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>>Greentext your first anal stories.
I'm really curious, so I want to hear your first time stories.
File: 1461706276579.webm (2.96 MB, 646x364)
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2.96 MB WEBM
Recieving, not giving.
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this is kind gay
Don't really have an anal story. Closest I have..
>meet up with older married man
>he brings me back to his hotel room
>begins taking my clothes off and making out
>tells me to lay face down on the bed and spread my legs
>I do as I'm told
>he lays down on the bed and begins licking my asshole
>utter bliss ensues
>he moves up and lays on top of me
>his cock is resting on my hole
>asks me if I want it
And then reality kicked us both in the balls
>I ask if he has a condom, he says no
>I decline but I do give him a blowjob
I wanted to get fucked and if he had pushed me I would've given in but I just couldn't really risk an STD. Yeah I could've got one from oral but whatever.
been looking for sauce of this forever.
File: 1463333748025.gif (793 KB, 320x240)
793 KB
793 KB GIF

you fucking retard.
>meet up older man at hotel
>start to suck his dick
>hes a good size, about 6.5 and fairly thick
>eventually get on my knees
>lift my ass up
>he puts on a condom
>sticks it in slowly
>hurts a bit for a few minutes, gradually starts to feel better
>start taking it balls deep
>he cums in about 20 minutes
All in all, pretty decent. Not the best dick I've taken but it's up there. Would've been better if he came in me
I can post a few if you want, but this is my first:

>be me
>be 21
>have long term gf for two years, but she is in college 3 hours away.
>been heavily experimenting with self anal
>to the point I had dildo stand ins and really enjoyed anal stretching.
>always get on CL m4m but never meet up with anyone.
>really wanna fuck with a guy
>haven't had sex in 2 months cause school.
>go searching
>find a post looking for a first timer, guy sounds laid back, only a little older than me.
>message him, tell him the whole situation, and that in hesitant.
>I may like stretching, but I'm only 5'0 tall and I'm tiny.
>stretched out for me is what a normal dick would need.
>he is all down.
>tells me his address.
>leave parents house, have to use printed out mapquest instructions.
>get to his house, he comes out of door.
>tells me I have a cool car (shitheap 1998 RS Camaro.)
>we go inside.
>its kind of a dump
>go to his room, he lays down on bed with TV on, pretends to want to watch
>Lay down next to him
>he cuddles all around me
>First he holds me
>then he pulls me in for a kiss
>realize I hate kissing dudes, but being forced to is hot.
>feel his raging boner through his sweatpants
>start to try to play with his, he pulls me onto his stomach
>I'm jerkin him off while he kisses me and pulls on my little dime sized nipples.
>I jerk him and it feels so good in my hand.
>its huge compared to mine, and the hot slightly throbbing feeling of a different cock makes me so hard.
>he's jerking me off, but I wanna suck this beautiful meaty miracle.
>I suck on the tip, it tastes wonderful, a weirdly neutral salty taste.
>work my way down it, lick the base up to the head.
>start to blow him in earnest.
>throwup a little bit in my mouth, but swallow it before he can notice.
>he starts to get too close, stops me.
>he puts me on all fours on his bed
>needs to cool down.
>finishes pulling off me clothes and he sits next to the bed on the floor.
>apprehension, but I think I know

>he kisses my ass cheeks, and runs his stubbly face against my ass.
>he commends me on how smooth and hairless I am
>starts to bite my ass, but each bite is closer to my ass hole.
>getting hard from this again
>suddenly, a tongue graces my softest spot
>it feels weird but amazing
>he starts to put pressure on his tongue, swirls it around
>feels heady and foreign but so pleasurable
>he does this for about 10 minutes, I jump between various states of arousal and anxiety
>feel him push something bigger in
>the tip of his finger
>its not too much at all, feels nice.
>he pushes it in all the way, pulls it out with his finger curled
>he sighs and feel him move away from me.
>hear some kind of plastic bottle
>suddenly my asshole is very cold
>feel him probing me
>much easier now, feels only good
>works his way up to a couple fingers
>moaning and whining like a little bitch but nonetheless enjoying it, I'm just in my hands and knees taking it
>he stops and stands up
>his hands grab my waist, he pulls me to the very edge of the bed
>he promises me he'll go real slow and be very careful
>pushes his dick into me very slowly
>it hurts
>it hurts a ton
>hes very generous with the lube and I'm braving it the best I can
>waiting for the moment it feels good, like all the other 4chan stories promised
>still hurts
>he tells me I feel so good, I'm so tight, that I'm being such a good boy
>suddenly has not being gentle nor slow with me
>he grabs the back of my head and pushes me down, and holds my hip with his other
>he is just wrecking me
>goes for what feels like eternity
>he asks if I'm okay
>dick has gone soft and tiny
>he pulls out with a puckered (pop)
>lays down
>tells me to sit on it
>awkwardly get him in me
>bounce a couple times
>it just hits way too deep in me
>ask if we can stop
>he says yes
>I start blowing him apologetically, he can tell
>go for a good bit, really trying to make him cum
>notice a taste slowly creeping in my mouth
>its my own ass
>curios for about 2 years
>be extremly horny
>go to gay cam site
>i start jerkin off for 7 different guys
>one guy ask me where im from
>find out were pretty near each other
>he asks if i want to see him on cam too
>hell yea
>he is very fit with sixpack and nice chest
>turns me on even more
>asks me if i want to meet up sometime
>i say that if he can drive to me il be ready
>about 20 mins later he drives into a parking lot
>i ask if he is ready and he says yes
>i get inside his car and show him a spot where we can fuck in his car
>get there and start taking off clothes
>he is rock hard 7.5 inches
>oh fuck yes
>stat slowly jerkin him off until he grabs my head and make me suck him off
>never knew i liked getting dominated
>he pulls out of my mouth and cum on my face
>i lick some of it off but is pretty much coverd
>he turns me around and smacks my ass
>he puts 2 fingers inside me and start fingering me
>i almost cum because he constantly hits a good spot
>he stops when i say im close and moves me on top of him
>he puts a ton of lube on his dick and pulls me down on it
>he sticks it all the way in and i almost cum from it
>i start slowly riding him until he grabs my hips and move me around
>he jerks me off and i cum on his chest
>he makes out with me and grabs my ass
>after about 20 minutes of me begin a complete slut for him he cums in my ass
>i can feel it dripping out of me
>he gives me his phone number and drop me off at home
it was the best sex ive ever had and i fucked him countless times since

>this sucks so much
>Run to his bathroom and wash out my mouth
>come back in
>he hugs me and tells me I did a good job
>holds me
>falls back into the bed
>fingers my ass and jerks me off until I cum
>tells me he wanted to make sure i enjoyed myself
>leave really awkwardly
>he messages me, says he had a lot of fun, wants to do it again
>feeling pretty awful about cheating
>tell him I didnt really like it, feel bad for not making him cum
>he blew a stealth load in my ass and kept fucking
>never meet up with him again
here goes my first experience with anal

>seek for a way to meet man who wants to fuck
>have no idea how to
>google "men seeking men" and start browsing
>see some tips from other gay people about good web sites (grindr was not a thing)
>create account, but find a advertisement of a random dude on a website like craigslist
>you can advertise and seel from job and things to massages and your ass
>send message on whatsapp
>he sends me some pics of his dick and some random gay porn videos
>I get horny and go meet him at a close train station
>guy is kinda ugly, short, bit fat, and use those very bold glasses (red flag for insecurity taking over #1)
>average 30-40 y/o dude, whatever
>he pays for my ticket and we go to a motel that I have no idea where was
>we talk a lot about me, what I do, who I'm, how many friends on the way
>I get that he probably have some kink shit with shy guys or something
>pays the motel and we go to the room
>still talking we start undressing
>he tells me about his son that have my age (wtf)
>I'm naked
>he blows me a little
>takes off his underpants
>dick is not the one in the picture (red flag for insecurity taking over #2)
>his dick was like 15cm with a lot of foreskin
>ask me to blow him
>try and gag, almost throw up (red flag for insecurity taking over #3)
>I get on 4 and ask me to fuck me
>he licks my bhole a little
>tries to insert dick, kinda dry, too fast
>fell a acute pain in the ass (red flag #4 insecurity takes over)
>I knew it was nothing serious and didn't hurt me
>start giving some bshit that it really hurts and probably cut me inside
>convince him after a lot of tries
>he goes take a shower, ask me to join, and I refuse
>we leave

we left after 20 minutes in the motel, he paid for 3 hours
never talked to him again
File: 1469323565172.webm (1.96 MB, 270x480)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB WEBM
Please post a source.
Second one

>start using the website I mentione earlier (which is manhunt in case you guys want to know)
>chat with a random old dude, college teacher
>use my experience to confirm that I'm not going to get a false dick pic and be dragged to a random 10bucks motel
>white old dude, dick is 16cm or so
>let's go
>go meet him in a random very calm street
>he is coming out of a doctor apointment
>barelly says hi, tells me to get in the car
>he is probably just worried about secrecy and stuff
>he starts asking about me, what I do, bla bla bla
>every single word out of my mouth is a lie
>my name, ocupation, age
>guess I'm going to do this a lot of times
>present myself as straight so I don't want no one to know who I'm and that I'm bissexual
>we go to his apartment
>very small place
>he puts some gay video on the tv and we get naked
>start handjob on him
>don't wanna suck, afraid it will raid a red flag for insecurity
>after a while we go to bed, I'm on 4
>he tells me that the position is bad for someone with no experience
>for some reason I start getting nervous and want to leave
>he calms me down and tells me to lay on my stomach
>starts fingering me with loads of lube
>after a with he changes the finger for his dick (had a condom on)
>it goes all the way with no problems
>fells good, not much
>I accept that it will not be awesome and just close my eyes and enjoy until ends
>he cums after a while
>no pain no insecurity
>7/10 experience
>we talked a little more
>he advises me to do something of my life (lied earlier saying that I just play games and sleep)
>he leave me at a train station

never talked to him again
>first time
>black guy
>novice so never asked how big he was
>pants come off
>he fucks me with his 4" dick
>"I-Is it in yet?"
My first...
Be me, virgin M 15ish, have a g/f who won't sleep with me (dated for a year that tease) and just like every other middle schooler, I'm horny as fuck. So, a friend of mine invites me over and we get parent approval for a sleep over. So we somehow end up with a bottle of booze. He tells me he wants to turn the lights off and masturbate. I'm game of course even though we have never done anything like this before, horny as fuck remember? We each take pillows and put them over our crotches and start playing. He complains after a few minutes of having our cocks out that he can't get hard. Asks me to help. So I reach over and grab his little dick. Probably about 2 inches and soft. I stroke his cock slow for a bit and he starts growing. I let go to rub down to his balls then back to his dick. It grows and grows, he said 10 inches but I don't know, it was bigger than mine. He was long, and thin with a big head. I'm hard as fuck at this point and he asks me to suck on it. Not my first bj but I wasn't good enough to make him cum in my mouth, booze maybe fucked that up. Anyway, he sucked mine a bit then me him. Eventually he got up and ran up stairs said he'd be right back. I wasn't sure what he was doing. Came back with lube and started masturbating with lube. I matched him and I got real close. Just before I came, he asked me to come here. I didn't know what he wanted but I got up and walked over in front of him. He said turn around and pulled my hips down. I guided him in, slow at first and shallow. It felt so good. I started riding up and down, faster and deeper. He was really getting into it, told me I felt as good as his girlfriend. But me, well I got soft. Embarrassed by my small dick (even from behind) at about an inch and now the stronge urge to poop, I pulled out wihtout him cuming. Went to the bathroom and pooped, apparently I got some on his dick. He asked if I was ok and wanted to come in the bathroom. I don't think he realized I was pooping. TBC
we go back to the couch and finish by jerking off and fall asleep together naked on the couch. Wake up to his mom, awkward.
Never slept with him again, but I'll never forget my first.
Now I'm married to a wonderful dom girl that pegs me and does some really kinky stuff. I would fuck a another guy if she'd let me but she does let me jerk off to gay porn! Thanks 4chan!
Third one, this is the best fuck I had in my life with a man involved

>still seeking on manhunt
>dude with a huge dick as profile pic
>distance is short
>bio says he leaves close to a train station
>chat a little, he send some more picks
>holly shit it's actually his dick
>looks like it's actually big, but create no expectations not to raise red flags
>go see him, very humble building
>he is from north of my country (equivalent to a redneck) and has a very strange name
>forget the name when the gate keeper asks me who I'm going to see
>say just the apartment number
>I go up
>he is at the door
>white dude, about my height (which is nice and hard to find, I'm pretty tall)
>his apartment is falling apart, things are all over the place
>it's as organized as possible on that space
>we go to the "room"
>no talk at all, we take cloths off
>dick was actually big, have no idea how much, but 18cm or more and had girth
>I used to put some very larg objects in my ass so I was not really concerned
>I just kiss the tip, don't want to suck and he just want my ass to
>I don't even ask for a condom, really want to do it raw
>I hand over the lube that I brought with me
>he puts on his dick and fingers me a little
>I'm laid on my stomach
>he puts the tip right at my bhole
>starts pressing
>I'm very horny, guess it helped
>starts going in
>he keeps pushing until its all in
>it hurts when is too deep, he tell me he is giong to try not to go so deep
>starts thrusting
>first time I actually real pleasure with a man
>not sure if the angle or size is making pressure in my prostate, but it is perfect
>he keeps thrusting
>he goes too deep and I hear a snap on my back
>don't hurt but I tell him to slow down
>fuck last for quite some time
>he takes his dick off at a point and starts fingering me
>then we go back to fuck
>I tell him that it's starting to get too rough and I want him to finish
>he cums inside

>go to his bathroom to try to put the stuff out of my ass
>not a single drop
>no paper to clean the lube
>whatever, put my cloths, tell him it was awesome and leave
>I had to get a train and a bus with jiss and lube in my ass
>stop at a mall and go clean myself
>a single drop of blood, but it's not hurting and the cut is probably insignificant
>clean butt, fell dirty, just want to take a shower
>get in home, everything clean
>try to reach him after some days
>he vanished from the site and I dont have his number
>be me
>be 24
>always wanted a dick in my ass
>used toys before
>really easy to shit now, wow
>never declared being gay
>browse CL for years start up convo then chicken out
>try CL again, but chicken out
>want to really have dick in ass
>go to Kind Clinic to see about Truvada
>get prescribed do the time with medicine
>defense +10
>decided if I want to go through with it, be there in person
>decide to have random sex
>go to videostore and pay for time in booth
>go in turn on tranny porn, leave door open
>playing with buttplug, man comes in
>decent looking, was afraid to go through with it
>meet, talked a bit, took out our dicks
>start sucking mine, then I recepricate
>anon, have you been fucked before?
>i accept
>lay on back, he lifts legs up to shoulder
>I see the insertion
>he was gentle
>feels good
>anon goes faster and continues for 20mins
>anon announces he is about to come
>euphoric feeling
>cums in me
>scared as fuck
>get tested, no problems

I now find it thrilling to have anonymous sex. I know there are huge risks, but it is a thrill I actively seek. I honestly do know how to stop, so I continue visiting the Kind clinic and have no issues.
Congrats. You ate shit and can never donate blood again.
sad news is I've never had a guy cum in my ass or my mouth:( Had a girlfriend tell me I should sometime so I knew how it felt. Should have taken her up on that offer as I'm pretty sure now she had another b/c
Had some other experiences, all shit, not worth telling.
One with a asian trans, paid sex, boring and bad.
Another when I traveled to mexico, random white young guy with premature ejaculation, didn't even got inside my ass
Another with a guy that gives a massage and fucks your ass for some money, poor performance, very cringe dirty talk.

Next good experience (last good one I had) was in Las Vegas
>at the palazzo
>really easy to smugle someone in
>company travel
>already discovered grindr
>seeking guys close by
>spot a friends profile, he works with me
>insta block him
>some days pass
>tipical american reachs me
>40 y/o, white tall and fat dude
>average nice dick, about 17cm
>he comes we get to my room
>I tell him I don't want to make out
>he asks me to suck him
>I actually try this time
>I do ok
>he asks about condom
>I say we can do raw
>he asks about 4 times if I'm clean (that motherfucker)
>he asks me to sit on him on the sofa
>do, he puts the tip inside
>asks me to masturbate and cum over his chest
>I really don't want to do it, cuz after I cum I loose all interest and want to kill my self
>average gif anon I guess
>do anyway, the tip of the dick thrusting makes it amazing
>he starts to slide it in after I cum
>we fuck normally
>few crazy position
>he cums inside
>asks me to blow him again after some minutes
>I don't, just want him to leave
>he takes a shower and leave
>asks me the next day to fuck again, I ignore
>fast forward couple weeks
>HPV warts start to pop in my ass
>and he asked if I was clean, that sob
>have really good and expesinve, company paid health care plan
>2 surgeries to remove warts from inside my asshole
>doctor is really good at his job, takes the surgery opportunity to remove some skin from here and there
>my asshole is now perfecly aesthetic
>I also paid for my girlfriend treatment, cuz I gave it to her later
>still feel guilty to this day

always use condons anons
>like 10am before class
>tell cd on app I wanna fuk
>they invite me over
>tell them to dress up, stay on all fours, and wait for me to come inside, fuck them, and leave
>I arrive
>walk inside
>he's on all fours
>get on my knees
>heart racing
>put it in
>bust within seconds
>wipe up and leave
>messages me saying "hey did you cum?"
>tell him I prejacc'd
>"haha it's okay"
>continue getting head from him several more times over the year until they move away
>tfw no more long, sloppy blowjobs from a cum addict after the gym when my body is sore af and limp

No better feeling than getting your dick sucked by a passionate cocksucker in pitch black darkness while you lay back and relax after a heavy leg or back session in the gym
My bad, didn't read the second post. Only ever received a finger from my gf.
>>I was up late at a friends house playing thps 2
>>after a long night of fun gaming my friend put on a movie and laid down to sleep
>>I laid down on the floor because we same bed 2 guys is gay
>>his parents get home shortly after and he is fast asleep at this point
>>I go down stairs and lay on the couch in the dark.
>>after about 10 minutes his dad comes down stairs and notices me "sleeping"
>>he just stands there. Looking up the stairs and then back at me asleep on the couch.
>>he then starts to touch himself.
>>i couldn't tell he was full nude. Thought he just had his shirt off.
>>not know what's going on really I rolled over to look away
>>all i really did was showcase my ass once i tucked my knees up.
>> i then felt his hands on my waist and could smell alcohol on his breath.
>> he was couched next to the couch breathing drunk heavy and rubbing his dick.
>>he slowly ran his hand up my leg and grabbed the bottom of my shorts and pulled them down
>>I was terrified and frozen in place as he began to feel up my asshole
>>he spit in his hand and then lubed himself up and laid on the couch next to me.
>>in on swift motion he cupped my mouth and slid inside me
>>I squirmed and yelped but no one could hear my muffled pleas
>>knees weak, spaghetti already, dinosaur the floor

