damn, I'm glad you got out of that one ok.

Do you still crossdress? I'm sure you could find someone who'd fuck you who wasn't a piece of shit like that, cause you're cute as fuck.

>Do you still crossdress?

Yes, >>10445899 is literally from Sunday. I only do it on the weekends and when on vacation. I dyed my hair pink and instantly regretted it. It looks stupid and is getting me way too much attention outside.
Holy shit. Please post some more.
File: yes4.gif (172 KB, 633x650)
172 KB
172 KB GIF

Help lads.

I'm dying to fuck a trap/CD/sissy, never met anyone off the internet before - trying meet one from my city on Xhamster or Imagefap or something seems like a bad idea but that's all I can think to do.

Anyone done something similar?

Check to see if there's a bar frequented by trans and traps. There's typically one in every populated town. If you can't find it, we're probably at the local gay bar. Although it might be a problem if you're truly in a small ass town since you could run into people you know in real life.
File: 1492377850675.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
Reddit's over there pal.

pls sause
>Although it might be a problem if you're truly in a small ass town since you could run into people you know in real life.

That's pretty much my problem.

How do you usually feel about nervous guys that are looking to experiment? Is there any appeal in being the one to turn them?
lemm fucc
any more?
Cute overload
Tsseduction, Yasmin Lee as cleopatra
Where can I buy this????
Was the split cock as gross as they sound
i need you, give some
Please be real...
got a snap chat?
Online dating service. She looked like a woman so I didn't care she said she was trans. She threatened to stab me at dinner. Sucked my cock later. Now she's a very popular SJW activist.
what's the sauce on this for the love of god
i'm str8 as str8 can be, but wtf my dick is confused
You're probably not as straight as you think, nothing wrong with that tho
get checked for STIs dude
honestly protect yourself man, i dont give two fucks about your orientation but come on bro
File: gStCRwe.gif (1.43 MB, 360x254)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
>be me
>more or less straight, dabbled into tranny porn growing up and wearing my sister's panties, but nothing too serious
>only had sex with girls in the past
>a good bro from high school came out as trans right after we went to college
>at first they were honestly a bit revolting, literally just a man in drag
>regardless I was cool with their decision and still stayed in touch despite being in different cities
>we would play vidya at least a few times a month
>started to learn that they were finally taking HRT and other shit
>a year and a half passes
>they actually are starting to really pass; curves in all the right places, long hair, feminine face
>just had a voice reconstruction surgery or something like that and even sounded feminine
>was in town for the holidays and decided to hang out with my old pal
>hadn't actually seen them in person since their transition
>walk into their apartment
>jaw literally drops when I see her
>looks completely different, almost 100% like a real female
>still the same old bro deep down, we crack old jokes through the night, play vidya and drink
>honestly impressed by their transition, but at this point not even thinking about how sexy they look. Again, we've been bros since high school
>getting later in the night, thinking about heading back home
>before leaving, I comment on how their closet is filled to the brim with dresses and other shit
>asks if I want to see any more of their stuff
>I figure why not, I'll be nice
>fembro starts digging through all their lingerie, has literally over 50 pairs of panties
>"You ever wear these things? They're super comfy"
>act like I've never crossdressed before
>realize that I'm starting to get a boner
>"I dare you to try them on"
>I strip fucking naked and start trying on all of their clothes
>thongs, bras, high heels, dresses, etc.
>this whole time I've got a huge ass boner and realize I want to fuck so badly
>fembro is loving it, realize that they're turned on as fuck too
>fembro even starts putting on fucking makeup on me and telling me I'm pretty
>dick is gonna explode just thinking about how hot this is
>at this point we lock eyes and just know we need to fuck the shit out of each other
>we go at it like horny teenagers
>make out, spit flying everywhere
>I suck their dick, they sucks mine, we suck each at the same time
>tell fembro I'm about to come from the blowjob
>"Not until you fuck me first"
>fembro gets on all fours, exposes perfectly shaved ass
>I've done doggy with girls in the past, but have honestly never seen an ass like this
>fuck it like it was the last night of my life, cum buckets inside
>both of us are sweating like pigs and just feeling each other up from head to toe while kissing
>fembro whispers in my ear "you never let me cum yet"
>figure I'll give them a handy to finish the job
>fembro insists that they have another plan
>pushes me over on my back, lifts my legs up
>I've fingered myself, used tooth brushes, etc., but nothing compares to this
>we both cum buckets within minutes
>end up cuddling for a bit before I head off
>felt incredibly weird about the whole ordeal at first, later came to accept how mindfuckingly amazing it was
>head back to my college town a few days later, don't see fembro for a bit
>we stay in touch per usual, playing vidya every now and then
>have been back home three times since then, every time they dress me up with new clothes before we go to town
Cute story, you should make fembro your gf
>be 20yo
>single for months
>longer stretch of no sex since lost virginity [17 If you cared]
>live in nola go to popular music venue to see some metal bands i knew
>2 for 1 domestic beer night had fake ID
>get pretty drunk
>start moshing going hard af having lots of fun
>take a break for another beer and catch my breath on drink like 8 for the night
>checking out girls around the place
>notice cute girl With purple hair and really sexy legs in skirt
>only could see the back side
>still hanging out after last band finishes had several more liquid courage lost count at least 12 and I'm small guy so I'm drunk not seeing straight but can cognitively keep up With my surrounding which is why i remember all of this
>venue turns bask into bar see cute girl again this time front
>not bad lots of makeup could tell was a dude only by Adams Apple
>wondering what to do, jerked to the fetish before, didn't know what was up
>walk over to talk, ask about her knowing the bands, introduce myself, gets her name, Christie, ask her if she had place to be or if wanted to go with me to other bar for food
>she was there alone such a win
>go to bar With great drunk food we share a tots with all kinds of stuff on them. Also drank lots of water while i was there
>buy another drink 1 for me and Christie
>apparently Christie lives right outside of French quarter in studio
>walk toward her place start to get real flirty.
>my hand on her hip, complement her looks, we stop at bench at one point and i put my arm on her shoulder real chill way more so on bench than on her
>this it's where i remember her starting to respond touching me as well
>put her hand on my legs, kind of grabby on my arms when talking
>keep walking we hand to walk back into a courtyard then up to the second level where her place is
>at this point I've lost all chill, I'm incredibly grabby but it's being returned
>in front the door i lean to kiss and am rejected
>suddenly not feeling good about this anymore
File: yes5.gif (176 KB, 651x647)
176 KB
176 KB GIF
Holy shit you people are needy.

