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What happened?
Mom walked in on me once. Luckily for me it was a doujin drawn with very thin lines so it would have been super hard to make out what it was, especially from a distance. She definitely knew it was porn though.

She just muttered something along the lines of "oh..." and walked away.
Multiple times.
It's just, well, whatever.
>implying I care
sauce on pic?
Hentai was the first thing I fapped to as a kid. Of course I've been caught.

I'm just glad I got caught before moving on to less vanilla stuff.
File: 1510469483419.jpg (93 KB, 1200x943)
93 KB
Multiple Times, unfortunately. Anyway, now my family thinks I'm a pedophile. Pic unrelated.
File: sam.png (602 KB, 437x559)
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602 KB PNG
>young me playing tf2 on moms computer
>find spray of hentai girl getting dicked down by tentacles
>really shitty quality so i can't tell what it is
>spend 5 mins trying to decode it
>even after dying i go back and try to figure out what it is
>eyes finally see it
>realize mom standing behind me
oh and another one
>be me around 2011
>basically just started fappen(about 13-14 at this point)
>trying to get a nut out in the morning hoping to get it out before mom wakes up for work
>used to do dry faps so used to take like half an hour
>jacken to shitty 3d animated hentai
>mom walks in "fuck forgot to close the door"
>my master plan, i have a youtube video open behind the incognito window
>nervous, keep missing the x button
>mom is legitimately half of a second away from seeing the screen
>heart rate: 400
>finally close out in time
>she hugs me in bed while my half naked body is under the covers
>"have a good day hun" "y-you too"
>legitimately keep my laptop under my bed for 5 days too scared to fap in bed

to this day i still have no fucking clue if she saw it or not.
correction, lock the door not close
>be me at 12ish
>playing shitty flash hentai porn games (newgrounds, etc) in 03 or whatever
>dad sees history, confronts me about using family computer for that
>learn how to hide/delete history
>use new browser just in case
>still paranoid, print out my favorite pics and keep them in a folder under my pillow/behind the mattress (in front of headboard)
>accidentally brought folder to school
>jacked in in bathroom
>threw folder out in bathroom trash

The folder got found and some other kid got detention. Lol
My dad found hentai on my computer when I was 16. Just so you understand the gravity of this, I'm female.

Went through it all in front of me. Wouldn't stop. No decency. No respect. Acted disgusted, but wanted to see all of it.

Is what it is.
File: 1502565096762.jpg (91 KB, 840x560)
91 KB
what kind of hentai?
Weeb shit at the time, but most of it non-con.
Had my sister find hentai on my search history.
She was disgusted, "anon why are you looking up this kind of thing?"
Told her that one of my MMO buddies mentioned it and I didn't know what it was so I googled it. She bought it, but told my parents that my MMO buddies weren't a good influence on me. Wasn't allowed to play again.
non-con as in rape?

lol at him going through the whole thing. Goddamn anon I don't envy you. I was caught a couple of times when I was younger but never anything on that level. Did he look at you differently after that?
my gf found my phone after an earthquake, i was fappin in the shower when the bass dropped
My parents found my collection a couple times. We had a shared computer and my dad's dickhead "computer guy" who fixed shit for him snooped through my stuff and found it. I had hidden my collection in some system files in a fake folder. I was like 14 or so. I still don't know if he was asked to look for porn or if he was just being a creep.
My grandmother walked in on me once in the middle of the night. She didn't have her glasses on though, and she was quite far away. I really have no idea if she could tell what was on the screen. Shejust told me to go to bed.
I didn't have my dick out or anything.
When I was younger my dad saw a hentai picture, his eyes widened, that's about it

The second time I'm older now and my gf saw it on our shared PC and asked me if I watch cartoon porn. I told her no, and that my weird friend had sent it to me, she just said okay and that was the end of it.
It was mostly Bleach stuff with girls getting raped by guys/monsters, that I remember. It's an uncomfortable subject obviously. I have an even earlier story that's even more fucked up!

First porn I ever saw, I was somewhere between 7-10 years old, and it was some fucked up comic with gay male furries getting raped and snuffed by a tentacle plant monster. I had opened it and put it at the bottom of a very long MS Paint document so I could scroll down to look at it more later. I was utterly fucking fascinated and intrigued by this autistic Sonic-level shit. No recollection of how I happened upon it. But my plan to hide the porn from my screen in case anyone walked in failed. My father was always very controlling and nosy and for some reason butted in and started scrolling through all my shit. He was just looking at me with this "WTF???????????????????" written all over his face, and all my dumb ass could say was blubbering "My friend sent it to me" so he thought I was being groomed by pedophiles for a while and wouldn't let me use the internet. Turns out I was just fucked up.
disowned by parents
Not as eventful as the others in here but- during my first ever hentai fapfest, I failed to close a bunch of background ads after I was finished and got a big lecture about how porn is evil from my parent
My dad found out I was looking at it back when I was in high school and started lecturing me about looking at CP (it was Bondage Fairies, but apparently small chested anime girls qualify as flesh and blood human children being abused). Years later he admitted to me that he liked to jack it to nude teen selfies.
your dad wants to fuck you so bad.
File: Rikku-Final-Fantasy-X-c.jpg (77 KB, 500x1030)
77 KB
i never got caught, but one time i was loading a custom game on warcraft 3 the frozen throne, and the loading screen had this picture of rikku on it, and my mom walked in and thought i was jacking off, and got all nervous and shut the door.
Idk if you’d consider this being caught, but almost did when me and a few friends were at my college campus’ computer lab (they need someone there to make sure it doesn’t get robbed, got community hours for it) and there was four of us, after 8:00 we were supposed to leave but since 7, we were all watching hentai, eating pizza together and although we only did it once, I wouldn’t trade that memory for the world.
It was fun until a cop came by at 9, he was checking to make sure the place was clear to lock (even though most doors are one way locked so you can still leave) we were watching the hentai on the projector, I managed to run to my laptop and switch to a YouTube let’s play just in time right after the hallway lights went on.
We just said we lost track of time and the guy was super cool about it.
Not really. My girlfriend found my internet history but then I demonstrated hentai as a legitimate erotic pursuit using Incase and now she texts me to let me know when a new Alfie page has been posted.
Marry her
File: tei_00.jpg (304 KB, 1280x1819)
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304 KB JPG
(Reitaisai 10) [Ippongui] Kanojo ga Iru noni Uwaki Shite Tewi-chan to Sex Shita (Touhou Project) [English] [CGrascal]
>be me
>11 yo
>fap to loli
>share a computer with brother
>download stacks of loli/feet porn in the download folder
>dont bother moving or hiding it cause retard
>my brother finds it one day, chuckles, and makes a desktop folder and moves all my shit there
>in hindsight, he tried to help me not get caught but actually made it worse
>one day, mom comes over to me while I'm playing some vidya
>"Anon, can you close your video game for a second? I need to use the computer real quick"
>I agree, turn off my vidya, stand up and turn to exit the room
>a brief moment of realization passes through me
>the folder is right there. Shes always been snoopy, she'll open it for sure
>no time for strategies, need to act right now
>"H-hey, mom...? I, I-uh... need to do something immediately! C...can I just use the computer real quick?" I spoke in a frightened voice.
>"Sweetie, I'm doing something real important here. You can play your games in just a bit, okay?"
>not what I was going for initially, but my stumbling with words has distracted her just enough for her to not see the folder
>relief washes all over me
>I go watch TV
>half an hour later, I decide to return to vidya
>knock on the door
>"Mom? Are you done?"
>no answer.
>"Mom?" I asked again as I opened the door
>shes not in the room
>my loli folder is open

I don't wanna know!
But i will.
File: 1393075797934.png (588 KB, 1440x810)
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588 KB PNG
>Using my Dad's computer to print something
>I'm a 20something year old with my own computer, it's just his is connected to the printer
>Delete something I downloaded and then go to the recycling bin to erase it
>Notice an image that looks like manga
>It's hentai of some girl with a metal rod pushed up her ass and exiting her mouth
>Turn 360 degrees and walk away
>I run towards my computer, instinctively closing the folder and deleting it
>"Are you sure you want to send "Anon" to the Recycle Bin?" (Bro named the folder after me btw)
>"deleting files"
>hear footsteps creeping up to the room
>"58% deleted"
>only one way out
>turn off the computer manually by pressing the physical button
>door opens
>"O-oh... Anon..."
>I turn to face the voice
>it was mom
>dad was standing right behind her
>im thinking she must have told him everything
>try and play it cool, but im probably dead af at this point
>gonna live the rest of my life in shame
>mom finally speaks out
>"Anon, can you turn the computer on again real quick? I want to show your dad something."
>"N-no, you can't... I-I wanna go to sleep..."
>imagined I'd sound smooth, couldn't be further from the truth
>instantly regret opening my mouth at all
>"W-well, it's something really important..." my mom said, obviously embarassed to the very core
>no way out of this one it seems
>I turn on the computer and leave the room in shame
>contemplate suicide for the first time in my life

It was boring, really. I've always been pretty open to the fact I don't have common fetishes. I usually have doujin pages or lewd fan art on my PC's desktop and the first time she saw them she just looked at me with a "really?" face and I joked about it. That's it.