>Be me
>Currently 34
>Last year
>Been single for over a decade
>Not actually looking
>Been bi-curious since 15
>Have toys, do a little x-dress - not like.. full on outfits, mostly just comfy at-home stuff
>Sometimes register M4M profiles, then back out
>Decide 2018 will be the year I try it out
>Register on site and fill out profile
>Bi-curious looking to remove the 'curious'
>Spammed with dicks from 40+ year olds
>Spend a week fending off ugly old people and fatties
>Match with a nice looking gent who likes vidyas, movies, beer, live music
>All my jam
>Agree to get some beers
>Get horn when I meet him
>Attractive as fuck in a guy-next-door that gets my motor running
>Which is rare because guys rarely get my motor running
>I like the idea of dicks, sucking 'em, and getting fucked by 'em
>Rarely look at a dude and get horn in the same way I look at chicks and get horn, like butterflies and shit
>Good night. Good jams at pub. Good beers.
>Agree to a second date
>Week later we do dinner, beers. Also had good times
>He's away for a couple of weeks for work
>Returns and we have date #3 - the fuck date
>Dinner, movie, beers
>During movie, does classic yawn and stretch move for cuddling
>Hold hands, arm around waist
>Initially self-conscious, but warm up to it
>Just tipsy enough to say yes when he asks me back to his
>Confess I've never fucked a dude before
>Says he'll go easy on me
>D I A M O N D S
>Get back to his place, have some dranks
>We put on a movie and make out a bit
>I wind up straddling him
>Clothes start getting removed
>Groping bulges over pants
>He stands up and drops trou to show off a significant bulge
>Play with it a bit, then pull his trunks down and get whacked in face with cock
>Fucking rock hard at this point, leaking precum like a faucet
>His dick is aesthetically pleasing, about 8 inches, girthy but not beer can, nice curve, bulge underneath, pleasing looking head
>Start to service him on my knees, then he moves to sit on the couch and I keep going
>He tells me he's close, then cums in my mouth, which is sexy as fuck
>I think, shit, I've missed the opportunity to get fucked
>He gets up and pulls me towards the bedroom, then strips me off
>We make out, he strokes and sucks me a bit, then asks if I want to take the next step or just end with a blowjob
>I tell him I want him to fuck me
>Tells me there's a douche syringe in the bathroom
>Go out and spend a few minutes cleaning out
>He joins me and we have a shower together
>One more cleanout
>Return to bedroom, and he's got condoms, lube all ready
>More making out, groping, cocksucking happens
>He starts lubing and fingering my ass
>Tell him when to stop because I want to feel getting stretched open
>He bags his dick and sliiiiiiiides in slowly
>Feels fucking good
>Not just the dick itself, but the knowledge I'm finally doing it
>Cock is leaking precum again like a madlad
>Sex is pretty good
>Because he came before, he lasts a lot longer
>We fuck doggy to start - we try up on hands and knees, head down ass up, froggy, kneeling up back to stomach
>Then missionary - knees up kneeling, lying on top
>It feels good, like waves of soft pleasure
>He varies up his speed, force, depth regularly so it never feels stale
>Dick is hard and coating my belly with precum during missionary, and making a large wet patch in the sheets during doggy
>During missionary, he tells me he's getting close and starts going harder
>Start stroking my dick to try and get off at the same time
>Everything starts feeling real good and I cum
>Not quite a full body orgasm, but definitely better than just jerking it - definitely quivering and involunarily twitching
>He announces he's gonnna cum and slams into my ass a few times, then lets out a massive groan
>Pulls out, pulls off the condom, drops it on my belly - I notice it has a pretty good load in it - and then drops the last few shots on me
>He collapses down beside me and we lie there in silence for a bit to recover
>He asks me if I liked it
>I tell him I did
>He kisses me, and we spoon for a bit, then each get up to go clean up
>We wind up spending the rest of the night together, cuddling as we sleep
>Early in the morning, I wake up when he rolls over and feel his cock pressed into my back
>Roll over and make out a bit
>Asks me if I want round two
>I do!
>We make out, play with dicks, then he lubes me up and we go for basic missionary
>Feels good still, but not as good as last night
>Still, enjoy it a lot
>We get up and have a shower together, then breakfast,
>About midday I tell him I should think about heading off
>He comes up behind me and starts stroking my sides, kissing my neck, bulge pressed firmly in my ass
>Asks if I want to go one more time
>Right here
>He pulls down my boxers, fingers my ass, puts on a condom, and fucks me standing
>Feels good again but I don't cum, so he blows me after
>We've been together since then
>Sex is still good, even two years later
>be me
>curious though
>get on grindr
>start talking to a guy
>agree to meet at his RV
>hella nervous
>starts groping me through my pants
>i lay down on the bed and slide my pants off
>dude climbs on top, starts eating my ass
>asks to 69
>tell him i just want his dick in me already
>get on all 4's
>fucks me doggy
>dude cums
>i leave
>felt really ashamed after but fuck it actually felt amazing
Sauce? Plz
you... should get tested
>be me 19 college freshman
>medium messy curly hair (think pixie cut but curly)
>5'6 virgin white boy
>take pics in lingerie+chastity cage
>look on craigslist to suck first dick
>100+ emails
>pick a tall kinda fit/skinny white guy with a 7.5 dick, 26 years old
>tell him I'm nervous, talk for 2 days
>decide let's do it, I'll just give him a bj
>that day I shave everywhere below my eyebrows
>silky smooth
>I wear leggings, and some blue boyshort with a cute top that I had stolen from the lost and found of the laundry area in my dorm
>he picks me up in his friend's caravan
>drive to this secluded lake
>on the way we talk and I allow myself to get comfy with him
>the middle seats are taken out so he sits in the back
>get on my knees and suck for about 10 min (that is another story in detail for a other time)
>he spits on my face, slaps me, I deep throat and I ain't no bitch, but I gagged/puked and swallowed it multiple times to make him happy, YA know
>he grabs a condom and tells me to turn around
>I say sure
>on knees in van
>he sticks it in, hits for about 3 minutes, then I guess since I didn't clean myself out, it kinda got yucky back there (he only said he wanted a blowjob, and I was running late so it's his fault)
>It was fun!
>he never kik'd me back after that it was sad lol
>forgot to mention that we took the condom off and he filmed me blowing him for another 15 minutes where I swallowed his babies
>got tested I'm clean thx
>but I just couldn't really risk an STD
you gave him oral you dumb shit, you still could have gotten an STD you utter retard
>take pics in lingerie+chastity cage
care to share?

>Met a guy on craigslist
>hot Asianish guy about 40
>not much back and forth send pics set up time
>try and chicken out but force myself
>meet guy
>get room super horny
>we make out diamonds
>start taking off clothes
>I try and kiss his whole body
>get on knees and go to fucking town kn that cock
>about 4 inches perfect for my first time curves up nice sizes head
>I need this in my ass so bad
>come up way more making out
>cant take it anymore "fuck me daddy".....did I really just say that
>lay on my stomach he lubes me up
>oh em gee I'm really about to be fucked like a bitch
>he puts it in it hurts a little hes so gentle
>he starts thrusting I'm in heaven
>I start moaning
>tell him to pull my hair
>he flips me over we go at it missionary and making out
>I didnt really get any pleasure out of it but I loved it
>grab his ass make him fuck me harder
>he came in me 3 times and I loved it felt like a little bitch

The best part was feeling his cum leaking out theuout the rest of the day I Jack off thinking about it like every fucking day I wish I could have him every day
>be 26 travelling alone
>anal virgin
>really into tranny porn but never had the guts to seal the deal
>bored in motel in college town
>Check out CL
>Browse t4m listings
>see milfy late 40's TG
>performing in town tonight only
>send a few messages
>start sexting
>he tells me that well meet up to fuck after the shows over
>walk over at 3am to his hotel
>meets me at is room
>wearing full make up wig, fake boobs
>see through nigty and see thru lace panties
>deep but feminine voice, like a purr
>tells me to strip
>I am very nervous
>I take of my shirt
>when vision returns his panties are off
>smooth small and short waxed cock
>immediately get on my knees and suck the hard cock
>starts throat fucking me
>take it all easily its small but hot
>gets my pants off
>tells me to get on all 4s
>ask me if I've ever been eaten out
>I lie
>rims me
>feel tongue fuck my ass hole
>I groan and spread my cheeks
>starts to lube my hole and finger me
>ask me if I want it
>I do
>stretches my hole with one finger than two
>starts to finger bang me
>feels so good
>very experienced lover
>he puts the tip of his cock on my hole and starts to circle it
>not wearing condom
>I tell him that wasn't part of the deal
>tries to give excuse that hes out
>Finally gets condom out and puts it on
>this time hes pissed and mounts me and pushes the cock in hard
>Hurts really bad
>he holds onto my hips and pumps and wont let go
>starts to feel really good I look between my legs
>see string of precum dripping from my limp cock
>turns me over and fucks me on my back
>he gently slaps my limp little cock
>TG cums in the condom
>were panting
>starts to kiss and cuddle me and slips in fingers in my loose lube dripping asshole
>I want to help you cum
>starts to finger and stimulate my prostate
>I am rock hard again
>cups my sack as I jerk off and cum so hard it gets into my hair
>we kiss a bit more but than he sends me away
>pretty good night
>Would've been better if he came in me
What's the appeal?
This is gay as hell.
You really aren't the smartest are you.
Kik dosiland if you want to talk
So my first time with a man
>Be me 20yo with girlfriend
>Kinky girlfriend wanted me to try anal dildo and pegging
>I accepted and loved it.
>After some time she left me but we stayed in good term
>Told her I miss anal pounding
>She went with a black dude and start fucking with him. He was dominative
>She advised me to try men especially black ones
>I said no but the idea was in my head
>Close after I start going on Grindr and finally a black dude start talking with me
>I told my ex and she advised me to go be his bitch
>He show me pic of him and his cock
>I was horny and I said yes.
>I went or his place. My butt shaved
>He closed the door and make me go on my knees and ordered me to go naked
> I obeyed
>Backed in front of him. I was shameful because I was hard.
> He put his dick out and put it on my head. It was heavy
> I sucked him
> He told me I was good and he continued humilitaion on me.
> I was his bitch as my ex told
> Eventually he took my ass raw. I was moaning like a girl
> I finished inside me and I felt like a bitch
> Told my girlfriend about that and she tells me "we both went black and will never come back"
Kik dosiland
> " I'm only 5'0 tall and I'm tiny"
Holy shit. I wanna jack-hammer you.
I'm meeting a married man down with his family for spring break in the restroom of a pharmacy in 20 minutes. He's 54, I'm 20. He told his wife he was going to go get sunscreen for his kids.

I guess AMA while I hurry to get ready.
>be me
>18 in college
>be horny as fuck one night
>decide to get grindr
>within a minute my inbox is getting filled with dick pics
>choose a guy
>tells me he'll be over in 10 minutes, and wants me to "clean my hole"
>meet him at his car
>he takes me somewhere we won't be seen
>pulls down his pants
>I start rubbing his 6 inch dick
>eventually he turns me around and starts eating my ass
>after a few minutes he penetrates me
>fucks me hard for around 10-15 minutes
>cums all over my ass
>doesn't wipe me off, I have to go back to my dorm covered in his load

Was pretty nice Tbh, 8.5/10
Oral STDs are minor compared to HIV.
How did you get in contact with him?
Not a sexy tale, be forewarned
>be 18
>spent years fantasizing about taking cock, but was too nervous too
>housesitting for friend, finally get up the gaul to post an ad on cl
>90% old white guys with misleading/fake pics
>pick out this black dude, 6" cock, bearish but I like that
>invite him over, meet, make awkward small talk while amoking a blunt
>put my hands on him a little to get things started but he seems uncomfortable
>eventually get him into the bedroom, start sucking his dick
>really putting my hear into it, throat, moaning etc
>musky, probably didn't shower
>he licks my ass once and tries to go in dry
>lube the dipshit up and get him in
>shoves in like an eager teenager, sharp pain
>fucks me for about 3 minutes, takes condom off, cums inside
>sits there with his head in his hands for 15 minutes
>eventually says "let me buy you lunch" and gives me a burger king gift card

Only had one good experience out of probably 8 or 9 hook ups.
Oh and the cherry on top

>friend found the gift card, tried to use it
>50 cents remaining
HIV apps, duh. He doesn’t seem shifty, but I’ve bailed before and will again if things seem off. Especially since he’s from an entirely different part of the country, but we will see.
holy fucking hell dude, hard as diamonds
Seems like he flaked. Oh well.
File: 1542834179453.gif (1.9 MB, 353x450)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
First time with something in my ass, first time taking a dick, or first time being fucked by a guy?
File: 241532423.gif (158 KB, 834x442)
158 KB
158 KB GIF
Story about how I let one of my co-workers balls deep in my ass (3 stories-hand job, eating ass, anal)


>Went on a 50 day work trip
>Curious so I fired up grindr
>Instantly messaged by a guy that is 80m away (same building)
>He is 25, white, toned, curious, and has an 8.5 inch thick uncut cock
>He loved I haven't been with a guy before
>After chatting a while he showed me some face/body/dick pics and he is a stud
>He had been tested a few days before and was clean (showed me results)
>He asks if I am comfortable adding him on snap
>I add him on a burner snap and he snaps some of his massive cock laying on his abs
>I snap back a bunch of pics of my tight little bubble butt and he goes crazy saying it is the hottest ass he has ever seen on a guy
>He asks if I want to meet but I say I want to chat for a few days first to get comfortable
>He says he is okay with that but I need to prove I'm not a flake because he is tired of people wasting his time
>I ask him how I could do this as I'm still not comfortable revealing who I am...
>He gives me his room number and says he will leave the door latched open with all the lights off and the curtains drawn
>Says if I'm interested come to his room and play with his cock even just for 1 minute to prove I'm real
>I agree so he said come right away and he will lay naked in the middle of the bed
>I put lots of lotion in my hand and head down...quickly slipped in the door to darkness
>The rooms are laid out the same so I walked to the bed and sat on the edge
>Insane butterflies as I can hear him breathing
>I reach out and grab his massive cock and start rubbing lotion all over it...he moans softly
>It's thicker, heavier, and smoother than I imagined
>I slowly explore his cock with both hands, feeling his smooth head, playing with his foreskin and gently fondling his balls
>Once the lotion is gone I quickly leave the room
>Get snap of a huge load on his chest when I get in my room
>I snap pic related and say just wait

Bump for more
bro this is pretty gay, please don't post this kinda shit in my anal bottoming stories thread.
>start to blow him in earnest.
>throwup a little bit in my mouth, but swallow it before he can notice.
holy kek, now THIS is a 4chan anal story
holy fuck it just gets better
>No better feeling than getting your dick sucked by a passionate cocksucker in pitch black darkness while you lay back and relax after a heavy leg or back session in the gym
This but with a female. Sadly it seems only men really get off on the idea of sucking dick, which puts me at a very dissatisfying position.
>eventually says "let me buy you lunch" and gives me a burger king gift card
>friend found the gift card, tried to use it
>50 cents remaining
holy fuck this is the kinda shit I meme about when I take a girl out, like if she teases me or something, I'll threaten to take her to BK
Fucking niggers lmao
He didn't flake. It was quite pleasant. Nice guy.
> closeted 19 years old
> work and school was slow at the time
> never had anything in my ass
> only had a couple bjs with a random dude from grindr
> wanted an actual relationship
> met a nice guy only a little older than me
> goes to college 15mins down the street
> handsome black soccer player
> after days of talking I grow the balls to meet him in his dorm
> weeks go by and we continue to hang out, only bjs and jerking off together
> he's 8 inches
> full inch bigger than me
> I already had a interracial fetish but never thought I would be with one
> he eventually wanted to break me in
> I got use to cleaning myself out every night I saw him
> wanted to be perfect for him
> he knew I was a virgin
> went slow and shallow for the first few times
> he never used a condom
> after about our 5th time he was able to get balls deep
> we started experimenting with poppers, new positions, better lube
> treated me like his property in bed
> loved submitting to him
> almost always cums inside
> loved every minute
> still with him today

In hindsight it was pretty stupid to let a black dude I only knew for a few weeks shove his dick in me with no condom and let him breed me. But thankfully he got tested and came out clean. Still with him and happy it worked out.
>be me
>Hot fiance
>Shy as a motherfucker
>Doesn't know what she likes when sexy time
>One day she hits me with a "can I peg you?"
>Really said uhhhh yes, sure, please, can't make it obvious
>Turns out she's really into BDSM.jpeg
>She pounded the fuck outta my ass, and the dildo vibrated on her end too. >So we both were feeling hot
>Am guy

Does this count as anal? Sorry it wasn't a real dick, maybe some day.

Three kissless virgins.
>>notice a taste slowly creeping in my mouth
>>its my own ass

Absolute kek there.
Uhhh sauces
Trusting 4chan can lead to your asshole getting painfully blown out.
That is pretty sad. I think I'm going to stop trying to lose my butt virginity and stay a straight dude.
>Sadly it seems only men really get off on the idea of sucking dick

You just havent net the right woman yet. Honestly one of the reasons I married my wife was her passion for sucking dick. They're out there.
First anal-Be 6, try with small things like pencils. Dunno why but feels good.
First cock-Be 14, horny know I like anal, jerk dog and he takes over. I could get use to this.
First guy- be 19, friend and I get drunk, i bottom and fills me with his cum. I love it.
>be me
>Been fapping to the fantasy of being used by mature men since 15
>always too nervous and pussy'ed out
>one day horny and go on gay chat
>Finds nice guy who wanna use me
>says fuck it, i need to suck dick
>meet at his hotel room
>He's about 50, bit overweight with 6'inch cock
>awkward small talk
>get naked
>he brought panties and stockings for me
>put them on like a slut, DIAMONDS
>Start sucking his dick
>not too bad
>after 5 minutes. he flips me on all fours
>A lot of lube, he convinced me to BB
>puts in tip, hurts a bit, but he takes it slow
>work his way in, gets balls deep and starts pounding
>hurt at first, but after a while it feels fucking amazing
>get on top and ride him while we make out
>He cums in my ass, i cum on his chest
>lick him clean, and give him quick rimjob
>fucking embaressed, but my dick is still hard
>guess i'm gay now
That sounds really hot.
told the story before

>be 14
>deliver newspapers
>guy starts grooming me. starts with nudist mags, then porn, then mutual masturbating
>after about 8 weeks of this he takes me to his bedroom and fucks me
This is so hot, also I think it's adorable you guys have been together for two years. Good for you!
>slowly convince my girlfriend to give anal a go
>start things slow by eating ass, fingering etc.
>bought a set of butt plugs and lube previously, to stretch her out I guess before we actually try it
>lube the butt plug up, slowly insert it
>goes smoothly and she says it feels good
>start fucking her from behind
>decide to start putting pressure on the butt plug
>she's really responding to it
>start fucking more intensely
>gradually putting more pressure on the butt plug without really thinking about it
>feel something give
>look down to see the entire butt plug slide into her ass and her asshole absorbing it without a trace
>pull my dick out
>tell her to relax
>'what happened anon?'
>tell her the I accidentally pushed the entire thing into her ass
>stick my finger in and feel it
>wrench my finger around it and grab a hold of it
>tell her to take a deep breath
>pull it out of her ass

not going to lie I almost started to panic, so glad I was able to grab it before it went further in.

We tried anal for real after that and it went really smoothly. It was really hot but haven't had a huge urge to do it again.
also just realised this is a gay thread
How many were there?
Never been fucked (no desire too) but have dishes it out plenty.