I'll post more later.
>Christie opens door both walk in
>light turns on place is wreck, clothes everywhere, at the only table was tons of books a laptop, the bed was a futon,
>sit down in only open chair, Christie on bed takes off knee high boots she been wearing
>instantly the tiny room smells like feet but I'm drunk and horny want to fuck still
>Christie walks over to me and straddles me
>she had a really petite body must have been only 5'2"
>making out felt totally natural I'm hard Christie is like grinding on my lap
>suddenly Christie says she wants my cock
>she tugs down my jeans barely even unzipping them
>dick at about half chubb remember her saying something like good size
>was worried about having stank dick from sweating at the concert surprisingly normal smell
>now my bare ass is resting on a cold chair in a strangers house while I'm still petty drunk starting to see straight again and sober up after eating
>so glad i jerked off before i went out that night because if i hadn't i might have only lasted 15 seconds instead of 30 (not literally)
>tell Christie I'm about to cum
>the only time I've ever heard a sexy laugh was right then when she said "i must have sucked it good then"
>keeps going busy huge load right in her mouth
>after a few moments ask her if i could pleasure her now
>move to bed my start to make out again (yea i know some think it's gross but i don't) feeling her up taking her clothes off
>considering we already discussed bank at the bar she was trans we avoided the weird moment when i felt the bump between the legs
>got her undressed. Body was pretty normal trans on hormones. Insanely itty bitty titties very thin Body type, dick was very small (not functioning)
>this part still gives me chills don't know what i was think here
>flip her over on knees and go to town on that ass hole
>the lights were really dim but it was smooth and slightly pink very sexy but normally i only do that fresh out of the shower
>Christie is really into it
does that shirt say Chek Em?
holy shit you are hot.
>getting hard again took about 15 minutes
>so i ask if she has a condom and she doesn't
>i remember having a bit of a crisis internally looking at this sexy asshole and the opportunity
>fuck it
>tell her to suck me again for a second
>get Christie back on knees
>get dick to start going in just heading it never done anal before
>finally get more and more, eventually halfway
>anal is definitely the premier way to fuck btw
>so tight finally get solid movement going with rhythm
>this girl is like screaming her head off so loud moaning almost obnoxious.
>I'm usually pretty quite during sex but Christie was talker "fuck me fuck me fuck me yes yes yes god god god fuck oh fuck yes yes yes"
>didn't even ask where to cum just planted that load against that prostate
>i flopped down on that bed and feel asleep but only for maybe 2 hours
>the sunlight woke me up i just got dressed and left still a bit drunk and very hungry and dehydrated
>couldn't shake the smell of my clothes. They smelled like her. A mixture of hair spray, weird perfume and nasty sex.

i had to go to class the that morning but i had enough time to get some food and coffee but since i didn't have a change if clothes i had to smell myself and was constantly thinking about what i did i even had glitter all over my shirt. Don't regret it one bit. Wish i had gotten her number. I go back to that place to look for her sometimes. Don't think i would have gone for it if i was sober
>be me, 20, young soldier before the Iraq invasion
>party stateside before saddam liquifies our unit in 2 months
>bar hopping with battle buddies in town
>meet tall sexy blonde, shy acting, almost my height in heels
>tell buddies I'm going to her place, not back alone to the barracks like those losers
>she drives, I didn't have a car but said my bro drove me there
>fucking 20 minutes of driving out of Town, wtf.jpg
>all dark midnight forrest, arrive at property gate
>open gate, close behind as she drives in, age has a trailer
>fug, worthless dependapotamus, oh well I'm gonna fuck regardless
>get in, kissing, getting heavy breathing, she whips out my dick from my jeans
>I grab her pus-COCK

tl;dr there's a dead tranny buried about 30 miles outside that base and I deployed before any word got out
thank you
we'll be waiting patiently anon
I didn't think traps like you existed outside of hentai
The video makes it look like the beans are in front of the frank. Kinda of a strange coincidence that her name is Frank as well...
not gonna lie, i'd fuck a trap in heartbeat if they looked feminine enough
Oh boi I didnt saw a girl as femine as you lol
Holy shit