She says hentai ova's are boring because of the censorship. We did watch some SFM PMV's once during foreplay.
Part 3/3

>sit in the living room for at least 15 minutes, waiting for my demise
>eventually, dad and mom enter the living room
>dad gives me this weirdest, proudest look
>"You can go to sleep now, Anon."
>wait what
>go to my room with the oddest feeling ever
>try and figure out what just happened
>why does dad act like everythings okay
>my computers still on
>decide to inspect it
>I open the recycle bin
>the folder is still there
>thats when it crosses my mind
>mom was pretty computer illiterate
>she must have been unable to find it, tried to explain it to dad but couldn't bring herself to explain the material in detail
>dad must have assumed I downloaded some pretty vanilla stuff
>sit there frozen in doubt, fear and relief all mixed in one
>mom still knew but fuck it nothing I can do about it now
>delete this unholy depravity from my computer, sick material that almost cost me my family
>hardly fall asleep, overrun with paranoia and sweating
>surprisingly, mom never mentioned this again and stopped acting weird towards me after a couple of days
>dad seems to have no clue of anything
>I go back to fapping to loli, but as a wiser and more cunning indivudual

And that kids is how I learned to hide my shit

For reference all of this is my story
Holy shit. Didn't think anyone would actually have a worse one than mine.

I'm >>4813048 btw

Once I dated a guy that I met on WoW. He was going to take a shower and I asked to use his computer to log in for a second and check my in-game mail and stuff. Couldn't find the WoW game anywhere on his desktop or start menu or any normal place, so after hunting around for a bit I just did a full search for "WoW." A folder came up, titled "WoW." Clicked on it, expecting to see the game folder with the .exe so I could manually start it.

Instead I found a folder full of WoW hentai. Which wouldn't be weird to me at all except for some of the...choices. I.e. ugly in-game character models doing autistic porn shots with gnolls. I brought it up jokingly later (after nonchalantly going "Found your porn!") and he tried to say that he just mass-downloaded them all as a .zip or something and that totally wasn't his thing. It was stuff I knew he would have gotten off to though.
File: 1446609728647.png (190 KB, 569x480)
190 KB
190 KB PNG
I almost fucked up very hard once.

>around 2003, I was 12, still using Windows 98
>win98 had two wallpapers, one for the login screen, and one for the actual desktop.
>"set as wallpaper" most of the time would set as desktop wp
>sometimes it would randomly set as login screen wp
>when it did, it would stay there until it bugs again
>I was reading some hentai manga on a website
>I went to save a picture
>accidentally clicked "set as wallpaper"
>obviously set as login screen wp
>no way to remove it from there
>pic now is showing off everytime someone turns on the pc
>to my sheer luck, it was a Medabots doujin cover totally SFW
>next day mom see's the picture and even tell how cute it is

I honestly have no idea what would have happened if it was some weird stuff. This was 2003, there was barely any way to find help on the internet. I probably would have to explain to my parents that I read hentai and what it is.

Pic kind of related.
>18 year old GF
>into ageplay and rapeplay
>finds all the loli rape hentai, doujins, games etc on my pc
>no fucks given

Glad to be in a relationship where i dont have to worry about that shit anymore. Lucky i had my own pc growing up and parents were legit tech illiterate
I married a girl I met on WoW, and I'm not sure which fetish is worse: my fetish for beast (dog or horse on girl) or hers for blood and knifecuts
I admittedly get a little butthurt when people equate snuff with shit/piss/puke etc.

Weirdly enough the only fetish I find disturbing is feet.
ONCE, luckily I was reading a douijn, I can't remember the name of it, but it was the one about the otaku guy with a pet demon that gave him super powers, but it was at the very end when he turns into a literal gundam to fight the huge sex demon so they just thought I was reading some mecha manga and didn't notice the raging stiffy I was sporting
Where do I find these gfs....
Holy shit srsly, exactly what happened to me when my mum found my hentai, legit considered suicide but got through it and now i'm here. Doing the same shit as before but more secretive. And I'm 20 also, this happened when i was going through high school...its crazy how many ppl went through the same struggles as me
File: DDg61V1XUAA74o5.jpg (112 KB, 858x1057)
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112 KB JPG
Lucky son of a bitch
They are everywhere, though they are ugly as fuck, if you don't mind.
How can you fap to loli when you're 11? I mean, it's normal to be attracted to kids around your age when you're a kid, you can't be a lolicon at that age.
Well, you're lucky to have a mom like that.
Anon's dad is into some kinky shit lmao
11 is a kid
That's what I said.
Fap to loli when you are young because theres only a few years difference, makes sense
>turns into a literal gundam to fight the huge sex demon

Was caught by my aunt when I forgot to close the door, the worst part is I had my dick out fapping lmfao while I was watching some Euphoria
Well, it's all good, unless you fapped to the electric chair scene...
You didn't, did you?
I wasn't masturbating but like a year or two ago i was uploading some shit from my computer (sadly the computer remembers the last folder you saved something) and there was a miniature of a hentai manga i saved turned my head and my girlfriend saw it. immediately closed it, my face was full red but my gf just laughed
still don't know if she thinks something bad about me
When I was in high school I'd sometimes masturbate in bed while using a tablet to browse Panda. One time during the summer my mother walked into my room to borrow my tablet while I was asleep which still had Panda opened to something apparently. She told me about it when I woke up, it made my stomach churn. Worst part about it is I have no idea what it was that she saw because she closed it before giving it back and it had been a while since I used the tablet. It still bothers me not knowing what she saw.
>14 years old
>Don't know much about computers or the internet
>I am aware of google being the portal to anime tiddies
>literally searching shit like "hentai sex" and "anime Girl anal"
>dumb enough to click on the links google spits out instead of just fapping to the collage on images
>antivirus goes off, quarantines something, panic and tell it to delete the file because I was computer dumb at the time
>whoops it was important
>broke family computer
>Dad awkwardly has to ask how it happened knowing full well exactly how it happened
>have to explain hentai to them
I never stopped. Just got better at computers so it never happened again.
We have all been exactly there at least once, you are among friends and brothers here
lol I remember making locked directories to hide my porn when I was a teenager, basically the reason I started using Linux was just to have an OS that my parents were unfamiliar with and couldn't effectively snoop.
Is that....
a mother fucking JOJO REFERENCE?
The only thing I've been "caught" doing is dancing along to carmeldansen back in the early 2010s. I save my hentai to a flashdrive.
Once I walked into my little brother's room when he was around 7. I was going to say something funny that I thought of or share something I had, I don't remember, all I remember was completely forgetting what I walked in to say, because he was clinging to the outside of his top bunk bed, dangling off the side, furiously humping the metal bars. I stared in shock for a moment, then burst out laughing hysterically when he turned around and screamed. I remember taunting him that I was going to "tell on him" and laughing hysterically as I ran off toward our dad. I never told a soul though (until now ofc) I'm a horrible older sister
Never actually been caught in the act, per se. I've always been extremely careful, with two exceptions. The first time was before I knew about google search history and cookies. One day, out of the blue, my mom comes up to me and asks why the autocomplete churned out "Kingdom Hearts porn" in that "this is not really a question" tone of voice. The second time I made the mistake of hiding my physical media (magazines, pictures I'd printed out, etc...) in a rather insecure location and my stepdad found it. I never did get it back, literal years of saving and hiding flushed down the drain.
Were your usual tastes particularly salacious?
>Turn 360 degrees
So you walked through the computer?
That's exactly what I'm fucking talking about. I mean that it doesn't count as being a lolicon if you're a kid yourself.
>I was sneak as fuck my whole life.
>Literally nobody knows.
>I watched porn almost every day for my entire high school career.

On second thought, apart from hide my sperg, I did a whole bunch of stuff that technically wasn't allowed.
>played halo and minecraft on school property
>tore out pages from library books
>tore out entire chapters from textbooks
>stole office equipment
>stole money from teacher's desks
>poured soda on seats
>found obvious "teen narcs" (they pay you to narc at a highschool - no joke this is a police position) and informed teenagers who dealt drugs almost immediately
>took shit from other students and hid it in awkward to reach places
>proliferated torrents of Macintosh Plus into all of the computer labs
>wiped every computer with a password on it that wasn't watched or within camera range
I was a bad kid
>tore out pages from library books
What the fuck? Why?
Hate to break it to you but that part of you still exists and is active, you're just dissociating from it. Take it from a fellow DID. You weren't a bad kid, you were abused. I feel weird as fuck reaching out to you on a hentai board of all things, but you're in a place I spent a lot of my adolescence.
Newfags need to leave
> mom
he said "during foreplay" anon. I mean it still could be is mom but jeez louise.
File: qNvRUHt.gif (831 KB, 245x180)
831 KB
831 KB GIF
Replace popcorn with Cinnamon Tea
Its still loli, though.
File: 1511859757838.jpg (73 KB, 1073x832)
73 KB
Is...That you?
As in the manga?
>Years later he admitted to me that he liked to jack it to nude teen selfies.
da heck?
File: WEW.png (142 KB, 415x367)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>Once I walked into my little brother's room when he was around 7. I was going to say something funny that I thought of or share something I had, I don't remember, all I remember was completely forgetting what I walked in to say, because he was clinging to the outside of his top bunk bed, dangling off the side, furiously humping the metal bars. I stared in shock for a moment, then burst out laughing hysterically when he turned around and screamed. I remember taunting him that I was going to "tell on him" and laughing hysterically as I ran off toward our dad. I never told a soul though (until now ofc) I'm a horrible...
hehe nice fun family story about two broth...
>older sister
I had like the same thing happen lol, except male

dad found it and was scrolling through it all like, "where do you get this stuff?"

