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File: 139_Anilingus_0139.png (1.05 MB, 1034x900)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Old thread went the way of exsadpanda
Something good for all giving or getting
Bonus for x-ray tongue in ass!
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starts on page 83.
File: img081.jpg (903 KB, 1280x1834)
903 KB
903 KB JPG

This thread is dedicated to characters who faded into obscurity before they could get enough porn
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Jibril from No Game no Life
>an unfunny screenshot
What is this supposed to prove
The show did fade into obscurity over time, but there is plenty of porn of her and everyone else in the show.
File: hackadolls.jpg (1.51 MB, 1300x1500)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
90% of the porn for this show was the trap, but for whatever reason it's the rest of the designs that set my dick ablaze

File: 001.jpg.jpg (62 KB, 453x640)
62 KB
>Crtl + F "NTR", "Netorare", and "Monster".
>Not satisfying or no results.

Let's have a thread of monsters/demons/orcs/evil-creatures turning women into personal sluts addicted to their cocks.

Bonus points: they dispose of the person/group they've betrayed.

Akushin Shinshoku | Demonic Corruption

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What are you gonna do about it? Complain to the 1 mod? Unless there's western art involved he won't do shit.
Bro, you are posting cringe. Stop.

Yeah man, my bad. I should have tried there instead of /h/. I saw some demons and monsters and whatnot around here so I assumed it'd be OK.
how is this Netorare or any of the other tags?

Looking for a doujin that involves an solo idol(?) that wants to be praised after a show. Her producer has to take a phone call and she gets jealous so she starts sucking his dick while he's talking then after the call he takes her to the bathroom to fuck her. That's really all I can remember, if anyone can help I would appreciate it.

I'm also aware requests aren't allowed here so I'll try to contribute some images in the meantime, I'm desperate at this point.
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Bump for interest
Me too
holy shit that's hot.

File: Lool.png (450 KB, 1143x935)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
In the time when Sadpanda was down I found myself starting to frequent Doujins.com and Fakku.net and I now subscribe to both. I've been very happy with how they're able to get content from very diverse authors and get the highest quality renders and then exclusively uncensor it.

I feel like it's been worth the cost, plus I'm now supporting what I want with my money.

Why all the hate, /h/?
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Fuck off jewcob shill
Someone upload the newest books already.
Could you stupid fuckers stop bumping this fucking thread?
>Implying you read the my comment
No, Fakku needs to die, but Fakku won't die without competion, and there won't be competition because you jackasses can't get it through your skull you are literally the reason why the current only real player is such shit: because no one else will bother with it.

Fakku can say whatever the fuck the want, I don't want fakku, I want someone else to get into the market so they fucking kill fakku.
As soon as someone rips the entire Fakku library.

Forced intimacy thread
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Thanks, bro
File: forced intimacy.jpg (298 KB, 847x800)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
Oh hey, this is one of my favorites!

File: IMG_20190815_123139.jpg (346 KB, 1280x1087)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Where were you, the day Asanagi killed feminism?
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I'd assume you are also a hole because you don't seem to understand women at all. women get really pissy when you cut out all the context and back story to erotica.
>it wasnt real, it was a false flag
accuse others of what you yourself are doing. even if he legitimately did trick anyone doing that, the worst anyone can say is hes jewing you harder than the other way around. cry more.
>Mankind has got where we are right now because men bred themselves to be the arbiters of civilization and bred women to be in captivity.
fixed that for you.
Feminism in principle requires that women take care of themselves and use their competence and agency to both provide to civilization and make sacrifices in time and energy that are practical in the defense of their own lives and the lives of their family and in some respects their country. You know, things women never do, like carry self defense equipment and practice using it, (to be fair it is awfully hard to get a gun in japan, but this is mostly because america and their (((government))) wants them pacificed. but in any case objective inferiority isn't any excuse. any more than a competitor is obligated to hold back on a smaller football player on an oposing team just because he is bigger. Women have stepped out onto the field and have to be willing to play, otherwise they only have rights and safety on behalf of men, which is the same as saying women are allowed to do things because men said no yet.

Theres an entire industry, and its called politics by the way, that makes its living on finding out what society wont say no to as a whole, and then selling that thing to people who pay for it called lobbiests.
wow I can't believe Asanagi has betrayed Buddhist teachings. How will we every recover?

File: 33.jpg (106 KB, 820x615)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Mizuryu Kei thread
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Sequel to the /ss/ RPG one, a sequel to the slutty child hood friend manga and another with fighting game girls getting dicked.
I am waiting for the fg girls one.
Kurumi best girl for sure, her Mom kept on fucking everyone in front of her so I thought the "plot" would develop that she becomes permanently horny and starts fucking at school but nooo just more stuff at home and one time she sorta got a guy but even then he just draws the mother in again

Justice for Kurumi! More Kurumi! But Mizuryu has those two country bitches now so I think we will not see Kurumi again ...
Ive been looking for a download link since forever.
I want more Kurumi

File: adel_hyoushi.jpg (578 KB, 715x1000)
578 KB
578 KB JPG
Hnnn, so much new DPC stuff that hasn't made it online! Between this and the angel club stuff I'm feeling mighty blue balled.
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File: telmit_iro.jpg (60 KB, 648x907)
60 KB
File: yuika0.jpg (47 KB, 636x748)
47 KB
I've always appreciate how he covers some pretty obscure character, like Yanna here, from Dragon Force.
I haven't seen this pic in about 15 years.. Thanks, anon.
File: yang02.jpg (50 KB, 556x777)
50 KB
Meihua Yang from Front Mission
File: rang.jpg (60 KB, 635x832)
60 KB
You're welcome, it's an old favourite of mine too.

whasherface from Yie Air Kung Fu

File: RJ244438.jpg (3.87 MB, 6375x4515)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB JPG
Previous thread: >>5481918

NEWCOMERS! Make sure you read through this pastebin carefully, it'll likely answer most of your questions.