First time:
>be me 19
>decide to try out with jobud thing
>meet up with a bi-curious guy slightly older than me
>we have a mutual appreciation for dap, gangbangs, gaping, prolapse etc.
>end up going to his place to watch scenes, mutual jerk etc, chat about our turnons.
>whips his dick out
>it's so small. Maybe 4.5" cut vs. my 7" uncut. Fairly hairless body too. Waifish, tall body, long-haired.
>get this idea to take charge in the overall session
>he eventually sucks my dick to the scene
>diamonds. Edging with his mouth.
>I reach over and hover over his asshole rim with a finger
>ask him if it feels right to keep going
>he whispers "yessss"
>finger him, lots back/forth of him tasting my fingertip
>at this point the girl in the scene is getting fuckedddddd
>tell him I'm horny enough to want to
>"I want it bareback"
>even more diamonds
>prop him against a wall and get right to it
>awkward movements as he gets comfortable taking my dick (I can only cum at high speed fucking)
>get to the point where I'm pounding him
>come inside, he encourages me to, try and time it with the scene
>end up showering together afterwards and really satisfied knowing I came to jo & instead got to pop a cherry for the 1st time. Coffee and then goodbyes.
>meet up on occasion every few weeks to get casual blowjobs incl, fingering him.
>be me
>curious horny virgin
>always on grinder
>keep getting anxious and deleting
>one night get a hotel
>finally get the balls to go through with it
>message cute looking spanish guy with big dick
>we talk for like 2 hours
>tell him I'm a virgin
>says he'll be really gentle
>in a moment of lust I send him my hotel name and room number
>get super nervous
>take shower and shave everything
>its finally going to happen
>he messages me he's at the hotel
>I open the door and he comes in
>a little fatter than his pictures but still cute enough
>we have small talk to ease into it
>while we're talking he just kisses me
>I can feel his stubble and taste the cigarettes and mouthwash
>kinda turned on
>I grab his dick through his pants
>girthy as fuck
>we keep making out on the edge of th bed as we slowly strip each other
>I drop down and give my first blowjob
>I can tell it's bad from his face
>he gets on his knees and starts to blow me
>throws my legs up and kisses my ass
>slowly works his tounge on my asshole
>felt so warm and good
>sticks a finger in slowly
>I'm too tight for him
>we get in the bed and 69 for a while
>he licks, bites, and kisses my ass as I go to town on his shaft and balls
>tell him I want him in me now
>grabs lube and condom
>get liberal amounts of lube on my ass and his dick
>still working fingers in as we make out
>I lay on my stomach with my ass propped up
>he starts to push in me
>tells me I'm so tight
>feel the pressure on my hole build until it finally gives way
>dear God that's good
>he goes real slow at first so I can get used to his fat dick
>feel so full and good
>picks up speed until hes pretty much a jackhammer
>I'm moaning like a bitch in heat telling him not to stop
>he flips me over to missionary and throws my legs up
>he rams my ass as he holds my ankles
>I'm in such euphoria at this point
>we stay missionary for about 5 minutes
fucking delete this
>be me 20 as a senior in college
>have been curious and on had discovered the pleasures of anal as a teen (using hairbrush handles, etc)
>purchased a few dildos and buttplugs
>had GF peg me
>GF cheats on me and we breakup
>mad as fuck at gf but realize I have an opportunity now that I am single
>browsed craigslist m4m section to masturbate for awhile
>posted a few times without pictures to see the types of cocks and men that would reach out
>seeing 20 or so guys send me a message to my inbox was super exciting and hot
>both roommates out of town for weekend and decide fuck it I'm going to try the real thing
Nigga you got AIDS.
File: 546454.gif (529 KB, 1020x1280)
529 KB
529 KB GIF


>Over the next few days we talk and learn about each other more and more
>Find out he is in the trade that has the biggest rivalry with mine
>He is also a junior member of it and I'm a journeyman so the fact that I'm considering letting him fuck my ass is insane
>He keeps teasing me about it
>He sends me snaps of his cock, I send him snaps of my ass etc
>Weekend hits and I'm in my room drinking having a good time
>I don't have any of the pics he sent on grindr so I ask him to snap some face pics
>He says no, all he has seen of me is body and ass pics so he doesn't want to send face
>He keeps begging me to come into his dark room and let him eat my ass "even just for 30-40 seconds"
>I tell him if he sends me 3 clear face snaps proving he is in his room right now I will let him eat my ass for 30-40 seconds
>Before I can even consider what I just offered I get 3 face pics in a row on snap
>He says "Well? Are you a man of your word?"
>I saw "You already know I'm not a flake."
>I tell him it has to be the dark room again
>Ground rules...I want him at the head of the bed and I will walk in and get up on the foot of the bed and pull my pants down
>Once he hears me get up on the bed and stop moving then he can approach and start licking
>I told him I will count to 30 in one one thousand time and as soon as I move away he is to back up and I'm out of there
>I take a super hot shower and make sure I'm squeaky clean
>He says he is ready and I slip down to his floor and into his darkened room again
>I slowly walk over to his bed...climb up onto the end...hook my thumbs into my sweat pants and slide them down
>I'm assume pic related position and have time to consider I'm in a complete strangers room with my asshole exposed face down ass up
>I can hear him breathing again as he slowly approaches and stands behind me
>He leans down and plants a couple soft kisses on my ass cheeks before kissing his way towards my asshole

>take pictures of ass and spread ass and post looking for someone to come over and fuck me tonight
>several guys respond
>weed out seedy people and finally see a picture of a black guy with a girthy dick
>must be 6 inches or so and thick
>we message and I make sure he's not going to rob me or harvest my organs or some shit
>tell him that I will be waiting in my underwear and that the door will be unlocked and he can come in
>he says he will be there in 10-15 minutes
>already shaved and did an enema before messaging him
>lube my ass and stick a large buttplug inside
>smoke a bowl to calm the nerves a bit and cause high fucking feels amazing
>10 minutes or so later I hear him open the door
>he is a little heavier than I expected, but is about 2 inches or so taller than I am
>walks over and we chitchat for a second
>I had mentioned it was my first time with a guy and he was super understanding and said he wouldn't force anything I didn't want to do
>he grabs at my underwear and starts stroking me
>I feel him already hard on the outside of his joggers
>take off his joggers and underwear and decide fuck it, if I'm going to do it I'm going to do it right
>drop to my knees and put the tip in my mouth
>feels weird and holy shit this is a lot more difficult than it seems
>after a few mins of me giving him head, he asks if I want to be rimmed
>tell him I didn't initially and that I was already lubed up
>tell him I want him to bend me over and put it in my ass
>he bends me over the bed and starts pulling the plug out of my ass
>moans a bit and puts on a condom
>lubes himself up a bit and fingers my ass
>feel him slap his cock lightly on my wet hole and I immediately start getting intensely horny
>he slowly starts pressing it in and I feel my ass clenching around the head, and then the shaft, and in one long slow stroke, the base of his cock
>he is deep as fuck in my ass
>starts gently fucking me doggy and gives me a light smack
>tell him he can go harder
>he starts getting more dominant and presses my head into the pillow as he starts fucking me harder
>I can feel his balls slapping against my gooch area and I am dripping precum high as shit at this point
>tells me to ride him
>he lays on the bed and I get on top of him
>I start to ride him but desu it doesn't feel as good because I like him dominating me more
>after riding him for a few minutes, I tell him I want him to fuck me bent over my desk
>he obliges and for the next five minutes just rails my ass
>I am loving every minute of it
>tell him I want him to cum
>he says he will soon
>starts speeding up even more and smacking my ass
>feel him tense up and start to slow down a bit
>he lets out a loud moan and I can feel his cock pulsing in my ass, shooting rope after rope of cum
>I tense my ass around his dick and try to pull as much as I can out
>he leaves it in for a second and then slowly starts sliding out
>the head comes out and my ass feels thoroughly tired but great at the same time
>tells me he had an awesome time and that if I want to hookup with him again to email him
>he cleans up and leaves
>I put the buttplug back in and jerk off to the thought of what I had just done
>cum buckets

aaaand that's how I discovered I am at least bi. I really wish we could have done bareback because I wanted to feel his cum drip out of my ass, but I'm afraid of the STDs that could come along with that... I am currently in a relationship with a girl who is bi, but every once and awhile I think back and crave to try it again a little bit.
Met an older guy from CL like 25 years older than me. Met him and got in his car. Gave me head and rimmed me. Been doing this for over a year every week pretty much. Recently started fucking him and cumming inside him every time we met up. Ass doesn't feel as good as pussy though.

>I remember having time to think that his stubble feels weird on my ass (have had girls eat my ass)
>Next think I know he is absolutely assaulting my asshole with his tongue
>He is licking my ass so hard I start sliding across the bed and have to hold on with all my strength to stay on
>I start counting one one thousand, two one thousand
>Starting to think that it feels pretty good but it's still weird and I'm only doing it for the bet
>Nine one thousand, ten one thousand
>I can't believe how into it he is...moaning...licking super sloppy...running circles around my asshole
>Nineteen one thousand, Twenty one thousand
>Over halfway done...he is alternating between licking my asshole and my taint
>Twenty nine one thousand, thirty one thousand
>At this point he has his tongue in a point and is bouncing it against my asshole going deeper and deeper
>Oh well times up.....
>Start thinking hmmm I might have counted fast since I'm nervous...I did say 30-40
>Thirty nine one thousand, forty one thousand
>This is it, the bet is over time to pull away
>Fifty nine one thousand, sixty one thousand
>Starting to feel slightly ashamed/embarrassed but it feels good and I am literally pushing back/bouncing my ass on his tongue now
>I'll stop at ninety that way he had an even minute and a half
>One hundred and nine one thousand, one hundred and ten one thousand
>Remember thinking there is no justification or excuse at this point I just love this guy eating my asshole
>Decide to go to one forty one thousand since I said I was going 30-40
>As I approached one thirty I remember starting to count at like 1/3 speed as I slowly grinded my ass back on his tongue
>When I got to One forty one thousand I moved forward a bit so he stopped and pulled my pants up and slipped out
>When I got back to my room he sent me a video of him busting a huge load
>I sent him a snap of my asshole/ass cheeks glistening with his saliva

>be me
>18 bi curious with a girlfriend
>post on a local craigslists type site for a free blowjob from a man
>recieve 7 offers
>meet up with a married 41 old man at his house
>we talk
>he’s talking about sex and I state that I only want a blowjob with his cock out
>we go into his bedrom
>he keeps on calling me his little boy
>he strips me down to my underwear
>keeps trying to kiss me and I denie
>grabs my ass, force kisses my mouth
>my boxers are instantly wet from all the precum
>we make out, he pulls my boxers down and starts jerking my dick
>he strips down his jeans and his underwear and puts me on the bed
>he puts my legs in the air and begins to tongue my ass
>jerks my throbbing cock
>I moan like a whore
>he begins sucking my dick and slowling putting a finger in my ass
>feels better than everything I’ve ever experienced
>I tell him to leave my ass alone
>he tells me that bad little boys need to get some punishments
>he sticks a second finger inside me and fingerbangs me
>feels amazing
>I reach down to touch his 5 inch dick
>he keeps using me for 5 mins
>I tell him that I’m going to cum
>As I climax he fingerbangs my virgin ass
>he swallows every little drop
>I thank him for the amazing orgasm and want to leave, his fingers still inside me
>he tells me that its his turn now
>chokes me and forces his cock bareback into my ass
>I scream an try get him off but it feels so good
>I accept that I can’t get away
>he fucks my ass for 5minutes
>he emptys his balls into me
>I thank him and leave with my cum filled ass
>we meet up weekly for two years now and there is nothing better than his cum in my ass
This is my 2nd time, but this was amazing, and was basically raped.

>Me, 19
>Friend and his parents go on vacation, ask me to dogsit.
>Sucked plenty of cocks, but never been fucked by a big dick
>go on craigslist and make the 15th post of a young white boy looking for a BBC
>get a few replies of not at all what I was looking for
>finally get one from a black guy with an amazing cock
>fuck it, might as well, tell him the address and that I'll be waiting on the bed in the master bedroom
>he asks me to wear panties, I say sure
>go into his moms drawers and find a pink thong
>start jerking off on the bed waiting for him
>hear the door open, holy shit
>guy walks in
>holy shit its actually the guy
>he doesnt say anything and starts taking his clothes off
>sits on the side of the bed and tells me to start sucking him
>get on my knees on the floor start licking his balls up to the tip
>10 minutes of me blowing him with him occasionally pushing my head deeper
>eventually he says "been sucking for a while, wanna get fucked?"
>I just nod yes
>he grabs the bottle of lube I left on the nightstand
>doesnt take the condom and says he doesnt use one
>dumb and horny I say ok
>lubes me up and starts fingering me while slapping my ass
>says "that should be good" and just grabs me by the hips and tosses me onto my stomach
>laying on a pile of pillows at the end of the bed with my ass in the air
>can hear him lubing his cock and jerking it
>feel him start to push in
>tip pops in easy and he starts to push
>gets a bit uncomfortable, bigger than my dildo I use
>ask him to slow down
>he says nothing and just slaps my ass again
>was pushing in and pulling out in smooth thrusts
>deeper each time, was hurting a bit
>tell him I need a break and start to get up
>he grabs the back of my neck and pushed me back down
>still isnt saying anything, he just started going faster and faster
>was moaning and screaming as he eventually was just pounding me
>suddenly pulls out
the dog part is hella sexy.

>suddenly pulls out
>drags me to the edge of the bed by my hips
>slowly pushes his cock back in and starts fucking me again
>getting used to his size, still was uncomfortable, but it felt much better
>fucks me around the room for about 20 minutes, was completely into it at this point
>was sitting on his cock while he sat at the edge of the bed
>had his arms around my waist just grinding his cock into me
>said he was about to cum
>go to get off him
>he just flips me around onto the bed and starts hammering my ass
>starts holding his dick in balls deep grunting loud
>he yells that hes cumming
>dont even try to ask him to pull out
>digs his fingers into my sides as he buries his cock into me
>pulls out finally and slaps my ass
>says lets take a shower
>I clean us both off and suck his cock again
>cums on my face, disappointing size load
>hes dressed and I'm still naked walking to the door for him to leave
>grabs me ass and forcefully kisses me
>solid 30 seconds of him shoving his tongue into my mouth and groping my ass
>super hard poking his leg
>pulls away, says see ya around and leaves
As a postscript, enjoyed giving anal sex so much that over my mid-20s I've convinced married women to cheat on their husbands during school hours with only anal sex (no vaginal penetration so that was our alibi). Maybe 5-6 wive encounters over a 7 year period through posting CL ads. Half of them were fucked bareback, though maybe a quarter of them were arguable hambeasts desu.
holy shit, thanking him after he raped you is actually really hot...
walking to new bar with new friend.
says theres a nice performance in store.
meet drag queen who runs bar.
great night on the town.
go to friends place for night.
drag queen shows up.
smoke fat joint.
everyone goes to bed.
asks if he can bunk with me.
starts sucking me off.
roll over and take it like a man.
>Faggot as fuck
>Growing up in farming community
>Being a fag is punishable by having the living shit beaten out of you
>Even my mother would take a fucking switch to me if she found out
>I know there's other fags on farms but none of them are willing to risk telling anyone
>Spend a lot of time roaming the property, camping, to get away from shit family
>One day jump on quad bike and tear off with guitar and some books and fishing gear for a long weekend away
>Set up camp near lake, get naked, swim
>Finish up swimming and still naked
>Lounging around on bedroll with my dick out, fapping away
>Hear twig snap and look over, it's one of the farm hands watching me, dick out and hard
>He freaks out and apologises for watching, but doesn't leave
>Tell him it's okay, ask if he likes what he sees
>He says he does
>Ask if he's fag like me
>Says he is, but doesn't want anyone to find out
>Say neither do I
>Invite him for a swim
>We fool around a bit, then I fuck him right on the bedroll
>After I cum, I ask him to fuck me in return
>He goes at it and cums on my back
>We spend the night together, eat fish I caught and bread I made over the campfire
>Fuck some more
>We hear a quad bike in the distance coming our way in the morning
>He freaks out but I keep him calm and reset the scene so it looks like there's two bedrolls
>Dad turns up on bike and doesn't know what went on, thinks he just came out to check a gate, then chilled overnight so he didn't have to travel back in the dark since it might be dangerous
>Joins us for breakfast and says shit about how he thinks it's manly as fuck for two men to live off the land and tell stories by the fire
>Unaware he's sitting on a massive wet patch where I spilled another man's seed
Putting the "bro" in Brokeback Mountain.
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>Be me last year
>Knock off work
>Horny af on the way home
>Pull over and check local men for men hookup sites
>Always been bi curious
>Make account and post add
>Get a reply from a largish dude in black panties saying he wants me to fill his ass with my young cum
>Me being as young dumb and horny as i am i agree and go to his house
>Meet this disheveled looking tall fat guy in a bathrobe at the door
>Noticeably high on gods knows what
>He leads me to his room
>His house is messy af and he claimed its coz he is always out of town for work
>He bends over on the bed and i just start playing with his ass
>Eventually he hands me a bottle of lube and i go in with no rubber
>Fuck him slow and he is just whimpering saying its no pleasure, just pain.
>Ad some more lube and i really start to tear him up, cum in seconds after pumping hard
>The dude start groaning really loudly and pushing back on my cock as i cum
>After i just say goodbye and head out the door
>Kicking myself for not asking for any drugs, also i think he may have given me AIDS.
File: 1542827320553.gif (584 KB, 193x224)
584 KB
584 KB GIF
He thanks, I still fantasize about it all the time.
fuck, I guess I'm gay now
>me 16 girl, love hearing you sissy bois talk
>find out my bf at the time loves anal
>we get strap on for bed time fun.
>i never have had anal at this point.
>bf tells me he wants to blow a guy too
>so call in a friend for a 3sm
>i blow him
>he blows friend
> he turns me around and bends me over
>on all fours he pushes in me (pussy)
>i look back and friend is pushing in to him
>i know hes close
>at last moment bf pulls out
>with no lube and lots of pain put it in my ass
>in no time cums in me hard
>few minutes later friend cums in bf
>we all fall asleep together
>i get woken up next morning to them fucking
>friend cums in bf and they kiss
>i know i just lost bf to friend
>we stay together for a month and i leave.
>>ff 10 years at university
>there still together and i meet them at a party
>get drunk and have anal sex all week end like
we where teens again.
>last good fuck old bf cums in pussy
>get pregnant
> they fuck off
Good old 4chan.

>it fucking hurts
>porn makes it seem like it doesnt
>it does

There I saved you some pain.
Femanon here. Two stories.

My actual first anal virginity. I was 15, so was he. Both were virgins when we first met so we were dumb and didn't know shit. He begged me for anal and i said sure. Always down to try sonething at least once, always have been. He fucking rams his 7" cock up my ass with zero fucking lube. Never cried so fucking hard in my life.

So fast forward literally a decade later. Haven't done anal since that first time. Paranoid of it. Weirdly enough, I am a serioudly kinky person. But anal was a no go.

In a BDSM relationship. Daddy wants to fuck my ass. I absolutely trust him, so when he asked, i was okay to try it under the premise of if I absolutely hated it, then we would never do it again.

So Daddy is fucking me. Has my wand tied to my leg, merciless on my clit. I am in euphoria when I feel him slip a finger in. Fucking loving it. He stops fucking me and fingers me instead, and my brain is just in shutdown i am in a dream state of bliss mode

Feel him slide into my ass and I am gasping and clawing at the blankets. I feel him watching me carefully and he asks if i am okay. Nod and moan as a reply. So he keeps going slowly, before i buck back against him and snarkily tell him to stop being a pussy and to fuck my ass. And my god he obliged, and i was in HEAVEN.