got caught was mom walking in once too
during an incredibly obvious paizuri scene, like there was no way to act like it was something else
Legitly sounds like the intro of an incest doujin.
So I'm around like 11 and I found a box of playboys and hustlers in the woods, like a huge box of like 200+ and spent a few days transportating it in my backpack. Find a good hiding spot in a few of my dressers below the drawers. But having 200+ mags I decide to rotate a few under my mattress. Go on a trip up north to stay at my grandma's with my mom. A few days in my dad wants to talk to me on the phone in private and all he said was "son you might want to fine a better hiding place then under the bed your mom might check there. Then after that the sports illustrated swimsuit edition would be left on my bed every year. He never found my giant stash of mags lol. Its so weird that he would get rid of all your stuff instead of awkwardly talking about it.
was about 15, just found out about hentai from highschool mates, was hooked on it. one late nite my father walks on me, looks at the monitor to see some girl getting tentacle raped and says something along the lines of " Ur not at the age to look at cartoon shit anymore, find some real porn" and then left the room.
File: 1509478329117.jpg (72 KB, 441x557)
72 KB
>15/16 years old
>sleepover at best friends house
>more of a night owl than him so Im still up
>decide to fap since no one would know
>pull out laptop
>turn screen brightness way down
>find some FFVII doujinshi to fap to
>I'm on thre top bunk, he's on the bottom
>realize someone's climbing up the ladder
>it's his little brother, who had been sleeping in thier mom's room
>we both freeze as my dick was completely out
>climbs in with me and asks to see what I'm looking at
>turns out he was sneaking in here to fap in secret, too
>end up being fap buddies with my best friends younger brother
Nope. I've been in a 4 year old relationship and she knows about everything. Keeping secrets is retarded. You should tell your loved one about everything as early as you know you're probably a good match. It's smarter to tell the truth early on than keep shit a secret in the hopes they never find out. It's more about the lying and secrecy being revealed that hurts the other person rather than the thing itself.

Put yourself in their shoes. You wouldn't be able to trust the other person ever again. If they're capable of lying and keeping secrets for years, who knows what else they're capable of?

Don't be stupid, kids. Love what you love and fucking own it. If they're not okay with it then move on with your life.
>be 14
>literally just got broadband, up from dialup
>amass giant beefholder on the family computer called "yes"
>have subdirectory for hentai CALLED "yesssss "
>one day "ANON, COME HERE"
>oh fuck
>never heard my dad swear in my entire life
>pic related
>made me delete yesssss
>somehow never looked at rest of "yes," so I got to keep it
>cancelled fios line, back to dialup for 2 years
>now 27, still fap to Viper RSR
DID doesn't exist though, retard.
My mom catched me watching JAV when I was like 16 back in 2006 specifically 500 People Sex, her reaction was "what the hell are you watching anon?" in a mocking tone rather than angry. Back then I had a oneitis for a girl that looked half asian so she probably realized I had a fetish or something, I'm sure she was glad I wasn't gay
My ex went legit crazy
Porn was cheating to her even though she lived 4 hours away
Just because she's your mother isn't an excusr to skip foreplay, don't be so selfish
>>turns out he was sneaking in here to fap in secret
He was planning to fap next to you while you were asleep?
I made many mistakes

>made a ton of porn related searches on moms computer
>tried to manually delete all the autosuggest but there was too many
>clear search history
She got upset because she used the autosuggest a lot

>opening tons of windows of porn frok those sites that just keep linking you around to more thumbnails sites
>dozens of popups
>mom enters the room
>have to close all the windows before she walks around
>power button
Tabs are the best thing to happen to browsers

>had some furry shit saved as a confused kid
>stored in folders inside folders in system files
I think the recent folders gave me away

>fell asleep completely naked on the corner of my bed
>mom had covered me up

>skyping gf
>mom walks in
>no glasses on
>starts talking to me
>walks out

>gf opens my phone
>it was on 4chan
>catalog showed some trap in a sweater with no pants
>explain to her that it's just a guy and that I can tell from the legs
Maybe that wasn't the right angle to explain from
>first time
>before knowing about browser history
guy fixing my PC found out. It was before the "real" pron so it was mostly lots of erotic movies/movies that had sex in them (like Eyes Wide Shut)
>second time
>I think my mom saw something because she talked to me about that 1 time she and her friends watched bestiality porn
GOD. When I was young I legit had nightmares about my parents finding my porn. In one they just printed it all out. needless to say no drive leaves my hands unformatted
you both sound patrician. How about a woman sexy bleeding scratches from a werewolf
ya fool. I did that, then I forgot I had it on there when my dad asked me to borrow it. It was all 3 eps of Harvest Night. Im not sure if he ever saw what was on it
Did not dialup cost more?
It kind of is. Is your dad a monk or did he not need his own porn?
should have said "perfume story of a murderer" might have gotten an arthouse pass
not really caught. neighbor girl was really into american idol and asked me to look for information on the people in it. magically we did not find any porn until we got to page 10 of google, since she asked me to open everything I did not even read what it was. When the page loaded it had a women in leather gear pissing directly at the viewer. She also did not know much about computers, assumed it was my porn and run out in disgust.
>power button
PC saved it all for you and when you turn it back on they auto restore.
I ended up the but of a joke, but that is about it.
File: 1454795480260.gif (1.24 MB, 303x307)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
I made the same mistake most people did which was just not knowing about browser history when I was young. I think I blamed it on the babysitter or something. They obviously knew, but I didnt get punished or anything. Just told to keep it private or something.

Fast forward to now and I have a bodypillow laying on my bed right now with a nude anime girl on both sides. Such is life
Mother walked in on me without knocking, then immediately exited.
Although I'm betting it wasn't the hentai she noticed but the leotard, gloves, and stockings I was wearing.
>I'm such a degenerate.
Yep; when I actually sleep, only loud noises wake me up. He'd done it before when I had slept over because the top bunk was his.
I'm guessing she started knocking from then on?
There is no such thing as a female on the Forth Channel.
I've never actually been caught in the act but I've fapped every single day since around like 6 or 7 so there's been a few close encounters but that's it
>Watching Strong bad emails in Mom's room when my brother and my mom need to leave the house at night for something (spontaneous store trip or something) said they'd be back in a little bit so they were okay with leaving me alone
>I have no idea why or how or who told me about it but I apparently knew about porn already
>Google some porn
>The first porn video I watched was the movie "See Her Squirt", never forgot the name nor the scene in particular I watched
>I was really really really confused while watching because this was when I was still in elementary school and didn't know what genitals were
>Kind of had the idea that you could only projectile pee if you had a penis
>The girls were squirting hard enough to look like shots of pee so I was wondering why they didn't have a penis
>Got into the idea that every girl had a penis but they were allowed to detach them, that's why vaginas look so ugly
>Didn't know how to masturbate so I was just watching it for fun with the speakers on
>Didn't hear them come home until they were talking in the hallway outside the room
>Full panic mode initiated and closed out of there and back to Strong bad drawing trogdor with lightning speed
>Pretend everything is normal and no idea if anyone found out from the browser history or if they heard it or not
I was so interested after that since I was interrupted that this moment sparked years of chronic masturbation to come. The reason why I never have been caught in the act is because I was a precocious fapper. Later on there would be several times where I fapped outside and twice where I fapped in a classroom. One of those times I was probably noticed by a guy I was sitting near in the back of the computer classroom but he just didn't want to say anything. I don't blame him either
Another close time that was actually hentai related was when I used to watch anime (and hentai) on my Wii using the shitty internet browser. I was masturbating to Ranma 1/2 because I apparently found the genderbending really hot then as a kid. I was all the way on the other side of the room on the couch with it full screen right in the living room in broad fucking daylight armed with nothing but the Wii controller as a mouse. Mom came in but I was using my secret over the pants technique that I employed and was able to make it seem like I wasn't doing anything, but the bigger problem was that there were HD tits on the 40 inch TV with speakers on. It was a bath scene but kamisama had the decency to have it freeze frame on a wall just as I pause it and take several seconds wigglin and wagglin trying to remember how to unfullscreen using the wiimote while panicking. Ate some cold hot pockets for lunch and pretended nothing happened as per usual. Almost happened again while playing Window Girl on /f/ using the Wii again too.
>be me 14
>dad asks me for my tablet for no reason
>i know i have porn open on it
>act really weird about it and say i have to use it right now when it was in another room, etc
>bros out and doesnt press the issue

i think this was his way of warning me to not be a fucking idiot. i think my parents near-miss caught me shortly before that. Never been directly caught fappan but had a knock on the bathroom door about 5 seconds from cumming a month before that. to this day i dont know who did it, i heard footsteps go to the basement so it could have been any of three people. it's been almost a decade and i still dont take any risks fappan
Charles II is one ugly motherfucker.
What the literal fuck
>When the sibling turns out to be chiller than the original friend
I like this trope
Didn't get caught. But almost.

Because I lived in a Christian family, they would have been extremely shocked and ashamed to find out I watched any sort of porn.