If you're ever in the PNW for vacation, let me know
dayum dude i would sell my soul ten times a day for a body like yours
i didnt think it was real till the no teeth, the one time i blew a tranny my boner was killed when she was like can you lose less teeth.
am I supposed to believe anyone responded to these pics?
Tfw no qt trap to dress up.
>16 at the time and watch porn every night after school
>enjoy anal porn and blowjob porn the most
>somewhere in the mix of browsing the web and porn pages get onto shemale and sissy porn
>slowly question sexuality and become curious
>over the course of that year I started to get my body waxed and I worked on being as feminine as possible
>during that time if i wasnt at school or working, i was watching sissy porn wanting to be the bimbos and stars in the videos
>also started exploring butt stuff with a vibrator and a dildo I got for winning some stall at a sex convention
>ff to about a month after being 18 my parents wante dto move 4 hours away and gave me the option to move into an apartment in the city. took it
>first week in I had set up a dresser in my cupboard for all my sissy clothes.. thongs, stockings, chokers even a cock cage.
>went on a spending spree and bought 5 different sized dildos and a few butt plugs
>the next few months I became a recluse for sissy related things. only worked 15 hours a week at that time and some days I wouldnt work so id spend the whole day with a buttplug in or watching porn while fucking a dildo
>tried for that anal orgasm for what seemed like forever never got it
>but built up the courage to go to a sex shop that had stalls there, hadnt had a real cock before but at this point fucking a 10 inch thick black dildo wasnt difficult
>went there just in shorts and a tee shirt.
>got in stall and it had a gloryhole in both sides, i was excited and scared at the same time
>hear doors open and close and look at the holes, left stall has someone in it.
>decide to just stay on my knees and wait to see if someone puts a cock through. nothing comes through
>decide to turn the tv on and have it running as i felt slightly akward waiting for cock next to someone else waiting lol
>few minutes went by and was starting to think about leaving
>knock on the door and a voice asks if anyone is inside and i reply yes but im free..
File: traps are gays.webm (3.86 MB, 1280x720)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB WEBM
>not even sure if thats what im supposed to say but it sounded nice in my head.
>guy goes into right stall and just after the door shuts a cock comes through
>looked like 6 inches with some girth
>started by licking his cock up and down and then suck on the head. moans start immediately
>start to suck down the shaft, he keeps moaning
>sucking his cock for a few minutes and really into it. I can feel his cock twitching in my mouth
>I suck faster incase he is going to cum as his moans arfe pretty loud and hes sounding short of breath
>he bangs on the wall with i guess his fist and instantaneously i feel his warm salty cum hit my tongue and slowly squirt into my mouth
>I didnt let his cock out of my mouth until he had finished
>tasted better then I had expected... I had one of those ejaculating dildos and had made my own mixture to simulate cum but was a lot thicker then this guys cum
>he pulled his cock through the hole and I sat there with a smile on my face, I had finally done what I had wanted to do so long ago.
>needless to say I went back there multiple times but it wasnt for a while until I had anal sex with someone. mainly because I wanted the first time to be somewhat special, even though i knew i wanted to be an anal loving cock slut in the end
Bullshit I'm in London and got an hour with a TS for £250, and that included £50 for her to cum.

If you're paying over £500, you're getting ripped off m8
File: 1453096737239.gif (1.98 MB, 400x539)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB GIF
It sure smells like wishful thinking in here.
Timestamp or it's fake, friends.
>Be me
>Female friend has a Trans friend
>I think she's beautiful
>Talk to her for a while
>Become friends and then closer
>Go out for a while
>Break up with her after three months or so
>No real idea why I did it, she was perfect
>Living in regret about it ever since

I still think about her most days. The sex was great and she was just a great person. Pic related, it's her.
do you have instagram or something?
Cant post pic for some fucking reason.
I didn't realize the STALKER was into shemales
>be in guam for for like a month
>tried of strip clubs and amps
>payed for 6 hand fs massage, was rather disappointed but price was right
>decide to try my luck on Tinder.
>meet a local "girl" on xmas day.
>drink a bunch of Chu-hais while I am chatting with her.
>she a nurse with the local CDC
>turns out shes a pre op.
>never been with a pre op (pretty sure ive been with a post op once)
>pretty loose from the booze, decide to say fuck it.
>takes me back to her place
>she gives me a sloppy BJ.
>not interested in her dick, so I play with her tits.
>cant cum because of the buzz, decide to say fuck it.
>tell her if she has a condom, I would fuck her.
>she produces one, and I hate fuck the shit out of her asshole.
>im a huge anal fan, so I didnt last long.
>I cum and pass out with the condom still on.
>wake up a few hours later and start to get ready to leave.
>she asks me how im getting back to my place
>tell here I was taking a cab
>Cabs in Guam are fucking expensive
>like 50 bucks for a couple of miles
>she says she will drive me if we go for round 2
>Agree and she starts to blow me again.
>ask for anouther condom, she tells me shes out.
>risk management mode.
>still drunk so I cave in.
>bareback doggy until I blow.
>shower and clean my self up.
>she drops me off at my place
TL;DR basically got payed to bareback a tranny I met on Tinder
Agreed, seems too good to be true.
Loving this thread. Keep it up anons.
be me at 13. Be at my grand parent's house >with my cousin and a friend (16 yo) of him.
>Caught them watching porn
> they invite me to watch instead of snitching them

>Video of a white blonde bitch geting fucked by BBC.
>Start to be horny like usual when i watch porn

>end of porn , my cousin go to sleep. i stay with his friend. We watch a movie.
> later ask me if i want to watch a another porn. i say yes
> Start to have weird fellings. i want to be like >the girl in the porn, surrounded by cock
> i caught him masturbating under his pant, he >caught me too
> he was embarassed, i say that we can >masturbating ourself and we dont talk about >this
>we take out our pants and start to masurbate. >he had a thin but long dick.