Literally came twice because of it. Fucking love anal now. Even Daddy said he was surprised at how much i loved it. I still beg for it on occasion.
>go back and forth because I won't meet him without seeing him first, he get annoyed but agrees to my demands
>we go to restroom of a pharmacy, he went in first and is jacking off at urinal
>i go in and pull dick out
>go into stall
>record myself sucking his dick
>pull out poppers, alternate between poppers and dick
>his wife calls, we stop and I continue to use the poppers while he talks to her
>suck his dick, he gets into the daddy thing and starts all that daddy-kid talk which I normally don't care for but the poppers have helped a great deal
>he says he can't hold back and is gonna cum, he cums on my face and shirt
>tells me to jack off, I cum on my shirt
>he bails, saying he's spent too much time, I clean off the jizz from my face and shirt best I can and walk out
I got pretty nice footage, but I'm not gonna post it.
>19, breaking my neck to lose my virginity
>Bicurious, have been anally masturbating before I could beat off
>Stop jacking off for 5 days, super horny
>Post an ad on craigslist, hoping to lose my virginity to a grill before I experiment
>Naturally get reply from 28 year old dude
>He's half black and decent looking, a little unusual in straya
>Undecided, I initially dismiss the guy, I was still pretty adamant about having sex with a grill first
>Think about it a while, send an email back the next day if he's still keen
>He is
>He wants to come over to my place, but I don't want someone coming over and learning my address
>Meet up at empty university showers, know that it's unlocked during holidays
>Nervous, we nod at each other outside and head in, he's considerably shorter than me
>He immediately unbuckles his pants and whips his dick out, rock hard
>Asks if I've seen another guys dick before
>Gets me to start sucking it, at least it's clean
>It's pretty thick, around 6' girth and 6.5' long, but still smaller and thinner than my dick, somewhat disappointed, but we soldier on
>He's liking the technique, I just suck and lick around the head, try to swirl my tongue
>He asks me to stop for a sec, and take my dick out
>Do so
>He gets jealous, asks my age, says it's too big for a 19 year old to have
>Gets to his knees and starts sucking me
>Says he'd take my dick if I was interested
>Tell him nah, I want dick in my butt
>He seems happy with that
>Little bit more sucking later, I turn around, brace against the tile walls, he pulls my pants around my ankles, hand him a condom
>He can barely reach my ass cus he's a manlet, forces me to stoop all the way down
>Hands on the floor, I squish my shoulders and face against the tiles to brace
>He puts it on, spits on my ass and works his way in pretty fast
>Honestly he's damn rough, starts pistoning back and forth the second he bottomed out
File: 183.webm (3.99 MB, 270x480)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB WEBM
>me, shota.
>cock virgin but dildo whore
>see neighbor, he's a fireman
>hot summer day
>neighbor lets me swim in his pool
>we are alone
>music playing
>I dance for him
>he gets uncomfortable
>I giggle
>slip onto his lap
>feel he's hard
>give lap dance
>he moans
>he pinches my nipples
>he reaches around
>pulls my little dick out
>I moan
>he stands me up
>bends me over table
>pulls my little speedo down
>slides the tip of finger into me
>my little dick is leaking
>I raise my ass up
>hear his shorts hit the ground
>he spits on my hole
>feel his cock head circle my butthole
>my whole body is shaking
>you're just a whore
>just like your mother
>his cockhead slips into me
>I'm about to cum
>hear car door slam
>his wife is home early
>he pulls up my speedo
>scoots me home
>later, hear him pounding his wife
>fap listening to her screams of pleasure
>thinking that should be me
>I have screaming O
>minute passes by
>what did he say about my mom?
>Getting kind of battered into the wall with each thrust
>Shoulder starts to hurt and my face is getting a little knocked around
>At this point I'm kinda reconsidering my decision to lose my virginity to a guy, considering I was getting absolutely reamed and it was more painful than fun, aside from the naughtiness of it
>Pulled out of my own thoughts by him suddenly grabbing my dick and jerking me furiously
>Still immensely horny from 6 day no-fap as a 19 year old
>Dick betrays me, my asshole is being pummelled mercilessly, and it still hurts like a mofo, getting stretched out unceremoniously like that, but it's now not so bad with the jerking
>I can tell he's getting close, he's fucking me like a wild animal, bucking and heaving
>Stops jerking and tells me to finish up while he's inside me
>Start working the head, trying to finish up quickly
>Getting close, he's ramming me harder and harder
>Not really hitting prostate, but the stretch from being so thoroughly used feels damn good
>Tell him I'm cumming, he fucks harder, he asks if he can finish in my mouth
>I say I want to feel what it's like when a guy cums in my ass
>Know that's he's wearing the condom, so I'm pretty happy with that
>He's kinda disappointed, but keeps fucking me
>Explode everywhere, buckets of cum all over the floor
>Midway through my 5th or 6th spurt he slams into me, feel his cock buried deep
>He holds it there, while my dick keeps spurting and my ass pulses around his cock, muscles contracting and milking the cum out
>He suddenly pulls out
>Condom stuck inside
>He apologies
>Reach back and feel my sore asshole
>Condom dangling out of my ass, cum leaking from the opening, thankfully not inside my ass
>Grab condom and fish it out, it falls on the floor in a squishy heap
>He asks me to sit at a bench for a sec
>Sit down, he pushes me back and cleans off my cummy dick, sucks on me for a while
>Lifts my ass up and deeply rims me, feels amazing on my sore hole
>Kisses me and leaves
>I rode my bike home after that, enjoying every minute of putting pressure on my thoroughly used hole
He wanted to stay in contact and meet regularly, but I said no. I still wanted to fuck grills. I eventually met up with a pretty hot blonde grill in the same shower room and fucked her on the bench I was rimmed.
All up it was a pretty ok experience. As rough as it was, I still jerk off thinking about it every now and then, but I'm not as much of a horny young lad nowdays, and I'd rather just get pegged in the future than risk std's.
5’0” damn you’re not a man at all. You’re a little bitch who needs a real man to fuck that ass.
>be me, 17
>download grindr
>meet with decent looking guy, dick is 7 inches
>we talk for a bit before he grabs my groin and rubs it
>takes me a minute to get hard from this
>we move to his backseat where we take off our clothes
>I start to suck his dick while he slowly strokes me
>he's really liking it and flips me over
>he lubes my asshole (he knows it's my first time)
>he sticks the tip in and wow that shit hurt, but he does it slowly so it hurts less
>slowly starts fucking me
>we do this for about 40-60 minutes before he finally cums inside of me
>I told him I came so I could leave (I did not)
>all in all I kinda liked sucking dick but anal wasn't for me
Guess I'm not entirely gay but I still like masturbating to this shit for some reason
I also did this 2 more times to make sure I didn't like it. Although I asked for money and got paid for it. About 100 each time
Part of me just thinks it's worth a go. Trouble is I don't find men attractive and 99% of women hate anal.
>be 18
>feeling degenerate
>have previously had things up ass but never been fucked by anyone
>enter gf
>gf likes to dom
>a lot
>have a strapon harness and 6" dildo
>she puts it on and lubes it up
>in a tranced state
>literally begging to get fucked
>she sticks it and thrusts
>intese feeling of cold pleasure running throughout body
>feel prostate being rubbed very hard
>jerks me off at the same time
>laying on my back, moaning like a slut
>feel like a complete and utter whore
>she takes it and rides my until I cum
It was very overwhelming and I loved all of it
>>all in all I kinda liked sucking dick but anal wasn't for me

I was surprised, I had assumed the opposite would be true.
>Drinking with my friend, his older brother, and some friends
>Wind up heading back to the place of one of the older brother's friends
>Im already well acquainted with him
>Id been sucking his dick for some time 'out of curiosity'
>We watch some TV for a bit but I'm buzzed and horny
>End up sucking his dick
>Says he wants to try something
>Gives me some stockings, panties, skirt, and tub top
>Nervous but horny and drunk enough to try them on
>Get changed in his room
>He comes in
>Lays me down on his bed
>Starts stroking my asshole through the panties
>Says he wants to try fucking my ass
>Don't say anything but let him continue
>He starts fingering me
>Hard as diamonds
>Its time
>He gets on the bed and tells me to get on top of him
>Feel his cock graze my asshole as I kneel over top of him
>Holy shit I'm doing this
>Slowly start to slide down on his cock
>He teases me for 'enjoying it' too much
>Once I'm comfortable I start slowly moving up and down
>Its tight and hurts a little but it gets better
>Get comfortable enough to start bouncing
>He starts thrusting a little
>Feels good
>Suddenly he grabs my waist and starts pounding
>Feel lightheaded and start to tense up
>This keeps up for what felt like a few minutes before he cums
>Look down
>I cam on his stomach
>He asks me to clean it up
>End up licking my cum off his stomach
>Find out I really like anal
I feel. I really want to cum from this or prostate play but I haven't been able to yet w/out touching my dick
good for you guys
I got blackmailed into taking it up the ass the first time, basically raped

>be 15
>my best friend hit puberty earlier than me and is bigger, stronger, hairier
>relationship turns from friendship into him picking on me all the time
>one day at his house after school we're 'play fighting' but he's basically just bullying me physically
>I end up on the floor on my ass and he puts his foot between my leg and starts crushing my balls
>says he'll only let me up if I lick his cock
>at first I'm like 'WTF that's fucked up, no way faggot'
>but genuinely feels like he's going to squish my testicles
>eventually agree to do it
>he pulls out his big floppy semi erect dong and I'm amazed by how much bigger it is than my practically pre-pubescent pink shrimp dick
>reeling with disgust but also aroused fascination I reach out my tongue and lick the tip. Smells musky. Tastes salty and unwashed.
>he tells me to do it again and I do. He says again and I just start licking his bellend and don't pull away. As his cock gets harder he grabs my head and starts pushing it between my lips
>the whole time my brain is screaming at me, what am I doing?
>but he pulls my head up and down on his veiny, thick manly cock and I give him a wet blow job for about 10 minutes
>he doesn't cum, just pulls me off him and I awkwardly get up, wash my mouth out and go home

>thought we'd never speak about it again but next day he threatens to tell everyone I'm a dicksucking faggot
>I'm really angry but don't believe him.
>he says I better go to his place again after school and suck him off properly or he'll tell everyone
>tell him to fuck off
>later that day he loudly asks our friendship group if they think its gay to let a dude blow them
>several people laugh and say nah its only gay to suck a dick, others disagree
>my blackmailer says 'I'd definitely do it. Just shut your eyes and pretend it's a girl, you're still getting a blowjob. What about you Anon?'
>he's smirking and I know he's serious

>that afternoon he's waiting outside the school gate. 'Come to mine and play xbox' he says. But I know what he really means
>glumly with a knot in my chest I trudge alongside him back to his house
>hes laughing as we walk in. 'I can't believe your gonna do this you fucking fag hahaha'
>tell him to stop messing around, he's not really gonna make me do that.
>but he stops smiling, undoes his belt slowly and pulls his trousers down. My dick twitches in my pants looking at his heavy, hairy member. His manliness compared to my boyish body aroused me and that made me feel ashamed.
>'dude ffs... Come on man...'
>'come one you already did it' his tone changed to pleading. 'I won't tell anyone, if you just do it again once more. No one has to know.'
>shuddering I get on my knees and he sits down on a couch. I shuffle in until I'm inches from his big dick, it's shifting slightly as he gets turned on. And then I throw caution to the wind and without using my hands, maneuver it between my lips and start sucking him
>I can't pretend my penis wasn't rock hard. I pulled back his foreskin with my lips and ran my tongue over his cock, then started bobbing up and down
>wasn't long until he was moaning in pleasure and laughing to himself quietly, his dick rock hard and massive, curved slightly, huge balls swinging as I pleasured him
>the noise of me sucking him was loud in the empty house. Disgusting wet noises. It felt so humiliating
>'fuck yeah suck it you faggot' he kept whispering. 'suck that dick, oooh'
>felt so weird to have this fleshy warm wet COCK in my MOUTH.
>I was between his legs for about half an hour. My jaw ached horribly. My sucking tempo was completely off by the end, I was just bobbing up and down clumsily, choking on his dick occasionally
>he pulled out and started jacking off in my face, holding my head in place
>I didn't think, I didn't react, I just sat there mouth open as he cried out and blew his load
>in my mouth and on my lips

>choking in shock and horror, I tried to pull away as the hot sperm spurted in my mouth
>but he held me in place and stuck his spasming cock back in my mouth and unloaded down my throat
>I had no choice but to swallow his rancid cum
>he held me in place moaning with satisfaction, and then before I knew it he used his free hand to pick up his phone and snap a photo of me
>I reeled backwards and yelled 'what the fuck man, no no, fucking delete that'
>he laughed and held me at arms length as I tried to grab the phone
>'but you look so cute with jizz on your chin!'
>I roared with anger and tried to overpower him and he punched me in the stomach
>I collapsed on the floor winded and in agony. He kicks me for good measure and goes to the bathroom to clean up his cock and piss
>when he comes out I'm calmer and sitting upright, staring at the ground
>'not gonna lie Anon you really suck a good dick' he laughs
>'please... Please. Don't show anyone. Don't tell. Please dude. This is fucked up. I'm begging you'
>he tells me my secret is safe with him. He says he'll delete the photo. He says we were just screwing around.
>I go home and stare at myself in the mirror. I sucked his cock. A big disgusting hairy dick and I sucked it like an ice pop. Like I was a fag
>i couldn't help myself. The degrading thought of having a stomach full of another guys cum gave me such a hard on that I had to jerk off. It only took a minute and afterwards I felt more ashamed than ever before in my life. I looked at my little weiner, comparing it to his huge schlong

>ofc it wasn't over at all. Next time he felt horny the threat of exposing me came up again. He had the photo now. I was so terrified of anyone finding out. I wasn't gay. I was mortified of anyone knowing the disgusting thing I'd done.
>so I gave in again. I blew him again. Same as before. I made him cum with just my mouth this time.
>I spent all my time in a state of terrified shame. I'd sucked dick three times. There was no going back. I kept telling him never again but the threat of exposure kept making me
>I must have sucked his dick about a dozen times. Once even at school he whispered to meet him in the toilet, and got me to give him a quick 5 minute BJ in a cubicle. I was practically crying trying to keep the slurping noises quiet
>he made me lick his balls a lot. It was somehow more humiliating to do that. It was somehow too pornographic
>maybe I could have stopped it? I could have called his bluff? I could have told a parent or someone. But I would have done anything, anything to keep it a secret.

>he liked me to get fully naked to blow him. Something about my little boyish hairless body amused him and I guess aroused him. He said I had a cute butt
>then he said what I dreaded to hear. 'I want to fuck your ass'
>my stomach dropped and I pulled his cock out of my mouth
>'no. No no, no way. Fuck that. You can fuck off'
>come on dude, he says, let me take that anal cherry
>NO! I tell him. He seems to relent and I resume sucking
>but that's not the last I hear of it. He messages me later saying again, he wants to fuck me. I refuse again
>Anon, he says. You know I'm gonna get what I want. I'm going to pound that ass hole. You're gonna be my bitch
>horrified I turn my phone away. But there's a deep dark part of me that knows... Its going to happen. Eventually he's going to make me.
>the thought it terrifying and sickening. That big hairy shaft in my asshole? I'd never considered putting anything up there
>the thought of being anally penetrated, having my ass used by another guy, its so degrading and...that turns me on. I jerk off imagining what it would be like to have his whole dick up inside me
>I avoid him for days, weeks. I don't answer messages. I walk away when I see him at school.
>but he's friendly with my sister and one day he finds out ill be home alone for the night as my parents are away and my sister will stay at her friend's house
>I'm minding my own business when he let's himself in to my house. I nearly have a heart attack.
>I ask him what the fuck he's doing there and he says that I know
>i do know
>I almost cry and beg him not to make me do it. I say ill suck him off as many times as he likes. I'll lick his balls ill jerk him off ill swallow however many loads he wants just PLEASE don't put it in there
>he opens his phone and shows me the photos of me sucking him and with cum on my face. He's made a collection of these pictures by now
>he and clicks to share them, selecting everyone on his 'school friends' contact group
>'should I send it?' he asks
>I break down and plead. No, not that, please... Don't make me.
>but he does
>he gets me to strip naked and then go to my room. He says to get on my bed and bend over. I do it.
>part of me wants it. Part of me had to have wanted it or I wouldn't have let it happen
>I shudder as I hear his jeans fall to the ground and he positions himself behind me.
>'don't worry I stole some lube out of my mums draw' he says. He squeezes some out of a tube onto my waiting asshole and I gasp, it's cold
>he spreads it over my ass and over his cock which is getting harder by the second. His fingers slip into my asshole and I yelp
>then I feel him grab my hips and position his cock at my hole
>I plead with him one more time, he responds by pushing my head down and pulling my backside up.
>this must be how girls feel, I thought. Bent over waiting to get fucked. It was so exposing. So humiliating
>he starts pushing in and I cry out
>it burns at first then his bellend slips through the ring. He pauses
>I'm gasping and panting, more out of shock than anything
>there's a dick in me...I'm being fucked!
>he pushes in another inch and it burns again. My ass hole spasms around his shaft. The feeling of it being stretched and unable to close is bizarre
>another inch and another pause. Im breathing and groaning like a woman giving birth
>this pattern keeps up until the whole thing is shafting me
>there's a whole big, thick, veiny dirty great dick in me. I'm being violated. I'm being penetrated. Someone who I thought was a friend has blackmailed me into getting fucked like a girl
>'fuck that feels good. It's so warm' he tells me. He pulls my hips back right onto him, impaling me fully and I moan in pain. I can feel his dick twitching in me
>he starts to pull out and it feels like my insides are coming out. Then he thrusts back in again and I yell. Out slowly again. In hard
>he starts fucking me in earnest, pounding me. Oh my god, I think. No, I'm saying it out loud. 'oh my god... Oh my god'
>ten minutes I think it was. Ten minutes bent over, ass in the air, another man impaling me. FUCKING me.
>before I know it he slows, groans, shoves it all in, and I feel his balls twitching and his cock spasming.
>I can feel him blowing his load in my rectum. My anus is stretched open full of cock and he's cumming up my ass.
>he pulls out and with a squelch his cum starts leaking on my balls. I don't even get up. My face is buried in a pillow but my eyes are wide and terrified. What have I done? What have I let happen?
>'fuck dude your ass is ruined' he says with a quiet little laugh, but he sounds almost guilty. 'it's a mess.'
>i ignore him. Shell-shocked, I go to the toilet and poop out his semen and clean up my ass. For about 3 minutes my anus is gaping open.
>when I come out he's dressed. He looks almost apologetic. He says he'll see me later. I say nothing.
>don't talk to him again for a long time. He doesn't message me, doesn't make me suck his cock any more.
>I'm glad its over but also filled with deep feelings of shame
>the worst bit is how sometimes when I'm really horny I think about getting fucked in my ass and I jerk off
>the only sexual experience I've had is with another guy
>there was one girl I was going steady with. Before I was blackmailed to be a fag. Called Olivia.
>wanted to lose my virginity to her but she broke up with me. Said I was too nice. I didn't get over it, developing a oneitis crush on her

>months after the anal incident a friend comes up to me at school
>'have you heard about (Blackmailers Name) and Olivia?'
>immediately I know. I don't want to believe it and already I feel sick
>'no' I say.
>'oh right...' he says. 'well maybe it's just a rumour. But apparently they er...they hooked up at a party at the weekend.'
>i try to be relaxed and say 'oh right' calmly. But something must have given away my total despair, sickness and horror
>'oh shit maybe I shouldn't have told you.' he says. 'I know you like her... Are you mad at him? It's kind of fucked up, he knows how you feel'
>I assure him it's fine. I tell him I don't mind. But as soon as he goes I run to the school toilet, lock myself in and start crying.
>he fucked her... He FUCKED HER. My precious Olivia. Beautiful Olivia with the green eyes and round soft ass. He had her naked and fucked her pussy.
>the jealousy was more than I could bear.
>then I thought... The same cock that fucked me, fucked my crush. He fucked Olivia just like he fucked me. We were both used for sex by him. Probably both had him cum in us.
>something about that, knowing my oneitis had been pounded by the same guy that fucked me, it was equally the worst thing in the world and the most arousing
>i jerked off, crying, right there in the school toilet
> Be me, 18
> Being on a festival with my best friend and his uncle
>Doing MDMA for the first time
>Later going in my tent, my best friends tent right next to me and ge sleeping inside
>trying out how jerking of feels on drugs
>His uncle comes in my tent
>He starts sucking me off
>Feeling very awkward
>He puts his large dick in my asshole
>Im afraid my vest friend wakes up
>It hurts a little and his dick keeps slipping out several times
>he comes inside me
>He turns me around and starts fucking me doggystyle
>It starts to get really hard to breathe inside the tent and he stops gets up and leaves.
>No orgasm for me.
>Feeling very awkward

>End up a year later fucking him again on the same festival
>be me, 21
>been curious throughout my teenage years, inserted few things, including my mom's dildo
>finally up the courage to reply to a CL add
>married guy, big 8" cock
>comes over within an hour
>asks me to wear stockings and panties
>yeah whatever, been jacking off to sissy stuff for a while
>blow him for a while, choke like fuck
>finally time comes,
>he puts condom on, commands me onto my knees
>he pushes down on my back as he slides himself in
>hurts a little, but not much
>pain subsides
>feels like absolute heaven
>i start rocking back and forth as he slides in and out
>he grabs my hips and starts pumping harder
>does that for about 5 minutes
>pulls out, feel condom slapping on my back then his cum
>he helps me clean up then leaves
9/10. Would fuck him again but no contact ever since CL removed personals
>finish up for the first time with this one girl
>stand up to go piss
>"yo you have a nice arse anon"
>"urm ok"
>I get back from pissing
>we go in for round 2
>"Hey anon can I lick your ass"
>"Yeah sure if i can do the same to you" (expecting her to say no)
>she says ok
>licks my ass
>feels weird but not that bad
>she slips me the finger
Not grreen texting because drunk.