>Door cannot lock
>Smart 14 year old me pushes a drawer in front of the door instead
>One day, saves my life as my mother tries to open the door without warning
>"What's going on in there Anon?"
>I quickly pull up my pants.
>"Oh sorry, I had to move the drawer. Hang on a minute."
>I rush over and move the drawer and she comes in. Walks towards window behind PC.
>Forgot to close my hentai
>Hentai video is STILL PLAYING
>Monitor faces away from door. I have time.
>Run to PC and close video right as she's about to see it.
>Oh thank fuck.
>Mother exits room and I continue my fap session as if nothing happened.
File: f78136424.png (234 KB, 889x537)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
>be in kindergarden, probably about 5 years old
>like putting hands on my weewee
>Lay down in couch in the kindergarten, on my stomache but with my hands underneath touching my weewee(through the clothes not directly)
>Smug thinking they don't know I am doing strange stuff because my hands are hidden underneath my body
>grown up come by asking "Anon what are you doing?"
>"Just resting"

I used to think I was the only one in the world who masturbated for a few years I remember.
>beating my meat to the poo eating scene
>nut so hard that I fall backwards in my chair and yank the whole pc and some glass vases off the table
>mom walks in and sees the screen facing her of the poo eating scene while my penis is bleeding all over the floor
>no idea if she still remembers to this day
I can top that. Printer spool failed and didn't realize that things would be put in a queue for when the printer turned back on. I left for school for a few months and when I got back there was just a stack of papers sitting on my dresser... out in the open... Pretty sure my whole family saw them at some point.
Some people don't look at new technology and think "oh look at the possibilities" they think "oh look it's tech that can further increase work productivity, be used in business and education" etc. because they can only think in terms of boring conformity.
at five years old your not far off, I did have dreams of sticking girls in tubes and lathering them in lotion at five, I didn't really understand it I just knew that I liked the idea.
The closest call ever was when I was like 15, I had some sailor moon yuri gif looping on my crt monitor and I was jerking off under my blanket. Mom walks in and somehow didn't notice, she puts a pile of clothes on the desk right in front of the monitor, makes some small talk, then leaves. I sat there in stunned silence fornat least a full minute.
>be like 12
>no computer at home so I go to my uncle's house and use my cousin's
>her room is literally the (large, well furnished) basement so I can jerk off without being caught off guard
>one day my aunt starts walking down the stairs
>watching a hentai video on a shitty player that has all the options in the fucking middle of the screen so I can't leave fullscreen fast enough
>I quickly turn off the monitor but she catches a glimpse of a fully erect cock
>she just laughs and playfully says "mmm, was that a willy?"

Really dodged a bullet there. My cousin threw away the computer after she moved out and she never said anything to me about porn so I guess she never really used it (and it was internet explorer so checking the history was a bitch).
she remembers lad
she remembers
truer words have never been spoken
This happened to me when I was younger. I also had 4chan open and my stepmom ranted to me for about an hour how I'm browsing some pedosite. She was mad about yotsuba on the front page. Good times.

Many many years later, I was living on my own at that point, was just fapping away, headphones on and my fucking mom barged in. She had been knocking on my door for a while, I didn't hear it and then she opened the door with a key that I had given to her.
I was just frozen in fear, dick in hand while some catgirl was being pounded and the moaning was blasting through my headphones. She walked out and sent me a text message saying "clean up, I'll be back in 10 minutes".
Thank GOD she didn't say anything about it afterwards.
>read about mother hugging fapping son while possibly knowing or not knowing
>instant boner
>be roughly that age
>start jerking off in the shower
>never goes anywhere so the showers are really long
>have to visualize shakespeare saying "thrust the spear!" while i'm fantasizing about full body thrusts into a nebulous black hole in a female body
Growing up sure is weird.
>Just done fapping in my bed
>Used to hug a pillow during it, a lone fag
>Mom comes in and asks if i'm arleady up for breakfast
>I was just lying with my phone in hands by that time so all should be safe yeah
>Short answers and she gets out with a strange expression on her face
>get up and then i see it
>It didn't end up all in my hand, i busted a massive load on my pillow and it was all faced toward the doors
>Never mentioned that, but some years later she started to ask my lil' bro what's he doing in bathroom everytime he'd sit here for longer than 5 minutes
>Also a couple of years later she throws me out of the house and never talked to me outside the court ever again

well i gues it made a heavy impression ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I think she was just mad that the load was wasted in the pillow and not in her. woymn get mad at the weirdest shit I tell ya.
I'm 90% positive my little sister knew since she spent plenty of time on my computer at a time when I thought simple folder labyrinths were a valid way to hide shit so she had to have snooped around at some point.

She's 6 years younger than me though so she probably barely understood what was going on. I do know she and a friend watched a real porn vid I had saved of some chick dildoing her ass since they left it minimized, but no way to be certain on the hentai and fuck going through the awkwardness of asking all these years after.
She's not quite a prude herself, though. I ended up coming across some of her search history some time later and shit like "gays and lesbians having sex together" really makes me think whether it's just little kids not knowing how to search for porn or if she's been into non-vanilla right from the start.

Nothing on my parents, though. They tried to confront me about watching porn once (without proof, they simply suspected I did watch porn, which I find amusing) and it basically concluded into "we don't want to walk on it and stay the fuck away from paid shit" and it's never remotely come up again since.
File: WHAT.gif (3.6 MB, 531x354)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB GIF
>that [one] time she and her friends watched bestiality porn
You don't think you can just get away without sharing, do you, Anon?
U should have intro her boku no pico
File: 546654546545.png (1.08 MB, 1600x864)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
>My mom caught me removing the bikini from a clipart of a woman on Corel, I was in so much trouble.
File: a0NAgejr_700wa_0.gif (504 KB, 514x667)
504 KB
504 KB GIF
never been caught once im a semen shooting ninja
>somehow didn't notice
>gays and lesbians having sex together
This is the future
We can only get so progressive before it goes full circle
Actually interesting. New fetish adquired.
My sister caught me watching Bible Black, she got pissed at me and told me to close it because it would infect the PC with viruses. Luckily it was one of the more vanilla scenes so it wasn't a complete disaster for me
Mom saw it once. She looked at it for a bit and said "that's a beautiful girl". She kept talking to me until she was done saying what she came in the room to say and left. Never mentioned it again.
I have a semi-entertaining one.
>Early 20's living in a big house with lots of roommates.
>Only one locking door in the house, downstairs bathroom.
>In my room, upstairs fapping to basic H material
>Autistic girl who sees herself as a "free spirit" and "sexually enlightened" but constantly fucks shit up around the house comes and knocks on my door.
> "anon the freezer's on fire again help"
>Jesus fuck Julie not now
>Stealth mode engaged
>Maybe she'll just go away
>Practice my mantra, keep fapping
>She enters my lair. Big mistake.
>Turn computer chair so when she enters the room she will see my hideous, crooked erection in all of it's (almost) 8" glory.
>She comes right in.
>Full tableau on display.
>Gaping hentai butthole and drooling cum on the computer screen, livid, throbbing dingus in my hand.
>I look her in the eyes.
>She looks back at my dick.
>I'm still stroking.
>"So, Julie can I get some privacy."
>Standing there looking at my mediocre bod in all of it's fully nude glory.
>She's suprised but not inexperienced.
>mumbles apologies, then starts to say something maybe witty.
>I cut her off with "my girlfriend would be upset with you if she knew you had seen me doing this"
>She backs out of the door. Seriously, she walks backwards, and closes the door behind her.
>She managed to do it in the most autistic manner somehow.
>I'm afloat on an ocean of self satisfaction.
>Fuck you Julie, you obnoxious cunt, call your dad to come fix the microwave.
It was quite long ago I was around 13 years old.
I was a retard and never used Incognito mode just normal and then manual browsing history delete. One time I forgot while playing some Hentai flash games. Dad found out called me and my 2 years younger brother. Asked who did this , none of us admitted to it. He was quite dissapointed he said let it be last time. Then I got really carefull and never got catched while falling deeper in more weird hentai.
If you were eleven, wouldn't fap ro lolis basically be fapping to girls your age?
Still lolis dumbass
Shes not the only autist in that situation

>11 y.o. kid attracted to girls is age
Cute to say the least

Embarassed how? Prude that doesnt know what to do, disgusted because son faps to hentai/lolli, or because she found your porn?
Nigger, why the fuck was the freezer on fire?
were you fapping to the human centipede scene?
pretty sure the last line is meant to explain this
Dad told me that looking atcartoon tits are gayer than a real dick.
>jerks off to children
>they think im a pedophile
nigga they know you are
>>She managed to do it in the most autistic manner somehow.

Pls explain. Also, did she didn't know the differance between a freezer and a microwave?
My sister caught me when I was 17, she walked out and never brought it up.
On the other hand I've caught several of my boyfriends fapping to hentai. I browse /h/ so this might sound hypocritical, but I always treat it as a red flag. If I find any indication that he faps to loli it's an immediate deal breaker.
>deal breaker

For fapping at a drawing?
i remember i used to have dreams about being tied up and having cigarettes put out on me and girls kissing me a bunch when i was like 7
It's not a risk worth taking.
>It's not a risk worth taking.

You ever considered the fact they are dating you as the red flag?
>be part of a discord H group
>get sent hentai messages all the time
>out buying my first car all to myself at dealership and forgot to close the discord client on my phone
>dealer asks to see the online proof of insurance for verification
>flip over phone
>fullscreen dickgirl pounding the fuck out of a succubus on full display
>out of the corner of my eye see his head snap toward the nearby TV showing the daily football game
>"O-oh man, those Steelers are putting on a good game ha-ha-ha!"
>"uh yeah, here"
>he reluctantly looks down to my phone and just says "okyep thats good!" and rushes off.

He didn't bring anything up, but I probably scarred him for life.
Downloaded Bible Black to my ipod classic when I was like 13, parents found out and freaked out.
When I was 14 I accidently doenloaded ALL of my hentai folders from my pc to my ipod nano touch, was showing memes to my friend when I made the discovery. He ratted me out and it got confiscated. 30 mins passed and im called into by my assigned counselor.

There was a loy of shit, like futanari gangbang shit, like a ton of wotk by Sparrow, some real fucked shit, luckily nothing blood or scat related, but man do i feel bad for the bastard that had to scroll through it all.

Mom yelled at me and said my dad was gonna put PC on my laptop. Dad came home went into my room and died laughing, he mocked me and just thought it was funny i got caught.