>Can't concentrate on the porn cause i can't >stop staring at him jerking off

>he caught me again and turn his head before >asking shyly if i want to touch it. say yes

> i start slowly to wank him

>Feel his hand behind my head, he want me to >suck him

> i say nothing and let him put his dick in my >mouth

> try to do my best but i enjoyed the feeling of >my mouth filled whith his cock

>ask him if he want to put hi dick in my ass. >he accept (was a virgin too)

>i go on my knees and my elbows

> after some try he manage to put some >centimeters in my ass and start to fuck me

>was painfull but be fucked like a bitch make >me horny

> after few minute he cum on my asshole and >my balls
a year after this he come to my town and we are at the same school. i ve tried many time to him but he never replied to me. i can see that he didn t managed to seduce girl. One day he come to me :

> "hi anon, sorry for been so distant but i don't want people know about us"

>"don' t worry my secret is your secret"

one friday night we met at the stadium,he was a little bit drunk, we talked. i followed him when he go to piss.

> "what are you doing anon ?"

>"i want to suck your cock"

> he accept with hesitation, we go on a locked toilet.everybody watch the match

>he get off his pant as i kneel waiting my meal

>I wank his long and soft dick, he start to moan as i wank him faster

> he sigh "suck me bitch…". i obey and put his long cock in my mouse and start to suck him vigorously

> i taste his ball, lick his head and rub his dick all over my face. feel more slutty than the first time

> he was too, so he grabbed my brown long hair and fuck my mouth

> say nothing and let him go and out of my mouth like he want

> barely puk several time but i want to be his bitch

> he cum on my face

> i try tasting his cum by cleaning his cock with my tongue

>it was warm , salty and strange but not so bad

>i say to him "you can call me when you want, i will be ready to be your bitch at any time…
>thoses autocorrect words inbetween
my fucking sides, 10/10 i couldnt even pay attention to the story
underrated post of the year
thanks for wasting a minute of my time

top kek doe
nice use of gender-neutral pronouns, completely killed my boner
you're in the wrong thread fag
Has to be in .gif format, dude. This is /gif/.
Tiene peor inglés que yo el hijoputa xD
whats her name, im in tumon?
Is this a Jojo reference?
Heres thw image. Forgot about the whole .gif file thing.

Anyway, I always thought she was a 10/10. Fml gonna go kill myself now.
Fuck if I remeber.
Uh no offence, but this thread is really.... really....

... gay.
This is the gayest fucking shit ever posted on the internet. At least you faggots are no longer denying it lmao.
source on vid?
not bad 4 a trans
why is my cock so hard? I think i have a new fetish
why are you here? are you lost
I think so too man. She had been on HRT for about three years at the point we were dating.
File: 1492175003185.webm (3.83 MB, 646x364)
3.83 MB
3.83 MB WEBM
mfw the tranny in this webm comes from the same country as me
>my country is blocked on her chaturbate
>i will never be able to track her down and seduce that sweet boipussi
File: 1492174232068.webm (3.81 MB, 640x480)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB WEBM
I knew before puberty that I was transgender, I started seducing other guys to fuck me when i was around 15 after my father died
on this picture s/he's even beter lookin
> Igual gran a condom and try todo put it in my Dick
This isn't a sounding thread.
File: 1474566698587.webm (1.82 MB, 966x544)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB WEBM
This is how it all started for me.

18 years old and a month trip to Thailand, met a really good friend that didn't state what she had between her legs. We were out partying and being in a really adventurous mood, we both tried some E.

We danced pretty long into the night before I groped her on the dance floor. Pretty thick with people so not like anyone would see it. Felt her bulge and I knew by then that I was really into it. Might also have been her grinding up against me, safe to say - we both enjoyed ourselves for a few hours. Switching and all that, and while I've never got an orgasm from anal play, nothing beats the feeling being with shemales and traps.

be more virile
God, her eyes still drive me crazy man.

I remeber one night we just sat on a beach for hours. It was best night of my life.
This is probably the best full body pic i have of her. Lost a bunch after swapping phones.

Oh boy, what's next? Trannies in burqas?
What are you even saying mate?
>I knew before puberty that I was transgender, I started seducing other guys to fuck me when i was around 15 after my father died
>I came purely from anal and didn't even know it
Fucked up your big made up story with one line, lying faggot.

Cumming from anal only is the most intense orgasm you can possibly have. One does not simply cum from a prostate orgasm and "not know it".
Not him, but what you say isn't totally true. From experience, there's 3 types:

>You don't orgasm, but cum, generally oozing it slowly.
>You orgasm, but no ejaculation.
>You orgasm and cum at the same time.