Was talking to a dude for a bit. I was 16ish and he was 24. Finally convinced me to let him come over. Parents out for the weekend, I'm home alone. He buys us alcohol, I drink a couple and we start making out. I ask if he has a condom, he says no. I tell him I can only suck him off, then. He talks me into taking it raw. He remembered lube (but no condom, whatever). He shoves half of it in and I almost cry. He's big, like 9 inches long, thicker than my hand can hold. He just lays into me but my squirming and screaming isn't doing it for him. I'm crying and scared and too scared not to finish him. I suck him off until he cums down my throat and I drive him home. I drink myself to sleep and get tested the next day. I'm clean and now have a rape/forced kink
I wanna get slapped around and violated, how do I go about it?
>be on a work trip
>check out grindr
>shave my ass and trim up
>connect with a guy whos like 10m away
>gives me room number and hes across the hall
>i knock on the door - lets me in and asks if im down for a gangbang and other guys to join
>say no - anal virgin at this point
>he grabs me - wraps his arms around me starts necking me
>wrap my hand around his cock
>nice upward curve and rock solid already
>get on my knees and start blowing him
>cock is super clean and rubbing against the top of my mouth
>go to grab his balls - tiniest balls ive ever seen or heard of
>can fit his cock most of the way into my mouth / throat without any trouble but its a nice looking one
>he tries to fuck me
>hurts too much for me
>we hop in the shower and i keep blowing him
>blow him until he starts grunting and cums in my mouth
>cums all over my lips and on my tongue
>swallow it all and blow him slowly till hes done
>extremely sweet cum
>thanks me and i walk back across the hall
Very hot anon
really wish this would happen to me. How do you feel about it now after time has passed?
any of you have that webm of those two transgirls kissing? very passionate i can't find it anywhere ;-;
Greentext the whole dog story anon
Bump *another anon*
thats sexy! its amazing how many people have one bad experience and it just ruins it for them. any pics?
>be 14
>spending night at friends
>he's sleeping in his room in basement.
>I'm on computer upstairs looking at porn.
>didnt hear his dad
>embarrassed. Says its ok after making a little fun of me.
>shows me porn magazines and flashlight and cock pump.
>gets me high and drunk.
>start watching porn.
>he's jerking off.
>i join.
>asks if I've ever used a cock pump.
>shows me, i like it.
>tells me to do it like this.
>starts pumping it up and i feels nice.
>Tells me keep wearing it and flex my cock. It'll make it bigger.
>cock feels amazing.
>tells me to flex really hard like I'm trying to not piss. So hard my ass puckers.
>I'm watching porn just tortured while he stands there jerking off.
>gets on his knees and just pops my cock in his mouth and makes me face fuck him.
>latched on his head thrusting.
>he sucks down my cum and pushed my knees by my head and licked my ass hole with my cum in his mouth.
>Spit onto my hole and in his hand.
>asked what he was doing all scared
>covered my mouth
>shoved his cock in me.
>i jumped and squirmed and tried to push him away but he just said
>breathe deep. Breathe deep. Good boy.
>i pushed really hard and that's it felt huge. Like the best shit i ever took.
>he got upset and fucked me harder covering my mouth and pinching my nose shut.
>by the time the pain stopped my cock was rock hard again.
>light headed and feeling strangely good he led me to the shower and used my body while i was just mentally checked out.
>i remember him holding me by my hips while i just pressed my face against cold tiles and cried.
>after he was done with me and the shower was cold he forced me to take a enema.
>bribed me with drugs and money.
How do I stop chickening out every time I want to meet up with a guy?
leap of faith just walk up say hi then you can worry about how to move on from there. Once you are together nerves start to melt away
God I wish that were me. Nothing like getting dominated against your will.
My first time? Got raped by my father when I was 5. Fucked me up. Anyway, I had an older friend when I was 10 who was 12. He had a very abusive family that constantly praised his younger brother while debasing him. He watched a lot of porn. We hung out and had sleep overs often usually playing video games. One night he decided we should watch porn. Then the months of passive aggressiveness began. He would ask me to touch him, I was extremely shy but I was even more Nice... I didn't know any better cause my parents never talked to me about sex and school only taught about pregnancy. So it started with jacking him off while he watched porn, except I enjoyed how much he enjoyed it, but as soon as he got off he became an ass hole and wouldn't want to be near me. I didn't realize he was disgusted in it or that it was 'gay', I just thought it was a private thing good friends did. Believe me that ruined a lot of friendships... But, one night after he made me suck on his dick until he came, he finally tried to fuck me.

So there I am, on my knees and elbows waving my butt like a girl in a porn video did trying to make him happy, and he starts prodding my hole without any lube or anything. After a failed attempt cause I literally couldn't do it cause it hurt a shitfucktonlot he got some lube, somehow, from somewhere, apparently by a friend. The next time he literally bent me over a couch, rubbed my hole with lube, and fingered it a little bit. At that point I was rock hard because that didn't hurt. It felt fucking good. He lubed up his dick, grabbed my hips while I stared forward lightheaded with lust gently swaying my butt, held me still, put his dick against my hole, then pushed and didn't stop until he was balls deep. Then, according to him, he just plowed away. I don't remember any of it, I next remember him pulling out and blowing his load shallowly into me. He stayed there for a minute then fell backwards and sighed heavily. (Cont)
I've met up a couple times before, but I'm just anxious the whole time. I feel like I'm gonna get hurt or something
I'm leaning over the couch, my knees on the floor, cum slipping down over my balls and we end up just going back to playing video games. I told him that same night to cum balls deep from now on, in my mind the logic was less clean up, easier to hide from our parents.

The next night we did it again. Same position, me over the couch, him behind me poking his dick against my butt. He pushes when I clench and hurts me, so he goes slower, and pushes himself balls deep, and I felt all seven inches slowly and fully. Feel his balls rest against my taint, he's twitching inside me and starts moving. I pull back not thinking with him cause it felt good and didn't want him to leave. He grabs my hips, holds me down and pushes in faster, then faster, until he's fucking my ass. 2 minutes in he thrusts balls deep and I feel his cum erupting up into me with surprising force. He can't move for several minutes, doesn't pull out and I just rest my head on the couch wiggling my butt as he's gasping in pleasure still. He pulls out and refuses to talk about it the rest of the night.

The next 6 months I was his booty call, 10pm he'd show up outside my window, I'd let him in, suck on his cock, bend over and let him fuck me and creampie me then fall asleep full of his cum. It got to a point where he fucked me so often we didn't need lube anymore, he'd push his cock against my hole and it'd slide right in, I'd even clench as hard as I could so it'd be tighter for him. Then he found a girlfriend and basically disappeared for a year. Then one day he invites me over, middle of the day, 6pm. I go over to swim at his house, he won't stop grabbing my ass under the water. We end up going upstairs to his room, he pulls out lube and says get on the couch. I do and I'm already harder than I'd been that whole year. He grabs my dick from behind and I almost moan. Then lubes up my ass and his cock, puts it on my hole and slides right in without any problem. (Cont)
2 minutes in he pulls out to the tip and cums, I'm saddened cause it was over so fast, or so I thought! He stays in place for a minute then pushed back in with his cum lubing me up, I can feel the thickness and globs of it getting pushed into me and then he starts pounding for 10 minutes nonstop and ends it with a heavy thrust balls deep blasting his cum inside of me. He pulls out, pushes at me to put my underwear and pants on, and makes me leave immediately. I walked home with his cum all over my hole, inside of me, squishing around with each step.

Then another friend with a big 8 inch dick basically started the same thing in middle school. Only I ended up wringing his dick dry every time cause I'd slam my hips back when he'd thrust and we'd always end up slamming into each other until he grabbed at my hips to hold me still for what seemed like dear life while blowing ridiculously huge loads inside of me.

Now I'm in my late twenties with severe hemorrhoids and can't bottom and have ED so can't top. Can still suck a guy to completion in 5 minutes but it's not the same, I'm basically damaged from two guys who used me for sex as a kid and teen for the rest of my adult life...

I would kill myself but I'm too scared to. Hopefully someone will just kill me one day accidentally or otherwise and I'll be done with this worthless faggot excuse abused trash of a life...Can't please men or women...What good am I now...

2 things:

- Don't lose hope on medical advancements. I'm sure your treatment will come over the years.

- Sex isn't everything on a relationship. You ARE fucked thanks to the abuse, so you'll psyche will do everything to make you believe that. Start treatment on a good facility. Minds can be damaged just like bodies, but yeah, they also can heal. It'll take time and dedication, but hey... many people carry a cross over their shoulders all over the world.
Solid advice. Wasn't expecting that from this place.

Therapy dude. Past trauma can manifest itself in shitty ways. You seem like a nice guy, hang in there.
>Horny as fuck
>Finally decide to do it
>go on craigslist
>message a few guys with big cocks
>most of them respond
>a few swap pictures
>pick one with a massive cock, I don't know why I guess I just wanted to do it properly
>message asking for a meet in a week or so when I'm ready
>says meet now
>talk for a little bit
>tells me to meet now
>I can't wait I tell him I'll be over in an hour
>quickly shave everything, even legs
>quick enema in the shower
>take lube, condoms
>heart pounding
>I'm ready
>before I know it I'm walking down, it's about a 10 minute walk
>I'm there in the blink of an eye
>nervous pause at the doorstep
>nervous knocking
>standing outside door
>I hear steps inside. Door opens
>Tall man, in his 30s opens the door wearing a bathrobe
>Looks nice
>I get inside
>He tells me to follow him
>Get up the stairs into bedroom
>He asks me if I'm ready
>I can't speak, I mumble "mhm" to him
>He smiles
>Opens his robe
>He's fucking massive
>I'm not small by any means but his is way longer and much much thicker
>I quickly get naked
>He tells me I look hot
>I walk up to him on my knees
>Can't breathe
>Touch his cock
>It's really warm, and really hard
>My hands are used to my cock and a much thicker one is a surprise
>Breathe in
>Smell his cock
>Kiss the tip
>Kiss the shaft
>Kiss his balls
>Tongue slips out
>Lick his balls
>Lick up the shaft
>Start sucking
>It's huge
>Try deepthroating
>Doesn't get very far
>After about a minute he grabs my head and thrusts a little bit
>I don't gag because it's too thick and doesn't go far enough
>He thrusts slower but more forcefully
>My eyes open wider
>I gag
>I gag
>He keeps pushing
>I gag harder
>He pulls back
>I cough up spit
>Start sucking his cock again
>Look up at his face
>He asks me if I want to fuck
>Push myself down on his cock as hard as I can
>He groans slowly
>Cock makes it further in
>I swallow
>Feel him tense
>Gag, cough, spit
>Tell him yes, pass him lube and get on the bed on all fours
>He lubes me and himself up
>Grabs hips
>Feel his cock start to touch the top of my ass, getting in position
>forgot condoms
>he puts it on, tells me to get on my knees again
>can't breathe again
>still feel the taste of his cock in my mouth
>heart is racing
>his cock touches my asshole
>his hand is on his cock
>I'm looking under myself to see him
>his cock is here
>it starts to penetrate
>then pain, intense pain
>he stops
>I say more lube, more lube
>he agrees and puts a lot more on, really cake my ass with it
>Oh god can I even do this
>Can I take it
>Tell myself to be brave
>He starts penetrating again
>Feels okay
>feels big
>fuck feels thick
>halfway in
>no pain
>no fear now
>he pushes in harder
>it's deep
>feel my ass stretching around his cock
>shake from excitement
>he starts fucking my ass
>cock feels a lot harder than I expected
>small pain starts
>feels nice though, cancels the pain out
>feels amazing
>he's fucking me pretty hard now
>I'm loving it
>I moan
>He moans and thrusts harder
>he cums
>I know it
>I thrust back a couple of times against him
>we both pant for a minute
>He pulls out
>I'm so proud of myself
>Take the condom off and suck his cock for a few seconds again
>Awkward conversation while I get dressed and leave
>Ass feels stretched, hurts when I tense
>Walk home
>Don't even want to masturbate, I didn't cum but I feel super rejuvenated.
>Feel blissful and make myself a coffee
>be me, 19, not gay just seriously love anal play
>cybering with dudes since i was 15 never had courage to meet one
>go on AOL chatroom for gay sex in my city
>find a 40 year old dude with an average sized cock
>he comes over
>never make eye contact, walk back to my room and he follows
>i pull my shorts down and get on my hands and knees on my bed
>he takes his pants off and starts jacking off behind me, tells me i have to take my shorts all the way off
>akwardly take my shorts all the way off, now im naked from the waist down
>he gets behind me and tells me to hold my ass open
>rubs lube on my asshole, feels good
>asks me if im ready, i say yes
>i feel his dickhead on my asshole, he starts pushing but it wont go in
>hottest thing ever feeling him trying to push it inside me
>after about 20 seconds he shoves his whole cock inside me literally
>he starts fucking the hell out of me, asks me why i wanted to fuck a dude
>as hes plowing me i say because of porn
>he asks me if he should stroke my cock, i say no just fuck me
>his dick seems to get longer, it hurts my insides and i tell him to go slow
>doesnt go slow, tells me how tight i am
>he starts breathing heavy
>cums inside of me
>he pulls out and wipes his dick on my towel, i stare awkwardly at the bottle of lube on the ground
>he leaves
>i tried it again a few months later, different guy
>he shows up, i pull my shorts off and bend over
>he reaches down and plays with my balls and rubs my asshole
>then he panicks and leaves

i regret not making the first dude stay longer and fuck me in another position, to this day i havent done it again but i want to.
>>forgot condoms
>Take the condom off and suck his cock for a few seconds again
kek brainlet
>forgot condoms
>he puts it on
I wish I could please a man like that.
I came back for more several times.
He got several of his buddies involved.
They would pass me around and fill my smooth little ass one after another.
you can have both
Do you regret any of it?
God, I wish that were me.
Not even when they gave me special k and filmed a dog mounting me durring a bangbang
I want too mounting with dog. How was it? What about his knot?
I don't remeber that time very well because of the drugs.
The next time i did it 3 guys helped me take the knot.
I got stuck. They jerked off on my face while i waited for the swelling to go down.
It was hot. I pushed a LOT of cum out of my ass that night.

First anal play
>With first gf
>Petite little 15 y/o Fijian-Indian
>Kinky slut
>Most timid thing she did was slide my foot into her cunt
>Only got more intense from there
>One day she wanted to try fingering my ass
>She seemed to love it, and I'd do anything for this girl.
>She lubes up and preps me
>Starts having fun
>'How does this feel anon?'
>'Different. Good different.'
>'And this?'
>Goes on like that for a while. She keeps adding lube.
>Starts getting uncomfortable, but I don't want to ruin her fun.
>Look down, she's somehow managed to get her whole hand in my ass.
>Freak out, clench.
>Nearly broke her wrist.

First Anal sex Story
>Fast forward three years
>She's taking my to swingers events and sex clubs
>Shed 16, Baycity, Stilleto's ect
>She meets a lovely gay guy while we're out
>She wants him to fuck me
>Organizes a day, shaves and dresses me up, does my makeup, tells me she'll be watching and telling me what to do.
>From the moment he opens the door, she orders me to be aggressively slutty
>on my knees blowing him with the door open
>First time sucking cock, though she's made me practice on dildos before.
>I was probably terrible, but he was my age and didn't know any better than I did.
>We fool around while she directs, she holds my head, takes my hands sometimes.
>Eventually she puts my on my back and lifts my legs above my head
>Tells him to fuck me into submission while she sits on my face
>To this day I have no idea if he used a condom, but it was the most agonizingly painful sex I've ever had.
>tore my ass up, literally - was bleeding a bit afterwaed, definitely crying during
>my dumbass didn't tell them to stop because I was afraid of diasppointing her.
>went on for ages. Sun was up when we started and down when he came on me.
>only realized I was bleeding when he pulled out.
>Said thanks and left, didn't even wash up.
I badly need a dick, my virgin ass is so tight I can barely get a finger in it. The thought of getting fucked makes me rock hard, soon I'll give in and do it.
>>what did he say about my mom?

>be me
>be 11
>have plush snake toy
>stick tail up ass almost every night even tho i am not yet aware of masturbation
>guess I was born to be a trap
File: 1546395606156.gif (1.94 MB, 450x322)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
>>14. Be jerking home alone.
>>blue healer/Australian shepherd mix
>>comes into my room and sniffs my cock.
>>I decide to grab his and jerk us both.
>>he gets hard and start humping my hand.
>>fuck that's hot, let's go further
>>takes about 3 minutes to get his hyper ass in place.
>>once the tip touches my ass, and one thrust later he's burying his cock deep into me.
>>feels amazing, but then the knot starts swelling.
>>knot swells and locks him inside of me
>>hot cum filling my otherwise virgin ass.
>>he goes to get off, locking us ass to ass.
>>the baseball sized knot pulling on my tight young ass hurt so much.
>>then, it popped out, leaving my ass gaped and empty.
>>cum to getting left so open, and dog cum dripping down me.
>>cum all over, all over the floor I collapse in the wet cum puddle, and pass out.
Did you do dog things again?
File: deep pov loud bottom.webm (3.98 MB, 222x394)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB WEBM
Are you blind? Can't you see the condom?
Sort of unrelated but, kik me on Rusty_Kunts if you wanna see some girthy dick and chat

The worst STDs all come from raw anal penetration. You can get them from raw vaginal penetration too but oral is the lowest risk.
Yeah handful of times
Got any more memorable greentexts?
damn dude you literally lived the bully fantasy a lot of those sissy pics are about

Not green texting.
Had 4 dogs, would do the peanut butter deal all over my ass in my ass and my dick and balls. Tuck my cock and balls bring my knees to my chest and rock back, 4 dog rim job. Dogs can dig fairly deep with their tongues, having 4 fighting to dig out the peanut butter is pretty amazing.
Blew a dog.
Spent all day getting fucked by two different dogs, had to empty the cum from me mid day, filled a measuring cup 1 1/4 cups.
> wow
He went in condomed, but without lube. Forced his way in. Told me to relax. Slapped me and told me to quit being a little bitch when she asked him to stop. When it was done he told me to get dressed and to get out.