The only punishment was that nu dad til this day mocks me for "liking animated titties"
Your dad sounds cool. Went through my dad's history once just for fun and it was a mix between 2d and 3d. Never brought it up just thought it was fun

A man needs to fap to something while gf is on her period tough. why does it matter what he faps to?
Unless it's kiddie porn or he starts developing a fetish, i recon that
I didn't get into hentai until this year and I'm 22, but it's ruined me can't even into 3D anymore.
When I was pretty young (10-12 probably) I searched for "Bulma dragon ball z nude" and didn't delete search history because I didn't know any better. Dad talked to me about it and I was so freaked out I kept denying it was me. He just sort of gave up and I made sure to never risk anything like that happening again. Luckily noone has ever walked in on me again.
I remember being roughly that age and used to daydream about having a huge dick (like telephone pole big) and girls climbing on it and shit
you're not missing much
you've acended
>wish my dick was as big as the Eiffel tower
manman is that you?
Me either, although to be fair my parents were pretty dense.
A wise man once said "buy your own fucking computer before porn ruins everything"
I didn't learn that lesson on time
Nice meme.
File: Untitled.jpg (374 KB, 1562x904)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
Your mom's a bro
My parents found my ancient loli pics and .swf loops when I was like 14. I guess I have always been a roricon.

Thank good I got my own computer a few years later.

Also using a computer at work I share with other guy for accounting purposes I found a few hentai images and videos, there was a shitty loli hentai animation too.

I told him to keep his shit on his computer, he was scared as fuck. I wouldn't admit I liked these things too because he is stupid enough to get caught.
Also fucker downloaded anime episodes and changed the extension to .doc, a 300mb .doc, top kek.
Multiple times
>mom finds Hentai and porn
>Idk how
>sent to therapy because according to my mother "loli and straight Hentai is bad"
>have to sit through eight days of therapy (more or less interrogation)
>not even questioned about the trap porn
>constantly deletes straight porn and Hentai
>change password
About two years later
> mention 4chan
>claims I'm a racist, sexist, satanist etc
>The reason completely disowned my mother.jpg
>playing my acoustic weeb 2hu albums while at work
>female coworker likes it and asks me what group is it
>thinking I deleted all the images to avoid embarrassment.
>ah, I forgot, let me check the album cover
>Fucked by embedded pngs
>she gets an eyeful of slightly lewd youmu legs
Now she thinks I fap to hentai.
I do, but goddamn.
File: 1483129273885.jpg (709 KB, 1920x1080)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
My girlfriend and I are filthy degenerates who live on our own, so naturally we do what we want. I've got a ton of lewd wallpapers but never really thought about my lockscreen, because hey, it's home and no one really comes over anyways, so no need to lock. Girlfriend came into the backroom and didn't think much of it, but then her mom followed her and I've never Winkey+L'd faster because I was looking at lewd shit.

Needless to say, her mom got an eyefull of giant anime ass and titties on 3 big ass screens.She didn't speak for a minute, but left the room and said "Okay then!" and left.

I'm just glad it wasn't my girlfriends porn stash because I'm sure her mom would be traumatized by the guro.
As an 11 year old, I played basic hentai flash games from NG on family computer. Didn't know better what it was, so I played it right behind my mother's back as she watched TV. I even played some Sonic games like the autistic shit I was. Eventually my mom saw what I was playing, got grounded for a week from the computer, but step dad didn't really say much about it other than don't do it. This all happened mere weeks after my real dad showed me porn, among other things that at that point I couldn't see him anymore. Teenage years were fun hiding my jack sessions and still getting caught in two other instances, yet they never grounded me. And now I'm here.
I've always wondered why, but I also had loli fetish since I first discovered hentai, I think I was like 12-13 at most.
I shit you not i was thirteen it's called naruto loop en loop and they just thought that's what naruto was an looked at me funny for a bit lol
I really hope you kill yourself
File: Nails.jpg (138 KB, 640x480)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>borrowed older brother's computer to look some things up, casual browse since this was back when MY comp was on fucking dial-up.
>Jizz-stain fucking asshole OTHER older brother uses computer after me.
>minutes later, fucking ass-nozzle calls out "Hey, ****, wanna see something?"
>Paranoia and self-awareness, I'm seconds behind ****.
>Jizz-stain didn't pull up history, he intentionally pulled up one of the grotesque fucking pop-ups for the site I visited.

Only good point is that **** Called out the cunt-waffle on embarrassing me. HE gave me a little talk later, mostly about how if I get too used to girls that aren't real, it'll be harder for me to interact with girls who are.

As for the cum-bucket, he had more ammo for his "Lawl, U eez a PiiDoFile!" insults on me.

Why? Because he saw me watching Tenchi Muyo way back when, and in his twisted mind, watching a CARTOON (as in, by the american definition of 'made for kids') but with tits and ass meant I must want to fuck little kids.

He's a carny now. Haven't spoken to him in 10 years, and here's hoping for another 20.

And for the record, THIS is what I was looking at when I got caught.
Not me, but my brother was caught once
>Dad tells older bro that he'll get a PC if he gets good grades
>So he does
>Bro has a Dell PC with dial up internet and a printer
>PC is in bro's room
>But bro could never use the internet since aunt was always on the phone talking
>Bro would ditch school just to use PC
>He would browser hentai
>And then print it and hide it in a shoebox
>One day on Christmas entire family is sleeping over
>Bro has to give up his room so aunt's could sleep on his bed
>He takes the shoebox full of porn
>He was watching the porn
>He fell asleep with the shoebox open
>Next morning our dad finds his porn
>Tells him he's grounded and can't use the PC
That would have been the end of it, but then dad found out about him ditching school, so our dad would remove the power cable and take it with him to work
>sitting at computer
>into heinous fart porn and scat
>computer illiterate mom comes in
>"can you let me use the computer real quick? I need to buy something on ebay"
>tab out of game with mom right over my shoulder
>girl farting onto guys face on screen
>close tab quickly
>another tab with the same shit comes up only shit is included this time
>just alt-f4 the hardest i have in my life and walk away embarrassed
>never speak of this ever again
so far, never been caught having a wank
many close calls though, but I mean, it's been me in my bed with covers over but I've always done that
for my younger days I only ever got "caught" having looking at porn but I just shrugged it off as normal... father was more worried about the computer getting viruses

couple of instances of being seen watching porn or reading hentai or even playing a H game but I was clothed and slouched back, not even pitching a tent
you know, when you just browse with one arm slung over the chair?
I know I can't prove anything, I could say I acted cool but someone else could say I was autistic and didn't realise but I honestly have no problems with it
I'm quite surprised I've not actually been caught but it's not like I want to be
I had a very similar instance as a young teen... when you changed the background on WIndows ME, the old one would appear as you turned the computer on or off--we didn't have a log on screen on our family computer

I was browsing porn and it was full of pop-ups and all sorts of shit, it actually caused the computer to run really slow and I'm pretty certain it was malicious because it got so slow... now, the family computer was downstairs so if many people were in it was difficult to browse stuff like that. Anyways, it got slow when my dad was coming down the stairs to get a drink and I had to turn the thing off and back on as quickly as I coulld. Unfortunately it had changed the computer's desktop to tiled and stretched pictures of pussies, so I had to change the background back to fish real quick when it turned on, before my dad came past to go back upstairs
I sorted it out, but it wasn't until the morning when I realised the background when it was turning on were pussies and then went to fish
These memories are quite funny
What the fuck
my friends actually found a folder of porn at school in middle school. no one found out tho
I can relate, except I was the younger person.
Alright, I came like /this/ close to being caught. Happened a year or so ago and I have a kinda shitty memory so bear with me

>Be me, around 13
>Not-so-proud consumer of hentai for a while now
>Own a desktop but no laptop, forced to keep it in the living room/family room/whatever
>No privacy whatsoever unless family leaves
>Thankfully quite common

>One day everyone's out, be busy indulging myself
>Good shit, I'm really going at it
>Expect them to be out for a while, they have some event they're going to

>Be very wrong

>Said event cancels due to bad weather so they just turn around and come straight home with no advance warning as per usual
>Don't hear them pull up at all
>The first warning I get is the fucking front doorknob turning
>Heart went from 100 to like ten million bpm
>CTRL+W like I'm having a seizure
>Throw my headphones at my desk
>Dive into the next room with my dick still out

>mfw they probably saw me
>mfw they haven't brought it up at all

That's a victory in my books
>ex walks in on me jacking it to hentai
>mounts me
>happened a year ago
>be 13

caught watching? no.

my dad/step mom were of the, "if your gonna look at it, make sure its romantic vanilla shit, with non of that close up dirty crap" saying.

my mom/step dad on the other hand explored my room. I hide my porn well, but a friend of mien came over, and just bought a hentai, and left his bag in my room.

When I got home from school, i hear the feint sounds of japanese school girls moaning.
I head upstairs, and there it was, on the big screen in the living room.
my mom and step dad watching it.
they turn to me, "anon, wtf is this shit? do u actually like this corny crap?"
to which im like "wtf u doing watching it?"

of course they didnt believe me when i said it wasnt mine (it wasnt mine)
but w/e.
mom gets a new computer, gives me old laptop. I download like 20-30 random images, mostly ecchi stuff, and save in a file called like microsoft something. Like the next day my brother needs to use microsoft word or some shit, so she find laptop and probably goes right for the file. lol. Later tells me "i found your girls"
I did, for a reason. I actually hated the fact that she's hurt, but I have a girl pissing fetish so I couldn't resist.
File: IaSwyRpzX08.jpg (31 KB, 480x800)
31 KB
I was 13-14 y.o. This rape-guro thing turns me up but not being a smart child I didn't understand that.