Third is the holy grail. Agree it'd be weird to not know you've cum, even without an orgasm you can physically feel it dripping out of your dick.
I r8 10/10 m80
>Gran my dad's car
> Igual gran a condom and try todo put it in my Dick
>historia Dick
> He says i cantidad fuck him un the ass because ir hurts
> I want him to fuck me doogiestyle
>be me
>pretty fit
>walking into wood for training
>run run run
>suddely hear something, a moan
>pull out sword
>I am paladin
>was training in wood for crusade against orcs
>I inspect trees carefully
>no orcs, but I see dragon
>I prepare to strike
>dragon see me, and we begin fight
>pretty hard
>the dragon is a pink dragon, btw
>about half Hp dragon pulls out dick
>are you not fem-dragon? u are pink
>answer is nope
>"transdrake here"
>in the most femmine drake voice ever
>I am confused
>I start to suck off dragon
>lava cum erupts
>I make level up, reach lv.7
>Pick orc-slayer perk
>MFW ready for crusade against orcs
>I will never tell how I leveled to other paladins
File: 1457370399712.gif (3.02 MB, 257x242)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB GIF
Ayyy I never thought I'd find Rule 34 futanari porn of Delocated on adult swim
thank you for this, I loled
Then why are you here, faggot.
>Be me
>watched porn since the age of dial-up
>therefore into everything pretty much everything
>always come back to shemale porn
>hide it from all my girlfriends
>about 30 years old when a gf of 6 years breaks up with me
>decide to fuck a tranny
>between backpage, craigslist, transgenderdate-com I hook with over a dozen girls
>typically an escort, though some great unpaid experiences
>turns out I'm a huge cocksucker
>I like the idea of taking it the ass, but it's more fun to fuck them
>with another female now, have a house & a baby
>I told her early on that I'm into trannies & strap-on sex
>lead balloon, she chooses to ignore the topic entirely
>mfw she'll never give me so much as a finger in the ass while giving BJ
>lately super tempted to visit escort t-girls
>but It'd be lame to get AIDS from a shemale when I have a 3 year old
>there's this nasty BBW female escort who does strap-on, but it defeats the purpose
>I'm a cocksucker not a butt slut. besides, I have a dildo so I could always do that myself.
>sucking a dildo is not nearly as fun as the real thing.
>I always hated it when a tranny would put on a rubber before letting me suck it
>Not that it ever stopped me.
Was 18, off to college, alone for first time.
Didn't know anyone at college, because I went cross-country to get away from abusive father. He hates me because I was not the son he wanted. I'm just 5'2" and 105.
Get to college, assigned dorm room, but change roommates 3x in first two weeks.
Finally, I am paired up with another loner.
He is short, only 5'8", and we kind of form the short guys club in the dorm.
First week in room, I come back from class, and I find him cross-dressed in little black dress.
Holy fuck! I've never been kissed, let enough around anything sex related.
He/she is a turn-on though.
Things turn sexual immediately. We start kissing. We start fondling. And I suck his cock, and before long, I am being fucked. WOW!
Love it. I beg him to dress me up.
His clothes are big on me, but I feel girly. He fucks me several times that night.
I am hooked. I've never gone back to guy-mode sense. The college has a program for t-girls.
He's not a t-girl. He just likes to cross-dress.
Me, I want tits, and eventually my own pussy.
If science ever allows it, I will get enough to get pregnant. But, I doubt that will happen.
I go to classes as a female. It is nearing end of first year. Haven't told my parents. Don't know if I will ever see them again. Going to roommate with 2 other girls over summer. We've become friends.
Stop posting this shit story
Someone's never been fucked in the ass before
Wouldn't be surprised. Transgenderism is often accepted in Islamic countries to the point that they'll force regular ol' gay people into having a sex change so that it's 'not gay'
Claire maybe?
my current gf is transgendered. I'm hoping for long nights of holding hands and kissing.
More likely they'll execute them
File: 1484188561053.gif (1.66 MB, 250x196)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF
Robin banks
>be 15
>mates younger bro is 10
>one thing lead to another
>he sucked me off in a tent
>moved away
>years later visit friend
>be 22
>younger brother is now sister
>stay over for a week
>on 2nd night friends psycho gf goes on rampage
>me and younger brother/sister
>put on film
>talk over it
>decide to go for it
>its been a few years since we went camping together
>fucked at least twice a day that week
>she/he visits once a month
>call it our bareback sessions
There really isn't, it's all attached to one person.
Be 15
He 10
22 he must only be 17
Fib will be contacting you sir
File: fuck off gif gif.gif (83 KB, 528x569)
83 KB

This is as much as I'm giving you assholes. If you don't believe me, then I'll fuck off and you can keep jerking it to your greentext stories.
File: idiots.gif (175 KB, 652x639)
175 KB
175 KB GIF

Here's an old pic of me, when I just started getting into crossdressing. You fucking idiots don't understand how much time and effort goes into finding the proper wig/hairstyle, make-up, clothing, body language, etc. I literally told you idiots I spent weeks trying to perfect shit.

But don't believe me. I throw you idiots a bone and you go for my jugular. Just jerk off to your green text stories.
> Implying you look good after all that work
always wondered if someone came while you had your dick in their ass, does it feel good to have their prostate twitching against your dick?
>holy shit you people are needy
>heres me catering to you anyway with the promise of more to come
4chan isnt a dating website, friend
youre supremely retarded
>>10451522 is right

>when I just started

Learn to read, idiots.
I don't believe that's not just someone taken off instagram or whatever without a timestamp, but I'm horny now.
would bang 10/10
>due to some circumstances, hadn't blown a load in any way for over two months
>suddenly really horny
>see an ad on craigslist for a trans looking for a good time, no cash, just plain ol sex
>immediately head over (not before stopping for condoms because fuck going in bare in some stranger's ass)
>curious about giving head
>go down but turns out I hate being submissive
>thrust my dick in >her face but >she says >she says she doesn't really like giving head, asks me if I wanna get pounded
>angry now, I tell >her to bend over
>slip on a condom and start pounding >her ass
>really going at it like a madman, feel great dominating
>came a load so huge, after not doing so for so long, that my cum spilled out of the condom on to the ground
>shoved >her off my cock onto the bed
>left and took a long shower at home

Remember, the fantasy is ALWAYS better than the reality. Felt good busting a huge nut though.
source of gif? O___O
My friend and I quote on quote friend routinely edged each other for days at a time then when we finally went at it I would generally chuckle at how much Precum he was leaking till he exploded and due to all the stimulation I could feel his prostate twitch which I generally what sent me over the edge
Damn straight.