H-Audio Dedicated Board: http://board.kasumi.moe/koe/

>Latest H-Voice Thread News/Updates

>Voice Work Illustration for the Thread
This voice work, and its prequel RJ234098 are really good for listening to as a means of relaxation. Thank you to the anons that mentioned it a couple threads back! The story is more like the traditional drama cd style, where you’re mostly observing things happening, and not so much interacting with the characters. You get to watch the daily lives of these three sisters, and that’s it. It’s that plainness which gives this work its uniqueness.

>Topic Discussion of the Thread
What are your opinions on circles that make voice works with no frills?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Damn it anon. I just can't handle those high pitched voices everything else sounds so good too.
She's clearly a JK. Loli as a descriptor for this is a stretch.
Run the description through google translate?
You hardly need this if you've already listened to hundreds of works, the point of saying that is so that you can comprehend the REST of the dialogue along with the subtleties that make it what it is for people who actually speak the language.

File: SnS Sample.jpg (113 KB, 700x457)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Soon it will be upon us, new sample picture from Getchu
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File: 2028_thumb_11.jpg (27 KB, 480x360)
27 KB
It also seems to me that it's some part of her body, but wouldn't it be censored if it was her enlarged clit or dick? In that case, it might just be some sort of toy.
Lets hope this is not the last episode cuss the grown up MC and the timeskip makes me believe in that posibility
>But they'll most likely be killed
I hate this waifu killing shit, same with the spider girl. I don't need this in my hentai.
In a way, this is some big trolling. MC is a shota for 2 episodes but the only time he has sex with his guardian monster chick is only after he grows up in the final episode and his adult character design doesn't even resemble his younger self...

So like why not make him an adult in the first place?

And you introduce a male protagonist but the people fucking are unrelated side characters and the main girl only gets fucked in the finale.
File: c936876sample7.jpg (140 KB, 1226x366)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Being only previous images and being a diamond horn-shaped penis that has no resemblance to a real penis, it was not necessary to censor it, but perhaps if it is censored in the final product.
I don't think it's a toy since it has a pointed shape and it would be painful for shaga if they put something like that.
Another theory would be that this pointed shape may be the shaga's tail and the adult shota is pulling the tail forward so that the tail rubs the shaga's legs and this will generate more pleasure.
I prefer it to be SHAGA FUTANARI, if in your demon mode your ears grow, 2 arms and wings, then because you can't grow a penis xD.
Something similar of censorship occurred with the orgy of Chapter 1, the women had rubber penises without censorship in the previous images but in the final product if it was censored.

File: 1546474442767.jpg (3.01 MB, 2400x2214)
3.01 MB
3.01 MB JPG
Maledom isn't synonymous with rape, but that's all that ever seems to show up under the tags.I can never find anything showing the gentler side, and just barely got enough to start a thread. Where do you find this stuff?
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File: 59923824_p4.jpg (101 KB, 1081x1117)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
File: 51577959_p8.png (448 KB, 800x800)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
File: 52246489_p29.png (235 KB, 600x800)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
This is among the best threads on /h/
I love you guys.
are you guys just incredibly inflexible? that's an easy position to put your hand in

File: Ebony_main.jpg (208 KB, 827x1169)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
Because dark skin is better and i havent seen one of these threads in a while
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File: 019.jpg (468 KB, 1062x1500)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
File: 020.jpg (428 KB, 1062x1500)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
File: 021.jpg (429 KB, 1062x1500)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
we need a translation

File: 009.jpg (1.61 MB, 1055x1500)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Posting a raw that is relevant to my interests. In case someone wants to translate, I can help typeset.

178 replies and 96 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'll give it a look this evening after work
Amakawa is more common, but Sumida is correct in this case. There's furigana on >>5510581
>qt glasses twintails removes said glasses and twintails
Every fucking time. My dick can't take this let down much longer
I think I can continue the the series here and then Hirasaka Hinako, but the other things linked here are more time investment heavy and classes just started back up so I won't be able to devote as much time as would be required. Sorry mate
No problem, we all have our own stuff going on. The more important thing is being there for new chapters as you said.

Is decensor anon still gonna do it?

File: based.png (6 KB, 333x182)
6 KB
how big are your lewd folders?
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I have literally the same folder name, spooky
brothers in arms
File: out.png (19 KB, 381x456)
19 KB
Ha, the classic homework trick
Ah, a fellow lincucks user.

1.3 TB

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