>be me
>a female
>have a very strict dad
>don't know how to delete browsing history
>watch hentai with some specific fetishes like rape, pregnant women, beating and etc.
>I like this shit
>trying to find something to read
>loli, shotas, guro
>woah this shit is so good
>a while later my dad angry af and asks what the hell I've been watching and reading
>he looks like he's ready to snap at me
>suddenly he says that he disappointed in me
>and goes away

He never told my mother though.
Not exactly caught but a female friend borrowed my laptop for a week and when she gave it back asked "What's Fap Hero? I saw a file titled that when I was searching for a file I saved but I didn't check it out. Good music folders though"
Not hentai but semi-relate, an ex asked me to look up some porn I like, throw up a Rachel Starr bj vid, ex starts blowing me, i blast, she says 'my turn' and throws on some porn for herself. After that, we started swapping porn when we weren't together, I introduced her to some simple ecchi stuff and then she went girl-crazy from there :)
File: 1496264730616.jpg (30 KB, 600x549)
30 KB
yes, by a friend, Ironically enough it was just for the lolz. I was told of how cringe the dialog in Bible Black was by a schoolmate and thought fuck it lets watch it. I start watching it with my headphones on and as soon as the Teacher I forgot what her name is pulls out her dick from nowhere my friend comes in and screams "dose that chic have a boner!?" I thank god nobody in my house was home, My mom let him in while she left for dinner shopping.

anyway TL;DR A kid told me the Diolaog in Bible Black was 'So bad it's good' tier and my best friend saw me looking at dick girl hentai.
Did she get turned on at all?
Was any of it hot when you were caught?
But was it hot? Did she like comment later about how hot it was?
Chicks can actually get into rape, pregnant women and sexual abuse porn??!?
Or I mean if she was sexually enlightened and not freaking out why didn't you just keep jacking and instead of shooing her out?
chicks make some of the most deranged crap, just look at the works of shiori, a.k.a shiruka bakaudon
>Raiding in WoW
>Headset on
>Waiting for everyone to get to the dungeon
>Alt-Tab to 4chan
>Start poking around
>Find some Hell Knight Ingrid gifs of her tits bouncing
>Idly clicking through them
>Suddenly feel a presence behind me
>My one friend that visits like once every other month or so decided to stop by and just walk in

Nothing much really came from it, just a few minutes of awkward topic shifting. Helps that my friend is laid back as fuck.
Kind of funny story.
>Live with 4 roomates
>the quiet nerdy anti-social one is in the room nest to mine
(more so than what weebs like us usually are)
>walk into his room to ask a question
>hes on 4chan
>looking at yaoi, some big burly hairy dudes
>close the door and walk away
>head downstairs
>the moment i hit the last step...
>another roomate downstairs yells up to him
>"Hey, Anon, you're fucking gay, you faggot!"
>he thinks i told the roomates
>pure coincidence
>drama ensues for months
>now I also hate him for his continued BS and drama

funny as hell now.
File: 22.jpg (411 KB, 1200x1694)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
I got caught like 2 days ago by a coworker.

He lost his phone so he asked me how was the weather on mine, so I unlocked it..

I have a moto G5. Instead of a home button it has a fingerprint sensor that can act as one. Thing is, it's sensitive as hell so I pressed it twice in a row and the apps came up, showing what I had on my MEGA app the night before (I jerk off before going to sleep). Pic related was what my coworker saw.

He didnt mention anything though.
Never exactly caught, but one time I closed it as I heard footsteps and was greeted by a ton of adult ads that I couldn't close in time so I turned the monitor off. I'm like 95% certain my dad knew because I was sitting there staring at a black screen.

a couple other moments like that where it's pretty obvious what I was probably doing, but I've never actually been caught with anything.
I knew a guy while playing wow with 4chan guilds who would play hentai in background and would spill into voice chat whenever he talked. Good times.
And now he is trapped there, pushing a metal rod through a girl's digestive system for all eternity.
What a hero.
Interesting, seems strange in general the felmale sex drive and trying to predict it. I mean I've never meet any girls openly into risque stuff like so whatever works for you is cool.

Humorously enough my sister's a bi-sexual who openly cucks this 50year old dude while being in a relaionship with another women. Also goes to this weird S&M bars where people fist each other 112% true.
>giving your mum the key to your house
I love how you can tell who the underage posters are even when they lie about how old they are. Tablets and google chrome existing when you were 13? Come on nigga you're 16 now...
File: Fiends.jpg (156 KB, 500x375)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
It happened once with a trap doujin when I was a young lad.

It was one about a trap getting fucked by a homeless guy.

She went all
"Pfft, at least it looks like a girl"
Shit was the opposite for me though. I really didn't "caught" my dad in the act but he was into defloration hentai when I saw his browser history. (Explains why I'm into vanilla and a virgin-seeker myself kek) Also, I actually caught my mom and dad having sex. My whole face was literally red during that time.
File: file.png (15 KB, 644x776)
15 KB
mfw never got caught
cropped image, reveal thy source to me nigga
Google Chrome was released in 2008. Anon could be as old as 22.
well kinda got caught once by my sister. we lived far away and had a skypecall. then i wanted to change some settings from skype and accidentally start transmitting my desktop to her. wallpaper was a upperbody naked animu girl with chaincollar. nothing too graphic but ceartainly adult.

after some stuttering and akward panicing i got it changed back and we just both ignored the thing.

never touched skypesettings after that time while activly calling someone...
source please
I started fapping at 8, but at like 6-7 I was already getting boners and humping things. I didn't know those were sexual feelings.I know those Sailor Moon transformations felt weird.

>be me, like 8
>play games of house and "pretend" with sister
>for some fucked-up reason, house always involves a "bad guy"
>sister had me tie her to a chair with jumpropes
>"And now you kidnap me."
>"And now you tie me up."
>"And now you RAPE me! :D"
>she's like 7
>I get a weird vibe but continue playing this game because I don't know how weird it is
>this continues and "the bad guy" just becomes "the rapist" as she refers to him
>parents wind up walking in on this and we can't sleep together anymore
>grew up to be way into bondage and rape play
>wanted to blame this all on it being her idea, but can foggily remember playing the kidnapping/tie-me-up game with other girls growing up

>tfw my parents walked in on me and my little sister acting out hardcore bondage and rape scenarios
>>even after dying i go back and try to figure out what it is
I thought you died IRL and were watching hentai in the afterlife or something.
madam complex
yeah, I was trying to btfo some anti semites and posted a screencap. Unfortunately one of my hentai bookmarks was displayed.
The fucking custom loading screens. I don't even remember what game it was but one was just straight up porn.
I was in the back of a car behind driver seat fapping to some pokemon shit. Car next to us saw me cum but whats he gonba do?
I've never been caught fapping (to my knowledge) but once my dad found one of Caramell's videos on my phone and I've never been more fucking embarrassed in my life. This was 100x worse than him finding porn on it.

Wasn't caught in the act, but I used to sneak into the computer room at night when I was in junior high. I was lookin at some anime titties and wanted to jerk it but was too nervous of being caught, so I came up with the clever idea of printing out a pic and doing it in the bathroom. For some reason, the damn printer wasn't responding. Couldn't get anything out of it, eventually gave up.

Wake up in the morning about to get ready for school and my mom is waiting for me in the kitchen. The damn printer sat there unresponsive for enough time for me to get tired of waiting and leave, THEN it spit the damn image out. My mom was pointing to this 8 by 11 picture of goku giving bulma a creampie and said, "what the hell is this?"

I blamed computer viruses.

Another not-so-being-caught story.

About same age, maybe year or two older, a friend and I go into the kitchen on our way to the backyard to jump on the trampoline. Caught my dad mashing the left-click button to close his porn window before we saw. Too late, dad. Friend and I put on the act. "Dad, ew! What are you doing??"

Dad doesn't give a fuck, turns back, holds back a laugh, says,

"Please son, I've seen the shit you look at."

Friend and I's face freeze, we rush out the back door.
sauce? reversing gives squat.
>the family that faps together
I see you
I had typed in animeporn.com or something into the Windows ME Internet Explorer and didn't know how to erase URL's. So I visited every URL on the list and buried it at the bottom of the list, but then one day my mom yells "ANON WHAT IS ANIME PORN!?"

Then a few years later I got a virus that somehow turned the Windows XP shutdown screen to a page of DBZ doujinshi I was jerking it to. My mom was behind me, but it was really pixelated and stretched out.
Is that you, Kurt?
yeah but don't tell anyone
>Looking at page from Alice in Sexland
>Mom appears behind me
>"Alice in Sexland?"
>"It's a Japanese thing. You wouldn't understand."
>She goes away.

Thankfully there wasn't any sexual activity going on on that page otherwise my self-assured response would not have worked.
>pic unrelated
pic seems totally related
14 year old me would print out fap material, put it in zip lock bags, and hide it above the roof tiles in the bathroom for shower fapping purposes.

One day I returned home from school to find a plumber working on said bathroom.

Sure as shit he found my smut stash and handed over to my mom. I panicked, grabbed the porn, and took off out of the house and into the woods, where I waited for the plumber to leave.

Aside from an appropriate amount of bullshit from older siblings, never mentioned again.
>I blamed computer viruses.
I hope it worked.
Around 22 years ago, I got caught. When my mom walked in on me, in a panic I threw myself on top of my monitor, clumsily covering the screen with my arms. Looking back on it, doing that made it completely obvious that I was hiding something, but back then I was panicking so much I didn't think things through.