It has nothing to do with confusion. Genders aren't "hardlocked". If you're wire to like feminine features like soft skin, delicate hands and features it's no wonder that you'll be attracted to men who share these traits. The same reasons you wouldn't be attracted to women who looks masculine.
Only if they have the same birthday.
>bored on okcupid
>bi, see cute trans girl. they're pretty rare. haven't nut in six days, why not
>grab a drink, shes tall
>talk about video games and books, she also wont shut up about jojos or something
>she invites me back
>sitting on her couch, she leans up against me and starts rubbing my thighs
>already hard
>we kiss
>she kneels in front of me, i pull down my jeans
>lots of compliments and stroking
>all of a sudden, she just starts going down, almost throats me, gags a few times. from zero to skank in a matter of a minute
>she's outright ravenous, i last about thirty seconds
>she pulls off, i finish on her face
>she demands a towel, grab closest one in the bathroom
>she wipes off bukkake
>asks if i want to stay the night. sure.
>wake up to more head
>asks if i want to fuck
>she meant if she can fuck me, as she takes off her pajama bottoms
>i say no
>she sadfaces as she pulls them down
>she's... kinda big. and her face is cute. i say ok.
>take a quick shower, when i'm out, she's hard
>grower, not a shower
>fucking hung
>she lubes me up, not fun because of her nails, i do the rest instead
>she lays into me
>fullest i'll ever feel
>she goes harder, squeaky bed. i start studying the floral pattern on the sheets
>i say harder
>she takes it too far
>i tell her to slow down
>'take it like a man' 'i didn't know bi stood for bitch'
>pulls out and tells me to turn over
>she cums on my face
>i ask for a towel
>she says no
>she laughs
>waits a minute
>then says fine and grabs me one
>gives me a kiss after i wipe off

we fucked two more times after that, not as fun
>'i didn't know bi stood for bitch'
>I throw you idiots a bone and you go for my jugular
Well I for one don't take kindly to low quality bait, so if you don't have a timestamp, good riddance.
>he get off his pant as i kneel waiting my meal



Story time faggots
> be me
> be horny
> go on cl looking for sex
> see good looking trans
> he/she is submissive.jpg
> agree on a price
> of course
> park like 1/2 mile away
> leave wallet etc in car only being cash and keys important to the end
> show up
> just like pics holy shit
> anyway we get to it she/he takes their cloths off huge dick.jpg
> I strip put on the condom We go at it full dick in da boypucci
> cum within minutes
> rest for a few
> pay her prepare to leave
> fucking faggot pulls out a gun demands more
> no wallet bitch.jpg
> tells me to get the fuck out
and that guys is the last time I paid for sex with a trans

Yeah I've always been worried something like that would happen with those ads on craigslist.
The artist for this picture is Ohhi Tehan
File: 1398819367.webm (3.88 MB, 512x410)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB WEBM
I really need sauce for this. Plz help
File: 1485835363941.webm (3.81 MB, 720x400)
3.81 MB
3.81 MB WEBM
If they were going to rob you why not just do it before you banged?
i've had so many encounters with tranny escorts and girls i met who were transitioning who I hooked up with I don't even know where to start.
>just hooked up with a tgirl i haven't seen in years
>have to sneak away from gf to end up fucking in the back seat of my car
>she used to be a hooker
>scared to shit I have aids now and can't get tested because it's won't show up on tests because it's too soon and she swears she's clean.
I always fantasized about breeding some boipussy but i swear i'll never play unsafe again
dude im in like almost the same scenario
dip man, i was gonna go get tested for my bday (tomorrow) but my girl won't be outta town til sat when i really want to fuck her again, protected this time. If she bails i'm heading to Kaiser and getting everything done. Although I'm not sure if it's a low point when you can make the lab nurse laugh telling her all the shit you've done and why you need to be tested
File: traaps.webm (2.86 MB, 480x600)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
tip top kek This is honestly my new fav video. Who is this btw?

