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File: téléchargement.jpg (117 KB, 1036x582)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
basic rules :

-list the name(brief descriptions are welcome)
-they should actually be games , not glorified flash animations
-no fetish-heavy material , footjobs are ok but if you get off to diapers even 4chan won't accept you

that said , i guess i must follow my rules
, screenshot is from "Slave lords of the galaxy" , you either act nice to slaves and get vanilla scenes or act cruelly and get BDSM scenes . it's ~2 hours long . i actually played through it all and can confirm it's good
File: téléchargement (1).jpg (45 KB, 600x450)
45 KB
small bonus : i guess huniepop counts
Was Slave Lords completed? The copy I saw ended after you meet the Overlord guy from the previous game.
File: sealed-room-breed.png (747 KB, 802x629)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
Sealed Room Breed 2

File: RJ179387_img_main.jpg (254 KB, 560x420)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
This. And SoldGirl Town which from the same circle.
You kidnap a girl. Train her (torture and sex). After she's obedient enough you make her work as a whore. After a few years, her body will not be able to satisfy the clients, you can just throw her away or make her your assistance to kidnap new girls.
Level(?) system, upgrade her skill, upgrade your basement, unlock new torture device become a whore-maker king, and competitive with other men in this business. Buy better from these men. And above all, this is a sandbox game so you can just chill out and play it as you like.
I have saves with ~95% unlock if you want to have them.
Definitely upload for SoldGirl Town, my guy
Eushuly games, but only Kamidori has been translated. However, most of their new games have a gameplay patch , and people rely on machine translations.
I got a fair mount of enjoyment out of Lust Doll
File: suck a bus.jpg (14 KB, 259x195)
14 KB
Battle Fuck With Succubus/Fallen Angel are honestly really enjoyable.
You're basically fighting for dominance using the mouse to click weak spots, defend against 'attacks', and pleasure here into submission.
The better you do before losing the more points you get to unlock upgrades and skills for the next attempt.
File: 2019_03_15_02_01_51.png (61 KB, 514x385)
61 KB
Slave matrix, along the same lines as sealed room and sold town girl. the training part is 2d and fairly low res but it has very in depth mechanics. the breeding mechanic also makes for some interesting looking girls
Extract and click that japanese exe, don't bother with the game.exe in data folder.
Anyone got a clue where i can get a translation for SoldGirl Town??? Google links are mostly dead ends
anyone have any games that have footjobs or feet stuff?
Was it ever translated?
Almost, if not all, dialogs are translated. Afaik the menu cannot be translated due to technical reasons, but translator(s) screencapped the menu and translated them as separated images. In the version I uploaded >>5284873, I also translated some more options and put them in text files.
Do You have Akira Points is pretty fun.
I like the character bantz
Based, thank you
File: demonion.jpg (183 KB, 1024x768)
183 KB
183 KB JPG

I have a weird obsession with Demonion ~Maou no Chika Yousai~, an old game from Astronauts about a demon king trying to conquer a generic fantasy kingdom.

Gameplay is kind of tower defense meets Dungeon Keeper, with the player setting up traps and recruiting monsters to defend his dungeon from adventurers. Heroines join them sometimes and if you defeat the right heroine with the right monster or trap you capture her and get an h-scene. Get enough h-scenes and the maou seduces them into joining his team.

Gameplay is kinda meh but the art is excellent and the smut is exactly the right mix of rape and seduction to make good quality dubcon. I've been trying to get a text hooker working with it so I can learn more about the characters but machine translations haven't stopped sucking since the last time I checked.
File: vh.png (594 KB, 642x445)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Violated Heroine

Propably biggest, most ambigious, and most bugged/incomplete RPG maker h-game made to this day.
A number of games made by kooon, such as Shinobi girl. Side-scrolling beat-them-up, monsters of all varieties rape the girl in question if she can't defend, also nice game-over screens. Also, from the top of my head, octopussy tower (locked behind patreon), press arrow sequences to attack, and jsk games, overthrow demon queen, miyui, Irina restraint and interrogation. Very similar in design, but have decent one-shot stories, though you need eng translations to enjoy them. Very similar to Fallen angel above, >>5284742.
>this legal in the us?
Well, it has english dlsite page https://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng-touch/work/=/product_id/RE179387.html So it's legal, I assume?
Really enjoyed parasite in city,anybody have any similar suggestions?
im too sketched out
Of what? A mega link or a rape simulator?
Because the link is legit and there's nothing illegal or even risky about owning a game like this.
Degrees of Lewdity, text based adventure in a town filled with sexual encounters. Fetish stuff can be toggled.
is there any GOOD game?

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