I remember that when she asked if I was looking at porn, I gave the most pathetic, unconvincing "Nooo, I'm not" you could ever imagine. Things were ridiculously awkward between us for almost two weeks after that, to the point that I couldn't even make eye contact.. Well, I was certainly feeling awkward. I have no idea what she was feeling.
I was 8 iirc, had a dream in which I was in a surreal a e s t h e t i c landscape, kinda like a mix between Rayman 2 and Spyro.
I was playing with a girl, two years older than me, and she was for me, a cute goth girl (nevermind I didn't even KNEW what goth was), and we start to kissing and out of the blue I end up with myself slapping her ass.
I had a precocious childhood.
>tfw your dad catches you watching porn, punishes you, then days later accidentally goes to a porn site himself by mispelling a url, and you get punished again b/c he doesn't know how computers work
bdsm shota/loli is real
I grew up a long time ago, so I don't have any tech-related stories, but I had older brothers and male cousins. Found their porn at an early age and it was game over from there.

Been caught by various family members a bunch of times, but most weren't very funny. Mom was the only one that ever cared and she always made it a big deal and needed to lecture about sin and making God sad and sin, etc. She told me once as a teen that I was a hypocrite and bad person because I went to church and acted like a Christian but still wanted to look at magazines with naked women in them and touch myself. Nevermind the fact that she was the reason we all had to go and I just did my best to have a good time there.

My dad walked in on me and a girl doing it in the den when we lost track of time and he got up in the early morning to go to work.

Another time my best friend walked in on my dad butt naked in front of the TV in the back room. Claims he was going to take a shower and then got distracted watching something on tv. He's pretty goofy, so I kinda believe that one.

I used to browse gurochan. I'd say women make up half or more of the audience.
>When I was a kid, dad owned a huge, industrial printer. It could print out a large quantity of stuff, so it was ideal for printing documents and doing book binding
>Whenever he was out, I would take the opportunity to print out a doujin or some hentai images that I really liked
>I had a couple of large binders that I kept in my room of stuff that I'd printed out
>In reality, I had no business using his printer for something like that, and it was a far more complicated machine than I ever realized.

>One day, me and dad are hanging out in his study. We're just talking while he's on the computer. I always use a USB to bring up the PDFs or images I wanted to print, so even if he saw them, he'd need that USB to see what they were
>I was completely comfortable and certain that my shenanigans were foolproof.
>While we're talking, suddenly he gets quiet and is looking at his computer.
>I ask him what's wrong. He just shrugs, "I don't know... There are a bunch of files in the cache that I don't recognize. Maybe your mom was trying to use the printer or something."
>In the blink of an eye, before I have time to react, he right-clicks and presses an option to start printing them.

>I'm nervous, pacing back and forth.
>Dad doesn't seem to notice. He just goes back to talking.
>After a couple pages come out, he bends down and examines the pages
>He just stares in horror as page after page of NASTY FUTA COCK comes pouring out of his printer
>He couldn't even yell at me. He just threw it all away and didn't talk to me for a few days afterward.
>Couldn't look me in the eye.

Not as embaressing as the time I actually got caught fappin' though.
This technically wasn't hentai, but instead a JAV, but... I feel it's a similar outcome.

>One day, after my parents had went to work. (I was NEETing it up with them after highschool.)
>I hooked my computer up to the livingroom TV
>Was watching some really raunchy JAV of a THICC fat Japanese girl getting gangbanged on a bus
>Full fucking volume, because I'm a dumbass
>I had been edging for a while now, and also broke out my toys for the occassion
>Had a vibrator up my ass, and was going to town on myself with a hot, sticky fleshlight
>My eyes roll back in my head as I have a real, earthshaking 7-roper
>I pull the fleshlight off and just watch as a massive glob of nut comes gushing out onto my belly
>I'm COVERED in my own cum to a point where I'm sort've laughing about it

>I get up, leaving the video going, when I go to clean myself off
>Suddenly I hear the doorknob jiggle. I hear the rustle of keys
>There is no time...
>I bolt for the bathroom, but it's too late
>My parents see me covered in cum, running for the bathroom
>My mother stares at the television in horror as she sees a small, fat japanese woman with giant tits getting fucked in all holes and titfucked simultaneously.

I still remember the dissappointed, angry sigh that my father made, to this very day.
File: 1454638285822.png (40 KB, 200x200)
40 KB
>be me
>somewhere near age 13
>we didn't have any internet of our own so i had to bum it off of the people who lived above me (we lived in an apartment)
> it's around midnight and i'm horny so i'm using an old, hand me down laptop i got from god knows where, to look at porn.
>i find a good looking gallery on e-hentai and try to get it on
>it was all about some fighting game character (i don't remember who.) but, it had really high quality pictures at the time.
>because of the fact that i'm bumming someone else's internet. the connection is really slow.
>it takes a minimum of 10 minutes to load one picture.
>10 fucking minutes. but, its not my internet so, i deal.
>with nothing else to really do. i just sit there with my dick in my hand waiting for the image to load.
>i'm tired because it's late.
>i'm comfy because i'm doing this in my bed.
> i'm bored because neighbors internet sucks and image won't load.
>aaaand i'm asleep.
>be woken up in the morning by a shrill scream in my room.
>my CHRISTIAN AS FUCK mom came in to wake me up for school and the laptop was open.
> a fully loaded image of some girl being licked by another misc female character is on the screen.
>my pants are around my knees and my man meat is clearly visible.
>laptop taken
>promptly receive requisite holy beatings. and, i'm off to school
>on the way to school. I get scolded all about how porn is bad and i'll go to hell if i do it again.
>told how "real women" won't do that sort of thing in a relationship.
>siblings tease me for it when i get home.
>spend the rest of the day guilty as fuck for being caught.
>the incredible sulk
>wait until parents are asleep.
>receive laptop from usual "electronics confiscation" hiding spot.
>did it again later that night and didn't go to sleep this time.
>a week later i notice a significant improvement in page load times.
>neighbors upgraded their internet package
fuck printers.
Almost got trapped with this one.
>be 2008 ish
>be in video production class in high school
>doing group project editing clips together
>used to be a complete idiot and bring my loli filled flash drive to school
>nobody else had a flash drive and asked to put the project on mine
>i try to get everyone to fuck off so I could save it
>all except for one stays to make sure everything was saved
>tried to quickly save it so he wouldn't see
>computer was slow
>he saw everything
>he asked me if I'm attracted to kids
>I say no and say I didn't know how old they were
>he believes me and forgets about it

And that's how I learned to never carry hentai around unsecured.
I too was a masturbating ninja

>Watching a slice of life anime called Girlfriend Beta
>Use porn to quickly switch tabs incase I got caught watching Girlfriend Beta
File: 6.jpg (671 KB, 1126x1600)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
Unfortunatly, yes I have.

>be me, about a year ago
>22 years old, work 40 hours a week, have a wife and a kid.
>We lived in the ghetto part of town, in a studio apartment, where we were the only white family in the mainly African American apartment complex.
>its friday night and my wife took my son to her perants to do some laundry
>"fuck yeah, alone time"
>get a couple of drinks and a smoke session in.
>feelin great.
>go on /h/ to find some if the good stuff.
>end up stumbling apon this:
>its got everything I like in a Doujin so Im really enjoying myself.
>get to Pic related
>hear my front door open behind me.
>by this time Im a little buzzed and pretty high so I forget to close the tab as I turn around to look at my wife who I assumed got back home early.
>mfw it wasnt my wife who came home early.
>mfw it was a huge 6'5 black guy standing in my living room looking around my apartment confused.
>we make eye contact
>I cover myself with a towel that was next to me.
>"oh my god, Im so sorry. I thought this was my moms apartment"
>he looks at pic related on my computer screen.
>he closes the door as he says sorry again
>mfw I turn back around, wondering if what happend really just happend.
>mfw I realized that the girl in the doujin doesnt look to feminine and he thought I was masturbating to gay porn.
>Never saw him again, but his mom looked at me funny for a long while after that.

Ive never been more embarassed in my life.
Great taste though.
kek what an experience
Lifes not a fucking hentai you mega retard
>not locking your doors
I'm the kind of guy who invites people to watch porn with him at the university lounge.
Great times had by all.
Quality stuff like Boku no Pico (terrible but obligatory), Shikkoku no Shaga, and Hachishaku Hachiwa Keraku Meguri

One time a 6 year old almost walked in on us.
I pulled her in
First time didn't know about web history on family computer. Parents found a bunch of lewd games on Newgrounds.

Second time busted by younger sister by using family computer to play sex games on Newgrounds again. Casually covered it up by closing it going back to World of Warcraft homepage and claimed it was a virus.

Third fucking time I got busted by file names being scanned by Norton fucking antivirus. Images I saved deep in system files had names like "hardcore" and "softcore."