So cute and such a tease, your lips are amazing.
Shame if you don't post more, they made me cum twice by now.
My lodger is a tranny hooker based in manchester lol
I want to get the cum fucked out of me by a ladyboy, but butt stuff just makes me go soft.
>"You can do betta than that!"
Pounding Intensifies
I can tell by your grammar that you didn't go to BM, Jesuit or Holy Cross. I'm guessing you went to Grace King or Rummel.
File: WIN_20170219_095147.webm (1.22 MB, 1280x720)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB WEBM
starting hrt soon I hope
why can't you retarded faggots read the filenames? why?
File: snowwhite.gif (1.1 MB, 121x99)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
ok once you started doing "coke off a coin" I knew your story was bullshit.
definitely would fuck material
>browsing tumblr for shemale escort
>see one visiting Las Vegas
>message her if shes still in town
>she says yes
>we set up a date that night
>I only could afford her time and not a room
>pick her up in my truck and drive to dark road
>we climb in back seat
>she pulls her skirt off
>I pull off her panties and see it
>i immediately take her whole dick in my mouth
>it gets bigger
>and keeps growing
>her balls are on my chin and im gagging
>she holds my head as she fucks my mouth
>she cums big tasty load and i swallow it all
>she turns around and put a condom on
>start fucking her ass hard and deep
>tight as fuck
>came in like 60 seconds I was so turned on
>dropped her off
>rock hard the whole drive home
pic related
wont let me upload pic so heres her tumblr
>take g/f out for b/day
>end up at bar.nightclub
>fat goth chic walks in with obvious ugly as shit manfaced tranny
>drinking etc
>leave and walk to taxi rank
>about 10 people in line
>fatty goth and tranny join line
>car drives past slow full of young dudes blaring music
>2 minutes later hear car coming again
>dude hanging out window yells faggot cunt or something
>throws one of them jumbo slurpee drinks
>hits tranny square in face explodes over fatty as well
>tranny covered in thick red goo
>start laughing uncontrollably
>tranny just looks at me with shitty expression
>laugh even harder
>tranny and fatty take off sobbing
>greatest night ever
swallows load from tranny hooker
>genius,real thinker
Just wanted to tell you you're super cute anon, glad you made it out of that encounter okay.
I asked for stories, he gave me a story. He is in the right thread.
Man try to change you pc's dns adress. Use the google one
>we talk for a while, finish our drinks and she suggests we leave
>she has an apartment like 5 min away in city centre
all prostitutes do, it's uncanny
>included £50 for her to cum
Wew, you paid for someone else to cum?
Put the name into ashemaletube.com

Should come up.
You're so beautiful anon. I made a thread just for you. I think I'm in love.

File: 1490617355458.gif (2.41 MB, 286x258)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB GIF
>You're so beautiful anon.
>To show how much I adore you, I've created a thread on the autism board complaining about my life without you
File: WIN_20170225_201426.webm (1.67 MB, 1280x720)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB WEBM

>being a gay slut = trans
you're amazing, have anymore?
File: cuuum.webm (2.33 MB, 1280x720)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB WEBM

File: WIN_20170225_182719.webm (1.1 MB, 1280x720)
1.1 MB
french canadian story pls
File: traps_are_gay.webm (2.72 MB, 270x480)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB WEBM
>be me
>started taking hormones right before i entered college
>curious friend
>one thing led to another and we started "blowjob training" for me
>suck cock nearly daily, learned to deep throat, swallow while deep throating too

We stopped messing around after I went post op, unfortunately. Now he's married.

This dude blows trannies for sure.

Can someone edit the sound of a metronome to this?
Quality thread. At level diamond.
do you ever consider threesome with him and his wife?
File: 396.webm (3.99 MB, 360x640)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB WEBM
Chloe Rose. Cutest cock in the business.
File: 397.webm (3.99 MB, 400x400)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB WEBM
>be in a happy relationship
>Gf leaves me for a tranny
>post op
killed my boner
haha it funny because he zoom in a lot
File: 398.webm (3.99 MB, 640x480)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB WEBM
I feel like he struggles with this stuff himself so he has to make videos and upload them publicly to make being straight more of a reality, being that he's doubting it himself.
I'll share.

In highschool I had a few friends I shared my sissy secret with. Never went too far but was fun.

In college I had a roommatewho was 10/10, when ever I had some alone time I'd unpack my sissy stuff and fool around pretending I was with him.

The obvious happened and he walked in on me, and surprisingly was super cool with it.

So there I was slender as a rail 5'nothing, in a trashy maid costume, dildo in my lubed up ass, hair done up, makeup done up, and chocker collar with a slender chain. I offered myself to him.

He took the chain loosely at first and asked me call sorts of embarrassing questions, getting me to admit what I am and what I want. With each answer he gripped the chain tighter and pulled me in closer, bringing my head closer to his cock.

Finally nearly salivating he told me to suck and by God I did.

Cont if you more.
Hahaha Destrehan. My grammer may suck but i can do differential equations faster than anyone else i know
Hot. Continue pls.

He's saying he sees a contradiction in a trans person also being Christian, as much as he sees in a trans person being Muslim. Or, if not Christian/Muslim, then devoutly/outwardly Christian or Muslim.

That's actually pretty common in religiously conservative countries. Gay people exist everywhere, but if your religion says you can't be gay, you can have an out in being the other gender - it's a socially acceptable release valve.

It's why we have so many Brazilian trannies.

17's legal to fuck in plenty of states. I'm in NC, it's legal at 16 here. I think Indiana is 14? Age of consent law is weird.
well alrighty then, i guess im a faggot now
i know where she at fellow countryman
gets harder and harder as it's fucked in the ass.
This is gold, sause
Or say "no homo"
h i d e o u s
File: TRap_(20).gif (1.19 MB, 500x563)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB GIF
some midway we go to the toilets and i blow himtill he go in my mouth( i find that i love cum very much).but one day he come more happy than usual "my parents aren't at home this week end, do you want to spend the friday night with me ?"

>go to his home at20:00 on friday

>he takes me to his sister's room, ask me if i would like to dress like a girl

> i say yes, already do some crossdress with my sister's clothes. I love to look like a girl

>i choose a white tank top, a cute pink pantie with a white skirt, white kneel socks and pink converse

> feel very horny when i look myself in the mirror, start put one and two finger in my ass

> my ass seem ready, i join him in his room, he love what he see

> i start to show him my ass by bending over and other slutty moves

>ask me to come suck him i obey, i put his dick in my mouth and start to blow him

> after few moves i barely swallow all of his cock

> being mouthfulled make me very horny,he go out and i lick furiousy his balls

> say he want to fuck my little ass, i go on doggy style on his bed waiting to be filled like a whore

> he raise my skirt and rub his dick against my pantie while squeezing my butt with his hand

>i'm hard as fuck, beg him to fuck my pussy. he prepare me with 2 finger

>he put some lub on his cock,slide open my panty and put it in my whore's hole

>my ass is now familiar with insertion so it's not difficult as the first time

> he fuck me slowly to make his path. after some move he accelerate his speed

> i start to moan loudly. the pleasure is more intense than the first time

>Say he gonna cum, we make a stop. I go on my back and we fuck again

>i feel him more deep in my ass, i'm on fire and i start to jerk off

>he speed up one last time and make me cum on my belly.