I requested a dominant and mean man when I posted the ad looking for BBC. He was definitely dominated and mean. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.
Before starting, I'm not a native english speaker so, it might be painfull to read for some of you... Sorry

> Be me
> Currently 30
> Been with the same girl for 13 years (because of work, I see her only on weekends)
> Been bi-curious since I’m 12 (I remember borrowing my mother dildos to experiment in the bathroom ^^)
> Now I have my own toys, and some g-strings (I love to feel the thin fabric between my buttcheeks)
> Have register M4M profiles, even done camshow and pics exchange, but never had the courage to meet a guy to take real good dick
> 4 month ago
> Decide I have to try before the end of the year
> It’s november, 2 months left
> Create a profile saying I’m bi-curious, looking for an older guy to teach me…
> I’m spammed with dicks from old fat guys (meh)
> Finally match with a nice-looking guy, 35 years old, with a 7-inch-thick uncut cock and some “experience” (he is gay)
> Speak with him for a week. He shows me some face/dick pics, and ask me some ass/butthole ones. He tells me he wants to make love to me, but I’m not interested in “love” with a guy, I just want to be the bottom and learn how to take a cock in my ass
> He seems ok with it
> Decide to meet on Monday November 19th
> Ask me to “prepare my hole” for him
> Go home after work to shave and do an enema
> Then wait…
> At 10pm, he sends me his address. I hop in the car with a knot in my stomach… I’m stressed AF, but this time I must do it
> I park the car near his apartment, and walk to the front door
> I ring and he opens, it’s dark inside. I ask if he want to switch on the light, but he says no, that it will be easier for me in the darkness
> Well, ok… I just have the dim light of the moon from outside for me to check that he is the same guy I’ve seen on the pics he sent me. He is already naked
> We sit on his couch and talk a little. He try to kiss me
> I tell him I don’t want to, he’s not happy with it…


> He try to convince me, but it’s a no for me… I tell him I understand, and I can leave if he want me to (a this moment I’m so stressed I hope he will tell me to get the fuck out)… But no
> He take my hand and put it on his dick. It’s hot and soft… very nice to touch
> I gently fondle his balls… they are BIG
> I ask him if he want me to blow him, but he says “no, not now”
> He asks me to remove my clothes except my briefshorts, and to go on all four on his bed (in front of the couch)
> I walk over to his bed and assume the position. I have time to consider I'm on a stranger’s bed with my ass exposed to him… I’m so stressed I’m literally starting to shake…
> He says “you have a fucking nice ass”, and while hooking his thumbs into my briefs to slide them down he add “I can’t wait to see your hole”
> I’m face down, ass up, my asshole finally exposed to him
> He put his hands on my cheeks, and starts to spread them
> I hear him say “Beautiful !”, then he asks me “Have you ever been licked here ?”
> I don’t have time to say anything, as he leans down and started to kiss my ass cheeks, my asshole
> I feel his hand spreading my cheeks to the maximum
> Then I felt a weird moist sensation on my little hole, as he spit on it
> He leans back, and in less than a minute he is tonguefucking my asshole like a madman
> He uses a lot of spit to lubricate me. The sensation is weird, but very pleasurable, and without noticing it, I’m moaning like a bitch while backing my butt against his face

what a good boy
It counts, me and my gf are really into BDSM too, she fucks me everyday for like 2 hours and we both love it.
the idea of having abnother man's cum inside of me is pretty arrousing and appealing to me desu, not that anon btw
>start seeing this guy
>older daddy, nice cock, above average length (6" or so), average thickness
>he's only into getting blow jobs
>meet him once a week
>get to his place, make out as soon as I walk in the door
>sometimes blow him right there by the front door, sometimes up in his bedroom
>after we cuddle naked in bed
>have wanted him to fuck me but never right out asked him (plenty of hints tho)
>I always bring lube and condoms just in case
>never happens
>one day go over
>we start making out in the hallway as usual
>going hot and heavy
>drop to my knees and start sucking on his cock
>I'm pretty horned up so decide to act
>pull condom out of my pocket and slip it on him
>he doesn't say anything
>finger my own ass with lube as I suck on his balls
>lube his cock
>turn around, put my hands on my ass cheeks and spread them
>he shuffles up to me (pants around his ankles) and puts his head by my ear
>"are you sure"
>he slowly pushes his cock into my ass
>it feels tight and I wince a little but I'm not stopping
>few seconds later I feel his pubes on my ass
>I put my hands on the wall and he starts fucking me
>while he does he's sucking on my ear and neck
>he only lasts about 30 seconds before he cums
>embraces me for a few minutes and then pulls out
>I turn around, kneel in front of him, remove the condom and clean his cock
>he says we should go upstairs and cuddle
>we do and fall asleep for about an hour
>feel him stirring and then he pushes me on my stomach and climbs on top of me
>pushes into me again
>I know I should tell him to wear a condom but we've been seeing each other so long I'm willing to go along
>fucks me for about 10 minutes this time and then he cums
>I cuddle with him and jerk myself off
glad I took the initiative
wew very detailed bro
plz cont
Holy shit what an hungry anus
Now it is years later I mostly feel deeply sickened. The start of my sexual life being forced to do gay stuff, being violated, affected me a lot. It wasn't the last time by far that a man fucked me (will tell story in another greentext later). Years later, I like girls and Ive been with several girls but for a while it was really hard to be confident with women knowing that I'd been used like a sex toy by men, that multiple cocks had cum in me. My first proper gf had only been with one guy before me and I had the jarring thought that I'd taken more dicks than her.

Even having sex with women there has to be an element of sexual humiliation for one of us for me to be turned on. My current gf is frustrated that can never 'make love'.

Most of the time the thought of gay sex makes me want to puke. But not always. Sometimes I can literally feel my asshole craving cock. The feeling of being small and helpless and being penetrated, another man using my asshole to get himself off, it makes my prick hard. I know deep down, I like being a man's bitch and I will have my ass fucked again one day.
Can't beat the cock, man.
OK next greentext
>rumours start flying around that I'm gay
>my blackmailer MUST have told someone. Maybe even Olivia. Because the rumours don't go away. Many people believe it as if its fact
>spend a lot of nights red faced and crying with shame

>fast forward a few years

>my parents have kicked me out.
>we never got on and things were getting heavy so they kicked me out onto the street
>don't really have anywhere to go. Not many friends to speak of. All close friends are at university far away
>put a Facebook post up basically begging for somewhere to crash
>get a phone call half an hour later, to my surprise its a guy called Jake
>not even really a friend but more of an acquaintance
>dorky chubby hairy guy. Like WoW and D&D and Warhammer
>he says he's got an apartment and I can crash there if I really have nowhere to go
>I really don't so I reluctantly accept, thinking it would be a bit awkward but it's better than a park bench
>he picks me up in his car and drives me to his apartment
>the place is a shithole, total mess, pizza boxes and dirty plates, food everywhere, needs vacuuming. It stinks of his body odour, as does he
>shows me his spare room, simple sparse room, bed, desk, cupboard
>thank him profusely

>things are awkward for a couple of days
>he shares takeaway food with me and we play some video games sometimes, otherwise I stay in my room
>his personal hygiene is awful, he showers once every few days and he smells bad, wears clothes w/ food stains, has a scraggy unkempt beard
>he doesnt have a job, his rich dad pays his rent

>after a week or so he has few friends round playing games and drinking
>he invites me to join them and I do
>its fun even though these guys are all total dorks
>then it gets weird
>he's tipsy and someone is talking about girls and he straight up asks me if it's true that I'm a fag
>I say wtf no way man
>he says that he heard I used to let (blackmailers name) fuck me and I would suck him off in the school toilets
>I say absolutely not. My face is burning and I hear the squealing desperation in my voice. The other guys are looking at me strangely
>'I heard that a lot' Jake says. 'From loads of people'
>I tell him it's complete lies. I say I'm no faggot. But I'm quivering.
>he stares at me for a second, then shrugs with a smile and moves on the conversation

>we get pretty drunk. I stagger to bed early and fall asleep face down
>hours later the creak of the bedroom door stirs me
>it's pitch black and the noises of the other guys are absent. It must be late
>my eyes snap open as I hear Jake walking softly in, but I don't move. I assume he's got something like a phone charger in this room or something he needs to get
>but no. He pulls the duvet off me gently
>my heart starts beating so hard I can hear it in my dry throat. I know exactly what he's doing but I don't move a muscle, for some reason trying to pretend I'm asleep
>he climbs on the bed, straddling my ass
>he's naked. I can feel his hairy legs on me, his tubby belly hanging down on my, and... Oh christ. His hard cock resting on my butt cheeks.
>I'm just wearing underwear, which he pulls down to my knees. There's no way he can think I'm still asleep as his weight is rocking the bed and he's sat on me, but I don't move still
>he starts rubbing his already erect penis in between my ass checks. I can feel that it's fat and stumpy. He's got really hairy balls
>I make an exaggerated sleepy groan as if I'm waking up. Some dumb part of me thinks he'll freak and run out.
>instead he spits on his hand and rubs it on his dick
>then he puts his whole weight on me, pinning me face down to the bed, his arms holding mine
>his big fat hairy disgusting body on my little weedy pale frame
>he fucking stinks. His breath is in my ear and I can smell the reek of it
>'Jake!' I let out a strangled cry
>'shh shhh' he grunts. He wriggles himself until his fat little dick is lined up with my ass and starts forcing it in
I've told the story many times here already. Sorry for the Reader's Digest version.
>this can't be happening, I think. Not Jake, the gross nerd from my school
>for some reason the thought of Olivia comes to mind. She must have known that her boyfriend had fucked my ass. She must think I'm disgusting. Just imagine if she knew that now I was getting my asshole stretched by this fat smelly dork
>with only his spit as lube he uses his bodyweight to shove his dick up me. It hurts like hell and I'm groaning and struggling
>doesn't take him long to be balls deep in me. His cock definitely isn't long but it is girthy. Feels like a coke can lodged in my butt
>we stay there for a bit breathing heavily. I feel enveloped by him, crushed, all the time I can feel his dick in me, twitching
>my own penis starts to harden. The smell of his odour fills my nostrils and its disgusting. That only turns me on more. I must be sick in the head
>'do you want me to fuck you?' he slurs in my ear
>without even a pause I whisper 'yes'
>he starts 'prone boning' me. Lifting his hips up an inch or two and letting his weight fall back down. His cock pulling out and ramming back in me
>I'm gasping in pleasure. My rock hard dick rubbing on the bed
>he's panting and spittle is flying out of his mouth. He starts licking my neck and cheek, slobbering on me and I just let myself go, I'm into it, I want his gross smelly tongue all over me
>the first guy who fucked me took his time to make me feel every inch of being penetrated, he wanted to humiliate me. Jake just thrusted with wild abandon, without technique or skill, just humping like a rabbit
>it was over very quickly. He didn't slow down to cum he just kept humping as his cock spurted out semen in my asshole
>with a heavy sigh his flabby body collapsed on me exhausted and he lay on me, satisfied, his cock softening still in me
>I was trying to rub my hard dick on the bed, I wanted to cum so bad
>the feeling of his fat belly on me aroused me and I don't know why
Will finish recounting this later, there's a lot more shit that went down
Not every time I was raped for being a faggot by not saying no
My first time wasn't very great met up with him twice cuz i thought it wouldve been better the second time. Turns out he was just terrible at sex. My first time with the guy I see now was incredible. I get fucked by him at least once a week, he cums deep in me and he cums multiple times.
> had house off campus, two bedroom. Girlfriend dumped me, get new gaybro roommate. Cool with it, he's single, so no real gay shit happening, just two dudes drinking, getting high, and playing Xbox.

> Run out of weed while playing, he checks his stash, empty, asks where my weed is. "Bottom right drawer." Realize too late what I just did. He brings a dildo, panties, and bondage cuffs into the living room.

>"Wtf is all this bro". Tell him it's all my ex's shit. We laugh. He laughs, then puts it back and that's when he sees the harness...

> Have to tell him she was kinky and we tried it once. She made me blow her once during a MFF, but that was it.

> Surrreee....

> Game and smoke for a little bit, really high and drunk now, he asks about blowing the dildo. Asks if I ever sucked a real dick. Both apparently a little turned on and horny. He tells me he can suck his, no strings attached. No one will know...

> Say no at first, he keeps asking, and finally whips it out. I start to get up, he grabs my arm. Drunk and high, start to fall down, wind up on my knees in front of him. "There we go", he caresses my head and pulls me forward. That close to his dick, instinct just kinda takes over and I go down on him. Had really been fantasizing about this for a while. Practice on the dildo while jerking off all the time, and ex really did make me suck it, so I think I know what I'm doing.

> 10 minutes, catch the biggest load in my mouth. Gag a little but manage to swallow it.


Weird and awkward the next day. Don't talk to him at all. The day after, weekend, no school. Taking shower, he comes in. "Bro, I noticed something. This lingerie is much too big for your ex.". Holds up a thong.

Start to say I don't know what he's talking about, but he tells me to put it on. I do, and I start to get hard. "So, everything in that drawer was for you?"


"So, you are a little sissy then, I've seen guys like you at the clubs.". He turns me around, pulls my ass against him. "They all want one thing." He grabs my junk in the panties. "And that's a real man to show them what this thing is really for."

He bends me forward, I hear him drop his shorts, lube hits my ass, the head presses against my asshole, it slips in, this is really happening.

Fucks me bare back for 15 minutes, creampies my asshole, feel it drip down my leg.

Be his fuck slave for rest of the school year. Winds up getting accepted to program at prestigious school, leaves before start of next term, never talk again.

Spend next four years building up courage to find another daddy to do it all over again but fail. Never get another girlfriend because I don't feel man enough.

Live alone in shitty apartment jerking off to moving pictures on an online Korean knitting message board.
>Be 22
>Been playing with ass since 13
>Upgraded from fingers to phallic shaped objects to dildos to large dildos to fuck machines
>Can't get orgasm
>Figure next step is real dick
>Can't commit to letting a guy fuck me
>Staying at parents place while they're away for a week to look after animals
>Get high one night
>Start to get horny
>Playing with asshole
>Start making eyes with our German shepherd
>We breed dogs, and he's a breeding stud
>Get an idea
>Get asshole lubed and fingered
>Consider protecting my sides from dog claws, but I like a bit of pain so I think t=it'll make it hotter
>Spray myself with assist pheromones we use to help get dogs interested
>Get on all fours and offer myself to doggo
>He sniffs about then gets right on
>Pokes about with his cock and then slams it home
>I've been around breeding dogs all my life so I made sure my asshole was prepped for it
>Feels good
>He's fucking me for a good five minutes and unlike many younger studs he keeps a firm grip and doesn't constantly fall out
>My sides are scratched up from his claws but it only makes it hotter for me
>I feel his knot expanding and I'm secretly hoping to get tied
>Knot pops inside and I feel cum shortly after, then we get tied
>Dick is raging hard and leaking precum like a tap
>Dog turns around and we stay tied for a little under 10 minutes while I fap furiously and finally cum
>He deflates enough to pull out
>I go clean up
>I get him into it every night while parents are away, and keep it up every time I look after their pets
>They eventually stop breeding dogs and I love my easy fucks
Typing mine, keep it alive bois!
You are smart.
Pretyped for speed, spaced for.. well. space.

>be me
>lad of 26
>only ever fucked girls til now
>used first girls vibrator one time and started this quest
>buy myself toys here and there but bail on em
>finally decide to nut up and find a dude
>download grindr. make profile
>instant hits. they like their chubby bois
>talk to this one dude, 21, home on christmas break, near me
>tell him he's really cool, but he's got some scruff goin on
>more masculine than I wanna have fuck me. lookin for more twink
>tell him the dick would have to be godly
>really only 7 inches long but a fucking meat bat in girth
>immediately enema, shower, leave
>get to his parents house. nervous af
>sneak into basement into his sister's old bedroom
>he lays back but I sit on edge of bed shaking
>I, Robot plays on tv while I work up the courage to lay back next to him
>lose myself in the movie for a bit before I remember what I'm doin here
>pull his head in and start sucking face
>not too shabby
>honestly don't mind the scruff and he's a good fucking kisser

part 2 coming.
>we make out for all of 2 minutes before I decide it's time to grab a hold
>I get hard erections. his was literal diamond and pinned to his stomach
>"holy fucking shit"
>before I finish saying anything, courteous boy decides to go down on me
>not the best head I've ever gotten, but he sucked the anxiety out of my fucking body
>let him go for a few minutes before I tell him I need to suck his cock
>it is a fucking trial
>fills my mouth entirely. can't deepthroat it well. never scraped teeth though
>eyes watering and jaw sore after ten minutes and tell him "sorry I'm not good at it"
>"you're doin better than some guys I've had"
>wear my gold star with pride
>tell him I'm ready to bottom
>has me get on my hands and knees
>alright, I'll roll with dogg-THAT'S A TONGUE
>literally ruined any relationship I have with a girl if she won't rim me. I need it
>eats my ass for a few minutes and wraps his stick and lubes up all appropriate parts
>I get on my back and spread for him
>I waved bye to the point of no return sign miles ago. I was ready for this to happen
>he lines up the shot and I feel his head on my hole

part 3 up next
>pushes in ever so gently so as to not hurt me
>"bruh, put it in, I've had plugs in all evening before this"
>fucking sheathes it in me
>I have yet to find the words to describe that feeling beyond "fucking amazing"
>dildos can never compare to being able to lay back, relax and focus on the man filling your hole
>proceeds to set his pace while I wrap my legs around his back
>honestly lost track of how long he fucked me. we made out the whole time and I was in heaven
>we re-lubed once but apparently needed a second one and my hole started pinching
>asked if he was close and he wasn't so we resigned to jacking off together
>ten minutes of that and I have a clever idea
>"hey, when you're close just lube up and nut inside me"
>how any of my std and blood screens came back clean to this day is beyond me
>he lubes me and him back up and goes in raw
>feels even better than the condom
>about 30 seconds of pumping and I feel his dick get harder and start to pulse
>then I feel fountains of cum draining into my ass
>I had moaned in his ear prior to this, but this made me moan like a whore
>I begged him to fuck me to orgasm
>"you like me fucking my cum into you?"
>apparently the answer was yes cause I came all over myself at that
>we slow down, pull out and make sure not to drip cum on the bed
>I go shit what feels like a gallon of cum out and go back to the bedroom
>"this was honestly an amazing experience but I need to process it all"
>tells me I have his number if I want it again
>leave and never bottom for a guy again