Ever since I've been paranoid as fuck. Never been busted since. Always cleared Internet history always assumed incognito modes were spying on me, grew up assuming tech-inept mom was somehow using wireshark once I got my own computer.
for those retards who think their parents can't tell
Wait a minute the Wii internet browser supports flash? That's pretty cool.
Couple of times.
>13 or 14
>jacking it to recently discovered hentai of a girl magically growing a dick and fucking another girl in some space age bathroom
>mom walks in with her friend giving a tour of the house
>yells my name and slams the door as her friend starts laughing
>get a firm talking to and the computer is moved out of my room into the family room
>19 or 20
>dad catches me on my laptop
>thought it was just porn
>tells me after closing the door to just clear the history and watch for viruses
>at college, was 22
>have a dorm with a room mate
>he brings his family in as I'm jacking it with headphones on
>catch them in the corner of my eye as they are rounding the corner
>was able to pull my gym shorts up but bone clearly showed through
>his sister was with them all, 2 years younger than me
>tells all her friends about it
>4 years later
>last semester of college
>after the third time being caught started hitting the gym and dieting hard
>room mates little sister walks in on mE again looking for her brother
>figured I was jacking it as she quickly opens the door
>hadn't seen me in 3 years nor the progress I made
>ended up fucking her against the wall and a few more times over the next few months til I moved out of state
We /soc/ now.
Lol. Reminds this time in 7th a popular kid dropped a flash drive in the school library and my friend picked it up and it had I kid you not, 10 gbs of lesbian porn on it and everyone in the school found out. Top kek
The way you type is absolutely painful to read. Please stop.
I did this shit all the time in middle school and 9th grade
>stole mice, headphones, keyboards, and calculators
>destroyed them later for my own pleasure
>stole something about every other week for about 2 years
>estimate i stole about $850 of electronics
>doodled the dumbest shit in textbooks, like tears on George Washingtons face and ben franklin with a massive penis dragging on the ground
>sometimes tore random pages from books
>once burned a spanish textbook
>sometimes i would just steal books because i didnt want to wait in line to check it out(Regions of France lol)
>once a based Bulgarian friend got a teachers password by telling the librarian he forgot his password and she gave him a list of every password in the school
>gave me it and i used it to change all the pictures on her school website to pictures of nicholas cage
>culminated in me and a friend just opening a few computers and stealing the memory drives
That friend was a true savage, he stole a school iPad and would wipe laptops all the time. Thank God I was never caught for any of this.
They're cartoons.
Don't leave us hanging anon share that JAV code.
One time when I was 12 or so my computer broke down so while it was waiting for repairs I had to use the family PC. So after my parents would go to sleep I would sneak downstairs to use it, opening loli threads on /b/ and so on. Needless to say I somehow forgot to wipe my history one of those times and confronted me about it. I played dumb and pushed the blame to my older brother (who I knew also fapped to loli) and they never brought it up again.
I was never caught in the act itself though, doors exist for a fucking reason.
what album was it?
>gf into freaky hentai shit
How do you find them?
I started watching porn pretty early thanks to my brother, and ended up bricking a computer or two because of it. Luckily my parents are both trusting and kind, so they believed me when I told them (as like an 8 year old) that it was all an accident. Since then I've been careful and haven't gotten caught.

That doesn't have to do with hentai, but the one close call I had was when we were on vacation and my mom needed to use my phone, but I knew that it would autofill into any of the 4chan hentai pages or rule34 or gelbooru if she used it so I just offered to type in what she wanted for her and that was that
File: 1471513654861.jpg (63 KB, 640x539)
63 KB
Not a story about me or anyone getting caught but it makes me laugh to this day.

>middleschool years
>don't live with mom, but spend lots of weekends visiting her and younger siblings
>mom was a tech geek that introduced me to stuff like video games and the internet and P2P programs we'd pirate music and movies with
>one day my brother decides to download The Day After Tomorrow on Limewire or some shit
>hours doing random stuff around the house waiting for download to end
>it finally ends
>me, mom, younger brothers and sister all gather around computer to check out the movie
>it's some super hardcore orgy/gangbang porn with the movie's title as a filename
>siblings stare at computer in shock while Mom hurriedly grabs mouse and closes video with an "oh my god turn it off"
>I'm 12 or 13 and can't stop laughing in the background, but secretly looking forward to going home and trying to find the hidden Limewire disaster movie orgy porn on my own computer
File: my b.jpg (17 KB, 540x549)
17 KB
>in grade school
>they give us these shitty mac laptops for homework and shit
>we get to bring them home
>one night, jerk it to some meet n' fuck games on newgrounds
>forget to close the browser
>open up the laptop in the middle of class and notice there's anime tiddies on my screen
>manage to kung fu that shit closed before the music started playing and drew attention
>run out of the classroom saying I "forgot my charger" close my hentai in the hallway
still one of the most intense experiences of my entire life
>ended up fucking her against the wall and a few more times over the next few months til I moved out of state

How the fuck does that happen anon. Did you just start fapping to fantasies about your roomates sister?
I'm not completely sure if I got caught, but I was on the middle of nutting suddenly my mom opened the door, so quickly pulled my shorts up. I don't know if she saw me though.
I unlocked my phone to an image of some Nishi Iori pic of the shota from Doraemon sucking dick in the middle of my dentist's waiting area.

Thankfully I was the only one waiting but I had my back to the reception desk so the second or two it took to close the image felt like minutes. To this day I hope none of them looked over my shoulder and saw my phone.
Something similar like this happened to me too.
Alice in Sexland. Obviously.
>not locking your doors in a black neighborhood
How did the conversation go, that lead to fucking her?
So edgy and original.
>Also a couple of years later she throws me out of the house and never talked to me outside the court ever again
Not because of that, surely?
>sister shows clear red flags of sexual abuse on kids
M-maybe she was older than you?
This nudged my memory.
>remember one day, must have been around 18 or so
>one of those days. Woke up, closed the door and started day-long fappe tyme
>mom walks in
>thankfully during intermission, no porn in sight or boner in pants
>goes "Oh, how strange. The way your room smells is exactly how me and you dad's apartment smelled back when we were dating"

It probably wouldn't be just three of us if condoms hadn't been a thing back then!
Multiple times. Both of my parents once. Brother once. Everyone started knocking on the doors before barging in soon after.
anon I'm crying, thank you
>friend asks to Google smth on my phone
>uh sure I guess
>when I got it back Google search history was open
>mfw last thing googled is me searching for 'horse cock'
i still feel awkward talking to him
>my mom and step dad watching it.
This is an amazing way of embarrassing your child, while still being cool about it - bravo.
Wrong about the chrome part but definitely true about the tablet part.
some guy my mom was dating at the time walked in on me watching naruto hentai using the shitty opera browser on my wii. I think i was 10 at the time, maybe up to 12?
Luckily never caught fapping, but early ~2002 I got on my family computer late at night to watch End of Evangelion and my father snuck up behind me and asked "WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?" when Makoto kissed Shinji.
that's what i thought
Fucking madman
Its never too late.
>fake shit that never happened.
KEK. He's aroind 14 then, but good story bro.
The fuck? Not even my PS3 can support flash, dude.
Got caught when I was in my teens, basically dad saw me playing old as fuck win98 hentai games through the window, it was a shitty house. Went mad got drunk and started breaking shit around the house, broke the arm of his favourite armchair in the process. Never understood why he got so mad at his kid watching milfs sticking carrots into their vaginas, that was the scene where he caught me.

Early twenties, I caught him jerking off in the living room in the dark. Got woken by a loud noise in the middle of the night, felt like pissing too. Walked pass and saw his back towards me butt naked. Asked him what he was doing, "e-exercising, anon." Yeah ok, I pissed and went back to bed.

Got into onaholes and dolls after I finally got my own place. Had to go back and clear out dad's stuff after he died, found his "exercise kit", a lousy rubber tube lined with shitty knobs and tubs of Vaseline. Would have bought him actual good nippon onaholes folded a thousand times and lube if I knew.

There's nothing wrong with masturbation or porn. Everyone does it including your parents and your kids in the future. Now go buy your parents a couple of nice sex toys for their birthday this year before you can't anymore.
My wife caught me once.
I was watching some hentai on my tablet before going to work but since i didnt feel like searching it again i just turned off the screen and left then my wife came back home from work and checked my tablet because I got an email I needed so I asked her to send it to my work email and she saw the browser open...
When I came back home she casually mentioned it and asked some questions then we watched the rest of the episode together, she said it wasn't for her and we never talked about and again.
Thank God it was some vanilla shit where a guy fucked 2 sisters once each and then all together.
my brother catch me a couple of times, i was not touching myself or anything, i was just there in the living room reading some doujins, he made a real fuzz about it
File: H0300.jpg (131 KB, 1280x960)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I'm not sure if my parents are either very chill and understanding about me watching it or I've just never been really caught. Probably the former.
Here are some stories I've experienced through my lifetime:

>Be around 13
>was sexually aware at a time but didn't actively masturbate
>don't have my own PC, dad allows me to play on his once in a while
>sets up the internet and shows me how to you a browser
>says I can google something I want(I was mostly interested in vidya so that's what I was googling initially)
>once he was away from the room a though crossed my mind
>type 'porn pictures' in the search
>shows some timid erotic photos
>I'm not satisfied
>afraid to dig deeper or visit some websites
>suddenly dad walks in
>immediately click home page
>realize I don't know how to go back to googling without going back to the previous porn search
>dad sees I'm not doing anything
>"What's wrong?"
>"I d-don't know how to open the search again"
>comes to PC and clicks BACK in the browser
>it opens the porn search I was doing
>"What's this?"
>"I don't know! This wasn't here when I did the search!"
>he makes a suspicious face but doesn't pressure me further and says "Okay."
>this doesn't affect anything in the future
Second story:

>around 14 or 15 now
>started masturbating a few weeks ago
>play one of those older translated nukiges in headphones, it's a H scene
>fap with dick out and feel that I'm about to cum
>suddenly aunt comes in saying if I want some tea
>forget she was visiting us
>as I panic, I pull the keyboard table over my dick so she doesn't see it and close the VN window
>my dick is throbbing and starts ejaculating under the table
>I tremble a bit
>"Y-yes please"
>she comes closer to take my empty cup
>either didn't notice or didnt' say anything
And the last onet:

>be around 20
>browsing recent updates from my favorite artists on different websites and social media
>some take too long to load, I relax and look in the window
>mom walks in
>starts talking about something
>I pick up the converstation and starts explaining something to her
>she stands beside me
>suddenly she shifts her gaze to the monitor
>she continues to look at it while I speak
>I take a quick look to see what got her attention
>It's a drawing of a girl fucked by a minotaur loading in the top the news feed
>as I continue speaking, now stuttering, I slowly close the tab and turn my head back to her
>she doesn't say anything
>doesn't mentioned it and continues to speak to me as if nothing happened

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