>ask me to finish him with my mouth, i obey and suck him like slut

>he cum a big load all over my face and my mouth, i wash his dick with my tongue and swallow the cum on my face
File: 7.gif (496 KB, 320x257)
496 KB
496 KB GIF
>we go eat and play some video games.Few hour late he crushed me on super smash bros tournament

> ask to suck him in reward. I blow him on the couch, always wearing his sister's outfit

> ask him if i can change my wear,

>Go to his mother's room, i find high heel at my size that i put with some stocking

>not easy toi walk with this but that make me a great ass.

>bend over the table and start to shake my ass in front of him

>he come to me, he lower my panty and penetrate me without hesitation

>he fuck me fast at the begening the he make wide movement

>i know can feel his balls crushing on my butt

>have the head against the table taking it like office slut, didn't notice that i moan loudly

> he grabbed my hair and redress me, he slap my butt and pound me hard

> he start to be painfull but i dont care, the feeling is to good

> i feel his cock going in and out till i can feel his warm cum spilling in my ass

After this we continu to see each other in the school's toilets, i start to let my hair grow and watch make up tuto for being more like a girl.i also buy or found girly clothes. twice time he fucked me in a wood not far of the school. But we stop it , afraid of being caught. We had to wait to have our house for ourself ( was impossible for me and not often for him)…
>repeating the same shit with unfunny zooms
the first one was kinda funny but i mean could he at least try something different instead of doing the same thing he did last time but in a different tone of voice
wow good people in 4chan!
wow dude this is really fucking cringe and gay
still not finding it.....
saude on that gif? full name??
Dude wtf, trannies are dangerous for catching stds and you a chose a fucking black one. That is like rubbing against or sucking on a magnet for stds.
I like small appartments :)
Because of the tranny dick swaying back and forth is like a metronome ... OHHH you don't know what a metronome is. Google it. It'll make sense then.
>that cum dribbling on your socks



pls post more
bonus points for cum on socks
kimberlygati / kimberlygati2 on cb
I know what a metronome is you fucking retard, but no one is going to spend the time making that edit you faggot, if you want it done do it your fucking self.
Hahaha triggered you piece of shit.
Nope, you are just loser who wont do anything yourself. So good luck with that.
You make me laugh.
What the fuck are you two pathetic shits even arguing about? Just shut the fuck up.
Just some fuck who doesn't know what a metronome is.
Thanks for the in-depth response fucking loser.
some faggot who wants people to do everything for him because he doesn't know how to make simple edits.
Can you tell me about getting a TS in london? Visiting soon and I have no idea where to begin.
>be 22 5'11 masc guy with a 6inch
>Wanna try sucking cock because of these threads
>Find a guy on Grindr
>He's 45
>Swap pics
>he says he has a thick 8.5 inch cock, uncut
>Also looks in-shape
>Go over to his place after bailing twice before
>He's shorter than me...
>Decide to wait till I see the cock
>It's flacid and really small....
>Kinda lose desire to do it since I wanted to suck a cock bigger than mine
>Say fuck it since I'm already there
>We head to his bedroom and tells me to strip
>Lay down on my stomach between
>Between his legs
>Tasting cock for the first time
>Doesn't taste like anything
>Start rubbing my lips and tongue all over his small flacid dick
>Quickly starts getting harder..
>Star sucking on it
>Now it's harder and big.......
>Really big!

Jk of course I will lol

>He wasn't lying about his size
>Get turned on from sucking a big cock
>Go slut mode on it
>Worshipping his cock...
>Deepthroat it
>Drooling on it
>Saliva everywhere
>Lick up and down the shaft, kissing his balls at the bottom
>Hear him moaning
>He starts pushing the back of my head
>Forcing me to deepthroat
>Holds my face balls deep till I gag
>Let's go... *I gasp for air "fuck!"
>Start gagging on his big cock by myself
>"You like gagging on my cock?"
>"Yes sir"
>Grabs my head
>Starts forcing my head up and down hard and fast on his dick
>OMG I'm being face fucked
>Trying g to breath for In-between for air
>Involuntary start making the loud gag sound from porn
>get lost in the the erotic experience and loose track of time worshipping his prefect dick
Alternate back and forth between me hungrily worshipping his dick and him face fucking me
>Drool all over his cock and balls as well as my face and hands
>eventually feel him tense up
>He shoves my head balls deep on him
>Gag hard as he moans really loud
>Feel something thicker than spit all of a sudden in my mouth and throat
>He's cumming ....
>He's force feeding me his cum
>He lets go
>Go up, gasping for air
>Drool out his cum when I do
>Tastes not to bad actually
>Cum all over my lips and chin
>Lick his cum off my lips
>"I see you like the taste"
>"Cum back again if you want more"
>Jerk off at home that night to how he went full porn star on me as if I was a slut
>Go back two more times...
>Still visit him sometimes

And that's how I became a discreet suck slut for a older guy with big fat cock

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