I topped him a few days later just to try it but then I met a girl and just haven't found another guy as chill as him and he has a bf now. Sad :(
Absolutely haram
>Not green texting.
Why not? Mite b cool
Only for live cam
Im jerking off dick super hard and veiny
Bbc here 23 bi
Need heeeelp to cum
Dm me if you wanna see my chocolat bar
>No Willy Wars pasta
Shit thread.
Always wanted to try receiving anal and this is turning me on
>16 yo virgin
>be a thin boy, but have big hips and a very round ass
>be bullied for that
>secretly i like it
>kind of like being humilliated too
>sometimes guys would slap my ass at school
>secretly i like it
>kind of like being humilliated too
>i liked girls but started being aroused by the boys touch
>would get really horny when they teased me and specially whent hey touched my ass. Acted angry tho'
>one day im walking home from school
>kind of horny because some guys where teasing me after gym class
>a car goes past me a couple of times, like they are going around the block
>kind of scared
>car comes again but stops near me
>a woman calls me from inside, ask her why is she following me
>she comes out of the car
>she says i'm cute and she likes me a lot
>asks me if i have a gf
>asks me if i would like to hang out with her sometime
>i don't trust this woman
>still can't stop looking at her cleavage
>she notices and giggles
>asks me if i like her
>she is kind of hot
>we talk some more
>she gives me her email writen in a piece of paper
>tells me she needs to leave but we can chat on messenger
>get home hours pass and i decide to add her on messenger
>she is online, we start chatting
>she says i was looking at her cleavage a lot
>i feel embarassed and apologize
>she says she would love to give me a better look
>inmediately sends a pic of her tits
>i'm diamonds now
>asks me if i want to see more
>of fucking course
>asks me for dick pics in return
>we start talking about sex, she says she would love to fuck a younger boy (she's nearing her 40's)
>she finds out i'm a virgin, she's even more eager
>we start trading pics, she sends me pics of her tits, ass, whole body
>asks me to do the same, i send her as many pics as she wants
>we chat for weeks, every time i end up horny as fuck
>jerk off to her and send her pics, she does the same
>at some point she asks if i like boys too
>kind of nervous to tell her this, but now i really trust her
>i tell her that sometimes boys at school would bully me or slap/grab my ass and i secretly liked it
>she seems really turned on by this
>asks me if i even considered trying sometihng with a boy
>end up confessing i masturbate to that some times
>asks me if i ever fingered my ass, i didn't
>asks me to send pics of me showing my ass to her
>send one from behind
>tells me to get on my elbows and knees take another
>tells me to spread my cheeks for her, i do and send the pic
>im really turned on by these requests
>she says she is too horny now
>she says she wants to fuck me right now
>asks if i want it
>fucking yes
>20 minutes later she is waiting for me nearby with her car
>i get in and she inmediately starts driving
>she is driving to her house while we talk about the chats we had
>as soon as we get in she takes the lead and we start making out
>we go to her room, she makes me sit on the bed and takes of her shirt
>no bra, just her massive tits in front of my face
>i grab them and start sucking on them
>then she takes of my clothes, gets on her knees and starts sucking my dick
>im moaning out loud and soon im about to cum
>she notices and stops, she says she doesn't want me to cum just yet and kisses me
>she takes of her pants now, she's only wearing a thong
>slowly removes it and makes me eat her out
>i don't know how to do it but she is guiding me
>she orgasms after like a minute while she forcibly holds my face against her crotch
>she looks at me in the eyes and asks me to fuck her
>she lies on the bed and opens her legs
>she tells me to just fuck her
>i go in, start fucking her as hard and fast as i can
>she says i can cum inside her
>she wraps her arms and legs around me
>i fuck her for like 2 minutes and can't hold it anymore
>i release a lot of cum inside her, end up shaking
>she holds me there and gives me little kisses on the face and neck
>she also grabs my ass
>i feel one of her fingers caressing my asshole
Go on...
>i start kissing her neck as she does this
>she is moving her finger in circles and slowly applying more and more pressure
>i'm rock hard, fuck her again in the same position and cum inside her pussy
>she says she wants to do something else to me
>asks me if i will do as she says
>i agree, she tells me to get on my elbows and knees just like in the pics i sent her
>i do just as she says, she starts massaging my ass, she even slaps it a couple of times
>i moan a little
>she spreads my cheeks and suddenly i feel her tongue on my asshole
>she starts eating my ass violently
>fuck im loving this
>she also jerks me off
>im moaning very loudly
>she makes me turn around, lie on my back
>she starts sucking my dick and her finger slowly goes inside my ass
>at this point i would let her do anything to me
>she starts fingering me while she sucks me of
>didn't even realised when a second finger came in
>i cum again, end up shaking
>we make out and lie on the bed for a while, then we take a hot shower and she drives me home
>that night we are chatting on messenger again
>she asks if i liked what we did
>i loved every second of it
>asks if i liked her playing with my ass
>loved it too
>we exchange some pics
>we keep chatting
>over the next days she sends me videos, first of older women with younger guys
>some light femdom vids
>then some bisexual threesomes
>im very turned on by those
>more time passes, she teaches me how to play with my ass
>i start sending her pics just of that
>we meet again, this time she starts eating my ass and then fingering
>this time we get to fuck her ass, feels amazing
>we talk more and more on messenger
>she sends me some gloryhole videos, damn this is hot
>she says she loves sucking dick
>asks me if i would like to try it sometime
>i dont know
>weeks pass, this idea starts growing on me
>we meet again and fuck most of the evening
>she convinces me to try sucking on a cucumber like if it was a dick
>i do it in front of her
interest, pls cont
this is going to turn very gay soon, hope you don't mind
>she makes me get on all fours and keep sucking the cucumber
>she starts playing with my ass
>this is hot as fuck, now i'm sucking eagerly
>she starts fingering me very hard and fast
>when i get back home i masturbate thinking of myself sucking a real dick while she watches
>days pass, we chat every day as usual
>she says she loved when i sucked the cucumber for her
>she says she would love to see me with a real dick
>im too horny every time i talk to her so i play along
>she says she wants to fuck me again
>like an hour later we are at her room
>we fuck like 2 hours doing everything we have done so far, except for the cucumber thing
>we rest for a while and she says she has a surprise for me
>she goes to a closet and takes a box out
>she takes a rather big dildo, and some sort of leather panties
>it's one of those harnesses for pegging, i saw them in some videos she sent me
>i think i blushed
>she put the thing on and then told me in a commanding voice to get in position
>i do as she says, inmediately she starts eating my ass while squeezing my cheeks really hard
>then she makes me turn around, tells me im going to suck her dick now
>i grab the shaft, start jerking it off, i imagine it's a real dick
>its much bigger than mine, that arouses me somehow
>i place my lips on the tip and look at her
>she smiles and caresses my face
>i close my eyes and start sucking
>i do it just like she does it, move my tongue around the head, then try to get as much of "her dick" as i can inside my mouth
>after a while i just close my eyes and enjoy it
>i don't know how long i sucked her dildo, but i think she orgasmed at some point
>then she pulled it away from me
>i wanted to keep sucking her
>she grabbed me and made me get on all fours again
>my body shaked a little, i knew what as coming now
>she slapped one of my cheeks
>i felt the tip of her dildo against my ass
Oh do go on
Any chance you are in FL?
thanks, i will speed this up now
>i was very scared it may hurt as even her fingers where a little painful and the dildo was really big
>she tried to get it in but it wouldn't fit
>she grabbed my waist firmly and pushed a little more
>i gasped
>she said she wanted to fuck me so bad
>suddenly she stopped
>she stepped back and removed the thing
>she smiled and said she had a better idea
>she says she wants my first time to be with "a real one"
>she makes me lie on my back and starts riding me
>meanwhile she talks about how hot it will be to see me being taken by a real man
>she says i have such a cute round butt and that any man would love to fuck me all day
>she says she knows someone with a cock as big as her dildo
>she wants me to meet him
>she wants me to deepthroat his cock and taste his cum
>she wants to see me on all fours while he destroys my asshole
>she wants to eat his cum out of my ass
>i cum while she tells me all that
>im so horny that i say yes to everything
>before i leave she makes me cum again by fingering my ass
>i go home, my ass hurts a little but i sleep like a baby
>at the next day we chat on messenger, she says she was serious when she was talking about her friend
>asks me if i would actually like to meet him
>i say no at first
>time passes, we meet again
>me sucking "her dick" gets added to the routine, i really like it
>more time passes with our usual chats, exchanging pics and videos and just being horny in general
>we fuck again
>we end up exhausted on her bed
>i confess i had been masturbating to the idea of sucking a real dick more and more
>i even fingered myself thinking about being fucked
>i end up agreeing to meet her friend, only if she will be in the room with us
>she says she will arrange it for me
>she is so excited and happy about this
>at the next day she tells me she told everything to her friend
>she says he sent something for me
>she shows me some pics of a man holding his hard cock
>its veiny and it looks huge in the picture
>she sends me some more
>she says she is talking to him right now and she is about to send him my pics (the ones in wich i show my ass)
>my hearth stops for a second
>she shows me screenshots of the chat with this guy
>he loves every single one of my pics, he says i have a great ass and loves my wide hips and small waist
>he says he wants to know what my ass looks like in panties
>im diamonds now
>she asks me to take a pic like that for him
>i'm not even thinking, i go outside and take one of my mom's panties that just finished drying
>i rush to my room and take off my clothes
>i put on the panties and look at myself in the mirror, they can't hide my boner
>i take some pics in different poses and send them
>then i inmediately return the panties
>he loves them, starts saying im the cutest little slut and a lot of things like that
>they agree on a date for him to fuck me
>the woman is not even talking to me, she just sends me screenshots
>they choose saturday
>it's already wednesday
>my hearth is beating like crazy all this time
>im also so horny but feel like everything is wrong at the same time
>i feel like the first time i went to this woman's house
>the chat goes on for like an hour, then she starts talking to me again
>she says she is so excited and she can't wait til saturday
>i feel weird
>i feel like i was treated like an object but i like it
>the next 2 days i was very stressed and nervous
>every hour i thought about telling her to cancel everything
>i barely ate those days
>then saturday came and i was at her house still nervous as fuck
>she kissed me and tryed to calm me
>we still had 2 hours until her friend arrived
>we fucked and she played with my ass a lot
>she made me so horny i wasn't nervous anymore
>she looked at her watch and said we still had an hour maybe a little bit more
>she said it was time for me to prepare
>we took a shower and she fingered my ass some more
This is my first post on 4Chan, sorry if my layout isn't correct. But this is my first time receiving a real penis.

>>I'm 21, 185cm and ~65kg have some toys to play with from time to time and wondering what it's like to get penetrated by a real penis
>>Join a hookup site from my country, get loads of messages and picked a person that was close to me
>>Seems like a nice guy, similar hight as me but goes to gym so a bigger guy then me
>>He's down to have a date with a first timer and we agree to meet the day after so I'm able to prepare my body for it
>>Ask if he's single, because I don't want to hook up with someone who is in a relationship of some sort. Yes, he's single
>>Next day, I showered and cleaned myself. I'm all smooth and anal ready
>>Get on the bus, enjoying some music to calm me down so I won't chicken out (like I read a lot of people do, especially the first time)
>>Get to the stop closest to his house, a 1 min. walk and I knock on his door
>>Opens door clothed, greets me and allows me the time to take it all in what's about to go down
>>Ask him if we can go straight to business because at that time I knew the longer it takes to start the business the biggger the chance I'd still chicken out
>>He leads me to his bedroom, he lays down on it and says "go ahead then"
>>What felt a little bit against my nature I sat down on his bed between his legs and started to take off his pants and underpants
>>Nice penis shows of 7 inches and my instant reflex of the first sight was to put it in my mouth
>>After a minute or two of sucking on his penis and taking it slow (and not so far) I ask him if it wouldn't be easier if we are both completely naked, he agrees and we both go fully naked
>>In the chat we had the day before I said I'm a submissive person and after we took our clothes of he took control since he felt I wasn't nervous anymore
>>He puts both hands on my head and leads it back to his penis and says "I think you can take more than you just did"
>then as she dried me she asked if i liked wearing my mom's panties
>i told her it was hot
>she said she wanted to surprise her friend
>tells me it would make her so happy if i agreed to wear some clothes she picked for me
>i agree, she is so pleased for that
>we make out, then she takes me to her room again
>she takes some stuff from her closet
>she brings a set of black lingerie and says she would love to have shoes for me to wear but she only had time to get this
>the set was a very small thong, long socks and stockings and a babydoll, all of them where black and kind of transparent
>she helped me put them on and while we where on the last piece she receibed a phone call
>it was her friend, he would be there in like 20 minutes
>she was very exited, she came to me and we made out of a moment
>then she said there was one last detail
>she applied some make up on me
>lipstick, a little bit of eye shadow and some powder on my skin
>then she stepped away and looked at me for a moment
>she told me i was perfect and made me look at myself on the mirror
>seeing myself like that made me so fucking horny
>at that moment i decided to forget about everything and just let things happen
>soon her friend arrived, she told me to stay in the room and went out to greet him
>some minutes passed
>i sat on the bed and i could hear them talking but couldn't understand what they where saying
>i jumped from the bed when the door opened
>she walked in first and he followed her
>he was a tall man about the same age as her
>"this is the cutie i told you about"
>while se said this i felt like he was devouring me with his eyes
>i couldnt resist his eyes and looked down
>i saw his bulge growing as he said i was the perfect little slut
>"she is all yours" was the last thing she said before he rushed at me
>i felt one of his arms around my waist as the other grabbed my hair
>he started kissing me forcibly, i felt some pain on my lips

>>He shoves his erect penis completely and he keeps me down there for a couple of seconds
>>He pulls my head back, removing his penis from my mouth and says "yup, I knew it. Let's go at it"
>>He now is moving my head back and forth, literally facefucking me balls deep
>>He does it for a couple of minutes with a couple of small few second pauses in between
>>But then he suddenly stops without any reason for what it seemed and kept his penis down in my throat
>>While I was busy handeling his penis in my throat, he heared the front door open: his boyfriend came home
>>I couldn't see anything and didn't know what was happening because my head was hanging over the edge of the bed, I could only observe his balls moving
>>He greeted and at that moment my heart rate raised, are they cool with it or not.
>>Boyfriend who came in says "Nice! Can I join in?"
>>Guy who I was already going down with asks me if I'm okay with that, but only came to the conclusion I couldn't answer because his penis was still balls deep in my mouth
>>He finally takes his penis out and I grasp for some breath and the only thing I could do was nod
sorry, i didn't pre type this
>i dont know why i resisted at first, kept my mouth closed and tryied to push him of
>he bited my lip and the pain made me gasp
>he forced his tongue inside my mouth
>with that my resistance banished
>i just wrapped my arms around his neck and we started making out
>his hands started travelling all around my body
>i just kept my eyes closed and kissed him passionately, i started imagining he was my husband for some reason
>he squeezed my ass very hard
>he bited my ears and my neck and started kissing my chest
>he was making me moan just from touching me like that
>then i knew what i had to do, i looked at him in the eyes and sat on the bed
>his crotch was in front of my face, it looked like if his pants couldn't contain his cock
>i kissed it through the fabric, then pulled his pants and underwear down
>his cock hit me in the face and i just looked at it for a moment
>it was about the same size as the dildo i sucked before, but it was so warm and hard and it was intimidating
>i smelled it, it was clean but already smelled like precum, then i looked at him in the eyes
>i closed my eyes and kissed the tip
>it was done, i had touched a man's cock
>all the nervousness faded at that moment and i just grabbed his shaft with both hands and started opened my mouth a little bit more
>i wrapped my lips around the head and started to jerk him off very slowly with both hands
>i tasted a little bit salty and it was so warm. I wanted to just keep it in my mouth forever
>i meant to give him a proper blowjob but instead i started nursing on his cock, sucking it very slowly with my eyes closing, i could hear his breath becoming heavier and another wet sound from the right (later i knew it was the woman masturbating).
>he placed his hand on my face and caressed me while he allowed me to enjoy his cock
>i don't know how long this went on, but after a while i opened my eyes and looked at him
>i was blushing like a little girl

>>His boyfriend start taking his clothes off and an even more awesome 8 incher shows and also a bit fatter
>>All proud the other guy says I could take his penis all the way and I might be able to take his all the way too
>>I lay back down with my head over the edge of the bed and he stands behind me, looks at me and I nod to show I'm ready
>>No warming up, no getting used to he straight up starts facefucking me
>>I'm able to control it so I won't throw up but had to tap his legs for a pause
>>At this moment I knew his boyfriend was even more dominant: he didn't stop
>>While he kept going at it in my mouth the other guy has moved to the other side of me and had was putting the lube on my ass
>>The guy ready to put his penis in my ass asks guy number two to stop for a bit. "Calm down, it's his first time. Let him relax a bit for his first time anal"
>>Guy number two who was facefucking me stops and guy number one slowly slides his 7 incher in
>>He knew I had toys so I was used to having something up my ass and because of it wasn't afraid to go at it very quick
>>After a couple of minutes with my head up watching him fucking me I lay my head down enjoying the feeling
>>While I tried to enjoy the feeling, for guy number two it was the que to go back at facefucking
>>They spitroast me for 5 minutes and guy number two who is facefucking me asks to swap
>>Although his penis of nr 2 is bigger in length and girth and was curious if I could handle it in my ass I agreed since I wanted a bit of a rest for my mouth/throat (guy nr 1 was a bit more gentle)
>>They swap and guy nr 2 just went as crazy on my ass as he did with my mouth. 8 inches balls deep in and out getting plowed like crazy
>>Meanwhile I was nursing the other guys balls which was a nice moment of rest I needed for my mouth
>>15 minutes of ball nursing and getting plowed later the one fucking me in the ass says he wants to do it doggy
>he looked at me, smiled and said i was beautiful and he would love to have me every day
>i tried to smile with his cock still in my mouth, then closed my eyes and started actually sucking
>i did it just like i was taught to do, started slowly but soon i took pace
>i started trying to get as much as his cock as possible, he was moaning and holding my head with both hands
>i was drooling all over his cock and as i sucked the taste became stronger and i could swear i also felt his cock getting bigger inside my mouth
>there was a mix of saliva and precum coming out of my mouth and falling on my chest and legs
>i started sucking faster and deeper, sometimes i would gag but did my best to resist
>all i could hear now was "my husband" moaning, and i wanted to do everything to please him
>i was eager to taste his cum
>i felt he was close so i started sucking as fast as i could withouth even breathing
>suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth
>there where thick lines of saliva still conecting his cock and my lips while i tried to catch my breath
>he said he didn't wanted to cum just yet while he dried the tears from my eyes
>he made me stand up, he said he wanted to get a better look at me
>i did just like he said, i walked a bit around the room while his eyes followed me
>then he huged me from behind, i gasped as i felt his hands squeezing my chest and his throbbing, hard cock agains my ass
>i turned around and kissed him and then went back to the bed
>i wasn't even thinking when i god on me elbows and knees on the bed and asked him to take me
>he came to me and kissed my neck and my back while he grabbed my ass
>he pulled my thong to a side and inmediately started eating my ass
>i started moaning, exagerated it a little bit because i thought he would like it
>he slapped my ass really hard and made me squeal
>he said he was about to prepare my ass but he couldn't wait anymore
>he placed his hands on my waist and held me frimly
I came here for rape stories but all you guys are just fags who willingly had fagsex wtf

Need a rape element to fap?

