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What are some degrading sexual acts a sissy whore can perform or be performed on?

Things like licking the dominant's feet, deepthroating, saying please etc.
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Being tickled is very humiliating and submissive if the man is much stronger, and able to hold both her arms with one hand.
Old dude doesn't put up with that shit on his sidewalk. No siree
This man got trips now give him the sauce
Anal with KY only. It's water based and dries up pretty fast, so you get really good friction about 3 minutes into it if you're pulling out pretty far between thrusts. I always went with the "lots of lube" advice until I tried just enough KY to get in there and then had some good friction anal. There is no better feeling on your dick, and it literally makes them grunt, every time. Never had a gf say it actually hurt once I was in, just that it was "intense" because of the friction. After penetration, lube is the enemy of good anal.
When I give in to my Bi bottom side every now and then nothing gets me off as quickly or reliably as getting spit on.
Never really worked for me with women though, bei it dominant or sub.
Based old man.
gia paige
Spat on
Pissed on
Ass to Mouth
Begging (particularly for something humiliating)
Ass worship / Face sitting
Foot worship
Human footstool
Don't forget about ruined orgasms
File: HhvwTqY.gif (476 KB, 500x250)
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476 KB GIF
Ass to pussy
Sounds like the guys from facial abuse
gia paige first time at facefucking
Got a longish story of it
>be at high school party, about 5 drinks in because i talk no no one, in closet pre-trans
>gets out of hand, police called, everyone either runs, or talk shit to cops, im too anti confrontational, im "yes sir, no sir" most of the time
>cop cuts me and a few others a break, call for a ride since after curfew, call "Jim" for a ride since he has access to car, my mom works nights
>Jim is friend I've had sex with, big cock, ugly face, bad additude
>picks me up, drops me off, invite him inside
>Hes grumpy since i woke him up, make up for it blowing him
>during bj, he keeps trying to undress me, eventually end up naked
>my jaw hurts, I stop, but he wants to cum
>talked me into sex, I go to bathroom to clean up a bit
>return to him still wearing his sweats jacking off
>beg him to wear condom, has me put it on
>i sit on it, been a while so i struggle
>hes rock hard, keeps pulling my hips down on him
>constant switch of positions, me on top, him on top, doggy, spoon
>30 min pass, still no cum
>tells me its the condom
>still rock hard, talked me into taking it off him
>sit on it again bareback
>"oh yea, this is better" he told me
>continue fucking, another 30 min pass, no cum
>i ask for bathroom break, longer than i expected
>go pee, thirsty, go to fridge, only MNTN Dew to drink, chug a lot
>get pushed down on countertop, Jim enters me again, he lubed up his dick
>i notice the counter is getting dirty, tell Jim not here
>he doesnt pull out, instead hold my belly and guides me to the couch
>pushes me down and lays on top, all without pulling out
>get proned on my couch, still rock hard
>"are you going to cum or what?" I ask, he laughs and says he's trying
>asks me to blow him again, im not into atm
>pulls out and puts it on my face
>i resist but eventually give
>"can i cum on your face?"
>didnt want to but agreed
>got a few dribbles of pre cum, but no actual cum
>"fuck, im trying Anon."
>know its not over, get back on him
>ride him for what felt like 15 minutes
>thinks hes cuming, puts me on my knees and gives me pre cum again
>frustrated with him again, take another piss/MNTN Dew chug
>go back to couch, im not even horny anymore, im just trying to "thank him" for helping me out
>try any position he asked for, piledriver, prone, atm
>says he wants a bed, carried me while still in me, past my room into my moms room
>big bed, thrown onto it
>still see him really hard, im just mad i havent made him cum yet
>fucks me hard, hurts but he has to cum
>we're both tired, tell him he can cum in me if he wants
>i turn around, face down ass up
>he goes in, pounds away
>he collapses on top of me, forcing me down, we both lay there panting

>he pulls me up, guides me to my room, he didnt cum
>im exhausted, begin passing out, wake up to him still fucking me watching porn on my laptop
>to tired to care, told him he could finish
>woke up a few more times when he got too rough or would move me to a diff position
>continue waking up to diff videos, pre cum on my back or face, dick slapping my ass

>wake up to him cleaning himself up, my laptop is off now, tells me he's leaving
>walk him out, say bye, hear birds chirping, feel messy
>go to bathroom, see a thick cumshot on my face, dry pre cum everywhere else on my body
>wipe off and go back to bed, 4:30am
>wake up semi hung over, mom is asleep, take shower and see how messy I really was
>legs and ass really sore, hard to walk around, anus still gaping on its own
>clean counter tops and couch

>find gas station stamina pill and numbing cream wrappers in my room, see why it was so hard to make Jim cum
>Jim laughs at my accusations

Today im still mad at him, and will TOTALLY let him do it again
Looks like the guy from stranger things
Actually sounds pretty fun
See this just looks annoying. I don't want a subs that cries, i want one that smiles and tries her best to please me, because her knows that as her master if i am not happy she has no fucking right to be.
Love this though, make her kiss the floor while i vibe her? Sound like some good accociation that could be useful!

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