>>Guy nr 2 who was already fucking me is now fucking me doggy but also is slapping my ass up
>>Guy nr 1 went away for a couple of minutes and said he needed a break
>>After 5 minutes of doggy he puts his hands around my waiste, lifts me up and we turn around
>>He now lays on bed fucking me reverse cowgirl
>>Guy nr 1 comes back from his break and sees us fucking in full glory
>>He watches for a couple of seconds and then asks his boyfriend "he takes it well doesn't he?"
>>Guy nr 2 fucking me says "very well, I think we can try it"
>>I had no clue yet what he meant with 'I think we can try it', but as soon as guy nr 2 kept fucking me while guy nr 1 started positioning himself behind us I had an idea
>>Guy nr 2 puts his arms around my waiste again and forces me back to lay complete back on him
>>Guy nr 1 opens my legs further and says "If you don't want it or it hurts, just say it. But we think you can take it"
>>I knew what they were going to do and a few seconds later I knew it for sure when guy nr 1's penis was gliding around me ass while guy nr 2 was still in me
>>Nr 1 puts the head of his penis onto nr 2's penis and my anus and tries to push it in
>>After 4 tries he manages so squeeze his penis in
>>Amazing feeling, felt light in the head and was at prime horny as possible
>>I wasn't the only one who thought it was an amazing feeling because it was a que for guy nr 2 to start thrusting again, making guy nr 1 force out of my ass
>>But the second time reinsterting nr 1's penis was much easier and went straight back in the first time he tried
>>He goes as deep as possible and says "now you can start thrusting you dummy" to his boyfriend
>>Not soon after guy nr 1 also starts thrusting and I'm now getting fucked by 2 guys at the same time
>>They fucked me like this for ~10 minutes, they didn't change position because they wanted to keep guy nr 2 below me because his penis was bigger and it would be easier that way
>he said i was already a little bit loose but it would still hurt
>i was too horny to back down now
>i told him i would resist and asked him to fuck me
>he placed a hand on my back forcing me to lower my chest until it was touching the sheets
>he held me in place with one hand on my back and the other on my hips, his hands felt rough and i knew that i couldn't escape even if i wanted
>he told me to breathe slowly
>i felt the tip of his cock sliding between my ass cheeks
>soon the tip was aligned with my entrance, he started pushing, trying to get inside
>i tried my best to relax and allow him in, but i was just too tight
>he told me to bite the sheets and take a deep breath, i did just that and closed my eyes
>he forced the tip of his cock inside, i would have screamed if i wasn't biting the sheets like he told me, i even started crying because of how painful it was
>he said something, i can't remember correctly but it was something about me getting what i asked for
>he just stayed there for a while, without moving but he moaned a little and commented on how thight i was
>then he told me to resist and started moving forward
>it felt like his cock as gigantic and it was tearing me apart
>i swear every inch felt like 10
>my breathing became fast and i was crying and clutching a pillow really hard and sinking my teeth on it
>soon i felt his body against mine, he caressed my face and told me i was a good girl and i took it all in
>he said my ass was perfect and he had to hold still so he would not cum right now
>i moved my hand to feel it, i felt his balls touching my ass, it was really all inside me, each one of his almost 8 inches
>i started breathing slowly and looked at him from over my shoulder with tears on my eyes
>he looked at me in the eye and i just smiled and nodded, then put my face down again and bit the pillow
>he started slowly pulling his cock out
>he almost pulled it out completly and then he buried balls deep inside just as slowly
stories about straight guys forced into gay sex makes my penis the big penis
My story is an absolute mess but ay here we go:

>Be me, 18, in a happy relationship with GF
>Bestfriend at the time is over at my place, also has a GF he is happy with
>Friend brings loads of cider with him to celebrate a project we'd just finished together, nothing we havent done hundreds of times before
>Never even saw friend sexually before, he was super hetero
>Evening is progressing as normal, we watch some movies, then head to my room to play games on my PC
>We build a colony on Rimworld all night, super fun chill time
>Friend notices my arms are shaved, starts stroking them (I shave all my body hair regularly, Im a sub with my gf and am into sissy stuff)
>Make joke to him anout him being a perv, but then I notice it
>His cock his bulging in his pants and my sissy instincts take over
>Friend complains about his cock being hard, drunkenly offer to "take care of it"
>He unzips pants, I get on my knees, huge hairy cock slaps my face
>Start off by sucking it slowly but he soon begins fucking my throat
>He asks if I wanna do anal, I say no, tells me to atleast get naked, I comply
>As soon as I start sucking again he reaches for some vaseline and begins to finger me lubed with the vaseline
>After fingering me for a while he tells me to bend over the bed, I cant resist
>He slowly pushes his lubed up cock in, then starts fucking me full force
>His cock had to be between 8 and 9 inches and thick, was stretching my asshole so fiercely
>Pulls out and bends me over my window sill, lifts my hips and my feet cant touch the ground
>Slams me for a good 10 minutes before he creampied my tight ass

He basically used me like a fleshlight for 4 hours for the rest of the night, fucked me upside down at one point. Didnt stop until 4am.
We got really awkward after that day though, Im fairly sure his GF hadnt put out yet either so he might have lost his virginity to me.
Worst part is that we hang out with eachothers GFs at school, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

>gf of 4 years
>neither of us ever really cared of anal so never did it
>one random night
>laying in bed
>feeling horny
>start talking as if I might stick it in her ass
>she eggs me on
>she actually grabs my dick and puts in for me
>start fucking her ass but she tells me to go slow
>eventually she asks to stop and I just fucked her regularly
>feel gross because she didn't let me wash my dick off and I just went from her ass to vag so I felt like instant yeast infection both ways

We've never done anal since lol, I'd be down but I don't think she's too fond of it

>>I was getting exhausted (probably mostly because of excitement) and asked them to go 1 by 1 doggy and go crazy on me so they can cum
>>Guy nr 1 with his 7 inch wanted first
>>Fucks me for a few minutes in doggy, goes decently at it but it was obvious he was already pretty close to cumming
>>He cums in my ass, second best feeling (after double penetration), and i try to keep my ass up so the cum stays in
>>Guy nr 2 was already line up behind him and as soon nr 1 got out, nr 2 put his 8 incher in
>>While nr 2 started to plow me again like crazy, guy nr 1 sat in front of me
>>The sight of his half hard penis all shiny because of his cum was a great sight and naturally I asked him if it's ok if I started sucking him off again
>>He nods and I put his cum-shiny penis back in my mouth, gently sucking him off
>>While guy nr 1 only needed a few minutes to cum, guy nr 2 didn't cum that easy
>>After nearly half an hour of getting plowed in doggy while cocknursing the other guy he mentioned he was getting close
>>He stops fucking me doggy, says "Sorry" to his friend, moves my head from his friend penis and pushes me back, again with my head over the edge of the bed
>>He was exactly going to do what I thought he was going to do at that moment
>>He started facefucking me again with his 8 inch penis, but this time it's far more messy and sloppy because of all the precum
>>After a minute or 3 of getting facefucked I felt his penis pulse and he stopped thrusting
>>A few seconds later he cums in the back of my throat, cum going straight down
>>Could feel his cum coming back up (and he did too I think) and he took his penis out of my mouth
>>Was able to keep it in my mouth, swallowed it back in and I apologize to him
>>He says "No problem, thank you" and slaps my ass
>>I thank them both, put my clothes back on, didn't shower at their home and went back on the bus surrounded by the smell of sex and showered back home

We meet up once every couple weeks ever since.
>this went on for several minutes, his cock slowly making it's way inside me, then slowly coming out, in and out over and over again
>i was still sobbing and still in a lot of pain but i didn't wanted it to stop
>he started doing it a little bit faster and now, with every thrust it felt a little bit better
>soon he was fucking me kind of fast, but not hard and i started moaning instead of crying
>i could hear him moaning too and his grip would sometimes loosen up but it was no longer necesary to hold me in place
>he kept going at this pace and after a while it felt so good i wanted him to fuck me harder
>the pain was still there but i didn't cared anymore, it just felt too good
>"fuck me daddy"
>i don't know why i said that but it felt like the right thing to say
>he called me his little slut and started fucking me harder, making me squeal and moan
>the pain returned but still the pleasure was too great and i didn't knew if i wanted to ask him to stop or fuck me harder
>soon he was pounding my ass making me scream and cry again and putting all of his weight on me
>his arm was now around my chest and i was holding it as hard as i could while he pounded me mercilessly
>all i could hear was my own screams and moans and the slapping sound my ass made each time he thrusted
>i started screaming and moaning really loudly as i had a huge orgasm and called him daddy again, can't even remember what i said just that it ended in "daddy"
>he soon released all of his load inside and i felt he was filling me up completly
>he stayed on top of me, kissing me neck and back until his cock went limp
>he pulled out and lied down
>my whole body was shaking
>i turned around and lied next to him resting my face on his chest
>i felt his arm holding me there
>he said he loved it and he would fuck me every day
>i looked at his eyes
>"i love you"
>i don't know why i said that, i was probably just cockdrunk put it felt like that phrase had escaped my mouth
last cont
>he just caressed my face and kissed me
>then we just lied there, he started caressing my hair
>i saw the woman who made all this possible sitting naked nearby, i smiled at her, she smiled back and then i closed my eyes
>i fell asleep soon after
>a couple of hours later he woke me up, it was getting late
>the 3 of us talked for a while, then he left and the woman and i stayed alone
>we talked some more, i told her i loved it more than i thought possible
>she said she was so happy, we made out and then she drove me home
>i could barely walk, my legs where shaking, i went to sleep and i dreamed of him pounding my ass
>the next day i started talking to him on messenger
>we had a threesome the next week, and we met several times afterwards
>i continued fucking with both of them, sometimes together, sometimes just one
>a year later he divorced his wife, we started seeing each other more ofter
>i actually fell in love with him at some point
>still fucked my friend (the woman) from time to time but mostly i would see him
>to this day we still see each other and fuck (the 3 of us)
>to this day he has been the only man i have been with and i spend the night with him at least twice a week
well, that's all, thanks to whoever is reading this and sorry for taking so long
I have plenty of pics however they are linked to my Fet so I won't share them.
give in to your fantasies already or move on
File: 1546758737723.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
Yeah, some people can actually masturbate to words and ideas there angryfag so maybe it is you who should

Yeah, I kind of get it
i'm not sure if this is gay, maybe it's the camera angle but it looks like their balls touched at the end.
Need the end of the story please !
>anon got an assgirl
you won in lotto
Ever since craigslist I havent really found any good sites or apps to find people on, does anyone have any suggestions on any good things to use to find people to hook up with? Cant do grindr anymore because too many people on there that are shit.
Try Planetromeo.com
ok what?
Hot, i used to be my german sheperd's bitch, it lasted like 10 years until he died
(on a phone so bare with me)
>be 22 or 23ish bifag
>been putting stuff in my butt since I was 14 just to masturbate
> hop on backpage
>browsing see a tranny with a 13inch for 60 an hour
>*ring ring*
>show up to run down apartments
>its the hood
>hear deep feminine but very much a guys voice
>"up here baby"
>follow voice upstairs
>tranny is just straight up black dude in a wig wearing nothing but a tube tube
>flaccid dick in the breeze
>go to back room
>candles lit
>music playing
>put money on the table
>get naked
>shehe's already Richard behind me
>puts dick in front of me
>suck that dick as deep as possible
>gagging it's so big
>after a bit tells me to lay on bed
>lubes up
>slides giant dick between my lega then into my ass
>it feels hot
>I moan cause I feel like I have to
>shehe grabs my hair (which was shoulder length)
>thrust thrust thrust
>goes on for about 20 mins
>shehe pulls out
>"my turn?" dick in hand ready to go
>shehe cums while jerking to finish
>"I dont think I can baby"
>sadly get dressed
>blue balls'd AF
>would try to take money back but in the hood with no strap
>get in car
>go home and hate myself
Passively robbed and fucked
>be 21 y/o college student
>bicurious and like anal stimulation
>in terrible relationship with girl
>get validation that my ass is fuckable on /soc/
>decide to try out guys
>post pics on craigslist
>muscular latino messages me
>picks me up and brings me to his place
>chat for a little bit
>make out
>undresses me
>lubes me up
>puts on condom fucks me doggy style
>feels amazing
>notice mirror by bed
>think about how hot and slutty i look
>fuck missionary and i ride him cowgirl as well
>wanted to suck him but i was too nervous
>make out and jerk each other off to finish

It was as good a first time I could possibly ask for. He asked if I wanted to meet again but I told him I had a gf. I should have kept doing it and ditched her for real.
>Literally giving your blood to the (((Red Cross))) for free
blue pilled
>paying to get buttfucked
wtf are you doing anon

>tranny is just straight up black dude in a wig wearing nothing but a tube tube

Ive been curious since i was 16 (26 now) fantasize regularly all that time about being fucked/bred but flake because i don't want aids.
This fucking sucks
Just go on PREP.
And use condoms!
Wrong, you have to go without sex for a whole year if you want to donate.
Fuck your tired format. I got fucked and he had shit all over his dick.
Thats very, very important, listen to this anon
This is what I want to know, a lot of these greentexts share stories of situations where consent was loosely given, or people were told not to cum inside, etc etc.

But literally ZERO videos attached are of that.

This is disappointing, you should all be disappointed. Not even any staged shit.
Sauce? Can't find it
yeah ive heard about it. My issue is im in a rural area and don't want the family doctor knowing that. gay shit isn't cool here.
Now THIS is a real gay story.

Yeah, highly overrated ass tasting dick and endless guys ripping off condoms or just cumming inside you without giving a shit.

This is why the gay community has so much AIDS.
>friend came out a few years ago. Real manly man, pretty suprised, but he was happy
>had always been curious about being with a guy
>one day we talking and tell him I've been curious about being with a guy and wanted to try with someone I trusted incase it wasnt my thing
>on the spot offers himself for me to try with
>got really nervous really quickly
>I backed out of it, said I wasnt prepared and maybe some other time. He was already rubbing his cock over his pants ready to go. Felt bad afterwards
>maybe week or two passed and we were talking like we normally do and he brought it up again and asked if I was prepared
>got really nervous again and found a way out of it
>next night he messages to see if I want to watch a movie.. which is something we do regularly
>during the text messages, he asks why I've been nervous about sleeping with him. Hes a big boy and I tell him he will probably destroy me
>he laughed it off and sent me a picture message captioned "this is what your working with" and a photo of his hard cock
>it was a good looking dick had to of been upwards of 7 inches. I'm 7 inches and his cock was bigger than mine.
> the photo of his cock made me really horny. Didnt catch up with him but instead spent the night looking up anal and blowjob porn and fucking my ass with various vegetables.
>I did this nightly for a week and I started getting messages why I was avoiding him
>I messaged back saying I was prepared and to come to mine tonight and bring some condoms
>he turned up about 8pm in shorts and a singlet. Once he got inside he turned to me, pulled his cock out of his pants and said "you sure your prepared for this"
>I was so nervous that I wanted to run and hide but so horny looking at his solid cock in his hand
>I walked up to him, grabbed him cock, felt it in my hands for a second and told him to follow me
>we got into my bedroom and he laid down onto my bed, he already kicked his shorts off
worth the aids. damnn
>I knelt between his legs nervously jerking his cock contemplating if I was going to suck it or leave my bedroom, I thought to myself that I was in this far I may aswell keep going
>so I started to lick up and down his cock and suck on the head for a little bit.
>he starts to moan and it gave me so much confidence sexually that he was enjoying it, so I became more enthusiastic. I started to almost believe I was a porn star in a movie sucking his cock. It felt amazing.
>after a few minutes I asked where the condoms were and he said in his shorts.
>I grabbed his shorts from the hallway and found a 12 pack of condoms... wtf
>I ripped open one of them and put it on his cock. He looked at me and said if it's my first time we would need lube but I was already grabbing it out of my top draw
>I lathered his cock in lube and rubbed as much as I could into my asshole
>i sat onto of him cowgirl style and he smiled at me and told me to go at my pace
>I grabbed his cock and guided it to my ass. I felt it against my ass so I started to push back onto it and next thing I know hes inside of me
>it felt so tight and I felt like I was full but as I started to thrust into it I knew there was so much not inside me
>I worked it into me and often pulled it out and put more lube on his cock, which helped heaps.
>I was just enjoying myself and the moment riding him and he grabs onto my hips and moans out hes going to cum, so I bounce as quickly as possible on his cock while he cums in me.
>after he came I got off and laid next to him
>he asked if I enjoyed it and if I'd do it again. Which I replied yeah I did quite enjoy it and yeah I'd do it again. He asked if I'd do it again in 5 minutes when he was ready and he wanted to go on top.
> I just smiled and said sure.

That's my first experience. Pretty good to have found someone I trusted and hes been a great mate ever since
>meeting up with someone to specifically fuck
>not bringing condoms
No wonder you're here.
Does anyone have the source for this? Been looking for it forever.
Sorry for what happened to you in the past. Hope you're able to overcome the years if abuse. Stay positive, you're better person then you think, mate.
holy shit, im diamonds
happy for you!
Poor wife.. Do you have no shame?
You can get HIV from giving oral.

Like, unless you don't swallow any cum and he doesn't precum at all, maybe the chance is low. But if you have any cuts in your gums or a cold sore or something, then that's enough to make the risk just as high as anal.
God bless America.
>then that's enough to make the risk just as high as anal.

This is not true and you can google it. HIV doesn't spread easily in the first place. If it's effectively treated it doesn't spread at all. And oral is waaaaay safer than anal.
I've literally had guys fucking cum in my ass and this post is the gayest shit I've ever seen
>I topped him a few days later just to try it but then I met a girl and just haven't found another guy as chill as him and he has a bf now. Sad :(
Get her to peg you.
Or get a treesome with them both
the condom broke
>get drunk
>drive car to tranny street walkers area
>pick up shemale
>suck her dick
>she notices I am drunk
>she overpowers me
>she rapes my ass
>in my car
>she steals my money
>she leaves
>ever since I love my ass filled with dick
have any ever sucked dudes dicks. never taken it up the ass. Idk if I'll ever find anyone I can trust
Do online research, choose a destination and meet someone to go full fag. It's the safest way.
We are all addicted to fapping (touching a dick several times a day, basically), hence sucking another guy's dick makes us feel pleasure
I mean I don't ever want to do it with a condom and it is difficult to find someone who is
a) my type
b) proof of recent std testing
c) wants to put up with my ridiculous standards

I'll just stick to sucking dick and putting dildo's in my ass
watch out. Sucking dick can lead to health problems if the guy is not totally clean.
Basically you can loose your teeth or get some horrible herpes in your mouth or some nasty shit.
On the ridiculous standards and so on, I have the feeling you want to make it difficult, so you just live the fabtasea of someday getting assfucked.
Good luck out there, fagbro.
>furry role-playing site when I was 18, still a total virgin, skinny, 5'8
>meet a guy, turns out we will both be quite close to each other in the same country during the summer
>he has a boyfriend but it's an open relationship, I actually think his boyfriend was into being cucked
>his boyfriend falls asleep on the floor and I'm in the bed with the guy I met with originally
>blow and jerk him for a few nights
>he fingers me, doesn't really feel like anything
>he had a big dick but was otherwise a twink
>he laid on top of me, and with lots of lubeand fingering decided I'm ready
>he starts fucking me but I'm stopping him every few seconds because it hurts
>get used to it and he starts fucking me properly
>I'm completely soft the entire time but the idea of getting fucked is really hot to me
>my prostate doesn't feel like anything, all I feel is uncomfortable
>ask him if he wants to cum inside during a pause
>he says he just did
We did this a few times, but stopped talking a few months after that summer
>printed out mapquest instructions
jesus, that was a blast from 2001 I didn't need mid-fap
File: Jessi creampie.webm (3.88 MB, 1344x648)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB WEBM
oh god
peak kek
Hey look, something else to put into the filter list. Fuck off HIV ridden faggot.

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